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Ranczo ("Ranch") is a Polish television comedy series, directed by Wojciech Adamczyk, which originally aired from March 2006 to November 2016. It follows the story of Lucy Wilska, a Polish-American who has inherited her grandmother's country home in the fictional small village of Wilkowyje in eastern Poland.

Art and Power [Episode 14][edit]

Solejuk: Czerepach will probably go to jail now. He's lucky anyway. In Stalin's days, new authorities would usually send the old ones into labour camps. Or even shot them.
Hadziuk: Yesterday the Mayor was reminiscing those times, I think. He yelled he will cut Czerepach open from his head to his ass.
Pietrek: I wonder, why do they fight for power so much, if they know they will eventually lose it and go to jail for it?
Hadziuk: Pietrek, you got dumber since you shaved. You know you will get a hangover after drinking the booze?
Pietrek: Sure I do.
Hadziuk: Does it stop you from drinking?
Pietrek: Sure it doesn't.
Hadziuk: Well, it's the same for them and power. They want it despite knowing how it ends.

Golden Rain [Episode 14][edit]

Mayor Kozioł: Duda, I don't blame you for being a scumbag. It's a normal thing for a man in office. But if you want to make a career, you have to be smart scumbag.