Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (season 3)

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Season Three (2019-2020)[edit]

Rapunzel's Return[edit]

  • The reason for Cassandra's sudden betrayal and coveting the all-powerful Moonstone Opal is revealed, as is what she had seen in the door in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow in "Rapunzeltopia"
  • Quirin is finally released from his amber prison
  • Varian becomes a trusted ally once again
  • Eugene and Princess Rapunzel don brand-new attire more fitting to the purple-and-gold colors of Corona

(Owl hooting) (Cassandra and Owl are inside a mysterious room at the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow)

Zhan Tiri: (voice echoing) Cassandra. Cassandra. (singsongy) Cassandra. There you are, Cassandra. I'd nearly given up on you. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: Who are you? (asks Zhan Tiri)
Zhan Tiri: A friend. Or at least, I'd like to be. Come. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: Wherever you're taking me, better have a blond princess. (follows Zhan Tiri) (Owl hoots) (she and Zhan Tiri walk inside the forest) (she is shocked when Zhan Tiri points the cottage) This place... feels familiar. (Zhan Tiri holds Cassandra's hand when they entered the cottage) Wha... (music box playing) (she turns around and sees her younger self walking by while holding a music box) (her younger self takes the doll off the chair and puts it back)
Zhan Tiri: Do you recognize that child? (asks Cassandra) (Cassandra's younger self walks to her mom)
Little Cassandra: Wind, please.
Mother Gothel: Not now, darling. Mommy is in a hurry. (walks away from little Cassandra)
Cassandra: That's my... (Mother Gothel takes the hood off her head to see herself at the mirror)
Zhan Tiri: ...mother, yes. It is.
Little Cassandra: Are you going to see the castle? Can I come? (asks her mom)
Mother Gothel: Absolutely not, Cassandra. You know your place is here. Oh, stop with the pouting. It's very unbecoming. Now, Mother needs to rush off for just a teensy tiny moment. I won't be gone long, this cottage is isn't going to clean itself. (tells Little Cassandra) (laughs) (about to exit)
Little Cassandra: Mama? (walks to her mom and wants her to wind the music box)
Mother Gothel: (sighs) Must I do everything? (takes the music box from Little Cassandra to wind it and gives it back)
Little Cassandra: Thank you, Mama.
Mother Gothel: Yes, dear. (closes the door) (music box playing)

(Mother Gothel's horse whinnying when she and her horse are being chased by The Captain of the Guards and his men when she abducted Rapunzel)

Rapunzel: (crying)
Mother Gothel: Hush, child! (tells infant Rapunzel to stop crying)
Man: The princess! (Mother Gothel notices that she is chased and heads to the bridge near her cottage then she stops riding her horse)
Rapunzel: (crying) (Mother Gothel sees the infant Rapunzel) (horse neighing) (Mother Gothel turns around but sees the Captain and his guards coming) (Mother Gothel takes her horse and hides behind the rocks) (The Captain of the Guards and three of his men trying to find Mother Gothel) (Mother Gothel sees the Captain of the Guards and his men from behind the rocks)
Man: The princess!
Captain of the Guards: She went this way. (heads to the cottage with his men) (Little Cassandra hears the noise while she holds her music box)
Soldier 1: Look around behind the back.
Soldier 2: This way. (Little Cassandra turns around and climbs up to the window) (Cassandra and her younger self are seeing outside from the window)
Captain of the Guards: Where is she? Where is the princess? (barges into the cottage with one of his men) (Cassandra and her younger self see the Captain of the Guards and his men inside the cottage to find Rapunzel) (Little Cassandra sees her mom outside on the other side of the bridge)
Rapunzel: (crying) (continues crying when Mother Gothel is holding her) (Little Cassandra feels down when her mom is abandoning her for Rapunzel)
Little Cassandra: Mama? (two guards are going to the other side of the bridge but Mother Gothel takes one of her swords to slice the bridge to prevent them from crossing) (Little Cassandra drops her music box and cries then Mother Gothel rides her horse to escape) (horse neighs) Mama...
Captain of the Guards: No one's going to harm you, little one. You're safe with me. (puts his helmet on Little Cassandra and she is sobbing)
Little Cassandra: I... I want my mama. (the Captain of the Guards is taking her from the cottage) (Cassandra sees that her younger self is taken by the Captain of the Guards to adopt her as his daughter) (Cassandra sits on her knees and sees the music box) (Cass tries to hold the music box)
Zhan Tiri: I'm sorry that happened to you, Cassandra. Sometimes the most painful truths are the most difficult to remember. (Cassandra cries) You've always felt outshined by Rapunzel, haven't you? And you always will, unless...
Cassandra: Unless?

Rapunzel: You saw all of this in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow?
Cassandra: I saw everything, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Cass, if what you're saying is true, it means--
Cassandra: It means that I'm Gothel's daughter. And your destiny belongs to me. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Cass... We are friends. In fact, being Gothel's daughter, that... makes us closer than friends, it makes us sisters! (walks to Cassandra)
Cassandra (chuckling) Sisters? My own mother chose you over me. My whole life, I've been cast aside for you. No more. (tells Raps) (Lance opens the doors)
Lance: So, what did we miss? (asks) (Maximus neighs)
Eugene: Lance, not now. (turns around to tell him)
Lance: Oh!
Rapunzel: Cassandra, please! Let me help you.
Cassandra: Stay back. (summons her black rocks and tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Cassandra, you've got to give me the Moonstone. It is too dangerous! The whole world is at st--
Cassandra: I said stay back! (warns and attacks Rapunzel) (Rapunzel screams when she is flung back to the other side)
Eugene: Rapunzel! (she lands on the floor and is injured then he holds her) Cassandra! (Pascal angrily squeals and Eugene are mad at Cassandra)

(electricity crackles) (Adira holds her sword while she runs and slices the black rocks then jumps up) (Cass protects herself when she summons black rocks then Adira jumps down to Cassandra) (Adira pushes Cassandra back)

Adira: Release the Moonstone, Short Hair! You don't know what you're dealing with. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: Neither do you! (tells Adira and flungs her back to the other side)
Adira: (grunts) (falls on the floor while being injured) (Lance is worried about Adira and runs to her)
Lance: Adira! Breathe easy. Your Lance is here. (Adira holds her injured arm while Lance kneels down and holds her) (Cassandra steals Adira's sword) (Cassandra runs)
Eugene: Oh, no, you don't! (runs to Cassandra and tries to stop her from escaping the Dark Kingdom)
Rapunzel: Eugene! No! (worries about him)
Eugene: (screams while he is flung back and he is injured) (Cassandra continues to run away from her former friends)
Rapunzel: Cassandra, wait! (runs after her) Cass!

Rapunzel: This has to stop now Whatever it is that you're going through, we'll fix it together - me and you Just like we've always done

Cassandra: No! This has to stop now This thing where you think that you've been my friend And don't even hear how you condescend The way you've always done

Rapunzel: Cassandra, listen Cassandra: I'm listening Rapunzel: I know it isn't true Cassandra: Isn't it? Rapunzel: Just look into my eyes now Cassandra: Well? Rapunzel: I know you feel it too Cassandra: Perhaps I do

Rapunzel: Cassandra, listen Cassandra: I'm listening Rapunzel: I swear it's not too late So before another line gets crossed and everything we've had is lost just wait...

Cassandra: Wait? No, I won't wait.

There's a line between the winners and the losers There's a line between the chosen and the rest And I've done the best I could But I've always known just where we stood Me here with the luckless You there with the blessed

And that line between the beggars and the choosers is a line you never let me quite ignore How I've tried to jump that great divide! But I've never got the chances you were given You don't know how much I've been denied Well, I'm not being patient anymore

I'm crossing the line! And I'm done holding back So look out, clear the track, it's my turn! I'm taking what's mine Every drop, every smidge If I'm burning a bridge, let it burn! But I'm crossing the line...

As for us, if we're over, that's fine...

Rapunzel: Cassandra, wait!

I'm crossing the line

(Cassandra slices the black rock bridge with the sword that she stole from Adira to leave her former friends stranded at the Dark Kingdom) (black rock rumbling when Rapunzel runs back to the other side)

Rapunzel: (sighs) (wind blowing) (Eugene, Pascal, Maximus, Fidella, Lance, Shorty, Adira and King Edmund see that Rapunzel is feeling down)

(Maximus is grunting when he bandages Eugene's wounded arm)

Eugene: Gentle hooves, Max. Gentle hooves.
Rapunzel: Don't mind him, Max. You're doing a great job. (Maximus neighs) (hugs him) All right! Up and at them, everybody! The Moonstone's gone, so no use sticking around this dreary place. (Maximus and Eugene look at each other)
Lance: Uh, shouldn't she be a little, I don't know, upset right now? (Eugene walks to Rapunzel)
Eugene: Hey, sunshine! I couldn't help but notice you're kinda doing that... thing.
Rapunzel: That thing?
Eugene: You know, the thing where you act like everything's peachy when clearly it's... (clears throat) Sweetheart, what Cass did--
Rapunzel: Yeah! That was bad. Anyway moving on. (walks away from Eugene)
Eugene: Eh...? What?
Rapunzel: Okay, gang. We need to get out of here. (she and Eugene walk to Lance, Maximus, Pascal, Shorty, Fidella, Adira, Hamuel and King Edmund) Any ideas?
Shorty: Well, we could just fly off in that balloon. (wakes up and points to a hot air balloon)
Rapunzel: A balloon is a great idea. Heh. (Eugene turns around and sees a hot air balloon then he taps her) If we had-- (turns around) Whoa! A balloon! (it lands at the Dark Kingdom) Careful. Ulf? (Ulf waves to Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Lance, Maximus, Fidella, Shorty, Adira and King Edmund)
Lance: That guy.
Eugene: The mime? (Rapunzel laughs when she runs to Ulf and hugs him)
Rapunzel: I didn't know you balloon! How did you find us? What are you doing here? Did someone send you?
Eugene: Why did they send you, specifically?
Lance: Yeah. Answer that one.
Shorty: Gentlemen. I believe I can be of some incontinence, as I am fluent in Ulf. (falls then he walks to Ulf and starts translating) Ahem! There's trouble in Corona. Invaders from a foreign land! The people of Corona are scared. So Ulf followed the rocks here. Now he's just standing still.
Rapunzel: Guys, there's trouble in Corona. We need to get back as soon as possible. (the burner of hot air balloon is on)
Eugene: All right, chop, chop! (Ulf holds Shorty) All aboard. (Ulf picks up Shorty and puts him into the balloon) This balloon isn't getting any hotter. (Lance turns around and sees the balloon but he is feeling down he is going to leave with his friends)
Lance: You sure, you can't come with us? (asks Adira)
Adira: My path is changed, and my destiny leads elsewhere. Not with you. (tells Lance)
Lance: I know it hurts, but I want you to know that no matter how far away I am out there, I am never far away in there. (puts his hand on Adira's shoulder and she sees that then she grabs his hand and puts it behind back) (bones cracking) I forgot you don't like to be touched!
King Edmund: My son. I have dedicated my entire life to protect-- (tells Eugene)
Eugene: So you're staying or you're going? (asks his dad)
King Edmund: I must think of a way to soften this blow?
Eugene: You're staying. I got it. I'll see you later. (climbs into the hot air balloon)
Rapunzel: Okay. Is that everybody?
Eugene: Oh, I certainly hope so, because it's tight. (he is squeezed between Ulf and Lance)
Rapunzel: Everyone ready? Then... (pulls the burner) (she turns around to see if Cassandra is still at the Dark Kingdom) (Pascal squeaks) (Adira and King Edmund are watching Rapunzel and her friends fly back to Corona via hot air balloon) Corona, here we come! (the hot air balloon flies to the wrong direction)
Eugene: (laughs) This is great!
Rapunzel: Hey, huh, guys? Eh... Corona is the other way. (tells her friends)
Lance: Oh, right.
Eugene: Of course, I knew that. I was just saying, "What a view" before we turn around and go the other way. (hot air balloon flies back to Corona)

(Cassandra appears after her former friends left to go back to Corona) (Owl is hooting when he flies to Cassandra and he sits on her arm)

(the hot air balloon continues to fly to Corona from the Dark Kingdom, Demanitus Maze, House of Yesterday's Tomorrow, The Great Tree, Lombards Pass, Terapi Island, The Spire and Forest of No Return) (crows cawing when they see the hot air balloon fly by) (rats squeaking) (then it lands at the city) (Rapunzel and her friends are cheering at they are at the city)

Eugene: Finally! (opens the door) No offense to any of you people, but we have been together for way too long and I nned a break from your faces. Except for you, of course, Rapunzel. (Rapunzel runs)
Rapunzel: (sighs) I can't believe how much I missed home! Home! Ah, how I've missed everything so much! Oh, I missed the bookstore! (squeals) And I missed the fountain! Oh, I missed the sweet shoppe and bakery! Yum!
Lance: You know what, I missed about Corona? (tells Rapunzel and Eugene then Lance turns around) The people! In...fact, I'm still missing the people. (wind blows) (Lance, Rapunzel, Eugene, Fidella and Maximus see the city is deserted) (Maximus and Fidella neigh)
Rapunzel: Yeah. That's weird. Hello? Hello? (echoing) Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
Lance: It's kinda spooky. (he and Ulf are terrified)
Eugene: Hello? People! People!
Rapunzel: Is anybody here? (glass shatters) (Ulf jumps into Lance's arms)
Feldspar: Ooh! (walks outside of his shop while carrying a bucket of minerals but trips) Oh, dear, oh dear! Woe is me! I'll never meet my quota! (picks up minerals and put them back into the bucket behind him) (Rapunzel runs to him and she takes a mineral off the floor)
Rapunzel: Feldspar! (Eugene walks to Rapunzel and Feldspar)
Feldspar: (lisping) Princess! (puts the bucket between him and Rapunzel) Oh, thank goodness you're back! (Rapunzel puts the minerals that she holds into the bucket)
Rapunzel: Where is everyone?
Feldspar: Oh, it's awful. It's just awful! Everyone in Corona has been forced to quarry, mining these pesky green minerals. (picks the minerals up and holds them) Oh, oh, I gotta get this in by nightfall! (sees the minerals that he is holding and he puts them into a pile and puts the pile back into the bucket)
Rapunzel: Did you know about this? (Ulf nods yes) Shorty.
Shorty: What? I thought his story, so I took the artistic license to make some judicious cuts. I stand by that choice. (Fidella neighs)
Rapunzel: I don't believe it. I'm going to the castle to speak with my father. (turns around and starts to walk to the castle with her friends)
Feldspar: Well, I'm not sure what good that will do. Your father is the one who gave the other. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: What? (she and Eugene are shocked about the news then she and Eugene turn around)

(Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Lance, Ulf, Maximus, Fidella and Shorty entered the castle then Rapunzel opens the door and she walks to the throne room with her friends to see King Frederic and Queen Arianna sitting on their thrones)

Rapunzel: Mom! Dad! (happily runs to her parents) Oh, you guys!
Arianna: Oh! (Rapunzel hugs her) (King Frederic sees that Rapunzel is hugging her mom)
Rapunzel: I have missed you so much!
Arianna: Uh, Frederic. (Rapunzel stops hugging her)
Rapunzel: Dad! (hugs her dad)
Frederic: Young lady please. (sees that Rapunzel is hugging him but he doesn't know who she is)
Rapunzel: "Young lady"? Dad, what's going on? (Queen Arianna sits her throne) (Rapunzel's friends walk to her and her parents)
Lance: Ooh, this is awkward. (Rapunzel sees her father's medallion is Saporian)
Rapunzel: That...medallion it's-it's-- (turns around)
Andrew: Saporian. (she and her friends turn around to see him at the doors) Hey, Raps. Nice to see you again. (greets Rapunzel) (four Saporians walk behind their leader)
Eugene: I'm gonna be completely honest, like, I remember you, but I don't remember you. Does that make sense?
Andrew: It's me! Andrew. I nearly single-handedly felled Corona? (Snorty snoring and Maximus neighs) I took you for a ride in a hot air balloon.
Eugene: Oh, less-attractive-than-me guy with the man-bun! Yes, I remember you now.
Andrew: I've taken over Corona. (tells Rapunzel and her friends when he and his team walk to the throne room) Or as we now refer to it, New Saporia!
Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie: Long live New Saporia! (Andrew and his members bring their weapons out)
Eugene: I'm sorry, what? You man-bun guy and your flower children took over Corona? Heh-heh. This is only gonna take a minute-- (takes his sword from behind his back) (Varian tosses his alchemy at Eugene's feet)
Rapunzel: Eugene! (runs to him)
Eugene: What the goop? (sees that his boots are trapped with goop then Rapunzel holds his arm)
Andrew: (chuckling) We didn't do this alone. You might recognize my former cell-mate. (tells Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance then they turn the other way to see Varian walking to the throne room) (Varian takes his googles off his eyes)
Varian: Welcome home, Rapunzel! (greets her)
Rapunzel: (gasps)
Varian: Oh, I see you've already met my new friends. (walks to Andrew, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie)
Frederic: Oh! Varian! My most trusted advisor.
Rapunzel: Varian? Mom! Dad! Ah, don't you remember what he's done? (asks her parents that have amnesia)
Varian: (laughs) No, no. They don't.
Rapunzel: They don't remember? (Clementine twirls the Saporian Wand of Oblivium and Varian looks at it) (Rapunzel gasps) That's a Saporian Wand of Oblivium! You have erased their memories!
Varian: Oh, me? Oh-ho! No, not really. Actually, as you know, I'm all about the science, but, uh, Clementine here, she added a bit of, uh, texture.
Clementine: Magic!
Varian: Yes. (agrees with Clementine) Today, the King and Queen. Tomorrow, Corona. I'm synthesizing the wand's power into a gas that will erase the memories of everyone in Corona! And I named it Quirineon so no one will ever forget they turned their back on my father! (tells Rapunzel and her friends about his plan)
Eugene: But once the people affected by this gas, they will forget they turned their back on your father. (tells Varian)
Lance: Yup, there's some flawed logic right there. (agrees with Eugene)
Varian: No, y-- So? You know what I mean!
Rapunzel: I can't let you get away with this! Hey, guys! Let's send these Saporians back where they came from! (unties her hair and she tells her friends to fight against Varian, Andrew and the Saporians) (Pascal squeaks) (Varian walks back to Andrew, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie)
Andrew: Heh, I thought you might say that. Saporians! (he, Varian, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie are going to fight Rapunzel and her friends)
Rapunzel: (yells) (Varian tosses his alchemy to the floor)
Lance: Oh! They got the alchemy! (Maximus neighs when he runs to fight) (Juniper tosses one of the alchemy at Maximus to trap him and she turns around to see that Shorty is flung)
Shorty: Thank you. (he grabs Kai's sword from him) (Rapunzel uses her hair to tie Kai)
Kai: (screams) (Varian sees that Kai is thrown to the side) (Eugene and Andrew fight each other)
Andrew: I have to admit. I'm relieved that I have to fight you and not Cassie. Where is my old flame, anyway? (tells and asks Eugene)
Eugene: Sensitive subject! (tells Andrew) (Andrew swings his sword at Eugene but he ducks) (Maximus is inside a bubble) (Lance runs to fight Maisie)
Varian: Oh, I've got more tricks up my sleeves. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Bring it. (Pascal rides on his owner's hair) (Varian grunting when he throws three of his alchemy towards Rapunzel's hair) (Pascal squeaks when he dodges the alchemy) (Rapunzel grunts when she tries to free her hair from the goop) (Pascal puts his tongue inside Varian's ear)
Varian: Agh! Pascal, get off me! (tells him) (Lance fights Maisie) (Juniper does a flip) (Ulf fights Clementine with an invisible sword) (Pascal takes one of Varian's alchemy to free Rapunzel's hair from the goop) Hey! Get back here with that! (Varian throws an ice alchemy at Pascal) (Pascal squeals when he tries to walk on ice but he trips)
Rapunzel: Pascal! (worried about her pet) (Varian walks to Pascal and grabs his tail when he squeaks while holding an alchemy ball) (Maximus neighing when he sees a sharp object that will pop the bubble) (Varian sees that Max will land at the same spot where he is standing when he holds Pascal) (Varian trips)(
Varian: Huh? (realizes that he isn't holding his alchemy) (Maximus neighs) (Varian sees that Maximus is chasing him and the former runs) Whoa! (Varian whimpers) (Pascal takes the alchemy ball to free Rapunzel's hair from the goop) (Eugene and Andrew are fighting but the latter flings the former's sword on the ground) (Lance fights Andrew but the latter kicks him away)
Andrew: So, you wanna play rough, huh? (tells Eugene and Lance) (Andrew unties his hair) (blows kiss) (Eugene and Lance are meserized by Andrew's hair)
Eugene: So... much... volume! (surprised to see Andrew's hair)
Lance: Look at that sheen. (Andrew flings the alchemy but Lance flings it away) (Varian tosses the alchemy on the ground to make Maximus dizzy) (Maximus neighs)
Rapunzel: (grunts) (Pascal frees his owner's hair then he appears on his owner's shoulder and he squeaks) Good job, Pasca! (tells her pet before turning the other way when she sees that her friends being cornered by Varian, Andrew, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie) (Rapunzel and Maximus run to Eugene, Lance, Ulf and Shorty) (Varian walks then stands between Clementine and Andrew) Varian! Tell them to stand down! (wants Varian to tell his allies)
Varian: Never! (tells Rapunzel) (Andrew puts his hand out then Varian sees Andrew's hand in front of him)
Andrew: Why would we, when we have the upper hand? (takes Varian's chemical and holds then Rapunzel is shocked) (Varian, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie step back from Andrew when he flings the chemical at Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Ulf, Maximus and Shorty) (Rapunzel and her friends try to run away from the chemical that Andrew flung at them and it explodes while Varian and Andrew close their eyes from the blast) (Varian and Andrew walk to the hole that the chemical created and noticed that Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Maximus, Ulf and Shorty fell to the ground) (Andrew elbows Varian) (Varian is worried about Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Maximus, Ulf and Shorty) Powerful stuff, kid. This is gonna be fun. Come on. (Andrew tells Varian before he walks away) (Varian also walks away)

(Rapunzel is shown on the floor after the explosion of Varian's chemical then she opens her eyes)

Rapunzel: (coughing) Pascal... (trying to find her pet) (Pascal squeals weakly when he comes out of owner's hair)) (picks her pet up and asks him) Are you all right, buddy? (Pascal squeals) (asks her friends) Is everybody okay?
Lance: Give me a minute.
Eugene: There is a horse on me. (grunts)
Clementine: I've got the rope! (Ulf sees the Saporians)
Kai: Augh! Cork fiber? Clementine... You know cork cord chafes my hands. (he and Clementine toss the rope down then they climb down)
Eugene: Let's get outta here. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: What? We can't just leave! We've gotta stay and fight! (picks up her weapon) How do you think those Saporians would like a face-full of frying pan ness? (sees her destroyed weapon)
Eugene: Blondie, trust me. It's better to live to fight another day. (tells Rapunzel and they run with their friends)
Clementine: Guys, come on! They're getting away! (tells Kai, Juniper and Maisie) (Rapunzel and her friends are trying to find a place to hide)
Eugene: Quick! Over there! (sees Xavier's blacksmith workshop and tells everyone to hide) (the Saporians are trying to find Rapunzel and her gang)
Maisie: We cannot allow the princess and her gang to interfere with New Saporia's takeover of Corona. (Rapunzel holds a wrench and she is about to toss it but Eugene grabs her hand) (Maximus neighs when he, Lance and Ulf put their heads down when they hide from the Saporians)
Clementine: Do you see something? (she and Kai turn around) (Kai picks up a a horseshoe)
Kai: Yes! Look at these shoes of equine oppression.
Clementine: Oh, barbaric Coronans! (Kai toss the horseshoe away then he goes back to the castle alongside Clementine, Juniper and Maisie) (Pascal squeaks softly) (Maximus, Lance and Ulf hear the door open)
Xavier: Princess! (sees Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Xavier! (happy to see him then she and her friends are going inside of his workshop and he closes the door)
Xavier: The Captain of the Guards sent out many search parties to find you. He has yet to return. But in the meantime...
Attila: Princess, you're back. (Rapunzel giggles and runs to see her other friends) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: It is so, so good to see all of you! (hugs Friedborg, Big Nose and Attila) (Monty turns away from Rapunzel when he is angry)
Monty: (scowls)
Rapunzel: Even you, Monty. (walks to him)
Monty: Hmm? (smiles)
Xavier: We stay hidden. Everyone in Corona now lives in fear, spending their days, mining Varian's minerals.
Rapunzel: What? The people of Corona are so brave! Why wouldn't they stand up?
Xavier: We cannot defy orders from the King and Queen. Any act of aggression against them is treason. But now you have returned, the game has changed. (he, Big Nose, Attila and Friedborg bow to Rapunzel)

(at his temporary lab inside the castle Varian is working hard to perfect his Quirineon formula while Andrew and Clementine are watching)

Andrew: How is it coming, friend? (asks Varian)
Clementine: Yeah!
Varian: If my calculations are correct, when the Quirineon is heated, it will convert to a gaseous state and be easily dispersed throughout the entire city, wiping the memories of everyone in Corona. (beaker shatters then the Quirineon explodes and it sends Varian to a wall) Evidently, my calculations were not correct. (grunts) (fells on the floor)
Clementine: Oh! If it won't erase people's memories, the boy's chemical may have other uses. (laughs) (she gives Andrew an idea)

(Rapunzel is working on a new frying pan) (Pascal squeals)

Eugene: Hey, blondie. How you holding up?
Rapunzel: Me? Fine. What do you think? (asks Pascal and he gives a thumbs up) It's not bad, right?
Eugene: You've been through a lot since we got back. Not to mention what happened with Cassandra.
Rapunzel: (laughs) What? Augh, I mean, to tell you, I haven't even thought about that person.
Eugene: Rapunzel, you can't even say her name. There's a difference between setting feelings aside, and burying them so deep they change who you are. (Pascal squeals when he climbs on Eugene's shoulder)
Rapunzel: What are you saying, Eugene? (Pascal squeaks)
Eugene: What I'm saying is that you're not alone in this.
Rapunzel: I know. But maybe it would be better if I were.
Eugene: What was that?
Xavier: (clears throat) Am I interrupting? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: No. Heh. I'm just making a new pan.
Xavier: Princess, we need to discuss our strategy.
Rapunzel: I'll be there in a second. (she and Eugene kiss then he walks back inside of Xavier's blacksmith workshop with Xavier) (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal squeals when he is worried about Raps) Right after I take back my kingdom. (turns around to see if anyone is following her then she runs) (Rapunzel is at the dock then she walks to castle but Pascal appears) (Pascal squeals) (Rapunzel gasps when she sees her pet) Pascal! What are you doing here? (asks her pet) (Pascal squeals) What? (takes her pet off the wall) No, of course I trust you. I just... thought of this as a solo mission. (Pascal blows a raspberry) Augh, all right. I can never fool you. (Pascal squeals happily) Check this out. (slides the gate)

(at Xavier's blacksmith workshop and Eugene is worried about Rapunzel)

Eugene: How could she have run off on her own like that? (Maximus neighs) If I know one thing about Rapunzel, it's that she is tough. But she's only one person, right? How is she supposed to take on all those Saporians by herself?
Lance: And Varian.
Eugene: You are not helping! (tells Lance) I'm going after her. Anybody else?
Shorty: Count me in.
Eugene: Anyone else? (leaves to follow Rapunzel)

(Rapunzel and Pascal are going to sneak into the castle) (Pascal squealing) (Rapunzel bumps into a wall)

Rapunzel: Shh! (turns around to tell her pet that he can't make a peep) (she sees a window open then she climbs inside) (hears Kai and Maisie)
Kai: Well, lately I've been into essential oils, you know, peppermint and eucalyptus, or... (Pascal squeaks when he and Rapunzel run to the other wall) Huh? What was that? (Kai and Maisie turn around to walk to the noise)
Maisie: It wasn't anything. Come on. Oh. (walks away with Kai) If you ask me, you should lay off the essential oils. They make you hear things. (tells Kai) (Pascal appears when Kai and Maisie walk away) (Rapunzel tiptoes to Cassandra's room) (Pascal squeaks when he climbs on Rapunzel's hair)
Juniper: Kai! Is that you? (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel hears Juniper) (Rapunzel runs into Cassandra's room and closes the door) (Pascal squeals) (Rapunzel walks to the dresser and opens it)
Cassandra: When your dad is Captain of the Guards, you tend to collect... stuff. (Rapunzel takes Cassandra's handmaiden dress) (Pascal squeaks sadly then he and Rapunzel sadly sees Cassandra's handmaiden dress) (Rapunzel exhales sharply) (Rapunzel cries on Cassandra's handmaiden dress when she is sitting on Cassandra's bed)
Rapunzel: I thought she would always be here. (footsteps approaching) (Pascal purrs) (Kai and Maisie enters Cassandra's room when they heard Rapunzel crying)
Kai: Well, well, well. Look what we found. (Pascal sees Kai and Maisie)

(Varian, Andrew, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie locked Rapunzel and Pascal into a cell) (Varian is mad at Rapunzel)

Rapunzel: Varian. How could you do this? (mad at Varian)
Varian: I want you to know I wish it didn't come to this. (tells Rapunzel when he knocks on the cell while smiles wickedly) (Andrew also smiles wickedly) But when someone trusts you, and you betray them, well, this is what happens. (tells Rapunzel when holding the bars then steps away from the cell) (Varian paces back and forth) (Rapunzel is mad at Varian)
Rapunzel: My kingdom needed me. I couldn't do anything about the amber, and I had to stay. I never meant to break my promise to you, Varian. We were friends. (tells Varian) (Varian stops pacing and looks at Rapunzel)
Varian: That's the beauty of my plan. In the end, when your memory has been erased, we can be friends again. (tells Rapunzel when he taps the bars)
Rapunzel: But you're making it worse. None of these people did anything to you. (Varian starts to walk away then he turns around) (she holds the bars)
Varian: It's not what they did to me. (feels down) (turns the other way around) (voice breaking) (turns around) It's what I did to them. And there-- There is no way they will ever forgive me. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: How do you know if you don't give them a chance? (asks Varian) (Varian counts the misdeeds that he did as an antagonist)
Varian: I took their queen prisoner, I-I threatened their princess, I helped these take over their kingdom! You think anyone's gonna give a second chance? I don't think so. (turns around and walks back to the cell) No, making them forget is the only way to fix what I've done. (feels down)
Andrew: Yeah, there has been a slight change of plans, buddy. (walks to Varian then grabs his arms and turns him around but Raps is mad at Andrew and the Saporians) (Andrew is referring to Raps) Now that she's back, we don't have time for you to get your memory formula right. (tells Varian)
Clementine: We are still using the formula you've curated. Quirineon explodes! It will turn Corona to ashes. (tells Varian)
Varian: But, no! No! We agreed nobody would be harmed! (points his finger at Andrew and tells the latter) (Varian turns his head but he is mad at Andrew)
Andrew: Relax, Varian. You don't wanna end up on the wrong side of history. (elbows Varian) You understand, buddy? (he tells Varian but the latter looks at Rapunzel, who returns pleadingly) (Varian betrays the Saporians)
Varian: You're right. (reach into his pocket to take a bath bomb out) So I'm gonna ask you to step inside that cell. (tells the Saporians to enter a cell)
Clementine: Are you betraying us, boy? (asks Varian) (she and the Saporians walk backwards to the cell behind them with their hands up when Varian threatened them with a bath bomb) (Rapunzel is glad to see Varian redeemed himself) (Varian walks forward while holding a bathbomb)
Varian: I'm getting on the right side of history. (tells his former villain allies)
Clementine: Take him out! (tells the Saporians) (Varian tossed a bathbomb at the Saporians but they tried to run) (Varian steps back then he and Rapunzel close their eyes when the bathbomb explodes) (Varian and Rapunzel are feeling down when the former attacked the Saporians with a wrong chemical)
Varian: (gasps) Oh... (sees the Saporians are soaked) Sorry, guys, that was a... Yeah, that was a bathbomb. (Saporians put Varian inside the cell alongside Rapunzel and Pascal then Varian is feeling down when Rapunzel sees Varian is next to her)
Andrew: He's made his choice. (talks about Varian) Let's move. We launch the airship in 20. (he, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie leave)

(Varian is sitting on a bed when he is feeling remorseful of his actions) (Rapunzel tries to break the cell)

Rapunzel: (grunts)
Varian: All I ever wanted was for my father to be proud. (Rapunzel turns her head to look at Varian) (Varian turns around and puts his head on his knees) Of course, if he were free from the amber now, saw everything I've done, well, he'd be ashamed. (tells the Princess) (Pascal squeals when he looks at Varian and then Rapunzel when the latter two are having a conversation inside the cell) (Rapunzel sits on the bed behind her)
Rapunzel: You know, standing up to Andrew just now was pretty brave. (sighs) Look, I know how much it hurts to have someone you trust let you down. I mean, after you go through something like that, how can you ever trust anyone again? (tells Varian) (turns her head to the wall)
Varian: I don't know. Tha-- That's why I thought if I could make you forget everything that happened, you know, we could be friends again, learn to trust again. But I guess life doesn't really work that way. (Rapunzel turns her head around then she and Varian gaze and smile briefly at each other)
Eugene: Okay, this is very sweet, but honestly, I'm offended. I can't believe you were going to break into something and you didn't even ask me! It's kinda my thing. (picks the cell door lock open) (he, Lance and Maximus rescue Rapunzel from the cell)
Rapunzel: Thank goodness you're here! (hugs Eugene on her way out of the cell) (Varian begins to follow her but he bumps into Lance to stop him)
Varian: Ah!
Lance: And where do you think you're going, little man? (Maximus growls) (Lance puts his thumb on Varian's chin to wipe off the fake goatee)
Varian: (grunts, then sighs) (feeling down when the goatee is smudged off) (Maximus whinnies)
Rapunzel: Guys, we're going to have to trust him. (tells Eugene, Lance and Maximus)
Eugene: After everything Hair Stripe here has done, you're going to trust him? (asks Rapunzel) (looks at Varian) (Varian is hurt by Eugene's words) (Eugene is walking inside to free Pascal from the chain then he holds him)
Rapunzel: Yes. He's the one who made the formula that the Saporians are about to drop on Corona. (looks at Varian with an encouraging smile) We need him. (she puts her hands on Varian then he looks surprised and unsure, but then smiles back at her, clearly thankful) (she holds Varian's hands and they run outside) (Maximus chuffs) (Eugene, Lance and Maximus see that Rapunzel and Varian are running outside when Rapunzel trusts Varian again)

(the Saporians and the ship are at the courtyard) (Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance and Maximus hide when they see three Saporians carry Quirineon to the ship)

Varian: There's enough Quirineon on that ship to destroy Corona ten times over. (Saporians put the Quirineon on the ship)
Rapunzel: Is there anything you can do? (asks Varian) (she, Eugene and Lance look at Varian)
Varian: If you can get me on that ship, I think I can neutralize it. (tells Rapunzel) (Andrew walks King Frederic and Queen Arianna to the carriage) (Andrew opens the door for King Frederic and Queen Arianna)
Frederic: After you, Madam. (tells his wife to enter the carriage before him) (Andrew closes the door and take the key out of his coat to lock King Frederic and Queen Arianna inside the carriage)
Andrew: Take them to the outskirts of Corona to watch their kingdom fall. (toss the key to Kai) (walks to the net that has eight barrels and climbs) Once it's done, get rid of them. (tells Kai)
Kai: Now fly, mighty steed! (horse neighs) (Rapunzel turns around to tell Eugene, Lance and Maximus)
Rapunzel: Eugene, I need you guys to free my parents.
Eugene: You heard her, boys. Let's go. (Maximus neighs when he leaves alongside Eugene and Lance to rescue Rapunzel's parents)
Andrew: For Saporia! (walk to a rope that holds the ship and slices it off)
Rapunzel: We have got to get on that ship. (tells Varian) (she and Varian see the ship is flying above their heads then Varian turns his head)
Andrew: With this first barrel, we plant the seeds of a New Saporia. Let's just take a second to make sure that we are truly present in this moment. (Juniper is annoyed) (Andrew and Clementine inhale and exhale deeply before they toss the barrel off the ship) (Andrew grunts) Uh, any second now. (Andrew and Clementine close their eyes then Andrew opens one eye to see if Corona is destroyed) (Rapunzel and Varian smile while they stow away on the ship from behind when the latter holds the barrel with Rapunzel's hair tied to it) (Rapunzel pulls her hair up when she and Varian are going up to the ship) What is going on? (Saporians notice that the city isn't destroyed) (Rapunzel and Varian put the barrel back on the ship) (barrel thuds)
Rapunzel: You dropped something? (asks the four Saporians when she and Varian are on the ship from behind) (Saporians turn around to see Rapunzel and Varian)
Andrew: You! (Saporians walk towards Rapunzel and Varian)
Rapunzel: Varian. Get your alchemy belt and neutralize the Quirineo--
Varian: I-- I-- Quirineon, Rapunzel. Say it with me. Quiri-- (Maisie is about to punch Varian but the latter ducks then runs and the former tries to catch the latter) (Rapunzel uses her as a lasso to tie Maisie)
Maisie: Oof! (Juniper runs to Rapunzel and fights her) (Rapunzel grunts) (Rapunzel pushes Juniper away) (Juniper grunts when she and Maisie runs and fight Rapunzel) (Rapunzel jumps on Juniper and Maisie to dodge) (Rapunzel use her hair to ties one of Juniper and Maisie's leg then throw them while Rapunzel lands on the ship) (Andrew runs to Rapunzel when he is going to attack her with his sword)
Andrew: This is the last time you-- (Varian tosses one of his alchemy) (glass shattering) (Andrew sees that his sword is destroyed) What?
Varian: Ha! Not bad for an alchemist. Eh? (walks when twirls his alchemy on his finger) (Andrew is mad and growls) (Varian does tricks) Heh. Ha, ha! (glass shatters) (one of the alchemy is flung to Pascal and he is trapped inside a bubble and floats) Oh, my fault! (Rapunzel's foot is inside a bubble) Ow, that one was on me! (runs after Pascal)
Rapunzel: Ooh! (sees her foot inside a bubble then she is upside down)
Varian: Get Eee! (he continues to run after Pascal but stops when Clementine threatens him with her sword)
Clementine: Stand down, alchemist! (Varian puts his hands up) (Pascal turns around to launch himself against the barrel) (Andrew grabs Varian by the coat)
Andrew: I'll take care of him.
Varian: No! Ah!
Andrew: Traitors to Saporia pay with the lives. (he tells Varian that the latter is a traitor) (Varian yelps) (he dangles Varian off the ship) (Pascal squealing when he sees Andrew is dangling Varian off the ship for betraying the Saporians) (Pascal saves Varian by knocking Andrew off balance)
Varian and Andrew: (scream) (Varian lands on the ship but Andrew trips on the alchemy) (Andrew screaming when he falls off the ship and he sees his head inside a bubble) (Pascal is about to fight Clementine and Maisie but Rapunzel tells Pascal go to her)
Rapunzel: Pascal! Come here! (she flings Pascal with her frying pan and he goes to the other side of the ship then he slams the barrels) (he heads to Clementine to knock her off balance then he heads towards Juniper and Maisie to knock them off balance) (Pascal goes to Rapunzel and she holds him) (Varian goes to Raps) (Varian smiles when he frees Pascal from the bubble with alchemy) Well, that wasn't so hard. (Pascal squeaks and he falls backwards)
Andrew: Oh, we're not done yet. (Rapunzel, Varian and Pascal are shocked when they see Andrew float to the ship and takes his sword from his coat) Time for Corona to go boom. (slices the rope that is attached to the balloon while Juniper, Maisie, Clementine, Rapunzel, Varian and Pascal are on ship) (the ship tilts then Juniper, Maisie and Clementine fall off balance while Varian and Rapunzel are holding on the ship) (Clementine, Juniper and Maisie are trapped inside bubbles and they float away from the ship alongside Andrew)

(Kai is driving the carriage further away from Corona)

Frederic: Do you enjoy tea? (pours it into a cup while asking his wife then he puts the kettle on the seat)
Arianna: I don't remember. (sees her cup of tea) (Eugene, Maximus, Lance and Fidella are chasing after the carriage) (Eugene jumps off Maximus to jump onto the carriage) (Lance jumps on the carriage and groans) (Eugene and Lance try to open the doors on opposite sides)
Eugene: It's locked!
Lance: This side too!

(Rapunzel, Varian and Pascal are hanging on the ship)

Varian: That single burner cannot generate enough heat to keep this ship in the air. If it crashes, it will destroy all of Corona.
Rapunzel: What if we use the Quirineon? (Varian turns around the other way to see the Quirineon)
Varian: Yes, yes! Heating the Quirineon will increase the temperature enough for the balloons to rise. We just have to get it high enough so that when it explodes, it doesn't destroy the city. You need to get off the ship. Rapunzel, I gotta clean up my own mess.
Rapunzel: No, you do not have a shield of magic hair that will protect you when this thing explodes. (uses her hair as a lasso)
Varian: What are you doing? (sees Rapunzel's hair wrapped around him then he asks her)
Rapunzel: It's your mess, but it's my kingdom. (tells Varian when she pulls her towards her before taking him off the ship) (Varian yelling)
Varian: No! Rapunzel! (he lands on the roof and runs to the edge of the roof then he is worried about Rapunzel when she took him off the ship) (Rapunzel ties her hair to the bow of the ship then she swings around the vessel and she grabs the barrels to put them on the bow) (takes the lids of the barrels and flips the burner down to heat the Quirineon)
Rapunzel: All right, Pascal. Let's get this oversized as high as it will go! (tells her pet when she and her pet are seeing their reflection at the Quirineon)

(Kai is still driving the carriage while Eugene and Lance are still trying to open the doors)

Lance: What is taking you so long? That's an easy lock!
Eugene: Oh, I don't know, maybe it's 'cause I'm on a moving carriage! (the carriage jumps on a small rock then Eugne tries to hold on to his lock pick but it drops) Oh, come on! (sees that his lock pick is gone) New plan. We're gonna need the keys. (climbs up while telling Lance) (Eugene taps on Kai's shoulder) (Kai sees Eugene on top of the carriage) Hey, chuckles! (Kai climbs on top of the carriage while Lance takes the reins but he tore it) Hand over that key or else! (points to the key on Kai's belt)
Kai: Or else what? (takes the key from his belt) (Eugene points to Lance behind Kai) (Kai turns around to see Lance holding the tore reins to tie up the former) Ugh! (horse neighs when it runs the other way while dragging Kai (Kai screaming)
Eugene: Where is the key? (asks Lance)
Kai: (from the distance) I have it! (Eugene and Lance turn their heads to see Kai being dragged by a horse)
Eugene: Could this get any worse? (the carriage stopped on a hill and it goes forward) (laughing) Usually, when you ask if things can get worse like that, (Lance chuckles) they actually do! (chuckles)
Lance: (whimpers) Oh.
Eugene: There's that irony. (the carriage goes backwards) (Maximus and Fidella walk forward but they see the carriage heading towards them) (Maximus neighs) (Maximus and Fidella run away from the carriage) (Eugene and Lance screaming) (Maximus and Fidella land on the seat) (Maximus and Fidella whinny) (Eugene and Lance screaming) (Kai removes torn reins from a horse and tells it to go to the wild)
Kai: (grunts) Now, fly! Run to the wilderness! (sees the carriage heading towards him then he is between Fidella and Maximus) (the carriage heads to a cliff but Fidella, Kai and Maximus try to stop the carriage with their feet) (Kai screams) No, no, no, no! (he falls off the cliff and screams) (distant screaming and splashing) (Fidella neighs) (Eugene, Fidella and Maximus worried about Kai after he fell of the cliff and into the water) (carriage door opens then King Frederic and Queen Arianna exit the carriage)
Arianna: Are we stopping for lunch? (King Frederic closes the door)

(at the air ship)

Rapunzel: Oh, wow. This stuff is really heating up. Just a little more altitude... (Pascal squeaks and screams) (Rapunzel turns around to see a chimney and the ship crashes into it while she is hanging on) (Quirineon continues to heat up but she climbs up to the edge of the balloon) (Eugene, Lance and Maximus see Rapunzel on the air ship that will explode)
Eugene: Come on, blondie. Get out of there. (Rapunzel is climbing to the top of the balloon) (Pascal squeaks and screams falls off Rapunzel's shoulder)
Rapunzel: Oh, no, you don't! (uses her hair to save Pascal from falling then she pulls her towards her to hold him while she is climbing to the top of the balloon) That's it! Okay! We are high enough! (Quirineon still continues to heat up) (Pascal squeals) (Rapunzel uses her hair as a shield to protect her and Pascal)
Eugene: That's it, blondie. Now, come on. (he, Lance and Maximus see the Quirineon exploded)
Lance: Rapunzel! (Maximus neighs) No. (falls on his knees while being worried about Rapunzel)
Eugene: Just wait, Lance. Just wait. She'll be okay. See? (he, Lance and Maximus are glad when Rapunzel made it out of the explosion then they run back to the city) (adventurous music playing) (Rapunzel grunts) (Rapunzel is about to fall to the ground and Eugene is running to her) (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel uses her hair to swing off the ledge then falls on her knees) (Rapunzel sees Eugene, Lance and Maximus when they run to her) (Rapunzel smiles then she and Eugene run to each other and hug)
Eugene: I knew you'd make it. It's all over.
Rapunzel: Not yet. There's still one promise I need to keep. (remembers the promise that she made to Varian in Queen for a Day)

(at Old Corona)

Rapunzel: Once I start this incantation, I won't be able to stop it. And it could seriously harm you and your father, so I'm trusting you to snap me out of it once your father is free. (gives the bucket of water to Varian)
Varian: You can trust me, Rapunzel. (thinks about it then he smiles and tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Wither and decay End this destiny. Break these earthly chains And set the spirit free.
Varian (gasps) It's working. (sees the amber is melting away from Quirin)
Rapunzel: Wither and decay
Varian: It's working! (sees the melted amber at his feet) (Quirin is going to be free from the amber)
Rapunzel: End this destiny
Varian: Oh, Dad! (turns around)
Rapunzel Break these earthly chains (Varian sees her still saying the incantation and sees the water) And set the spirit free (Varian tosses the bucket away)
Varian: Wake up! Ahh! (gloves melted off) Rapunzel! Snap out of it!
Rapunzel: Set the spirit free
Varian: Rapunzel... Rapunzel? You didn't give up on me. I'm not giving up on you.
Rapunzel: (gasps) (fell on her knees after Varian snapped her out of the trance)
Varian: Are you okay? (bends on one knee while asking Rapunzel) (Rapunzel turns around and smiles at him) (he smiles and hugs Rapunzel) Thank you. (he runs to Quirin) Dad! Dad, you're alive! (Quirin hugs Varian when he cries then they stop hugging and Varian wiped his tears)
Quirin: Oh, son. (Varian sees the letter that Quirin wrote is melting)
Varian: Dad, the note! Well, wha...? What did it say? I need to know.
Quirin: All it said, was: "I'm so proud of you, Varian. I always have been." (put his hand on Varian) (he and Varian hug each other)
Varian: I love you, Dad.
Quirin: I love you, too, son.

(Rapunzel is happy to see Varian is reunited with his dad) (Rapunzel is also glad that Varian is her friend again)

Rapunzel: We've done a lot Faced who knows what Still though we're not quite through yet We have so much to do yet More than a thing or two yet

There's wounds we must heal Plans to make real Watch us and we'll do wonders Sure we might make some blunders We'll face them all head on

We'll rise hand in hand And rebuild this land We're ready to stand and roar Will we give up? No, never! We're stronger than ever before (laughter)

Eugene: We've made mistakes

Lance: Had some bad breaks

Eugene & Lance: That only makes us tougher

Lance: Now when the road gets rougher

Eugene: Frankly, we'll barely suffer

Rapunzel: Cause though we've been burned What have we learned?

Eugene & Lance: Victory is earned not given

Rapunzel: We shape the world we live in

Eugene & Lance: We're what we'll build upon

Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance: The war may be won But still, we're not done We've only begun to soar

Rapunzel: Bolder

Eugene: And far more clever

Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance: And stronger than ever before

Townsfolk: There's miles yet to go How far, we don't know But we can do so much more

Rapunzel: Onto the next endeavour

All: We're stronger than ever

Rapunzel: We'll never say never

All: We're stronger than ever before (cheering in distance)

(Rapunzel is at her bedroom seeing the sunset) (door opens) (Eugene is outside of Rapunzel's bedroom and he hides a cupcake behind his back then stops hiding it) (Eugene enters Rapunzel's bedroom and he sits next to Rapunzel) (Rapunzel takes the cupcake from Eugene and puts it on the bay window)

Eugene: The number one reason I'm glad to be back in Corona, you ask? Why, the cupcakes. I'm glad you were able to keep your promise to Varian. You know, it feels good to trust that little guy again, right? (talking about Varian because he can be trusted once more)
Rapunzel: It does. And Eugene... I think I'm ready to talk about Cass.
Eugene: Well, then I'm all ears, sunshine. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: At first, I felt so betrayed. After all, Cass is my best friend.... and I love her. (tells Eugene)

Return of the King[edit]

  • The Stabbington Brothers make a comeback since "Peril on the High Seas"

(wind howling) (sign squeaking) (thunder crashing) (door opens) (thunder crashing) (Sideburns and Patchy enter The Glass Slipper then they sit on barrels)

Bartender: Say, ain't you the Stabbingtons? I can't believe these two losers have the guts to show in a place like this. Look at these dunderheads! Back from being beat Flynn-- Sorry, Eugene Fitzherbert, again! (bartender and customers laughing at Sideburns and Patchy)
Man: Hey, bud, don't give him a hard time. Eugene had a lot of help from that princess and her pet frog. (bartender and customers laughing) (Patchy grabs the mug to squeeze it) (bartender drops his rag when he is scared of Sideburns and Patchy)
Bartender: Ow! (mug clattering) (Patchy drops the mug on the counter) (Sideburns and Patchy are starting to leave)
Sideburns: No one's gonna ever take us seriously... (pulls out his dagger) (bartender hides) (Sideburns turns around and aims at a wanted poster) (customer grunting) (dagger clanging)... as long as that maggot is alive. (tells Patchy) (he and Patchy look at each other with an evil smile then leave)

(at the city, Feldspar puts the sign the wrong way but Rapunzel helps him when she holds an important document) (puts the sign the correct way and leaves)

Rapunzel: Oh, I would tilt it this way, Feldspar, so it's visible to the afternoon traffic. (Feldspar smiles and waves bye to Rapunzel)
Girl: Princess Rapunzel! (runs to Rapunzel when the latter bends on her knees to pick up the ball)
Rapunzel: Keep your eye on the ball. (hands it back to a girl)
Girl: Yay! (runs and leaves)
Rapunzel: And watch that follow-through. (tells a girl) (walks to a man to tell him and she gives the plans to him) Your plans are approved! Build that haberdashery. (Pascal squeaks when he jumps off Rapunzel to see the belts)
Man: Yoo-hoo! (excited when he takes the plans from Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Live the dream! (twirls around happily when telling the man) (horse nickering) Oat delivery tonight. (walks to a horse) (Eugene tells Raps that she does not have to leave the castle often) (a horse is eating)
Eugene: Rapunzel, you realize that as queen, you don't need to be out in the streets all the time, right? (he, Fidella and Maximus walk to Raps)
Rapunzel: Well, remember, technically, I'm still a princess. (walks to Eugene) Besides, this is where the real action is. (horse neighing)
Man: Whoa, boy. Whoa! (tells a horse) (rat shrieking) (a horse is spooked by a rat) (man walks to a horse) Settle down! (horse runs away)
Eugene: Watch out! (he and Rapunzel move out of a horse's path) (Rapunzel yells) (Max goes to Eugene and Fidella goes to Rapunzel then Eugene rides on Max and Rapunzel rides on Fidella) And there's the action, right on cue. (Rapunzel and Eugene go to the accident) (horse is still spooked)
Man: Hey! Watch out! (holding loaves of bread when he walks into the horse's path but moves out of the way) (Raps and Eugene are going to stop a horse)
Rapunzel: Eugene, look! A dead end!
Eugene: She's got nowhere to go now. (refers to a horse) (horse runs at an alley then Raps and Eugene follow) (cart clattering) Is this a new alley? (Raps and Eugene continue to chase after a horse) (Raps stands on Fidella when the latter is running) (Pascal jumps on the cart)
Rapunzel: Now! (tells Fidella to go closer to the cart and Rapunzel jumps on it) (Fidealla stops running) (Eugene still runs after a horse) (hoofs clacking) (Eugene stands on Max when the former is about to jump on the cart) (Max nickers) (Eugene barely holds on the cart but Max lifts him up to go on it alongside Raps) (Max neighs)
Eugene: Ah! Ah! Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, Max... Thank you!
Rapunzel: I need to get up close, and settle her down. (Pascal leaps on a horse to comfort it) Before someone gets... (Max runs after the cart) (grunting)... hurt. (Eugene pulls her up)
Eugene: Are you all right? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Yeah. Thanks. (tells Eugene) (whistle blows) Oh, duck crossing! (ducks quacking) (Stan stops three men from walking and Pete blows a whistle) (Stan, Pete and three men see a cart heading towards them) (whistle blowing and Pete turns around to put his hand out) This ends now! (rides horse) (horse neighing) (Raps holds the reins) (Stan puts both of his hands out as a warning)
Eugene: Whoa! (the cart flings him up to the air)
Rapunzel: Eugene! (worried about Eugene then she stops sitting on a horse to untie her hair to a cart to save him) (Eugene thudding)
Eugene: (grunting) (lands on the ground next to his dad and Domino) Nice save, but she's really gotta work on that landing.
King Edmund: Oh, hello, son. (happy to see Eugene and greets him) (Domino and King Edmund smile at Eugene)
Eugene: Edmund? (opens his eyes to see his dad)

(horse nickering) (horse leaves) (Rapunzel, Eugene and his dad are sitting at a table to have a conversation)

Eugene: What are you doing here? (asks his dad) (Hamuel squawks)
King Edmund: No, Hamuel. Let me tell him. After our rather unfortunate run-in with the family recently, I wanted to ensure you got this. (hands the chest to Eugene) It's a priceless heirloom that has been passed down for generations. (Eugene opens the chest to see his family's sash)
Rapunzel: (gasps) Pretty! (Pascal squeaks) (she and Pascal also see Eugene's family sash)
King Edmund: It's our family sash.
Eugene: Oh, fantastic! That's fantastic. This'll go so great with my chain mail dinner jacket, so, thanks for stopping by, and making everything awkward as usual. Bye, now. (Rapunzel and Pascal mad at Eugene when he wants his dad to leave Corona) (Hamuel caws)
King Edmund: Oh. I... (chuckles) I suppose I should leave. (feeling down) (Hamuel caws) (Eugene is mad at his dad) Athough, I'm actually hoping they invite me to stay.
Rapunzel: Oh.
Eugene: Yeah, no, he says what he thinks. A lot.
Rapunzel: Your Majesty, you have come such a long way. Why not just stay for the night? (tells Eugene's dad) (Eugene is mad at Raps when she tells his dad to stay at the castle one night)
King Edmund: Oh, no. I really shouldn't. (Eugene is annoyed)
Eugene: Yeah, no. He really shouldn't.
Rapunzel: I insist.
King Edmund: Well, who is this old pile of bones to argue with a princess?
Eugene: Oh, brother. (annoyed again)

(Eugene is seeing his family sash that his dad gave him when he is sitting on the roof)

Rapunzel: Thinking about your dad? (Eugene sees Rapunzel and Pascal on the roof) (Rapunzel walks to Eugene then she sits next to him)
Eugene: First of all, he's not my dad, okay? He's a strange man who can't keep his thoughts to himself. Second, he abandoned me as a child, and he didn't even try to stay in touch with me. And then this.
Rapunzel: Edmund's only company is a crow who could get lost in a boot. He's lonely. Come on! You might even get to like him. (refers Hamuel and King Edmund)
Eugene: And Shorty can sprout wings and lay an egg. But, hey, you never know. (he and Rapunzel turn around) (Hamuel cooing) (Hamuel flies when a boot on his head) I'm sorry. Is that my boot? (turns his head) (Rapunzel holds his hand)

(Pascal and Eugene are at the gazebo but they finished eating the most important meal of the day)

Eugene: Froggy, I gotta say, that was the most delightful breakfast. (tells Pascal when he squeaks on the twelfth plate) (Pascal squeaks when he yawns and stretches) What do you say we head up to the room for a quick food coma? (Pascal squeaks when he jumps on his shoulder to leave)

(Pascal and Eugene are going to the latter's bedroom)

Eugene: And the best part of the food coma is, Edmund will be leaving-- (opens his bedroom but sees a mess) Good gray, what happened? (sees his sash is missing) Wait a minute. Someone stole the sash! I've been ro-- I've been robbed! (Pascal grumbles) So that's how that feels.
Pete: Somebody say "robbed"? (runs to the entrance of Eugene's bedroom) (Stan also runs to the entrance of Eugene's bedroom)
Stan: Don't touch a thing. This is a crime scene. (he and Pete run inside Eugene's bedroom) (Eugene tells Pete and Stan)
Eugene: Take it easy, guys. Who cares about that silly old sash? (Stan and Pete check Eugene's room) (Pete and Stan toss an eaten apple alongside Eugene's belongings) (Eugene's sock is on his head) (Pascal squeaks and laughs at Eugene when he has a sock on his head) (Eugene is annoyed)
King Edmund: Somebody stole the sash? (mad when the sash is missing)
Rapunzel: I don't know, Your Majesty, but Eugene will help you find it. (tells King Edmund)
Eugene: Whoa, whoa. Stan and Pete are on it. They are perfectly capable of handling this. (tells Rapunzel and his dad)
Pete: Hey, I found a clue. (tells Stan) (Stan runs to Pete)
Stan: That's your own helmet! (tells Pete) I told you not to take that off. (Eugene is sheepishly)
King Edmund: I will not leave Corona until our family's sash is safely recovered.
Eugene: Fine. I'll just give Stan and Pete a hand. (smiles and enters his bedroom) It's the least I can do. (Pete stops searching)
Pete: No clues to report.
Stan: This master thief covered his tracks well.
Eugene: Oh, what's this? (steps on paper to pick it up and unfolds it) Yeah, this is a ransom letter. (his dad and Rapunzel are at the entrance)
Pete: Oh, he's good.

(Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal and King Edmund are at the strategy room) (Rapunzel is mad when she reads the letter)

Rapunzel: This crook wants to exchange the sash for gold at Mount Saison.
King Edmund: Whatever the price, no matter how far, we must get it back.
Eugene: Oh, no, no, no. I said I would help out. (tells his dad) I did not say anything about taking a day-long trip. (Pascal squeaks)
King Edmund: Well, then, I suppose I will make this journey on my own. Yes, except Hamuel, it shall be me. (Eugene is annoyed) (Raps is mad at Eugene) (Raps notices that Eugene's dad feels down) (Eugene is mad at Rapunzel) Just me. No companion. (Eugene does not want to go with his dad) (Raps elbows Eugene)
Eugene: Okay, okay. Why don't I just tag along? (tells his dad) (Rapunzel smiles) (his dad turns around happily)
King Edmund: Oh! Excellent! (Hamuel caws)

(Domino nickering) (Eugene's dad's checks his satchel) (Eugene and his dad are going on a trip to Mount Saison)

Eugene: You packed food, right? (asks his dad)
King Edmund: Of course I did, Horace. (Domino nickers) A bounty unlike any you've ever had. (holds his satchel)
Eugene: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Horace? (Maximus neighs) Ha ha. Did you just call me Horace? (asks his dad)
King Edmund: Indeed. Horace is your given name. Did I not mention that before?
Eugene: No, you didn't. (Max neighs and smiles) How is it possible my real name is even worse than Eugene? (annoyed of his birth name) (Max nickers) Ha, ha. Real funny. (unamused) You know what? Never mind. Let's just get on the road. (tells his dad and starts to leave)
King Edmund: That's the spirit. This jaunt may actually be quite fun. (follows his son)
Eugene: But for the record, we are sticking with Eugene. Got it?
King Edmund: Whatever you say, Horace. (tells his son) (Sideburns and Patchy are under the bridge)
Sideburns: Never thought we'd be setting foot in Corona again. But it'll be worth it once we close the book on Flynn Rider... for good. (he and Patchy are walking to the exit of the bridge.

(Eugene and his dad are riding Maximus and Domino inside a forest)

King Edmund: Ha, ha! Such a beautiful day for a trek. (Hamuel flies to his owner) My spirits soar like Hamuel, my graceful friend in flight! (tree limbs cracking) (Hamuel distressed cawing) (Hamuel and a few tree branches fell to the ground)
Eugene: Yeah. Majestic. Can we focus, please? (he and Maximus are annoyed) The sooner we get up to Mount Saison and get the sash, the sooner you can get back to-- Edmund! (Max wickers) (Eugene sees that his dad is not on Domino) Edmund? (Hamueal caws when he is on Domino's saddle)
King Edmund: Horace, there is the most spectacular display of miniature ball-like thingy-dos on the ground. Come quickly! (tells his son) (Max nickering) (Eugene and Maximus walk to King Edmund)
Eugene: Rabbit pellets. Those are rabbit pellets. (tells his son) (Domono sniffing) (Domino backs away) Oh, this is gonna be a long trip. (goes off Max to walk to Domino) I'd better fuel up. (takes his dad's satchel) What the--? (holds a wind up toy) There's no food. This is nothing but junk! (sees inside his dad's satchel)
King Edmund: Goodness me. I brought the wrong bag. (turns around and he notices his mistake) This is my sack of lucky charms! (walks to his son) Say, Horace-- (his son rides on Max again)
Eugene: Eugene. (tells his dad that the name is not Horace)
King Edmund: I think I have the perfect solution. (takes his axe) We'll fish together! (ax clattering) (toss his ax) (catch a twig) Problem solved. (tells his son) (Eugene is unamused)
Eugene: I am not climbing up there to get your ax down. (he and his dad see the latter's ax on a tree branch)

(a girl and Rapunzel are sitting on a fountain)

Rapunzel: Making wishes? (asks a girl)
Girl: Huh? (Rapunzel does a magic trick for her) (giggling) What? (a coin appears on Rapunzel's hand) (surprised)
Rapunzel: Eugene taught me that one. Go ahead. Come on. Make a wish. (tells the girl) (Pascal squeaks) (the girl makes a wish) (coin splashing)
Feldspar: Princess! (a girl, Raps and Pascal hear Feldspar) (Rapunzel turns around) (he, Stan and Pete walk to Raps) Somebody broke into my shop, tracked two sets of identical muddy footprints across my new rug.
Girl: I saw them. One of them had an eye patch. (refers to Sideburns and Patchy) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: Double security. (runs to Pete and Stan then tell them) I want sentries posted on the bridge, and patrols every hour.
Stan and Pete: Yes, Princess. (Pascal squeaks angrily)
Rapunzel: The Stabbingtons are back in Corona. (mad when she notices that Sideburns and Patchy returned to the city) (storms off) Oh, here. Back up wishes. (gives a girl more coins) (Rapunzel storms off) (Pete and Stan turn around to walk to Feldspar's shop)
Stan: Don't worry, Princess. The Stabbingtons are as good as-- (he and Pete yelling) (Pete and Stan are captured by Sideburns and Patchy) (helmets clattering) (a girl continues to make wishes) (girl hears a noise and turns around) (Sideburns and Patchy grab two helmets) (coin splashing)

(Patchy slicing an apple with his dagger) (Patchy crunching on an apple slice) (Stan and Pete are tied to a barrel)

Sideburns: Where is he? (walks to Stan and Pete to ask them about Eugene's location) Where's Rider? (Stan and Pete are scared)
Pete: Hey, aren't these the guys Eugene keeps beating? (asks Stan)
Sideburns: (grunts) Where is he? (grabs the rope that Pete and Stan are tied to) (demands Pete and Stan to tell them Eugene's location)
Stan: We don't know.
Pete: Yes, we do. He's headed to Mount Saison with his dad to get back that priceless sash.
Sideburns: Heh, heh. (Stan grunting) Mount Saison, huh? (he and Patchy leave Pete and Stan tied to a barrel)
Stan: But-- but you'll never catch him! Eugene moves faster than the wind! (tells Sideburns and Patchy)

(Eugene and his dad are fishing for food when they are using acorns as fishing lures)

King Edmund: Oh! Oh, I got something, Horace. (his fishing rod is tugging when he tells his son)
Eugene: For the eleven-teenth time, it's Eugene. (annoyed and tells his dad) (he puts his fishing rod down)
King Edmund: Twenty pounder, easy. Maybe 30. Hope you're hungry. (tells his son) (Hamuel caws) (Eugene catches and hold a fish) (Hamuel puts a fish inside his beak) (the fish splashing back into the water) (he and his son are disappointed when the fish is back into water) (Hamuel caws)
Eugene: Well, at least it was a fish this time. (Hamuel cawing, cooing) (a pile of worthless items that Eugene and his dad fished out are shown) (Hamuel puts his head inside a boot) (four pickets, half a tire, a broken ladder, three cutlery, a pot, a mirror, a cooktop, a broken cup, a boot, a bowl and an item)
King Edmund: My son thinks me a fool. Hmm. Just wait until I reveal the figgy pudding in my pocket. That will change his tune. (Eugene is bored) (turns around) (clears throat) I have something in my pocket that will change your tune. (tells his son) (Domino is unamused)
Eugene: Did you just say you have figgy pudding in your pocket? I don't know what's weirder. That you have figgy pudding in your pocket, or that your armor actually has pockets.
King Edmund: Ha, ha! But who shall partake of it?
Eugene: I don't want any of your pocket pudding. (tells his dad)
King Edmund: Ah, but you do! I can tell a lot by looking into a man's eyes.
Eugene: Apparently, you can't. (tells his dad) (his dad walks to Domino) (Eugene is still annoyed)
King Edmund: But, you shan't have it so easily! To see who claims this figgy treat, we shall have a contest. (takes his ax) Agame of marksmanship, if you will. Ha, ha! Ha, ha! (tells his son and walks away holding his ax)
Eugene: I won't. (Domino nickers) (Eugene continues to be annoyed)
King Edmund: That settles it. The game is afoot.
Eugene: (sighs) (follows his dad)
King Edmund: Now, to find a target for our contest. (Hamuel flies and helps his owner to search for a spot for a game) (Hamuel caws) (Hamuel thudding) (Hamuel distressed cawing) (Hamuel walks back to his owner) Thank you for your service, Hamuel. We have a target. (Hamuel caws) (Eugene is annoyed)
Eugene: Edmund, you can just have the pudding. (tells his dad)
King Edmund: Nonsense! We shall play this delightful game and revel in each other's company. (toss his ax at the tree stump) (yells) (ax whacking) I know what you're thinking. (Eugene is mad) You're thinking, I bet that was a lucky shot!
Eugene: Not even close to what I was thinking.
King Edmund: Let's try for two in a row. (takes his son's sword and toss it at the tree stump) (thwacking) (tree stump will fall to the water) (whooshing) (crashing) (his son notices that the weapons are wedged between the tree stump)
Eugene: Edmund, our weapons! (tells his dad)
King Edmund: Hmm. Well, lucky for us, nothing is more dangerous than our cutting wits, eh, Horace? (his son is worried about the weapons)
Eugene: It's Euge-- you know what, this is impossible. (starts to leave when he is annoyed)
King Edmund: If something's not impossible, it's not worth doing. (his son is mad then stops walking)
Eugene: I mean, what is wrong-- Wait. Did you just say, if something is not impossible, it's not worth doing? (turns around to walk back to his dad)
King Edmund: It's not worth doing. Why, yes, I did!
Eugene: "Flynn Rider and the Lost Treasure of Nova Scotia"!
King Edmund: One of my favorite books!
Eugene: Me, too! Until I lost it. I accidentally dropped it off a cliff. Hey, do you remember when Rider is on the canoe, heading for the waterfall?
King Edmund: Yes. He leaps onto the rocks, but not before saving the... treasure!
Eugene: The treasure! Oh, it was brilliant! (he and his dad laughing) Oh. (wipes his tear) (he and his dad are starting to bond)

(distant weeping, sobbing) (Rapunzel, Pascal and Fidella track the footprints) (Fidella whinnies) (Raps and Fidella see Pete and Stan tied to a barrel) (Raps runs to Stan and Pete) (Pascal squeaking) (Pascal hops on Stan to untie him)

Stan: (sighs) How'd you find us? (asks Rapunzel) (he and Pete are glad to see Rapunzel) (Rapunzel tells Pete and Stan) (Raps kneels to untie Pete)
Rapunzel: I tracked those muddy footprints. Those guys should really wipe their shoes. Also, it helped that you guys were weeping loudly. (Pete turns his helmet the correct way)
Pete: Just doing our part. (salutes and tells Rapunzel) (cries)
Stan: I'm sorry, Princess. The Stabbingtons came out of nowhere! (apologizes to Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: It's okay. (Fidella wickers) I'm sure they're after Eugene. (tells Pete and Stan) Good thing he's out of town.
Pete: Eh... (turn away from Rapunzel)
Stan: Um... (also turn away from Rapunzel) (he scratches his neck)
Rapunzel: Wait. You didn't tell them about Mount Saison, did you?
Pete: Oh, yeah.
Stan: Yeah.
Rapunzel: (sighs) You know what? (Fidella wickers) I'll take it from here, guys. (mad) (tells Pete and Stan) (tells Fidella) Come on, Fidella. (Fidella wickers) (Rapunzel is on Fidella) We're bringing in The Stabbingtons. (Fidella neighs) (she, Pascal and Rapunzel leave)
Stan: That was your fault. (tells Pete) (pushes Pete when blaming him)
Pete: Nuh-uh, it was yours! (tells Stan) (pushes Stan when blaming him)

(Stan and Pete yelling as they are slapping each other)

Pete: Quit it! (tells Stan)

(Mount Saison is shown) (Eugene and his dad are walking alongside Maximus and Domino to Mount Saison)

Eugene: Ha, ha. Oh, no. And-- and do you remember when Flynn Rider says, the kingdom and I aren't simpatico at the moment.
King Edmund: Yes! And people think it's a kid's book. Adults everywhere appreciate the nuance of Flynn Rider's adventures. (his son hears a noise)
Eugene: Shh, shh, shh. Quiet. I don't think we're alone. (tells his dad)
Sideburns: Right again, Rider. Or is it "Eugene"? (King Edmund and his son see Sideburns tied Max's snout and legs and also tied Domino's snout and legs via rope) (his blade knife clinks) (Maximus nickers)
Eugene: Don't ask. (Patchy is on the other side of King Edmund and his son) (King Edmund and son his turn around to see Patchy) (Patchy's blade knives clink) Edmund, long-lost father, meet Stabbingtons, lifelong nemeses. Edmund claims he's my father, but you know, I actually have more of a history with you guys. (Sideburns and Patchy walk towards Eugene and dad) So, in a way, this is kind of a family gathering for me! Say, who wants some pudding?
King Edmund: I can tell he wants some pudding. (flings pudding onto Sideburns' face) (Sideburns yells)
Eugene: He can tell a lot by looking into a man's eyes. (knocks Sideburns off his feet) (Sideburns grunting) (Sideburns thudding) (Eugene runs) Ha, ha! En guarde! (takes grass and holds it as a weapon) (grunts) (Sideburns fights Eugene but the former missed) (Sideburns' blade knife slashing) (Eugene grunting when he dodged) (Sideburns punching Eugene) (Eugene thudding into grass)
Sideburns: Where'd you go? (trying to find Eugene) (Patchy's knives slashing) (Eugene's dad grunting) (Eugene's dad dodged Patchy) (Patchy runs to Eugene's dad and fight him) (Eugene's dad grunting) (Eugene stops hiding) (Sideburns stops hiding and he is mad at Eugene) (Sideburns grunts) (Eugene greets Sideburns)
Eugene: Hello! (goes back into the grass) (grunts) (Sideburns also goes back into the grass) (Sideburns yelling) Ha! Didn't see that coming, did you? (Eugene kicks Sideburns) (grunting) (he tells Sideburns when the latter runs to the grass to attack the former) Whoa! Hey, how's your day going? (Sideburns slashing his knife at Eugene) Missed me. (picks up grass) (Eugene ties Sideburns' foot) (grunts) (Patchy's blade knife slashing) (Eugene's dad grabs Patchy) (Eugene's dad grunting when he flings Patchy towards Sideburns and Eugene sees) Yes! (Sideburns and Patchy are about to fall off of a cliff) (Sideburns and Patchy yelling) (Sideburns and Patchy thudding) (Maximus wickers)
King Edmund: Ha, ha! (he and his son head towards Maximus and Domino to untie them)
Eugene: All right, all right. (unties Maximus) They're not gonna stay down for long. (tells his dad) We need to buy more time.
King Edmund: I have an idea. (tells his son)

(The Stabbingtons are walking back to the location where they fought Eugene and his dad) (Sideburns and Patchy stop walking) (they hear rustling)

Sideburns: We gotcha! (he and Patchy see a wind up toy tied to a yo-yo) Huh? Rider! (he and Patchy are fooled) (birds chirping) (birds fly away)
Eugene: Edmund, that was ingenious! (tells his dad) (he and his dad escaped alongside Max and Domino) Ah, yeah. Ingenious. (walks)
King Edmund: Ha! Who knew this bag of lucky baubles would come in so handy? (walks next to his son) (opens his satchel of his son's toys)
Eugene: Ha, ha, ha! (sees the sash inside his dad's satchel and takes the sash to hold it) The sash. Wait. You stole this from my room? You had this the whole time? (walks a few steps away his dad when he notices that the latter stole the sash from the bedroom)
King Edmund: Well, yes. I did. It was I who wrote the ransom letter and sent us on this errand. (confesses to his son) (his son turns around)
Eugene: This is an errand? (shocked) We're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food, no weapons, and two maniacs on our tail, but, yeah, lovely little errand this is! (tells his dad) (Max is mad)
King Edmund: I wanted to be part of your life, Horace. And I thought a father and son trip might-- (feeling down and he tells his son)
Eugene: Might what, huh? Make up for 24 years? (mad at his dad) And for the love of everything that is holy, my name is Eugene! (tells his dad) You know what? Here's your sash. (hands it back to his dad) (walks angrily) (his dad turns around when he feels down) I'm heading back to town. (tells his dad)

(Rapunzel, Pascal and Fidella arrived at the same location where Sideburns, Patchy, Eugene, King Edmund, Maximus, Domino and Hamuel were eariler)

Rapunzel: There was a fight here. (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal jumps off Rapunzel's shoulder) A big one. (walks forward to investigate) (Pascal squeaks)(Pascal holds and shows Rapunzel and Fidella two of Eugene's toys) A wind-up toy? (kneels to pick up Eugene's wind-up toy via her frying pan) (Pascal climbs on his owner's shoulder) (Rapunzel also sees Eugene's yo-yo and holds it) And a yo-yo? (puts Eugene's yo-yo on her frying pan) They should have called it a "hey-hey." (Fidella wickers) (Rapunzel walks to Fidella and climbs on her) All right. We're getting close. Come on! (Fidella grunts) (she, Pascal and Fidella head towards Mount Saison)

(birds chirping) (King Edmund sits at the dam when he feels down and holds the sash because his son is mad at him for stealing the sash)

King Edmund:Hamuel, I've really bungled things with my son. (tells his pet) (Sideburns and Patchy walk to King Edmund)
Sideburns: I'll give you a chance to make it up to him. (King Edmund turns around when he hears Sideburns) (Hamuel caws) Take us to Rider. Now. (tells King Edmund)
King Edmund: I'm not foolish enough to help you. (tells Sideburns and Patchy)
Sideburns: Well, I know somebody who is. (referring to Hamuel)

(Maximus and Eugene are heading back to the castle when they are annoyed with King Edmund)

Eugene: I cannot believe I fell for the nice-guy act. (Hamuel cawing) (Hamuel flies upside down with a dagger tied to him) (Eugene sees Hamuel) What are you do-- Wait. I know that dagger. (Hamuel caws) The Stabbingtons. (Hamuel thwacks into tree) (Hamuel shrieks) (Eugene pulls Max's reins) (Max nickers, snorts) Aw. Dads are more trouble than they're worth. Come on, Max. The old man needs us. (runs back to the dam) (Hamuel cawing) (Hamuel flies to the dam) (Eugene and Max arrive at the dam) Edmund? (Domino is alone at the dam) Edmund? (Eugene calls out for his dad) (Maximus nickering) (Eugene goes off Max) Hey, Domino. Where's Edmund?
Sideburns: Right here, sonny boy! (Eugene sees his dad is tied up) (Max also sees that Eugene's dad is tied up) You want him? Come and get him.
King Edmund: (muffled yelling) (Patchy is about to drop a boulder on top of Eugene) (Maximus, Eugene and Domino sees boulders falling) (boulder whooshing)
Eugene: Max, watch out! (moves Maximus out of the way) (boulder crashing) (Eugene, Domino and Mamuel are trapped inside Mount Saison) (Max neighs) (Max turns around) (Patchy thudding when he jumps to the base of Mount Saison as he wipes his hands and smiles evilly)
Sideburns: The Great Flynn Rider is gone. (King Edmund is shocked then he feels down) (Patchy walks to him) Come on. Now we have a sash and a king. (tells Patchy) (Sideburns pulls a lever) (Patchy grabs a sad King Edmund as a hostage) (wheel creaking) (King Edmund thudding when Patchy tosses him on a log) (Sideburns and Patchy step onto the same log) (water splashing) Thing are looking up. (the water flows and the log moves)

(Fidella's hooves skidding)

Rapunzel: Hmm. I don't see any sign of them. (turns around) (Fidella nickers) (bushes rustling) (Max nickers) (Max is worried) Max? (Max neighing)

(at the cave)

Eugene: First he lies, then he gets me trapped in a cave. Definitely "father of the year" contender. (Domino snorts) Hey, watch it. Hamuel squawking) (Hamuel cawing loudly) Would you quit it, bird? You're making a mess-- Wait a minute. (gasps) These are all things from when I was a kid. (laughs) My marked deck of cards! My two-headed coin. And my loaded dice. (rolls his dice and coin) (gasps) This is my first hand mirror. (Hamuel flies to Eugene's shoulder) He has been keeping tabs on me. "Flynn Rider and the Lost Treasure of Scotia"! My old book! You had it. I can't believe it! (hears Raps)
Rapunzel: Eugene? Are you out here?
Eugene: Rapunzel, I'm in here! (Rapunzel, Fidella and Maximus turn around) (Rapunzel unties her hair around a boulder) (thwacking)
Rapunzel: Pull! (crashing) (Eugene and Domino walk out of a cave) Eugene!
Eugene: Aw, thanks, blondie! (Rapunzel runs to hug him) (Max neighs) (Max sees Sideburns and Patchy holding Eugene's dad as a captive)
Rapunzel: All right, that's it. (she and Eugene are mad at the Stabbingtons) (Rapunzel and Eugene run to a log to stop the Stabbingtons from taking King Edmund and the sash) No more Miss Nice Princess. (Rapunzel pulls a lever) Just for the short term. After we deal with those guys, I am totally nice again.
Eugene: I wasn't worried, but thanks anyway! (Rapunzel yelling) (Fidella, Maximus and Domino neighing) (Max, Fidella and Domino hooves clopping) (Max, Fidella and Domino gallop to the third log flume) (Eugene yelling) (Rapunzel yelling) (log whooshing) (Eugene jumps to the log that his dad and Stabbingtons are on)
Patchy: Rider!
Eugene: Yep, still alive. You dropped on me, and you missed. (tells Sideburns and Patchy) I mean, who misses with a boulder, really? (Sideburns and Patchy grunting) (Sideburns and Patchy punching Eugene but the latter dodged the twins) (Eugene protects his dad)
King Edmund: Horace, you're alive. And you came to rescue me! (glad to see his son) (Eugene unties the ropes that surround his dad)
Eugene: Well, what do you expect? (he holds onto his dad) (Sideburns is going to hurt Eugene via a knife) (Rapunzel ties her hair around Sideburns' wrist to fling the dagger away from latter) (Sideburns turns around and sees Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Nice try. (tells Sideburns and Patchy) (a branch appears and Domino holds it then flings it to Sideburns and Patchy to knock them off balance) (Sideburns and Patchy grunting)
Eugene: Yeah! Nice team work!
Rapunzel: Guys, log jam, log jam, log jam! (water rushing) (points ahead) Everybody, my log pronto! (tells Eugene, King Edmund, Domino, Fidella and Max) (Domino, Maximus and Fidella jump to Rapunzel's log)
Eugene: Oh, who am I kidding? They're like family, right? (runs to Sideburns and Patchy to save them) (King Edmund turn his head to see his son rescuing Sideburns and Patchy)
King Edmund:Son, we cannot save these cretins in time. It's impossible. (Eugene grunts when he lifts Sideburns and Patchy off the log)
Eugene: If something's not impossible...
King Edmund: It's not worth doing! (eight logs are blocking)
Eugene: Oh! the sash! (sees it fell from Patchy's shirt to the log)
King Edmund: Leave it, Eugene. (tells his son to leave the sash on the log)
Eugene: Dad, you called me "Eugene." (smiles when his dad call him by name)
King Edmund: You called me "Dad." (smiles when his son calls him dad)
Rapunzel: Guys, seriously? (water rushing) (Eugene and his dad jump to Rapunzel's log while holding Patchy and Sideburns)
Eugene: Go, go, go, go, go! (he and Patchy fell off the log but Rapunzel uses her hair as a lasso) (Eugene yelling) (Rapunzel grabs Eugene and Patchy with her hair to bring them back to the log) (wood snapping) (crashing)
Eugene: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
King Edmund: Ha, ha, ha! This woman is amazing. (referring to Rapunzel)
Eugene: I know. And she's getting so much better at her landings. (agrees with his dad) (Rapunzel smiles at the compliment)

(Rapunzel, Eugene, King Edmund, Maximus, Fidella, Domino, Hamuel, Sideburns and Patchy are at the bottom of Mount Saison) (Pascal squeaking when he returns with the broken sash) (Pascal takes the sash out of his mouth) (clinking) (Pascal sorrow squeaking)

Sideburns: You went out of your way to rescue us again? (asks Rapunzel and Eugene) (Max sputters)
King Edmund: I guess my son believes in second chances. (glad) (Eugene turns around and holds Rapunzel's hands)
Eugene: I learned that from the best. (kisses Rapunzel's hand)

(at Eugene's bedroom) (wind-up toy clicking when Eugene turns the clockwork motor)

Eugene: Guys, check this out! Isn't he great? (puts his wind up toy on the floor) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: Hey, hey, hey, you guys, I invented a move. (tells Eugene and Pascal) I call this one... "Roll With a Bloodhound." (Psscal squeaks and he goes to Eugene's shoulder)
Eugene: Uh, blondie, they already invented that move, actually. (Pascal is bored) It's-- (Rapunzel is mad at him) You know what? Never mind. (sees his dad inside his bedroom)
King Edmund: (clears throat) (holding a new sash for his son)
Eugene: Edmund! Ooh! Ah, we were, uh, we were reminiscing. (laughs) Not playing. Reminiscing. (hides his wind-up toy behind his back) Like adults do, with my old toys. (Raps walks to him and give his yo-yo back to him then stops hiding his wind-up toy) (Pascal climbs on Rapunzel's shoulder and he leaves with his owner)
King Edmund: I decided that we didn't need that old sash, anyway. (his son toss his toys to the floor and he puts his hands behind his back) Xavier and I made you a new one. (tells his son) (gives his son a brand new sash with the symbol of Corona) (sees his new sash that he is holding)
Eugene: White and gold. Just like the Flynn Rider book.
King Edmund: It's one of my favorites, you know. (tells his son) (Eugene gives his dad a hug)

(at the outskirts of the Dark Kingdom) (ominious music playing) (Cassandra is walking to the Black Rocks and sees her reflection then she tries to use her new powers)

Cassandra: (grunts) Just. Focus... (strained groaning) (grunts) (on her knees) I can't! (hears a familiar voice)
Enchanted Girl: Cassandra... (Cass looks around)

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?[edit]

  • This is Angry and Red's third appearance in the show, whose real names are revealed to be Kiera" and Catalina and they have new hairstyles and outfits
  • The Enchanted Girl, who led Cassandra to betray her best friend, and attain the ancient almighty Moonstone Opal for herself, reappears to help Gothel's biological daughter in fully wielding and mastering the evil powers of the Stone to their highest levels

(Rapunzel is chased by a werewolf) (werewolf growling when it shows itself from a fog) (Rapunzel trips but she runs and hides from a werewolf behind a rock) (Werewolf growling when it is trying to find Rapunzel) (Pascal squeaking) (Rapunzel and Pascal stop hiding to see if the werewolf is still there) (Pascal tongue whipping when he goes to Rapunzel's shoulder) (Pascal squeak) (Werewolf growls) (Rapunzel turns around but she is scared to see a werewolf)

Rapunzel: My, what big teeth you have! (werewolf growling)

(thirty-four hours earlier) (a banner that says Rebuilding Old Corona together is shown) (Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Kiera, and Catalina are walking at Old Corona) (Monty is painting, Shorty is carrying a bucket while walking away and Mary is sawing boards)

Rapunzel: Hi, Mary.
Mary: Well, hello, Princess!
Rapunzel: Looking good up there, Monty! Red and Angry, welcome... to New, Old Corona! (Lance gives Kiera a friendly punch on the cheek and she moves her head away a bit then she touches her face)
Lance: You know, it's about time, you guys decided to settle down near us. (tells Kiera and Catalina)
Kiera: We were getting kinda sick of life on the road. (kicks a rock) Never knowing what you're gonna eat, or where you're gonna stay. I mean, you should see the treehouse we've been staying in. (Catalina interrupted her)
Catalina: Yeah! It's--
Kiera: A total dump.
Eugene: With the Princess' initiative to rebuild Old Corona, you're gonna have your choice of places to live! (tells Kiera and Catalina)
Kiera: Ugh! What is with you? (turns and sees that her sister is acting strange) You're acting weird.
Catalina: It's just... (sigh) (her necklace sparle) I like the treehouse. (feeling down when telling Kiera)
Kiera: Ugh! Not this again, Red. Look, this is what is best for us.
Catalina: But, but I--
Earl: Your majesty! Help!
Rapunzel: Earl! What's the matter?
Earl: It's my sheep. Come quick! (Pascal squeaks) (sheep bleating)
Rapunzel: What are they doing up there? (sees the sheep on a hill)
Earl: Something's got them scared.
Rapunzel: Like what? (asks Earl)
Earl: I'm not sure, but the same thing happened to my neighbor's flock. In fact, livestock all over Corona's been acting strange.
Rapunzel: Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this. Max, do your thing. (Maximus neighs, sniffing) (Catalina hears the bushes rustle and she squint her eyes) (werewolf growling) (Catalina gasps when she is shocked to see Kiera's hand on her shoulder)
Kiera: Come on! (tells Catalina) (Kiera runs then Catalina runs after her) (werewolf growling when it sees Kiera and Catalina walking away) (werewolf snarls) (Max sniffing) (Max neighing) (Rapunzel, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina, Lance and Maximus see animal prints)
Eugene: These look like wolf prints. (Kiera bends on her knees to measure the animal prints)
Kiera: If they are, that is one big wolf. (tells Rapunzel, Eugene, Catalina, Lance and Maximus)
Rapunzel: No, this is something else. (see the prints) These tracks aren't side by side. Whatever made them walks on two feet.
Kiera: That can't be right. (she, Catalina, Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance and Maximus see a person on a tree branch) (Maximus neighs)
Rapunzel: Uh, are you sure about that? (asks Kiera) Let's move! (she, Eugene and Lance run after a person) (a person jumped off cliffs followed by Rapunzel and two of her friends) (Eugene and Lance thud then a person is running away) Eugene, Lance, come on stay on it! (Eugene and Lance run after a person while Rapunzel goes a different direction) (a person tries to escape but Rapunzel's hair whipping when it ties around a person's feet and hands to tree branches)
Captain Creighton: (growling, snarling) (heavy breathing) (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel reach for a mask and pulls it up to see who is wearing it) (Captain Creighton yells) (Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance shriek) (Rapunzel puts the mask back on Captain Creighton's face)
Rapunzel: Who are you? (Captain Creighton lifts her mask up)
Captain Creighton: Captain Creighton, world-class big game tracker, at your service. Do you treat all of Corona's guests this way? (Eugene, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus are mad at Captain Creighton)

(at the castle's dining hall, Captain Creighton is eating food) (Captain Creighton noisy chewing) (bones clattering) (Captain Creighton slurping gravy) (Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Catalina, Lance and Maximus are grossed out by the way Captain Creighton eats food but Kiera smiles)

Lance: Shouldn't we be impressed or disgusted? (Captain Creighton burps) (Pascal squeaks when he fainted due to Captain Creighton burps) Disgusted, it is.
Rapunzel: So, uh, Captain, what is a world-class tracker doing in Corona?
Captain Creighton: Uh, tracking?
Rapunzel: Okay, yeah, that's on me. (Kiera and Catalina giggling) (Maximus neighs) I could've been more specific. Tracking what?
Captain Creighton: Uh, that thing that's been terrizing your sheep? A werewolf. (Pascal squeaks when he wakes up while being scared) Now, who do I gotta slug to get a glass of water around here, huh? (Maximus whinnying)
Eugene: Did you just say werewolf? (asks Captain Creighton when she is smacking lips then she pulls out a book and it thuds on the table)
Captain Creighton: It's all right here in this book. What we are dealing with here is Maledicta Lupus, the Wolf's Curse. But, for you laymen, a werewolf. (Rapunzel, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina and Lance gasp) The wolf's curse travels the globe... in search of host bodies. (werewolf growl) It feeds on untapped rage, so it's ideal host is someone who harbors a deep-seated anger. It inhabits his body, and causes him to turn into a raging werewolf every full moon... for the rest of his life! (book slams) And here's where it gets interesting. The wolf has found a new home here in Corona.
Lance: Who is it?
Captain Creighton: "Who is it?", If I knew that, you think I'd be wasting my time with you milksops? The wolf can be anybody! (Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance gasp) (Maximus neighs) But the good news is I'm not just tracking this thing. (pulls out her crossbow and reveals it) (her crossbow slams) I'm not leaving Corona until I've destroyed it. (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: Hmm... (puts her hands on Eugene) (Rapunzel clears throat)
Eugene:Uh-oh. (Maximus neighs) (Rapunzel walks to Captain Creighton)
Rapunzel: Let me be clear, Captain. (takes Captain Creighton's feet off the table when she is mad) You will not be destroying anything in my kingdom. (tells Captain Creighton) (Rapunzel and Pascal are mad at Captain Creighton)
Captain Creighton: Oh, I'm not sure you can stop me. (tells Rapunzel)

(Pete and Stan are mad at Captain Creighton when they threw her and her crossbow out of the castle) (Pete and Stan walk back into the castle)

Captain Creighton: Ow! (Rapunzel sees her outside) Oh, you're making a huge mistake! (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: I will take ch-- (door slams) I didn't time that right. (turns around) I wanted to slam it after "chance."
Eugene: We knew what you were going for, yeah. (Maximus whinnying) (Lance holds a turkey leg and eats it)
Rapunzel: Okay, guys. (takes the book from Eugene and flips pages) There is a werewolf out there, and we have to take action. (tells Eugene, Lance and Maximus)
Lance: Uh, excuse me, uh, Princess, ha, just a question here. Uh, was throwing out the werewolf hunter out of the castle the best idea? (Rapunzel turns around and closes the book when telling Lance)
Rapunzel: But, you heard her! She wants to destroy the monster. Well, that monster is one of my subjects.
Eugene: So, we have to find it before she can.
Rapunzel: So, the plan is we do this quietly. (tells Eugene, Lance and Maximus) We do not want a panic on our hands. (walks to the door to open it) (mob yelling) (Rapunzel smiles at the mob but she closes the door) (Pascal squeaks) (turns around to tell Eugene and Lance) Okay, we're gonna need a new plan.

(mob yelling) (Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina and Lance are outside)

Rapunzel: I know you've all heard the werewolf rumors, and I am here to tell you there is nothing to be afraid of. (tells the mob) (Kiera walks towards Rapunzel when being scared) We have everything under contro-- (roar) (clothes rip) (growling) (Kiera sees Rapunzel as a werewolf) (Kiera backs away scared) (growling, snarling) (Kiera also sees Lance and Eugene as werewolves) (Lance, Rapunzel and Eugene are going to attack) (Kiera walks backwards to Catalina to hold hands)
Kiera: Come on, Red! We gotta go! (she and Catalina about to run away from Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance after the latter three turned into werewolves)(snarling) (she and Catalina stop running)
Catalina: We're not going anywhere! (tells Kiera when she turns around) (she is also a werewolf) We belong here! (Eugene, Rapunzel, Lance and other werewolves are shown) You said so yourself! (remembers what Kiera told her) (werewolf howl) (Kiera backs away scared but the werewolves attack her) (Kiera screams and falls but she wakes up from her nightmare)
Kiera: (gasps, panting) Red, I just had the weirdest... (sees that Catalina is not sleeping on a bed) Where'd you go?

(Catalina is outside at a balcony then Rapunzel and Pascal see her feeling down) (Rapunzel walks to Catalina)

Rapunzel: Red, what's wrong? (asks Catalina) You seem so sad since you got here.
Catalina: No, no, I like it here. But, this... (turns around to see the castle) This is not me. I mean, Angry says this is what's best for us, and...
Rapunzel: Does she know you feel this way? (asks Catalina)
Catalina: I tried, but she doesn't wanna hear it.
Rapunzel: I know it's not easy, but you have to find a way to get through to your sister. (tells Catalina) (Pascal squeaks and he takes one of Rapunzel's flowers) (Pascal climbs to Catalina to put a flower on her hair then she smiles and pets him) (Pascal squeaks) In the meantime, we've gotta figure out a way to find this werewolf. (Pascal chitters) Wow! That's something I never imagined myself saying. (chuckle) (leaves alongside Catalina)

(at outside of the Sweet Shoppe and Attila the Bun, Rapunzel is reading Captain Creighton's book)

Rapunzel: It's called the Mark of the Wolf, and Creighton's book says that a werewolf in its human form has this blue paw-shaped blemish somewhere on the person's hands, arms, or face. (Pascal squeaking when he jumps off Rapunzel to show her that he camouflage himself with blue paw prints and blemish) (Rapunzel laughs) (Pascal squeaks) The only other clue is that Creighton said the curse feeds on someone with a repressed rage? Well, that shouldn't be so hard. Everyone in Corona is so sweet. (turns and sees Old Lady Crowley)
Old Lady Crowley: You call these plumbagos? (asks a lady) (toss the flowers on the floor) (she and a lady are mad at each other) (Rapunzel see Pete and Stan slapping each other) (Rapunzel sees Ulf miming between a man and a lady)
Man: Oh, yes, the invisible wall. (a man's wife yawns) (a man walks to his wife) Let's go. (holds his wife's arm then they leave but Ulf is mad) (Ulf smacks his face at an invisible wall and falls on the floor)
Rapunzel: Okay, this is gonna be harder than I thought. (hears Captain Creighton)
Captain Creighton: Gonna be a full moon tonight. (Rapunzel turns around) Better hope you find your little friend before I do. (tells Rapunzel)
Monty: Um, excuse me, I'm sorry, Princess Rapunzel? (walks to Rapunzel) (Pascal squeaks) Listen, I know we've had our differences, but I've really come to appreciate how much you do for our kingdom, and I thought I'd bring you an olive branch. It's made of licorice. (shows it to Rapunzel on a plate and tells her) (Rapunzel smiles and Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel and Pascal see a blue paw print on Monty)
Rapunzel: Uh, actually, I don't like licorice. (turns and sees Captain Creighton) (tells Monty) In fact, no one likes licorice, Monty. (mad at him then she pushes him back to his candy store while seeing Captain Creighton)
Monty: What, but, no! I just-- (Rapunzel closes the door on him) (Rapunzel turns around and smiles but she sees that Captain Creighton is not standing at the barrel) (Captain Creighton leaves with Feldspar, Old Lady Crowley and the three townspeople) (Pascal squeaks and Rapunzel is feeling down) (Monty walks to the door but Rapunzel gasps and Pascal squeaks) I was a fool to reconcile! (mad at Rapunzel when she turns and sees Monty at the door then she sees him at the window) A fool, I tell you! (tells Rapunzel then she and Pascal are scared)

(back at the strategy room of the castle, Rapunzel is reading Captain Creighton's book)

Eugene: Uncle Monty, the werewolf! Come on! No way!
Lance: Forgive me, Princess, but that's-- (laughing) I mean, that's just... That's just crazy talk. (Rapunzel turns around)
Rapunzel: Come on. You've never once suspected Monty had a darker side? (puts the book on the table to ask Eugene and Lance but they shake heads no) (Rapunzel sighs and she puts her head down) (Pascal squeaks) Okay, fine! (she lifts up her head) But, he has the mark! We should at least investigate that. (points to the illustration of a paw print on a page)

(a carriage at the front of Monty's Sweet Shoppe and a horse nickering) (Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance and Pascal are wearing cloaks when spying on Monty inside his shoppe)

Rapunzel: All right, it's closing time. (door opens, bell jingles) (Monty carries a sack of candy) (shuts door, bell jingles) (Monty sees Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance are spying on him but they hide from him)
Monty: Hmm... (turns around suspiciously and walks to a carriage to put a sack on the seat then sits at the front) Giddy up. (holds the horse's reins and leaves) (Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance stop hiding when they see Monty driving away)
Rapunzel: He's trying to get away! (whistles) (she, Eugene and Lance turn around when they see Maximus and Fidella coming) (Rapunzel and Eugene ride on Max while Lance rides on Fidella) (Monty is at the forest but he sees that he is being followed by Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance) (horse galloping) (carriage rattling) (Monty reaches into his sack and takes a handful of taffy)
Monty: All right! Let's see how you like cinnamon taffy! (toss the handful of them towards Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance) (Max neighing is about to trip on taffy) Sour balls away! (Lance is catching up to him) (Lance and Fidella are being pelted by sour balls but they have a candy inside their mouths)
Lance: So good, but sour! (Monty holds a handful of gumballs and toss them to Lance and Fidella) Oh, no! Not the gumballs! Not the gumballs! (slow-motion) Nooooo! (he and Fidella fall to the grass) (Lance catches a gumball and thuds while Fidella is annoyed) Oh! (picks up gumballs and chewing them) (Max whinnying) Tell my story! (talks with his mouthful of gumballs and pick them up to continue to eat them) (Monty sees that Rapunzel, Eugene and Max is following him but Max blocks Monty's path)
Monty: What? Hol-- Princess? (Rapunzel and Eugene jump off of Maximus) What is wrong with you? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: I know your secret. (she and Eugene walk to Monty) (tells Monty angrily) (Monty is scared and confessed while feeling emotional)
Monty: All right! All right, fine! (jumps off his carriage) I found a bunch of stale licorice in my back room. I was just trying to get rid of it! Lock me up! It's wrong! (put his hands close to each other and wants to go the dungeon for disposing the stale candy) It was wrong! (
Rapunzel: No! Wait, what? No, I'm talking about the wolf's curse. (she and Eugene walk closer to the carriage but she, Pascal and Eugene are mad at Montgomery)
Monty: The wolf's cur-- Hold on. Wait, you think I'm the werewolf?
Rapunzel: I saw the wolf's mark on your neck. (points to Uncle Monty's neck)
Monty: What, this? (reaches the back of his neck) No! This is paint! (shows his hand) Paint from the renovations this morning! (Lance returns to Rapunzel, Pascal and Eugene) (Monty tells Rapunzel and her friemds) (Pascal squeaks) (Lance blows bubble, pop on his face)
Rapunzel: But, why did you run away from us? (asks Monty)
Monty: Well, three people hopped out of the shadows came after me! What would you have done? (tells Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance) Besides, if I were the wolf, shouldn't I be sprouting fur and fangs about now? (turns around to see the full moon) (Rapunzel walks to Monty)
Rapunzel: Oh, no, the full moon. (she, Eugene, Pascal and Lance are scared) (walks a few steps ahead of Monty) (Pascal squeaks) (werewolf howling) (Monty is also scared) (people screaming) (she, Eugene and Lance head to Old Corona) Lance, help these people out of here! (points to a direction and Lance runs to that same direction) (people screaming continues when they run different directions) (werewolf smashing buildings and toss barrels) (werewolf jumps and appears at Old Corona) (werewolf grabs an object and toss it) (werewolf roaring) (werewolf snarl) (werewolf growling when it walks to Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal)
Eugene: You know, Old Corona should really consider enforcing leash laws. (he, Rapunzel and Pascal are scared when the werewolf walks out of a fog) (Rapunzel and Eugene are holding each other) (werewolf growl) (arrow is on a barrel) (werewolf sniffs the arrow then turns around snarling) (Captain Creighton is the one who aimed an arrow at the werewolf) (werewolf starts to run but Captain Creighton keeps aiming at it when it continues to run) (arrowing launching) (werewolf dodges)
Rapunzel: Eugene, keep Creighton busy! (tells him) I'm going after that wolf. (mad at the werewolf) (starts to run) (Eugene is mad at Captain Creighton)(puddle splashes) (Rapunzel continues running) (werewolf howling) (stops running) Uh, something tells me that we're not chasing it anymore, Pascal. (Pascal squeaking) (Rapunzel runs to the boulders to hide) (werewolf howling) (werewolf growling and walks) (Rapunzel trips but starts to run and sees the werewolf coming then she hides behind the rocks) (werewolf low growl) (werewolf searches for Rapunzel) (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel and Pascal stop hiding) (Pascal tongue whipping when he goes to Rapunzel's shoulder) (Pascal squeak) (Werewolf growls) (Rapunzel turns around but she is scared to see a werewolf) My, what big teeth you have. (werewolf snarling) (werewolf sees Rapunzel but it walks closes to her) (Rapunzel and Pascal are scared)

(Captain Creighton is running to fight Eugene) (Captain Creighton and Eugene yelling when they charge towards each other when they hold their weapons)(metal clangs)

Eugene: Ooh! Tsk tsk, Captain. Never bring a crossbow to a sword fight. (clanging) (Eugene's sword toss Captain Creighton's crossbow to the air and it drops to the floor when it breaks then Eugene and Captain Creighton see the wrecked crossbow)
Captain Creighton: Ugh! You're still a milksop! (tells Eugene when she runs)
Eugene: Well, it's no frying pan, but there's nothing like a classic to get the job done.

(werewolf snarling at Rapunzel and Pascal) (Rapunzel is scared and Pascal squeaks) (werewolf sniffing and Rapunzel closes her eyes) (werewolf backs away from Rapunzel and she opens her eyes) (the necklace that Kiera gave to Catalina is shown) (Pascal squeaking when he closes his eyes) (Rapunzel touches the fur to see a necklace)

Rapunzel: No, it can't be. (realizes that the werewolf is Kiera's sister) (werewolf growl, whimper) (werewolf runs but Rapunzel shuts her eyes and opens them again) The wolf... it's Red! (shocked)

(Kiera is sleeping at a guest room inside the castle then Rapunzel opens the door to the guest room to enter) (Eugene and Lance also enter the guest room)

Rapunzel: Angry! Where is Red? (she asks Kiera) (she, Pascal, Eugene and Lance are worried about Catalina) (Kiera wakes up)
Kiera: (groan) What's-- what's wrong? (turns around and asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Okay. Oh, how do I say? Um... Red-- Red has been hiding something.
Kiera: Lemme guess, she doesn't wanna settle down in Corona?
Rapunzel: No. Yes, yes, she is hiding that, but this is something else.
Kiera: Okay, I'll take you to her.

(owl hooting) (Eugene and Lance are climbing the treehouse) (Raps has Captain Creighton's book when she and Kiera are at the entrance of the treehouse)

Kiera: If Red's anywhere, this is where she'd be. (she, Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene and Lance are worried about Catalina) (a torn curtain blows but Raps push it away to see a broken bowl, a log and three boards) (Rapunzel, Kiera, Eugene and Lance enter the treehouse to find Catalina) (Raps sees Catalina snuggling on a blanket) (Rapunzel walks closer to Catalina)
Catalina: I'm not the monster. (Rapunzel stops holding the book and walks up the stairs)
Rapunzel: No one said you were a monster. (Catalina closes her eyes when she feels down) (Raps goes closer to Catalina to comfort her) (Raps pulls the blanket from Catalina's head) (Catalina turns around) (Rapunzel smears one of the markings on Catalina's face away to reveal the wolf's mark)
Catalina: I-- I'm sorry. (apologizes to Rapunzel, Kiera, Pascal, Eugene and Lance)
Kiera: Red... how did this happen? (asks Catalina)
Catalina: Last month, when you decided we needed to settle down, I wanted to tell you that I liked it out here. I wasn't ready to move, but... you wouldn't hear me. (a flashback of Catalina telling Kiera that the former loves to stay at the treehouse) (then a flashback of Catalina walking to the woods and Kiera watching) I went for a walk that night, and that... (a wolf appears behind Catalina and she turns around) was when it found me. (wolf snarling then it ran away when it releases a mist near Catalina) (mist shimmering and Catalina turns around to see it) (mist takes a form of a wolf and wolf growling) It told me it could help me be heard. That it could use all of my angry feelings and give me what I want. All I had to do was let it. (the mist shimmering when it lifted Catalina and it went inside her) (the flashback ends)
Kiera: You should've told me, Red.
Rapunzel: Guys, the important thing is there's a way out of this. (holds Captain Creighton's book) This has a ritual that get rid of the wolf, but we can only do it on the final night of the full moon. (telling Kiera and Catalina)
Lance: That's tonight. (he and Eugene walk to Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina)
Rapunzel: Now, here's the tricky part. (she, Kiera and Catalina turn around) It has to be done on mystical ground, and the only place like that around is...
Eugene: Janus Point. (finishes Rapunzel's sentence) (he and Lance look at each other)

(Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus are at Janus Point) (owl hooting) (torches crackling) (Maximus nickering)

Lance: Hey, remember that art teacher who brought us out here for her painting class, heh? Whatever happened to her? (asks Eugene)
Eugene: Well, she turned out to be a hideous she-demon who tried to steal your very soul. (also remembers Sugracha the Eternal)
Lance: Oh, right. Right. (feeling down)
Rapunzel: Okay, Red. All you have to do now is repeat what I say. (turns around to tell Catalina) (Kiera holds her sister's hand) (Kiera smiles) I swear this wolf away.
Catalina: I-- I swear this wolf away.
Rapunzel: Not to give in to its rage. Wolf be gone!
Catalina: Not to give in to its rage. Wolf be... (mad and stops saying the ritual)
Rapunzel: Red, you can do it. Just say it. (Catalina turns around to Eugene, Lance and Maximus)
Eugene: It's okay, kid, you're almost there. (tells Catalina)
Kiera: Come on, Red. You have to. (tells her sister) (Catalina turns around to her sister) (Catalina stops holding Kiera's hand and backs away mad)
Catalina: I don't want to! Maybe I like being the wolf! (put her hands on her chest) Maybe-- maybe I'm tired of everyone telling me what to do! (walks backwards away from Kiera, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance and Max) And I'm sick of people assuming I'm okay, just because I won't say I'm not! (climbs on tree stump) And another thing, I don't even like the name Red! I only went along with it because everyone expected me to! (mad but tells Raps, Eugene, Lance, Kiera and Max) (Raps and Eugene are sad)
Lance: Told you you shouldn't have given them nicknames. (tells Eugene) (Maximus neighs)
Catalina: What if I wanted to be the angry one? Just once, I wanted to call the shots! Being the wolf lets me do that!
Kiera: I'm sorry. (apologizes) I didn't mean to be so bossy. We can figure this out, together. But let's just finish this. (tells Catalina then Captain Creighton shows up)
Captain Creighton: Doesn't matter if you finish. This whole "ritual" is bunk. I added it to the book, so I'd know when and where the wolf would be. Thanks, Princess.
Rapunzel: Leave the girl alone! (drops the book to protect Catalina from Captain Creighton) (Raps tells Captain Creighton) (Raps, Pascal and Catalina are mad at Captain Creighton)
Captain Creighton: She ain't a girl anymore. She's a monster, and the sooner you realize that, the better. (Catalina growling, snarl) (Kiera sees her sister is transforming to a werewolf) (Catalina snarling) (Catalina's clothes rip) (Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Lance, Kiera, Max and Captain Creighton see Catalina as a werewolf) (Catalina growling) (Catalina howl) (Captain Creighton is going to aim at Catalina) (Raps stops Captain Creighton's weapon)

Rapunzel: No! (Pascal jumps on Captain Creighton's hood to put it on her eyes) (Catalina roar) (Raps and Pascal are mad at Captain Creighton) (Catalina growling) (Catalina runs and jumps off the cliff to go into the woods to escape Captain Creighton) (Raps, Eugene, Pascal, Kiera, Lance and Max run to the cliff after they see Catalina escape) (Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Kiera, Lance and Max are worried) (Pascal squeak)
Eugene: Wow, she's fast. (amazed when talking about Catalina's speed)
Rapunzel: Where could she be going? (wants to find out where Catalina will end up) (Captain Creighton runs away to find Catalina)
Lance: Uh, guys? Where's Creighton? (turns to see that Captain Creighton left) (asks Rapunzel, Eugene and Kiera) (Max nickers)
Rapunzel: What? (she, Eugene, Kiera and Max turn to see that Captain Creighton left)

(At the woods)

Captain Creighton: The hunt is on. (searching for Catalina) (birds chirping) (bushes rustling) (arrows launches) (crossbow clicks) (goes deeper into the woods to hunt Catalina) (air rushing) (Catalina running around) (Captain Creighton turns the other way around) Gotcha. (Captain Creighton turns back around) (bushes rustling) (Captain Creighton aims at the bushes) (a bunny squeaks when it hops out of the bushes but it hops away) Nuh, false alarm. Dumb bunny. (Catalina roaring) (Captain Creighton turns around to see Catalina behind her) (Captain Creighton jumps out of the way to aim at Catalina) (Catalina roaring and starts to leap at Captain Creighton) (Catalina flings Captain Creighton's crossbow) (Captain Creighton gasps) (Catalina roars) (Catalina swiping) (Captain Creighton shrieks when she walks backwards to a tree then jumps out of the way) (Catalina continues to attack Captain Creighton) (Catalina roars) Please! I wasn't gonna hurt you! (begs Catalina to stop attacking her) (Catalina drools when she growls) I'm actually a dog person, and I-- I love dogs... (scared of Catalina) (Kiera tells her sister) (Catalina growls) (Catalina turns around) (Kiera walks out of the fog)
Kiera: Catalina, stop! It's me, Kiera. Please, don't hurt her. She may be a jerk, but, you're not a monster. I'm sorry I didn't listen better. I promise I'll try harder, but, please, let her go. (Rapunzel walks out of the fog)
Rapunzel: It's okay to feel angry and frustrated, but this? (sigh) This is not the way you deal with those feelings. (tells Catalina) (Catalina growls)
Lance: We'll all help, Catalina. I promise. (he and Eugene walk out of the fog)
Kiera: Please. I love you. (tells her sister) (Catalina returns to her senses) (Catalina growls) (Catalina whimpers)
Captain Creighton: Yeah! Listen to her! (tells Catalina) (Catalina snarling) (Captain Creighton screaming) (Captain Creightons runs away into the bush scared of Catalina) (Captain Creighton walks out of the bushes when six bunnies are on her) (Bunnies! (screams and run away) (Catalina goes to Kiera, Raps, Pascal, Eugene and Lance) (Catalina grumbling) (Catalina sighs) (Kiera hugs her sister) (Raps, Eugene and Lance smile) (Catalina stands to hold Raps, Pascal, Eugene and Lance then hug them) (Catalina growls)
Rapunzel: (grunts) Best... hug... ever.

(birds cawing) (at Kiera and Catalina's brand new treehouse) (Kiera walks on a bridge then she slides down and walks down the steps) (Kiera walks to a gazebo)

Kiera: Ground floor please, Ulf. (tells Ulf to pull the gazebo to the first floor then she steps off) (Eugene is eating an apple)
Lance: I brought some of the princess' old paintings from the castle! Thought they might spruce the place up. (returns to the treehouse with the box of Rapunzel's paintings then he puts the box on the floor) (holds a painting of himself) Best one of a bunch. Look at that. Hoo! (turns the painting around) So handsome. (Rapunzel, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina and Pascal laughing)
Kiera: Thanks so much for fixing this place up for us, Rapunzel. (Eugene turns around to put his apple on a barrel)
Rapunzel: Aw. I'm just glad we found a way for you guys to stay close by after all. (tells Kiera and Catalina)
Eugene: Yeah! Not quite civilized, not quite the wild. I'd say it's picture perfect. (squats on his knees) But just promise me if you ever need anything, you know, like, help managing the... (growl) then you're gonna ask for it. (tells Catalina when he puts his hand on her)
Catalina: I promise. (tells Eugene)
Rapunzel: Because the last thing we want is for you to bury your anger again. (Kiera looks at her sister then they and Psscal nod their heads) That never helped anyone. (takes then holds a painting of her and Cassandra) (puts the painting back into the box)

(thunder clap) (at the outskirts of the Dark Kingdom) (Cassandra is training to use her powers but she groans) (Cass panting) (Cass collapse on her knees)

Enchanted Girl: You're doing it wrong. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: You! What are you doing here? (mad at the Enchanted Girl for coming) (asks the Enchanted Girl) (The Enchanted Girl floats to Cassandra)
Enchanted Girl: I'm here to help you learn how to master the Moonstone's power. It responds to hatred and anger. (she picks up Cassandra's hand and holds it) If you truly want to wield the Moonstone, you mustn't be afraid to tap into the depths of your deepest rage. (tells Cass about Raps) Remember what she put you through, and use that fury, Cassandra. (ground shaking) (Cassandra clenches a fist when she is mad) (Cassandra yelling) (thunder clap) (Enchanted Girl smiling wickedly behind Cass) (Cassandra starts to learn how to use her powers)

The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Soone[edit]

  • Varian has a new outfit

(at the throne room)

Rapunzel: Okay everyone. After the Saporian attack, this kingdom could use a real pick-me-up. And what better way to bring everyone together than with a community project?
Eugene: Woo hoo!
Varian: Right!
Rapunzel: With a little hard work, and a whole lot of Corona spirit, we can rebuild this kingdom. So, let's do it! (toss the shovels to everyone)
Eugene: Ha, ha!
Varian: Okay!
Lance: Let's do this thing.
Catalina: Hey! I have the artistic eye!
Kiera: You dip, I paint! (indistinct arguments) (Maximus and Ruddiger growl) (argumeants continue)
Eugene: I know this is typically your thing, Sunshine, but if you're trying to bring everyone together, maybe grueling manual labor isn't the best idea? (Rapunzel chops wood with an axe)
Rapunzel: Don't think of it as grueling manual labor. Think of it as creativity through destruction. (loud rumbling)
Feldspar: Oh, now look what you made me do!
Old Lady Crowley: That was your fault, you loafer!
Feldspar: Loafer?! I've never been so insulted! (Rapunzel runs to him and Old Lady Crowley to stop the argument)
Rapunzel: Feldspar! Old Lady, uh, Mrs. Crowley, let's not fight! Yes, we were supposed to keep that wall, but, hey! This just gives more to do together. (Feldspar and Old Lady Crowley groaning)
Old Lady Crowley: This is why Crowley works alone. (leaves)
Feldspar: (clears throat) I'll go get glue. (leaves) (wall clatters)
Rapunzel: (coughing) (sees a map) "Here lies King Herz Der Soone's "lost treasure"? (turns around) (laughing) You guys, wait! This is an honest to goodness treasure map!
Xavier: I have heard "The Legend of Herz Der Soone's" Lost Treasure. It is said to be buried in his crypt. The tale begins millenia ago--
Eugene: Uh, Xaves, bottom line us, would you?
Xavier: She's right. It's a map.
Rapunzel: This is just the thing to bring everyone together!

(at the courtyard, Rapunzel is showing her invention to Eugene, Lance, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Catalina, Max, Monty, Feldspar, Vladimir, Pete, Stan and Old Lady Crowley)

Rapunzel: How many of you have ever dreamed of having a treasure of untold riches?
Lance: Mm... untold riches. Now, this is living. Don't you agree, Lance made of cavier.
Vladimir: I'll take them all. (six unicorns neighing) (Vladimir laughing) (Maximus neighing when he sits on a carriage pulled by Lance and Eugene)
Rapunzel: We are holding a Corona-wide race for the lost treasure of Herz Der Sonne!
Kiera: Yeah!
Varian: All right! (everyone cheering)
Rapunzel: But, wait! It gets better. Because this is about having fun together, everyone will be racing with a partner! (Varian and the others groaning)
Vladimir Who picks our partners?
Rapunzel Ah, ah! Not who... (pulls off the sheet to reveal an invention) What.
Eugene: Couldn't we have just pulled names out of a hat? (asks Rapunzel) (Catalina, Varian, Xavier and Lance are looking at Eugene)
Rapunzel: Oh, but it is a hat! I call it the "Horotory Automated Team-builder." Or HAT. (takes the paper off) (squeaking) (Gregorio snort, grunting) (bell ringing) (hammering) (clicking) (balls roll down the tube) (clicking, clanking) (picks up the balls) And our first team is... Stan and...
Pete: Pete! Stan and Pete!
Rapunzel: Angry! (toss the red and blue balls away)
Pete: What? This is an outrage! It's Stan and Pete. Everyone knows it's always Stan and Pete! (Stan comforts Pete)
Kiera: Yeah! And I don't wanna be paired up with some dopey guard.
Stan: You're not paired up with some dopey guard. (tells Kiera) You're paired up with-- (points to himself) Oh... (knows that Kiera is his partner for the race) (machine clicking, clanking)
Rapunzel: Pascal and... Max! Aw, cute! (toss the balls away) (Pascal squeak) (Maximus snort) (Pascal squeal) (Maximus nicker) (machine clank) Xavier... and Varian! (Varian turns his head and sees Xavier is his partner) Ruddiger... and Hamuel! (toss the balls away) (Hamuel caws) (Ruddiger chitters) Eugene... and, of course, Lance. (toss the balls away)
Eugene: (laughing) Are you kidding me? Me and Lance together, searching for teasure? Just give it to us right now, folks.
Rapunzel: And finally... Me... and Feldspar! (toss the balls) (laughs) (runs to Feldspar) Up high! Feldspar. Come on!
Feldspar: Oh, please, don't hit me! Oh! Oh, I get it. It's a-- a gesture of camaraderie. Well, then I'm all in. Up high, woo-hoo! Ow.
Rapunzel: Okay, everyone! (Pete, Stan, Monty, Vladimir, Varian, Ruddiger, Xavier, Max and Pascal walk to the map) Take a good look at the map. Be sure to memorize it because you cannot take it with you. It's up to you and your partner, or, heh, should I say, your new bestie, to find your way to the treasure.

(church bell ringing) (heroic music playing) (Monty, Vladimir and Stan are walking) (Varian is stretching his arm while take a deep breath and Xavier is stretching his body) (Pascal is squeaking while meditating) (Vladimir, Monty, Xavier, Varian, Ruddiger, Pascal, Max, and Pete are at the starting line) (Pascal squeaking) (Maximus whinnies) (Ruddiger chittering) (Rapunzel holds a torch) (Hamuel caws when inside the cannon) (music continues)

Rapunzel: On your mark, get set... (puts the fire at the back of a cannon then it shoots Hamuel) (cannon blasts) (Hamuel caws) Treasure! (Vladimir, Monty, Xavier, Varian, Ruddiger, Pascal, Maximus and Pete are racing)
Eugene: It's sad, really. (Rapunzel stops running to turn around) All these people getting their hopes up, when Lance and I are, (laugh) obviously going to win. (talking about Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal, Max, Vladimir, Monty, Old Lady Crowley, Shorty, Rapunzel and Feldspar searching for treasure)
Rapunzel: Oh. I'll tell you what will be sad. The look on your face when me and my partner get to the treasure first. Right, Feldspar?
Feldspar: Ooh! (groaning) Does anyone have any butter? (Rapunzel and Eugene free him from a wheel) (Feldspar grunt) Ah, thank you. (walks away)
Eugene: You guys are gonna do just fine. In second place. (walks back to the table)
Rapunzel: (mocking laughter) Laugh now, but Feldspar and I are gonna be a force to be reckoned with. Right, Feldspar? Feldspar?
Feldspar: Wouldn't you just know it? I did it again.

(Rapunzel is watching Vladmir and Monty carrying a boat from a window when she is inside Feldspar's workshop)

Vladimir: Unicorns, unicorns, unicorns, unicorns... unicorns.
Rapunzel: Uh... Feldspar? I appreciate how excited you are, but you really don't need to pack much. (Feldspar's bag thuds) Wow! (surprised) What do you have in there?
Feldspar: Well, shoes, mostly, and of course, shoe polish, shoe horns, shoe laces...
Rapunzel: Uh, you know what? Uh, why don't you fill me in on the way? We are, ugh, already behind.
Feldspar: Yes, yes. You're right. (Rapunzel takes Feldspar's heavy bag and carries it then puts it on his back) Don't worry. We're going to win! After all, we're the only team with a map. (takes a map from his apron and shows it to Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: What? (takes the map from Feldspar) Where did you get that? (asks Feldspar)
Feldspar: I took an impression of the map. (takes the map back from Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: No, no. We can't use the map. That's cheating. (tells Feldspar)
Feldspar Well, that's one word for it.
Rapunzel: (sigh) What's another word for it?
Feldspar: What do I look like, a thesaurus? (asks Rapunzel when he opens the door via his foot)
Rapunzel: Feldspar, come on. We can still win this fair and square. We don't need a map. (tells Feldspar then he sees the map)
Feldspar: You know what? You're right. (rolls up the map) And when you're right, you're right. We can, nay, we must win this using nothing but our wits! (body thuds) So, wagon wheel, we meet again. (Stan is pushing Kiera via a wheelbarrow) (Rapunzel and Feldspar see Stan pushing Kiera via a wheelbarrow)
Stan: You know (panting), I can't help but wonder why I have to push you in a wheelbarrow.
Kiera: Because I'm not big enough to push you in a wheelbarrow. Now, hurry!
Stan: Oh, I get it now.

(wind blowing) (Xavier feels the direction of the wind via his finger when he is at his blacksmith shop with Varian) (Varian is putting books into his bag)

Xavier: Hmm, a northerly wind is coming. (he gives Varian three more books to hold while telling him that a breeze will come) (wheelbarrow rumbling) (Varian and Xavier see Stan pushing Kiera via wheelbarrow) (Varian puts three more books into his bag and closes it) (Varian puts his bag on his back) If only there were a way to catch its mighty draft, and use it to our advantage. (tells Varian) (he and Varian think about how to use the wind's mighty draft)
Varian: Wait! The Saporians use hot air balloons. (tells Xavier) Uh, I know how to build one! (walks away to start building a hot air balloon)
Xavier: (chuckle) (walks away from his shop) That reminds me of a "Legend of a Mighty Balloon" (Varian walks back to push Xavier from behind) In days of yore, an intrepid traveler ventured into the sky...

(Ruddiger panting) (Maximus whinnies) (Ruddiger uses his paws as binoculars to see Maximus and Pascal heading towards him and Hamuel) (Ruddiger chitters) (Hamuel cawing) (Ruddiger turns around and sees his partner) (Hamuel pecking a beehive) (bees buzzing) (Ruddiger chittering and snickering then climbs a tree to remove the beehive) (bees buzzing) (Ruddiger chitters) (Ruddiger flings a beehive at Maximus but the latter runs away) (Hamuel caws and grunting when fell off the tree) (bees buzzing) (Ruddiger is scared because the bees will sting him) (scuffle) (Ruddiger pained squeaking) (Hamuel cawing)

(Pete is sniffing the sap then puts his tongue on it and takes a tiny bit of the sap)

Pete: Yep. (Catalina is annoyed) It's what I was afraid of. What we got here is a good old-fashioned Corona sap pond. (he and Catalina see the pond) Okay, kid, to cross this, we'll need expert timing, balance, and agility. (tells Catalina when he demonstrates how to jump across the sap when she takes a vine) Now, fortunately, I've got the training-- (Catalina starts to swing across the sap)
Catalina: Later, Pete! Woo-hoo! (having fun swinging on a vine before she made it to the other side)
Pete: Oh. (grabs a vine to try to swing across) Okay. Pete, your time to shine. Ah... (fells into a pond of sap) (gurgling)

(back at the city, Lance and Eugene are eating)

Eugene: (clears throat) Another tea cake? (asks Lance)
Lance: Why not? (Eugene gives the pastry to him)
Eugene: Yeah. It's not like we're in a hurry.
Lance: Say, is that a new watch? (asks Eugene)
Eugene: Why, yes, it is, old chap. I bought it with some of the gold we're going to be getting from the treasure. (tells Lance)
Lance: (chuckle) Good for you. Some days, you just gotta treat yourself.
Eugene: Speaking of the treasure though, old buddy, maybe we'd better not take this race lightly. (pours tea into a cup while telling Lance) I mean, after all, everyone in Corona is competing. (he and Lance laughing) I'm sorry. I just have to go there. I know, I know. It's the oldest joke ever, but I couldn't help myself! And I just can't keep a straight face. We are so gonna get that treasure first. (sips his tea)
Lance: (laugh) Ah, you said it. Ah! Food coma, here we come. (goes to sleep)
Eugene: I'm way ahead of you, bud. (goes to sleep too)

(Rapunzel and Feldspar are inside the forest) (birds chirping) (Feldspar slicing his pork chop with a knife then he chomps it but Rapunzel is watching him eating his food) (Rapunzel is annoyed) (Feldspar humming, chewing) (Rapunzel is still annoyed) (Feldspar munching) (Rapunzel is disgusted)

Feldspar: Mmm. (swallowing) (Rapunzel smiles) (Feldspar continues to swallow pork chop)
Rapunzel: Feldspar! (mad at him) (Feldspar swallows his food) Are you, um, almost done?
Feldspar: Oh, I'm so sorry, but mother always said, "Never treasure hunt on an empty stomach." (continues eating) (Rapunzel is still mad at him)
Rapunzel: Uh, couldn't you have eaten some nuts on the way or something? Did we have to stop so you could fry a pork chop? (shows the pots, pans, salt and pepper shakers, ladle, spoon, cooling rack, kitchen towel, loaf of bread, plates and logs) (squirrel squeaking and eating a loaf of bread)
Feldspar: Well, yes. (chuckle) (about to wipe his mouth via his map)
Rapunzel: Wait, Feldspar, is that your map?
Feldspar: Might as well use it for something, huh? Oh, this says "beware the crypt."
Rapunzel: Ah! What are you talking about? (about to take the map from Feldspar but he is wiping his mouth with it then she is shocked) You can read this?
Feldspar: Well, I'm fluent in Saporian, of course. The Saporians invented the wingtip loafer. Don't you know any cobbler worth his shoehorn knows Saporian.
Rapunzel: I will be honest, I did not know that. What else does it say?
Feldspar: (clears throat) "All who claim the treasure shall be made to banana."
Rapunzel: Made to banana?
Feldspar: Oh, what am I thinking? "Zarothay" is banana. Zarotho" means, "suffer an eternity of doom." (Rapunzel grabs his shirt)
Rapunzel: You mean, I just sent my entire kingdom to their doom?
Feldspar: Well, suddenly frying a pork chop isn't the worst thing one of us has done today. (Rapunzel stops grabbing his shirt)
Rapunzel: We have to get there first, so we can stop the others from disturbing the crypt. Here, gimme the map. (tells Feldspar)
Feldspar: But you said that would be cheating.
Rapunzel: Feldspar!
Feldspar: Okay, fine! But, can I at least finish my parfait-- Ooh! (asks Rapunzel if he can eat his dessert but she grabs him)

(Stan is rowing a boat with an oar on the river while he and Kiera are racing against the others to the treasure but they see Monty and Vladimir hold a canoe when wading on the river)

Vladimir: Unicorns! Unicorns! Unicorns! Unicorns! Unicorns... (he and Monty soaked Kiera and Stan with water then Kiera turns around to open Stan's bag)
Stan: Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice you're rifling through my personal effects?
Kiera: Hey, Captain Stache, look around. We're losing. (tells Stan) I'm looking for anything that might give us a leg up. (sees a helmet from the bag) You brought a spare uniform? (holds a helmet when asking Stan)
Stan: A good soldier never travels without an extra uniform. (Kiera sees Varian and Xavier's hot air balloon)
Kiera: Good idea! (tells Stan)

(Xavier and Varian are riding their hot air balloon)

Varian: Ha! This is so great! (enjoys the ride when he collects air particles with a test tube) I feel like a bird! (turns around after collecting air particles and closes the test tube with a cork)
Xavier: (chuckle) Indeed. (puts his hand on Varian) Have you heard of "The legend of the Lone Birdman of Swandalay"? (asks Varian)
Varian: No... Uh, well, no, but, um-- (tells Xavier then he starts telling Varian another story)
Xavier: The ancient people of Swandalay were actually a seafaring tribe. (Varian is sick and tired of hearing Xavier's stories then Varian sees "Stan")
Varian: Hey, look! Someone needs help! (points to "Stan" when Varian is telling Xavier that they should help then Xavier will land the hot air balloon) Hold on! We're almost there! (tells "Stan") (he and Xavier run to "Stan") (picks up a helmet) Huh? (fooled by Kiera and Stan) (hurner roars) Hey!(he and Xavier see that Kiera and Stan stole the hot air balloon)
Xavier: What are you doing? (asks Kiera and Stan after taking the hot air balloon away from him and Varian)
Stan: Looks like we're winning! (tells Varian and Xavier) (he and Kiera smile when the hot air balloon flies away from Varian and Xavier)
Varian: You're playing dirty! (jumps at the edge of the river to tell Kiera and Stan that they are cheating)
Kiera: There's nothing in the rules that says we can't be smarter than you! (telling Varian and Xavier) (Varian and Xavier see Kiera and Stan fly away with the hot air balloon that they took from Varian and Xavier) (Xavier starts telling another story then Varian turns his head to the left side)
Xavier: (sigh) She reminds me of The Legend of Perpetua Demosthenese, the young girl who thought she was smarter than all of those around her. (chuckle) (Varian is bored of hearing Xavier's legends) (Varian puts the helmet on his head and sits on the edge of the river with his head down)

(Ruddiger sets a trap for Maximus and Pascal) (Ruddiger quiet chitters then he climbs on the cliff to jump on the rock but fails) (Ruddiger angry squeaking then sees Max and Pascal run) (Ruddiger chittering) (Ruddiger madly jumps on the rock a bit of rock drop then he fell off) (Ruddiger chitters and steps away but he walks to a beehive) (honey is on Ruddiger while a rock splats on him) (Hamuel caws)

(at the bramble)

Pete: I know how this looks, kid, okay? (tells Catalina when she yawns) But rest assured, I have this under con-- (trips) Oh, that-- is that a... Well, that's a lot of... (Catalina walks to him while annoyed) Oh, can you pry off some bramble? (asks Catalina)
Catalina: Shoo! Shoo! (sigh) (bird chirping) (grunting when trying to pull bramble away from Pete)
Shorty: Outta the way, slow boats! (Catalina and Pete hear Shorty when he and Old Lady Crowley are coming) (Shorty laughing when pulling the cart while Old Lady is riding it and holds an umbrella) (Catalina and Pete see Shorty and Old Lady Crowley are heading towards them) (Catalina and Pete duck their heads) Whoa! (splat) (Shorty trips and lands on Pete)
Old Lady Crowley: This is why Crowley works alone. (lands at the bramble) (brambles snapping)

(Rapunzel sees Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal, Maximus, Monty and Vladimir are heading the same direction)

Rapunzel Okay, Feldspar. We will never catch them on foot. Time for a new tactic. Ugh, think, Rapunzel! Think, think, think. (see Feldspar's items on the grass) What did you say was in your bag? (asks Feldspar)

(Varian is rowing the boat with an oar on the river while being bored of hearing Xavier's stories)

Xavier: And so goes "The legend of the Wise Man's Dummy".
Rapunzel: Woo-hoo! (Varian stops rowing the boat when he and Xavier see Rapunzel and Feldspar rollerskating to the crypt)
Varian: Where'd they come from? How are they moving so fast?
Feldspar: I've never felt so alive! (holds Rapunzel's hair when he and Rapunzel rollerskate to the crypt before Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Monty, Vladimir, Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal and Maximus) (Varian and Xavier see Rapunzel holding a map)
Varian: Wait, she has a map. Hey! You're cheating! (an oar fell into the water then Varian rocked the boat and fell into the water then climbs back on the boat) (taking deep breaths after falling into the water)
Xavier: Using a map is cheating indeed. (Varian is mad because he had enough of legends) Which reminds me of The Legend of the Cheating Willows--
Varian: Enough with the legends! (yells at Xavier then uses his hand to row the boat fast)

(bird chirping) (Pete is feeling down then he and Catalina see Rapunzel holding the map while rollerskating alongside Feldspar)

Feldspar: If only my mother could see me now!
Pete: Huh? (gasp) She has a map! Well, two can play at that game.
Catalina: You have a map? (asks Pete)
Pete: No. I do not.
Shorty: It's okay, buddy. (comforts Pete when he is feeling down)

(Ruddiger holds branches and puts them on a trap) (Ruddiger snickering when he sees Maximus and Pascal coming) (Ruddiger runs away from a trap and hides behind a tree while Maximus and Pascal run away) (Ruddiger chitters when he sees that Maximus and Pascal did not fell into the trap)

Feldspar: Faster! Faster! (Ruddiger hides when he sees Rapunzel and Feldspar rollerskate) Whoa! (Ruddiger stops hiding to see that his trap is ruined then he jumps to his trap) (Ruddiger confused chittering) (Ruddiger walks on his trap) (yelps) (thuds) (Hamuel cawing when holding a beehive then he fell into a hole) (bees buzzing) (Hamuel yelping, cawing)

(the hot air balloon that Kiera and Stan stole from Varian and Xavier is caught on the vines) (Stan is trying untangle the vines)

Kiera: I'm free as a bird... is what I would be saying, if you hadn't steered us into a tree!
Stan: You know, I'm starting to get why they call you Angry. (Kiera is annoyed at her partner then she sees Rapunzel and Feldspar)
Feldspar: Woo-hoo! You might say I'm on a roll! (laughing)
Kiera: (gasps) She's got a map! (she and Stan see Rapunzel holding a map)
Stan: Hey! Cheaters! (yells and points at Rapunzel and Feldspar!

(Lance and Eugene are snoring when they are still sleeping at the city) (Eugene wakes up)

Eugene: Lance! (yells)
Lance: Who? What? Where? (wakes up confused while icing is on his face and collar)
Eugene: We have overslept. If we don't hurry, we're not gonna win that treasure! (tells Lance)
Lance: Ah! Cavier Lance! (he and Eugene run to the treasure before Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Shorty, Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal, Maximus, Vladimir, Monty, Rapunzel and Feldspar)

(Rapunzel and Feldspar arrived at the crypt before Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Shorty, Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal, Maximus, Vladimir and Monty)

Rapunzel: (panting) This is it! (removes the vines then she and Feldspar enter the crypt) We made it here first!
Feldspar: All right. I'll block the entrance. (he tells Rapunzel then he hears Stan telling Rapunzel and her partner cheated)
Stan: Hey! Cheaters! (Feldspar sees Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan and Vladimir mad at Rapunzel and her partner at the crypt)
Xavier: For shame! (tells Rapunzel and Feldspar)
Feldspar: I'll block the entrance from here, if that's all right. (hides behind Rapunzel when he is scared of Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Vladimir storming at him and Rapunzel)

(Monty, Vladimir, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus are still mad at Rapunzel and Feldspar for using a map)

Kiera: You're cheaters! (tells Rapunzel and Feldspar)
Varian: Yeah, that's right! (agrees with Kiera) I-- but you're the one to talk! You stole our balloon! (tells Kiera) (Stan walks to Varian and Kiera)
Stan: That was well within the rules! (tells Varian)
Shorty: Turn me around so I can get in on this! (tells Pete) (Catalina, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Monty and Vladimir hear Shorty from behind Pete) (Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Vladimir, Monty, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus are arguing with each other)
Rapunzel: Stop fighting and listen! (tells Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Vladimir, Monty, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus) No one can take the treasure! It's cursed.
Stan: Why should we listen to a cheater? (Monty, Vladimir, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Catalina, Maximus, Pascal, Ruddiger and Pete look at Stan) (Monty, Vladimir, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Catalina, Pete, Maximus, Pascal and Ruddiger look at Rapunzel and Feldspar when Stan points at Rapunzel and Feldspar)
Kiera: Yeah!
Vladimir: Right!
Rapunzel: I'm not a cheater! Okay, you could make an argument that I did cheat, but it was to save your lives! (tells Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Catalina, Pete, Vladmir, Monty, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus when they are mad at her and Feldspar) (Vladimir pushes Monty aside when the former sees Catalina holding the treasure)
Vladimir: Hey! The girl's got the treasure! (Rapunzel, Feldspar, Varian, Xavier, Kiera, Stan, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus see Catalina holding the treasure)
Pete: No, wait, wait, wait! (Varian, Xavier, Monty, Vladimir, Kiera, Stan, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus run to Catalina holding the treasure) (Catalina is tossing the treasure to Pete then Varian, Xavier, Monty, Vladimir, Kiera, Stan, Ruddiger, Pascal and Maximus walks to Pete)
Rapunzel: Stop! Listen to me, everyone, please! (takes the map from Feldspar) It says right here, if you claim that treasure, we are all doomed!
Kiera: What do you mean by doomed? (Ruddiger chitters)
Vladimir: She's trying to scare us, all.
Varian: Clarify doomed.
Eugene: Yoink! (takes the treasure from Pete) (Lance takes the treasure from Eugene and opens it then they see inside) Whoa!
Rapunzel: No! Eugene, don't! (magic swirling, roaring) (mummy growling)
Catalina: Ahh!
Varian: Ahh!
Lance: What did you do? (gives the treasure back to Eugene while asking him when being scared)
Varian: Oh, ten on the doom scale! Ten on the doom scale! (magic humming) (Feldspar points to a coffin) (coffin creaking and a mummy opens it) (mummy screech) (the other mummies screeching while they surround Rapunzel, Feldspar and the others)
Xavier: Oh! The legend is true! "The Undead Protectors of Herz Der Soone's Treasure" have risen! (Varian is scared)
Varian: What? You know, next time, lead with the, the high doom ratio legend! (tells Xavier) (mummies screeching)
Rapunzel: Eugene, put the lid back on. (Kiera, Monty and Stan are scared) (Eugene closes the box but he sees the mummies did not return to the coffins) (mummies screeching and attacks Rapunzel and her friends) We have to put it back where it belongs! (unties her hair when telling a scared Varian, Xavier and Monty and the others) (Rapunzel tries to attack the mummy but it dodged) (mummy screech) (Rapunzel grunts when a mummy grabs and toss her) (Varian, Xavier and Monty run) (mummy screeching when it tries to take the box from Eugene but the latter dodges) (Eugene runs back to seal the box back where it belongs but a mummy blocks him) (Eugene grunts when he tries to punch a mummy but it grabs his fist) (mummy attacks Eugene with his own fist)
Eugene: Wow! I pack quite a punch. (a mummy flings Eugene) (the box lands on the ground) (mummy screeching) (Lance grunts when he removes a hand but it attacks him on the head)
Lance: Ah, ah, ah! Man, this is weird. Whoa! (drops on the ground) (Feldspar runs) (mummy screech when it grabs Feldspar)
Feldspar: Oh, please! I am but a humble shoe man! (mummy flings Feldspar while he is screaming and he lands upside down next to Rapunzel, Catalina, Monty, Vladimir and Stan) (a mummy is heading towards Rapunzel, Feldspar, Catalina, Stan, Monty and Vladimir) (mummies screeching) (Varian and Xavier are scared while they run away from a mummy when it chases them) So much for bringing the kingdom together.
Rapunzel: It is not too late to do that, Feldspar. (puts him right side up) We are getting out of this, together. (mummy screeching) Everyone! (huddles with Stan, Feldspar, Monty, Catalina, Vladimir and Maximus) Our only chance out of this is to put that treasure back on its altar. So, let's show these mummies what Corona spirit can do! (everyone cheering)
Varian: Yay! All right! (mummies screeching) (Rapunzel wraps the treasure around her hair then she swings the treasure) (mummies screeching) (about to put the treasure on the altar but a mummy grabs it but Vladimir rams the mummy while Monty is riding on Vladimir then the mummy is on a wall and it groans when fell to the ground) (Vladmir and Monty smile and give a thumbs up to each other) (mummies screeching) (mummies surround Rapunzel and Feldpar) (Kiera is attacking a mummy with a bone while Stan carries her)
Catalina: (grunting) Ha! (holds a twig that she pulled out of the sap then jumps annd starts attacking the mummy) (Maximus neighing when Ruddiger and Pascal sitting on him) (Rapunzel and Feldspar see the treasure on the ground) (Rupunzel runs to the treasure and grabs it)
Rapunzel: Outta the way! Coming through! Oh, Eugene! (sees a mummy attacking Eugene) (a mummy is also attacking Varian)
Varian: Eee... Yah! (scared) (Pascal saves Varian from a mummy while Varian puts his hands on his eyes) (mummy screeching when it attacks Pascal, Ruddiger and Maximus) (Maximus kicks the mummy away while Varian ducks his head) (mummy screech and it lands on sap when Varian smiles while he sees the mummy's head on sap) (Maximus neighing and Ruddiger chittering when they and Pascal see Hamuel carrying a beehive) (Hamuel cawing) (bees buzzing) (Hamuel puts the beehive on a mummy while Varian, Maximus, Pascal and Ruddiger see) (bees sting a mummy and it runs away while its head is stuck on sap) (Varian laughing) (Varian turns around and gasps when he sees another mummy) (mummy screech) (Varian and the mummy hear Xavier then they turn around)
Xavier: Ah, returned from the grave, I see. Much like the Mummy of Questiana, or so the story goes. (the mummy is bored of hearing the story while Varian walks away) You see, there was once a mummy who... (mummy falls to the ground)
Feldspar: Okay, Feldspar, time to separate the steel-toed boots from the galoshes. (sees the rowboat that Vladimir and Monty brought to the crypt) (carries the rowboat) Aaaaaaah! (puts the rowboat on the ground then runs to take Rapunzel away from the mummies and puts her on the rowboat)
Rapunzel: Feldspar, what are you doing? (Feldspar takes his bag off his bag and carries it)
Feldspar: Princess! Need a lift? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: (gasp) Feldspar! (Feldspar grunts when he puts his bag on the rowboat to lift Rapunzel to the altar) You're a genius! (tells Feldspar) (lands at the altar) (mummies screeching) (Rapunzel turns around to put the treasure back) (mummy screeching) (magic humming) (mummies screeching) (mummy groaning) (mummies screeching are sent back to their coffins) (everyone cheering)
Varian: Yeah!
Eugene: We did it! (Maximus neighs) (Eugene and Lance high five each other)
Feldspar: I did it. All right, we did it, but I did it mostly. (takes the credits for himself)

(Monty, Maximus, Pascal, Ruddiger and Vladimir are leaving the crypt) (squishing) (Stan pulls Shorty from Pete and the latter smiles) (Stan holds Shorty)

Kiera: Not bad for a big dopey guard. (tells Catalina about Stan when she and Catalina are leaving the crypt)
Stan: (chuckling) Thanks! (likes Kiera's compliment) You know-- wait a minute. (realized that Kiera is talking about him)

(Xavier is leaving the crypt but Varian is waiting for him at the entrance to congratulate the former)

Varian: Good job, Xavier. (tells his partner)
Xavier: Yes. (turns around towards his partner) You too, Varian. (turns around the other way) (Varian is feeling down) (Xavier starts walking but he stops)
Varian: You know what, hey Xaves? (Xavier turns around again) I-I just realized something. You, uh, you never finished The Legend of the Cheating Willows. (tells Xavier)
Xavier: Really? Well, it is a rather long story.
Varian: I got time. (walks to Xavier) (Xavier turns around and walks alongside Varian) (Xavier chuckles when he puts his hand on Varian)
Xavier: Well, The Cheating Willows is a story that begins over... (Rapunzel sees Varian and Xavier are friends now) (Rapunzel smiles)

(at the entrance of the throne room)

Rapunzel: And so, it is my honor to present to you... our brand new throne room. (cuts the ribbon) (Stan, Pete, Maximus, Pascal, Ruddiger, Monty, Feldspar, Kiera, Catalina, Varian, Xavier and Vladimir enter the throne room)
Kiera: Whoa!
Rapunzel: The treasure hunt didn't go quite how I planned, but it did bring everyone together.
Lance: (sigh) Even I never got to meet (sniff) Cavier Lance, it was so exciting.
Eugene: You know, Sunshine, I think it all kinds turned out well for everyone. (he and Rapunzel put their arms around each other)
Feldspar: A couple of shoes, no, but other then that very very...

(alone at the bramble)

Old Lady Crowley: Is anybody there? Hello?

No Time Like the Past[edit]

  • Most of the episode is set a ten-year past, meaning that Rapunzel was ten years old and living with Gothel
  • Five-year-old Varian, teenage Lance and Eugene (Flynn) and a younger Maximus are seen
  • The powerless Sundrop Flower is seen in its vault

(fanfare) (Rapunzel and Eugene are shown inside the hallway then Lance walks to them)

Rapunzel: Alright, Eugene, agenda me.
Eugene: Okie dokie. We're gonna start off with what promises to be tons of fun, the semi-annual wheat crop report. (Raps takes three papers out of her bag and hand those to Eugene but he toss them to Lance)
Rapunzel: Already reviewed, and I know you were kidding, but, believe it or not, it was fun. (tells Eugene and Lance)
Eugene: Next, you've gotta approve the design for the castle's new footbridge. (Raps takes the decree of the footbridge to Eugene)
Rapunzel: Did it this morning. (Eugene hands the plans to her) In fact, while I was it, I designed a few more footbridges. Or would it be feetbridge?
Eugene: Woof!
Rapunzel: What? (hands the design to Lance) I'm used to getting a lot done by 7:15. (a maid walks by Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance)
Lance: What about breakfast? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Breakfast? I eat motivation for breakfast. (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal snags a pastry to give Rapunzel then the latter holds it) (Pascal squeaks) Well, and cherry croissants. (eats it) Thanks, Pascal. (Eugene walks to the entrance of Cassandra's bedroom and he is spooked by her dummy)
Eugene: (chuckle) You know, I gotta say, Sunshine, even I-- Ah!
Rapunzel: Cass' sparring dummy?
Eugene: Oh, that's rich. Cass isn't even here, and she still finds a way to annoy me. (cart squeaking) (Old Lady Crowley exits Cassandra's bedroom with Cassandra's belongings)
Rapunzel: Mrs. Crowley, what are you doing with Cassandra's things? (walks to her and asks) (Rapunzel walks to Cassandra's belongings)
Old Lady Crowley: Meh. She's gone. So now it's junk. (takes and holds Cassandra's helmet) (Rapunzel turns around)
Rapunzel: Now, just a minute. I have faith that Cass will return, so kindly put her things back where you found them.
Old Lady Crowley: Sure. While I'm at it, are there any beds you would like me to unmade, or trash that needs to be brought back in, Your Highness? (Pascal grumbles)
Rapunzel: No, no. I guess I'll just do it. (Old Lady Crowley gives Cassandra's helmet to Rapunzel)
Old Lady Crowley: Help yourself. I'm on my break. (tells Rapunzel and leaves) The rest of her stuff is in the storage vault. (Pascal squeak)

(Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance are inside Cassandra's bedroom) (Rapunzel toss Cassandra's belongings to Lance and catches them) (Eugene is bored)

Rapunzel: (grunting) Cass' stuff gotta be here somewhere. Ah ha! (runs to Cassandra's belongings) (scraping) (hourglass humming) (Raps open a trunk) Oh, it's Cass' things alright. (sees inside a trunk and Eugene walks to her) Look, her shield, her mace... Aww. Her lucky halberd head.
Eugene: Look, I know you love Cass, and I can totally understand why you want her back in your life. But don't forget that she betrayed you.
Rapunzel: She's still a friend.
Eugene: I just don't wanna see you get hurt, anymore, that's all. It's time to put yourself first and let her go.
Rapunzel: Eugene, friends don't leave friends behind. Okay? I need you to understand that.
Eugene: Rapunzel, she's the one who left you.
Lance: Hey! (chuckles) Look what I found. (holds an item that has Eugene's face blowing a raspberry with an arrow on his nose) (chucles) For once, they got your nose right! (points to Eugene's nose on bulls-eye) Not to mention that this... is so very awkward. (puts the bulls-eye down)
Rapunzel: It's okay, Lance. (puts the crate of Cassandra's belongings on a catapult) (smash, clatter) (Rapunzel and Eugene run to a noise)
Eugene: I-I got it, I got it! (an hourglass rolls to Cassandra's belongings) (humming) (Rapunzel holds two goblets) (goblets clink)
Rapunzel: I think I'm gonna go outside. (tells Eugene and Lance) (gives the two goblets to Eugene) (Rapunzel walks to the crate and carries it) Get some air and reorganize this stuff. (starts to leave) (Lance walks to Eugene and they are worried about Rapunzel) (Eugene feels down)

(Rapunzel sits at a table and takes Cassandra's sword) (blade clinking) (puts Cassandra's sword on the table) (Rapunzel sighs) (Cassandrium is on the table) (holds a painting of her, Pascal, Cassandra, Owl and half of Eugene)

Rapunzel: I remember painting this, Pascal. All these things have their own story. (Pascal squeaking) (holds an Owl doll) Wait, what's this? (sees and holds an hourglass) (hourglass humming) Hmm? This isn't Cassandra's. (hourglass humming) (steps back) Whoa! (hourglass shatters) (air rushing)

(Pascal and Rapunzel are transported into the past)

Rapunzel: (cough) Ah... Well, I can't say that wasn't weird.
Man: Freeze! (Rapunzel and Pascal hear a man) (a teenage Lance and Eugene ran outside after they stole a priceless egg from a shop)

Teenage Lance: Hey, careful! That egg's priceless!
Teenage Eugene: Come on, Burnsie, you're gonna get us caught! (holds Rapunzel's hand)
Rapunzel: What? (confused)
Teenage Eugene: Go, go, go! (he and Rapunzel follow teenage Lance)
Rapunzel: Burns-- Whoa!
Man: Stop, thieves! (two guards ran by the shop)

(a teenage Lance runs to an alley alongside a teenage Eugene and Rapunzel) (upbeat music playing) (Raps, a teenage Eugene and Lance hide from two guards)

Rapunzel: Now, just hold on! Okay? (teenage Eugene and Lance put their hoods down) You had better tell me who you are right... now? (shocked)
Teenage Eugene: Uh, w-what are you staring at, Burnsie?
Teenage Lance: Am I finally growing facial hair? (sees his chin) (Max neighing) (Raps turns around to see a mad young Max) (young Max snorts) (young Max whinnying) (young Max runs into the alley)
Teenage Eugene: Oh! Not him again. (refers to Max) (Eugene grabs Rapunzel and they run then Lance alongside them) Lance, Apple Pie! (Lance stops)
Teenage Lance: Oh, yeah! (drops a barrel of apples to the ground to trip a young Max) (a young Max whinnying then he falls) (two guards yelling) (young Max snorts when he takes a bite of an apple)
Teenage Eugene: Quick, in here. (tells Rapunzel and teenage Lance to hide at a clothing shop) (two guards yelling)

(Rapunzel, a teenage Eugene and Lance are inside the shop) (teenage Eugene and Lance stop wearing their hoods) (Raps, teenage Eugene and Lance hide) (two guards run by the shop) (young Max snort) (Pascal squeaking)

Teenage Eugene: Phew! (laughing) No more gruel for us! (holds a priceless egg) (kiss a priceless egg) Tonight, we eat lobster! (laugh) Not to mention, we'll finally be able to pay off the Baron. (he holds a priceless egg and he walks away with teenage Lance) (Pascal squeak then he and Raps gasps)
Rapunzel: (blinks) This is crazy! A young Lance and Eugene? It can't be! (teenage Eugene sees his reflection)
Teenage Eugene: Who's the man? You're the man! (chuckles) (teenage Lance walks to him)
Teenage Lance: Uh, what is wrong with your face? (as teenage Eugene)
Teenage Eugene: I-it's just a little something I've been cooking up. I call it, "The Blaze."
Teenage Lance: Blaze? (laugh) It's barely a smolder.
Rapunzel: Yep, that's them alright. And either they found the fountain of youth, or... (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal and Raps turn around to see a poster) Pascal! That's the poster from when I went missing! We just went back in time. (Pascal leaps on Rapunzel's shoulder) But, why do they seem to know us? They keep calling me Burns... (gasps) (Pascal squeaks)
Teenage Sideburns: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh... (freaking out) (Patchy is also freaking out) (grunting) (teenage Eugene walks to Raps)
Teenage Eugene: Burnsie! Shh! Keep it down! (Pascal squeaks) (teenage Eugene and teenage Lance dogpile on Rapunzel and Pascal)
Guard: I heard something this way. (tells the other guards) (guard runs towards a noise)
Rapunzel: Okay. So apparently, we are trapped in the bodies of the teenage Stabbingtons? (Pascal squeak) I don't know, but for now, uh, we go with it, and try to remain calm until we can figure out what's happening. (she and Pascal hear a guard)
Guard: We know you boys are in there. We have the building surrounded.
Rapunzel: Alright, nobody panic. We can get out of this if we all work together... (teen Eugene and Lance left) Great, they ditched us. (door open)
Guard: Where are the other two? (three guards enter the shop) (two guards point their halberds at Rapunzel and Pascal)
Rapunzel: Uh, to be honest, I don't even know where I am right now, so-- (a guard holds Rapunzel's arm) (Pascal squeaks)
Guard: Take these wise guys to the wagon. We'll find the others. (guards exit the shop) (door slams)
Teenage Eugene: Ah. The old mannquin shenanigans. Works every time. (fist bumps teen Lance) Oof, uh-huh. (grunting)
Teenage Lance: You think we should, uh, help, with the Stabbies?
Teenage Eugene: You know the rule, Lance. Every man for himself. Besides, I'm sure they're fine. (fist bumps teen Lance) (he and teen Lance exit)

(instrument playing) (young Varian walks on the road and he has a sucker then he walks to the wagon) (metal clangs) (young Varian stops to see the Stabbingtons) (banging) (young Varian sees the Stabbingtons but the former is bored) (banging continues) (young Varian licks his sucker and leaves) (Pascal screeching) (Pascal lands on his belly)

Rapunzel: (sighs) (Pascal squeaks) Relax, okay? Breathe. (tells her pet) I can get out of this. I am well-versed in Corona laws, so we'll probably only be detained for a night. (she and Pascal hear the Captain of the Guard)
Captain of the Guard: You two scrubs are wanted in all seven kingdoms. (tells Sideburns and Patchy) You're going away for a long time. (locks door) (leaves) (suspense music playing) (Rapunzel is shocked then mad) (young Max arrives) (young Maximus nickering) (Pete elbows Stan)
Pete: Looks like somebody wants to help haul the wagon, doesn't he, Stan?
Stan: It sure does, Pete. (Pascal squeaking) (Rapunzel and Pascal hear Pete and Stan) (Max nickering)
Rapunzel: (gasp) Max! (Pascal squeaks) Aw, teenage Max was so cute! (Max snuffs at Sideburns and Patchy) (Max grumbling) (teen Sideburns smiles) (teen Patchy also smiles) (suspense music playing) (young Max walks to the horses)
Stan: chuckling) Aw, it's okay, Max. Maybe one day, you'll be big enough. Who knows, maybe even a horse in the royal guard. (pets Max's mane) You go ahead.. (Raps sees a young Stan, a young Pete and a young Max) (Pascal squeaks)

Rapunzel: We've gotta get back to our own time, but first, we've gotta get out of here. (has an idea) Hmm... I think I know what will do the trick. (using "tough guy" voice) Hey, Patchy. We might be behind bars, but I'll tell you what the real crime is. (scoff) That guard's mustache. (talks about Pete) (Max neighing) You know, I'll tell you who should have a mustache. His partner. Now, that guy has a stache face. (talks about Stan) (Max neighing)
Stan: I told you I should be the mustache guy.
Pete: Nobody said you can't.
Rapunzel: Nah, you can't both be the mustache guy. (Pete and Stan walk to Sideburns)
Stan: You know, he's right. It's just ridiculous. (agrees with Sideburns)
Pete: You're ridiculous. (tells Stan)
Stan: I'm sorry, but your face and your mustache, they just don't go together.
Pete: (gasp) How dare you. (points his finger at Stan but the latter slaps the former's finger) I'm-- (he and Stan slapping each other) Ow, not the face! (Pascal takes the keys from Pete when he and Stan are distracted) (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal gives the keys to Rapunzel) (yelling continues) (Raps runs to the door) Cut it out! Ow!
Stan: Ow! (Rapunzel opens the door to see that Pete and Stan are still slapping themselves) (Papunzel and Pascal escape from the wagon) (Pascal squeaks)

(Pascal and Rapunzel are near Xavier's blacksmith shop) (Xavier is at his kiln holding his crucible tongs) (Xavier's crucible tongs clang) (Xavier leaves when he turns his sign around) (Pascal squeaks) (Raps and Pascal run to Xavier's blacksmith shop) (suspenseful music playing) (Raps turns around to see if anyone is following her and Pascal) (Rapuzel goes to Xavier's blacksmith shop) (Pascal runs away from a pot but his reflection is shown that he is trapped inside the body of Patchy) (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal goes to back to a pot and he is still trapped inside the body of Patchy) (Pascal shrieks) (Pascal runs to the inside of Xavier's blacksmith shop) (Rapunzel clangs her head on a frying pan)

Rapunzel: Ow! Gah, forgot that I'm a foot taller. (crashing) (screech) (Pascal is flung to a book by a halberd and Raps sees) (Pascal squeaks when he and a book fell to the floor) (Pascal squeaking) (book opens to a page that has an hourglass and Pascal points to it) (Pascal squeaks) Pascal, you genius! (Raps bends on her knees and tells her pet) Okay, okay, okay. (holds the book) "The hourglass," blah, blah, blah, has great power," yada yada yada... "It will send any who fall within its mist forward or backward in time 10 years?" (turns around when she hears Stan and Pete)
Stan: Hurry up, mustache man, they went this way!
Rapunzel: Quick, the secret passage. (she and Pascal run to the klin)
Pete: Again, with the insults?
Stan: How is that an insult?
Rapunzel: Okay. Xavier has all kinds of books on mystical stuff, so if there's a way to get back home, this is where we'll find it. How did he open this again?
Pete: I know sarcasm when I hear it. (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel turns a horseshoe) (klin rumbling) (Pascal and Rapunzel run inside) (the klin shuts)

(inside Xavier's blacksmith shop, Rapunzel holds a torch when she walks down the steps)

Rapunzel: So that's why we're the Stabbingtons. (puts the torch back) They must have been the two people closest to where we traveled through time! (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel sits on the steps and closes the book) Okay, we gotta break into the castle and steal the hourglass, so we can get back home, Pascal. (Rapunzel puts the the book down and takes a layout of the castle from a barrel) (unrolls the layout of castle) (Pascal squeaking) (Raps takes a pen from Pascal) True. If we're gonna pull a castle heist, we're gonna need some help.

(birds chirping) (teen Eugene and Lance see their reflections on a priceless egg)

Eugene: (laughing) Now that we don't have to split the profits with the Stabbingtons, I'm gonna take Stalyan out on a really fancy date. I'm talking a place with tables and napkins and utensils... (chair creaks) you know, a nice place. (tells teen Lance) (Rapunzel appears)
Rapunzel: Hello! (teen Eugene fells off his stool)
Eugene: W-what?
Rapunzel: Um... (clears throat) I mean, um, (using "tough guy" voice) hello, jerks. We have another, um, opportunity we thought you two might be interested in.
Teen Eugene: Nah, we're all set. (wipes dust from his coat) Besides, I'm surprised you came back. We left you and Ugly high and dry back there.
Rapunzel: Me and Ug-- (gasps) Who's ugly? He's not ugly. (Pascal squeaks) He's adorable. (Pascal chirps when Raps pets him) (teen Eugene and Lance are unamused)
Teen Sideburns: Who's adorable? (Patchy is on Sideburns) You are! (Patchy goes off Sideburs) You are, buddy! (pinches teen Patchy's cheek) That's eight, my little buddy. (Patchy waves awkwardly to teen Eugene and Lance)
Teen Eugene: Uh, feeling okay, Sideburns?
Rapunzel: Oh, right. Nah, he's ugly. (agrees with teen Eugene) (Pascal squeaks angrily) (Raps looks at Pascal) And tough. We're both tough. (walks to teen Eugene and Lance) Nothi-- Nothing but a couple of tough guys over here. (punches teen Eugene) (teen Eugene struggling to catch two priceless eggs)
Teen Eugene: Whoa!
Teen Lance: Ahh! (teen Eugene struggling to catch two priceless eggs) (teen Lance gasp) You told me there was only one egg!
Teen Eugene: There was! After I took the first one. (Rapunzel is mad when she walks to teen Eugene)
Rapunzel: You tried to cheat Lance?
Teen Lance: Ha! I shoulda known! You were always trying to cheat me, Flynn.
Teen Eugene: I'm not always trying to cheat you, Lance. Alright, let's call it 70-30. (Rapunzel and teen Lance are mad at teen Eugene)
Teen Lance: You are a selfish jerk, you know that?!
Teen Eugene: Yeah, well, being a selfish jerk, is how you get ahead in this world. (mad at teen Lance)
Teen Lance: Oh, that's it! (mad and pushes teen Eugene to the ground) (indistinct yelling) (Raps and Pascal see a fight of teen Eugene and teen Lance) (glass smashing) (Pascal squeaks)
Teen Eugene: Lance! (clears throat) After some spirited discourse, Lance and I have decided that we'd to partake in your opportunity as we have recently come into some rather, it's call it, unfortunate financial limitations. (teen Lance removes the shards off teen Eugene's hair) (glass tinkling)
Rapunzel: Wise choice, boys. (she, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance see the blueprints of the castle)
Teen Lance: So, what's the mark?
Rapunzel: The royal vault. (Pascal squeak)
Teen Lance: Come again?
Teen Eugene: You say what now?
Rapunzel: Once it's dark, we'll creep in through a small crack in the curtain walls surrounding the castle. (draws lines the blueprint of the walls) Then, we'll make our entry here. (draws an x on the blueprint of the guard's tower)
Teen Eugene: Uh, that's the guard's tower. You know, where all the guards hang out. We'll never be able to sneak past them.
Rapunzel: We won't have to sneak past them. We're gonna sneak under them. (tells teen Eugene and teen Lance)

(Raps, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are at the entrance of the secret passage way to the castle) (Raps pulls the gate of the secret passage way out)

Teen Eugene: Wait, how do you know all this, Sideburns? (he, Raps, Pascal and teen Lance crawl into the secret passage way) (he puts the gate back)
Teen Lance: Quiet, Flynn! Let the man talk.

(suspenseful music playing) (Raps, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are inside the pitch black secret passage)

Rapunzel: From there, we take the west corridor. (she, teen Lance and teen Eugene enter the castle from the secret passage)
Teen Lance: But, that's the long way around! (teen Eugene sees two priceless goblets but teen Lance grabs teen Eugene's collar and drag him away)

(Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are tiptoeing inside the hallway) (teen Eugene sees Old Lady Crowley cleaning)

Rapunzel: Yes, but it's closed for clean at that time, so it's virtually empty. (Old Lady Crowley spits into a rag) (teen Eugene and teen Lance froze for a second then they continue tiptoeing) (rag squeaking) (Old Lady Crowley walks off the ladder) (metal scrapes) (Raps sees if someone is around) (Old Lady Crowley starts to walk away when she is holding a rag) (teen Eugene and teen Lance pretend to be statues) (Old Lady Crowley turns around to see if anything is suspicious but she leaves) (teen Lance is on top of teen Eugene) (teen Eugene grunts and he sees the vase about to fall but he holds onto it)

(Raps, teen Eugene and teen Lance are at an elevator)

Rapunzel: Next, we'll lower you down through the walls to the vault level, so you can pick the lock.
Teen Eugene: Flip to see who goes first? I call heads! (toss his coin then it lands on his hand to reveal heads) Sorry, buddy. (tells teen Lance)
Teen Lance: (grumbles) (teen Eugene puts his coin back into his pocket but it rolls out of his pocket) (coin clattering) (coin rolls to Pascal) (coin stops rolling then Pascal squeaks when he puts teen Eugene's coin on his tongue)
Teen Eugene: Better luck next time. (tells teen Lance) (chuckles) (teen Eugene turns the handle) (teen lance steps into the dumbwaiter) (cranking) (Patchy has teen Eugene's coin on his tongue) (teen Eugene takes his coin out of Patchy's mouth) Picking it up with your mouth was an odd choice, but thank you? (Raps sees the coin)
Rapunzel: Hey! (takes teen Eugene's coin from him) That's a double-headed coin! You cheated Lance again, Eugene.
Teen Eugene: Oh, come on! He's fine. (tells Rapunzel about Lance) (takes his coin back from Raps) In fact, he's the one who gave me this coin. (puts his coin back into his pocket) (stops cranking the handle) (gasp) Wait a second. (cranking) How did you know my real name is Eugene?
Rapunzel: Uh, I-I didn't say Eugene. I said, "You're mean."
Teen Eugene: Pfft, that's so not true, Burnsie. (smashes) (Lance grunts) (Raps and teen Eugene hear a noise) (distant neighing) (young Max appears) (young Max whinnying)
Rapunzel: Come on! Dive for it! (tells teen Eugene) (she and teen Eugene run back to the elevator to hop into it) (suspenseful music playing) (young Max snort) (young Max turns and sees the elevator) (young Max neighs) (young Max runs away from the elevator)

(teen Lance, Rapunzel, Pascal and teen Eugene are squashed at the bottom of the elevator) (Rapunzel grunting, teen Lance groaning) (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal, teen Eugene, Rapunzel and teen Lance climb out of the elevator)

Rapunzel: (grunt) Sorry. (cranks the handle) We had to make a quick exit.
Teen Lance: (deep voice) Hey, I think when you guys crashed into me and stabilized my voice! I sound incredible!
Rapunzel: Well, in that case, you're welcome. (pushes teen Lance from behind)

(teen Lance, teen Eugene, Pascal and Rapunzel run to the entrance of the royal vault) (Pascal squeaks) (teen Eugene picks the lock) (lock clicks)

Teen Eugene: Voilà! Beauty and brawn, am I right? (opens the door) (tells Rapunzel and teen Lance) (Raps and teen Lance run into the vault but the former stops running)
Rapunzel: I don't get how either of those things helped you crack the lock. (tells teen Eugene)
Teen Eugene: Just get in there. (tells Rapunzel)

(Rapunzel, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are inside the vault) (Rapunzel is on a ladder)

Teen Lance: Whoa. Would you look at all this stuff!
Teen Eugene: (laughs) Where do we start?!
Rapunzel: Oh, no, it's not here! (trying to search for the hourglass)
Teen Lance: Hey, what is that? (sees the Sun Drop flower)
Rapunzel: Oh, that's nothing. (referring to the Sun Drop) (steps off the ladder) There's nothing here but the kingdom's priceless treasures. (kicks a treasure chest to teen Lance and teen Eugene) (teen Lance and teen Eugene bend on their knees then they open the treasure chest)
Teen Lance and Teen Eugene: We'll take it! (Pascal squeaking) (Pascal pointing to the hourglass) (Rapunzel walks to Pascal)
Rapunzel: Yes, yes! You found it! (grabs it off the shelf) (young Max whinnying) (Rapunzel turns around when she hears young Max)
Teen Eugene: You know, I am really starting to hate that horse. (refers to Max) (holds some jewels) (teen Lance turns around and sees young Max) (young Max sniffing) (young Max neighs angrily) (young Max runs to the vault) (upbeat music playing) (teen Lance and teen Rugene run to the doors to close them) Whoa! That was close. I think we're safe. (young Max banging on the doors)
Teen Lance: Uh-huh, sure. But, one tiny thing. We're trapped in here now!
Teen Eugene: Um, so I guess we just move in. It's not that bad. (bang) It's got some nice archways, exposed brick... (bang) (rummaging)
Rapunzel: Guys, get down here. (tells teen Eugene and teen Lance)
Teen Eugene: What in the what? Again with the secret castle stuff?! (he and teen Lance see Rapunzel and Pascal climbing down the ladder)
Rapunzel: Uh, let's just say I'm a history buff? Now, come on, and don't touch anything. (teen Eugene and teen Lance run to the ladder to climb down) (upbeat music playing) (young Maximus charges to the doors) (young Max slides when the doors open) (the entrance to the tunnel is closed) (young Max neighs angrily) (young Maximus runs out of the vault)

(Rapunzel, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are under the vault)

Teen Eugene: What is this place?
Rapunzel: No time for questions, boys, just keep it moving. (she, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance are running to the entrance of the tunnel)
Teen Lance: (panting) I think lost him. (refers to young Maximus) (tells Rapunzel and teen Eugene)
Rapunzel: Uh, you thought wrong. (points to the right when young Max's shadow is shown) Hurry, this way! (tells teen Eugene and teen Lance) (Raps, Pascal, teen Eugene and teen Lance run to the left) (Pascal squeaking) (teen Lance panting) (teen Lance shrieks) Abandoned, spiderwebs! Oh, no! My voice crack is back! Why is everything awful?!
Rapunzel: This path feels familiar... That silver brick springs a trap, so watch your step. (she, Pascal and teen Eugene avoid pressing on a brick)
Teen Lance: You don't have to worry about me! I'm light on my feet! In fact, they call me the Sweet Feet Cham-- (crash) W-w-wait, Flynn! I'm stuck! (teen Eugene runs back to try to free teen Lance from the bars) Help! Help, help!
Teen Eugene: (grunting) (teen Lance turns around) (young Maximus neighing) (suspense music playing) Sorry, Lance. You know the rule, buddy. Every man for himself. (runs away)
Teen Lance: Eugene! Wait! (young Maximus appears behind him) (a guard and Captain of the Guard run towards Lance)
Captain of the Guard: How'd you little boil-brained barnacles know how to get down here? (teen Lance turns around) (Pete and Stan appear)
Pete: And secondly, who do you think has a better face for a mustache, me or Stan? (points to himself and Stan) (guard puts handcuffs on teen Lance)(handcuffs clink)
Teen Lance: (sighs) Stan. (suspenseful music playing) (Pete is mad)
Pete: Lock him up. (refers to teen Lance) (gate slamming)

(quaint music playing) (at the dock) (bell rings) (gate scraping) (Raps opens the gate then she, Pascal and teen Eugene exit of a secret passage way)

Rapunzel: (sigh) Oh, that was close. (Pascal squeaks) I am so winded. Sideburns really needs to step up the cardio. Wait a minute, where's Lance?
Teen Eugene: Uh, he, uh, sorta got a little bit arrested. tells Raps) (Pascal climbs on a barrel) B-but, hey! He knows the deal. Every man for himself. That's just how it goes. (cracks his knuckles) So, let's split up the loot, and, uh, get outta here--
Rapunzel: Eugene Fitzherbert! How could you?
Teen Eugene: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Enough with the real names, Sideburns!
Rapunzel: Just listen to me. I know you better than you think I do. You say it's easier to walk away with the excuse, "every man for himself," but Lance? (teen Eugene feels down) Lance is not just every man. He is a friend. He is your best friend. And friends don't leave friends behind.
Teen Eugene: Wow, Burnsie, that was remarkably insightful, and so not like you. (Rapunzel turns around to hand the hourglass to Psscal)
Rapunzel: Take this to the woods and guard it with your life. (tells Pascal) I'll be back soon. (Pascal nods and squeaks) I've got a friend to save.(craws back into the secret passage) (Pascal squeaking when blows a raspberry at teen Eugene) (Pascal chirps) (instrumental music playing) (Pascal jumps off a barrel and a crate) (Pascal walks to the woods) (teen Eugene is regretting himself about leaving Lance)
Teen Eugene: (sighs)

(Shorty is inside a cell with teen Lance) (Shorty has a plate of food)

Teen Lance: Uh, what are you in for? (asks Shorty)
Shorty: Oh, I didn't get arrested. I just like the food here. (smooch) Five star gruel. (lock pick rattling) (Rapunzel tries to pick the lock)
Teen Lance: Sideburns?! What are you doing here?
Rapunzel: What does it look like I'm doing? Unfortunately, I don't know how to pick a lock. (hears teen Eugene inside the dungeon)
Teen Eugene: Step aside, Burnsie. Let a real thief handle that. (Rapunzel smiles) (teen Lance walks to the bars happily when he sees teen Eugene)
Teen Lance: Flynn! You came back for me?
Teen Eugene: Uh, I guess I've got a new rule. Friends don't leave friends behind. (enchanted music playing)
Teen Lance: W-w-wait a minute! Raise that eyebrow again. N-now pucker those lips. Little more. More... Oops, okay, th-that's the duck face... Okay, no, right, there you go! That Flynn Rider is your "blaze!" (holds a bowl) (Raps moves a bit) (Shorty is eating) (teen Eugene takes a bowl from teen Lance)
Teen Eugene: Wow, you're right! It's exquisite. Although, I'm gonna call it, "The Smolder." It's got a nice ring to it. (fist bumps teen Lance) (young Max whinnying) (Raps, teen Eugene and teem Lance see young Max coming) Not again. (runs)
Stan: What is it, Max? What's wrong?
Teen Lance: Uh, Flynn. Can you unlock me? (teen Eugene runs back to the cell)
Teen Eugene: Oh! Yeah. Sorry about that, buddy. (apologizes to teen Lance) (unlocks the cell) (he and Rapunzel run away from the cell)
Teen Lance: Shorty, you coming? (walks out of the cell)
Shorty: And leave all this?
Rapunzel: Guys! Come on, we gotta go! (teen Lance runs behind teen Eugene) (upbeat music playing) (Raps, teen Eugene and teen Lance run away) (young Max sniffing, neighs) (young Max walk to an opened cell alongside Pete and Stan)
Stan: Shorty, what did we tell you about sneaking into prison?
Shorty: Sneak? How dare you. I just walked right in. (young Max whinnies) (young Max has the scent of Raps, teen Eugene and teen Lance) (young Max runs to the left) (Stan and Pete run after young Max) (young Max neighs)

(Rapunzel, teen Eugene and teen Lance are at the secret passage) (Rapunzel crawls inside but teen Eugene and teen Lance decide who should go first)

Teen Eugene: You first, bud.
Teen Lance: No, you first. I insist.
Teen Eugene: No, I insist. You go ahead.
Teen Lance: I simply couldn't. You go--
Rapunzel: Both of you get down here right now, before I knock you into the middle of next week! (tells teen Eugene and teen Lance then she crawls to the end of the tunnel)
Teen Eugene: Ah! Now, there's the Sideburns I know. (tells Lance) (he and teen Lance conk their heads towards each other when they are going to crawl at the same time)
Teen Lance: Ow!
Teen Eugene: Get in there. (young Max neighs) Huh? (turns around and sees young Max pulling his coat) (teen Eugene screaming) (young Max thud) (Raps, teen Lance and teen Eugene crawl out of the tunnel) (Raps and teen Lance run while teen Eugene picks up the gate) (gate clangs) (runs after Raps and teen Lance) (young Max smash, snorting) (runs to the same direction) (Pete and Stan also run the same direction) (Rapunzel, teen Lance and teen Eugene run to another tunnel) (young Max snorting) (young Max tries to find which direction Rapunzel, teen Eugene and teen Lance went) (Pete conk his head on a wall)
Pete: Ow! Who lowered that? (young Max heads to a direction then Pete and Stan follow) (Raps, teen Lance and teen Eugene run to another tunnel)

(Rapunzel, teen Eugene and teen Lance are running towards the center of the tunnel) (Pete and Stan exhausted) (Raps, teen Eugene and teen Lance run away)

Pete: (panting)
Stan: (groaning) Halt in the name-- (sigh) (young Max neighs) (young Max runs after Rapunzel, teen Eugene and teen Lance)
Pete: You know, walking is just as exciting.

(upbeat music playing) (Rapunzel, teen Lance and teen Eugene run to a corner) (young Maximus snort) (young Max chases Raps, teen Eugene and teen Lance) (an exhausted Pete and Stan walks after young Max) (Rapunzel, teen Eugene and teen Lance are on the ceiling)

(Rapunzel, teen Lance and teen Eugene walk to the woods)

Teen Lance: At last! Sweet, sweet freedom! The air smells so fresh! Oh, the trees are so green! (does a cartwheel)
Teen Eugene: Lance, you were in jail for 12 minutes! (Pascal hops down a tree trunk) (Pascal squeaking) (Pascal stops holding the hourglass) (magic humming) (Raps holds the hourglass)
Teen Lance: All right, Patches, show us what we got! (tells Rapunzel) (Rapunzel turns around) What the?! (he and teen Eugene are shocked to see an hourglass) A junky sand clock? (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: Look, I promise I'll explain everything to you in about 10 years. I'm really happy to spend some time with you as a teenager. (tells teen Eugene and teen Lance)
Teen Eugene: Sideburns, what are you talking about? (Rapunzel puts the hourglass above her head) No, no, no! (hourglass smashes) (whooshing) Great. You dropped it, Burnsie. If that thing had any sort of value, we could've used it to pay the Baron back. (refers to the hourglass that Rapunzel smashed) (Patchy thuds when Sideburns drops him on the grass)
Teen Sideburns: Drop what? Where are we? (looks around) (confused) We were just running away from the guards. How did we get here? (has amnesia)
Teen Lance: Don't worry, Flynn. (walks to the shards of the hourglass) We'll figure out how to deal with the Baron. (picks the bottom of the hourglass) We always do. (tells teen Eugene)
Teen Eugene: That's true, buddy. (tells Lance) (walks to teen Sideburns and Patchy) Everything's a little easier with a friend by your side. (puts his hand on teen Sideburns) Ain't that right, Burnsie? (asks teen Sideburns)
Teen Sideburns: Get your hands off me. (grunt) (shoves teen Eugene away from him and teen Patchy) (teen Lance catches teen Eugene)
Teen Eugene: Yeesh, this guy's dealing with some major mood swings today. (refers to teen Sideburns)
Teen Lance: Pfft. Teenagers. (young Max whinny) (teen Lance and teen Eugene turn around) This horse is getting to be a pain in my side. (young Max snort) (young Max neighs)

(back to the present) (Rapunzel runs to the fountain) (Pascal leaps on to the fountain) (Rapunzel sits on the fountain)

Rapunzel: Oh, Pascal! (tells her pet) Doesn't it feel wonderful to be back in our own skins again? (asks her pet) (she and her pet turn around to see their reflections on the water) And you look at you! You're back to your adorable self. (Pascal squeaks) (Max walks to Raps and Pascal at the fountain) (Max neighs) Max! You are looking so grown up today! (pets Maximus) (Max neighs and agrees) (Rapunzel and Max hug)

(back at the storage room) (Eugene holds a crate that has Cassandra's belongings and he walks inside then he puts it on a table) (Eugene holds an axe)

Rapunzel: Eugene, what are you doing? (walks inside the storage room)
Eugene: I'm bringing the last of Cass' things from the vault. (tells Rapunzel)
'Rapunzel: But, I thought you said I should leave Cassandra in the past. (tells Eugene) (Pascal is bored)
Eugene: (laugh) Very funny. Oh, wait, you're serious. Sunshine, did you forget? I'm the one who told you that Crowley was trying to toss all of Cass' stuff.
Rapunzel: You did? (Pascal squeaks)
Eugene: Yes! I mean, look, as much as I dislike Cassandra's taste... ah... you gotta put friends first. (walks to the fireplace and puts the picture frame of him, Rapunzel, Pascal, Cassandra and Owl on it) Especially if it's a friend like Cassandra.
Rapunzel: Really? (walks to Eugene)
Eugene: It's like I always say, friends don't leave friends behind. (remembers what Raps said to his teenage self) (quaint music playing) (Raps smiles)


Enchanted Girl: "I sense your guilt, Cassandra. After all, Rapunzel was your friend and you betrayed her. But one could argue that she deserved it."
Cassandra: "Maybe."
Enchanted Girl: "Oh yes. More than you know. For she has already taken a piece of your newfound power."

(Flashback to two years ago)
Cassandra: "I can't stand her!! I want out!!"
Mrs. Crowley: 'Forget it! You're not getting resigned."
Cassandra: "I did not sign up for this!!"
Mrs.Crowley: "You're stuck with the Princess."
Cassandra: "Mrs. Crowley, you don't understand! It's not just the painting!! It's the constant singing and the ventriloquism..."

Eugene: "Why do you want to be friends with Cassandra, anyway?"
Rapunzel: "Because she's real. Eugene, I just spent eighteen years with someone who lied to my face."

Cassandra: "What do you mean Rapunzel stole some of my power?"
Enchanted Girl: "When Rapunzel touched the Moonstone's black rocks, they gave her their protective power. This kept the Sundrop safe until she made her way to the Dark Kingdom."
Cassandra: "So that power that she took belonged to the Moonstone."
Enchanted Girl: "And the Moonstone belongs to you. So you see? Even the power of the Moonstone is not completely yours."

The King and Queen of Hearts[edit]

  • King Trevor of Equis makes a third appearance
  • King Frederic and Queen Arianna's memories are fully restored

(birds cawing) (horse galloping, whinny) (The Kingdom of Equis is shown) (upbeat music) (two guards block the entrance via their halberds but they let the masked man enter) (halberd blades clang) (Masked man bows to King Trevor)

Masked man: I bring news from Corona. (gives King Trevor a letter) The king and queen's memories are lost, and rumor has it they are... drifting apart.
King Trevor: Drifting apart? (takes the letter from the Masked man to read it) Foolish Frederic. You may have won Arianna's affections all those years ago, but you cannot hold a rainbow in your hand forever. (Trevor Jr. barking) Yes! Sweet boy, we are off. To Corona! (Lucille sniffing Trevor Jr. kiss his soulmate when he will go to Corona alongside King Trevor) (a picture frame of Queen Arianna holding King Frederic's hand but King Frederic's head is underneath King Trevor's face)

(at Old Corona) (King Frederic and Queen Arianna are strapped on boards) (Varian evil laughter) (thunder) (Varian laughing) (rumbling) (Varian laughter continues) (Varian turns around when Ruddiger is tickling him) (Ruddiger chitters when he climbs out of Varian's pant leg)

Varian: Ruddiger, get outta my apron! That tickles! (mad at his pet for tickling him) (Ruddiger chitters) (Ruddiger runs) (Varian pulls the lever) (electricity sparking)
Rapunzel: Are you sure this is going to work? (asks Varian)
Varian: If my new machine works the way I think it should, (chuckling) and it will, we are moments away from reversing the effects of the Saporian's memory wand. (machinery whirring) (pipes burst) (pink goo splattering on King Frederic, Queen Arianna and Rapunzel) (Pascal squeaking but he sees Rapunzel has goo on her then he change colors to goo and Rapunzel smiles at Pascal)
King Frederic: Ugh... Where am I, and why am I so gooey?
Varian: I'm sorry, Rapunzel. I-I was so sure this was gonna work! (scratches his hair when he failed) (sigh) I feel like I've tried everything. (feeling down)
Rapunzel: You did your best, and besides, I have another method up my sleeve. Don't get me wrong. The power of science is impressive, but it is nothing compared to the power of love. (goo splattering on her and Pascal) (Varian backs away) (Ruddiger jumps off the ceiling then holds an apple) (Ruddiger chitters when he eats the fruit while Rapunzel smiles) (licks her hand) Mm, strawberry! (Varian smiles)

Day of the Animals[edit]

  • Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal and Maximus all team up for the very first time

(Hamuel cawing) (Pascal squeaking when holding onto Hamuel's talons) (Hamuel flies upside down) (Pascal squeaks when having fun flying on Hamuel) (Maximus pulls a wagon to Neserdnia) (Hamuel and Pascal bump on Max's nose then Max is grumbling at Pascal) (Pascal smiles and waves at Max but he flings Pascal and Hamuel to the back of the wagon then they land near the loot) (Rapunzel, Catalina, Kiera and Varian turn their head around to see that Pascal and Hamuel are next to the loot) (Rapunzel walks back to the wagon to pick up Pascal and pat Hamuel when she sits on her knees)

Rapunzel: Oop! Careful you two. We don't want to break this stuff before we get to Neserdnia. (Varian and Kiera turn their head around)
Kiera: That's right, once me and Catalina return this last sack of stolen loot, we will have officially put our thieving days behind us!
Varian: Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on a copper-plated alembic from the Neserdnian market! Do you have any idea how many poly-alchemical substration tests I'll be able to run? (Kiera is bored of Varian talking)
Kiera: Anyone wanna switch seats with me? (Rapunzel walks back to the front of the wagon and sits next to Varian)
Rapunzel: Hmm. We're happy to have you along, Varian. Plus, I'm hoping once Max and Ruddiger spend some time together, they can finally become friends. (tells Varian) (Maximus whinnies) (Max sees an apple) (Ruddiger wakes up) (Ruddiger chitters and runs to the tree to take the apple before Max) (Ruddiger puts a pinecone between Max's teeth) (Maximus groans) (Max spits the pinecone then he is mad at Ruddiger) (Ruddiger taunts Max but Pascal grouans and facepalms) (Pascal climbs to Max's snout and Pascal squeaking to tell Max to calm down) (Max snorting) (Max is neighing madly at Ruddiger for taunting him) (Max neighs angrily) (Max stomps his hooves)
Varian: Whoa!
Kiera: Yeah!
Rapunzel: Whoa! What happened? (Catalina walks to the back of the wagon) (Maximus and Ruddiger are fighting each other)
Catalina: What is this? (sees a magical shell pendant and picks it up) I don't remember stealing it.
Rapunzel: Oh. Whatever it is... it's beautiful.
Kiera: And I bet it's pretty valuable.
Varian: Uh, gang, hi, hello, speaking of valuables... we might wanna stow the loot. We're coming up on Deadman's Curve. Yeah, it's a hotbed of highway robbery. (owl hooting) (Dwayne is running) (Varian looks around while being scared of the area when holding Rapunzel's hair)
Kiera: Relax, V. Real thieves don't waste their time on here. It's mostly for hacks and knuckleheads. (Dwayne shows up) (Max, Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina see Dwayne)
Dwayne: Hand over the goods! (threatening Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina)
Catalina: Or in this case, both.
Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina: Hi, Dwayne. (they are mad at Dwayne while Varian bites his lip)
Dwayne: Aw, nuts. (puts his sword behind his back) Hello, princess. (greets Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Dwayne, what did we talk about last time you were caught trying to steal? (she, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are mad at Dwayne)
Dwayne: Don't do it. (kicks a rock) I promise. I'll never steal again. In fact, I'm gonna look for an honest job right now. (starts to leave) (Ruddiger sees that an apple is inside Max's saddle) Nice running into you. Enjoy your trip! (enters the bush) (Max grumbles at Ruddiger for taking an apple) (Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina are scared when Max pulls the wagon fast) (Ruddiger runs to a tree when he holds the apple while Max is mad and he chases after Ruddiger) (Maximus neighs) (Ruddiger is on the tree while Max pulls the wagon when he runs around in a circle) (Varian, Rapunzel and Catalina are scared while Kiera smiles then she is scared when Max runs around a tree)
Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina: Whoa!
Rapunzel: Guys, cut it out! (tells Maximus and Ruddiger) (Maximus stops running around the tree and sees Ruddiger up the tree) (Ruddiger chitters when he holds the apple)
Varian: Ruddiger, get down here! (tells his pet raccoon) (Pascal uses his tongue to take the apple away from Ruddiger) (Pascal runs when holding the apple but he trips on Hamuel) (Hamuel squawks) (Ruddiger jumps off the tree alongside Pascal and they land on Max)
Rapunzel: Come on, you guys! (she, Varian, Kiera and Catalina see that Maximus and Ruddiger are fighting for an apple) (Max runs around in a circle again)
Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina: (yelling) (Ruddiger drops the apple then Max stops) (Hamuel has the magical shell pendant) (Hamuel squawks when he grabs the apple with magical shell pendant then pulls it towards him while Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina see) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger are mad at Hamuel) (Max snorts) (Ruddiger with Pascal on Ruddiger's back jumps off Max) (Ruddiger is about to take the apple from Hamuel but Max still wants the same apple)
Rapunzel: Enough! (tells the animals to stop fighting) (Max whinnies) Maybe it's time for you all to just shake hands and get along. I mean, shake hoof and tail or beak and paw... Is that what raccoons have? Paws? I can never remember if it's paws or feet. Oh. Well, just shake what you've and get on with it. (Ruddiger chittering) (Hamuel squawking) (Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina see a light of the pendant surround them and suck them into it)
Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina: Whoa! (they are grunting when they land on the pillows that are inside the pendant) (Ruddiger and Hamuel stop holding the apple and the pendant after Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina are sucked into it) (Max, Pascal, Ruddiger and Hamuel see the pendant) (Ruddiger chitters happily when he touch the apple but Max neighs angrily) (Ruddiger and Max start to fight again) (thrilling music playing) (Ruddiger takes the apple that is attached to the pendant and runs while Max follows him) (the pendant is flung away by a flower then it lands on grass) (Max's head is stuck on a tree branch) (the wagon runs away with the loot)

(Varian, Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina are inside the pendant then they see Hamuel) (Hamuel caws then he walks away)

Rapunzel: Okay. Either we've somehow been magically shrunk down and imprisoned inside the shell pendant... Or?
Catalina: Or... (Rapunzel turns around)
Rapunzel: Yeah, sorry. I was hoping I'd think of something more positive sounding by the time I finished that thought but I've got nothing. (Kiera and Catalina are feeling down but Rapunzel comforted them) It's okay! It's okay! We'll find a way out of here. We have been in much worse situations. Definitely not weirder, but worse. (walks away from Varian, Kiera and Catalina to try to find an exit)
Kiera: What have I ever done to deserve this?
Varian: Di-didn't you steal from, you know, dozens of people?
Kiera: Oh, right. We're doomed. (picks up a pillow and tosses it to Varian)
Varian: (grumbles when the pillow slams onto his face then he removes it from his face and holds it above his head but Raps takes the pillow)
Rapunzel: Chin up, guys! (Varian sees that he is not holding the pillow then he grumbles when he turns around and sees that Rapunzel has the pillow) I bet Max and the others are already on their way to get help. (tells Varian, Kiera and Catalina) I'm sure we will be free in no time. (pendant is on grass) (Max is trying to free his head from the branches) (Hamuel squawks when he slams to a tree and Ruddiger chittering comically at Max) (Max whinnies) (Hamuel cawing when his head is also stuck between the branches) (bushes rustling) (Dwayne walks out of the bushes)
Dwayne: Say, princess, do you think I can catch a lift back into... sees the pendant next to a tree stump) (pendant shimmers) (Ruddiger laughing) Ah. (chucles deviously) (grabs the pendant) (Max pushes the tree hard to free himself but he lands on Ruddiger and Pascal) (Max neighs when he tries to find Ruddiger and Pascal then Max sees that the pendant is gone) (Maximus starts to walk while Ruddiger and Pascal fell to the ground) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger see a hole next to a tree stump) (Max and Ruddiger sniff to find footprints when they are heading opposite ways but Pascal sits on a tree stump) (Max sees footprints then he whinnies) (Max neighing happily points to a direction then turns around) (Pascal squeaks and turns around to tell Ruddiger) (Ruddiger also stops sniffing when he sees footprints) (Ruddiger chittering happily) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger decide to pick a path) (Max neighs) (Pascal squeaks) (Ruddiger chitters) (suspenseful music playing) (Ruddiger and Max start to argue again but Pascal tries to stop their fight) (Pascal squeakily screams when he is squashed by Ruddiger and Max due to their fight then Pascal separates them) (Max neighs) (Max runs) (Pascal squeaks) (Pascal follows Max) (Ruddiger squeaks) (Ruddiger chitters angrily then follows Pascal and Max)

(some footprints of Dwayne's are shown inside a forest when he is walking)

Dwayne: (chuckling) Swiped it right from under their noses. (holds the pendant and sees it) Stupid animals. (stops holding it) Serves 'em right. I hate animals. (a vulture squawks and Dwayne sees it up close when they slammed into each other then Dwayne backs away scared) Not birds though. I love birds. Especially giant scary birds. (vulture squawks loudly) (Dwayne runs away from the vulure)

(Inside the pendant, Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are on top of each other)

Rapunzel: (groans) Well, what can you see? (asks Catalina)
Catalina: Um... it looks like we're moving.
Varian: Where is Max taking us? (asks Catalina)
Catalina: Ugh. Max isn't the one carrying us. (sees Dwayne's nose) Dwayne is. (bushes rustles) (Dwayne goes the river and walks to a raft then steps on it)
Rapunzel: Hey, Catalina. Do you think you could push that jewel out of its setting?
Varian: Oh, yeah. Good idea. Good... If you can, you might be able to squeeze through that opening. (agrees with Rapunzel but he groans then he tells Catalina)
Catalina: I'll give it a try. (bends her head to tell Varian then she puts her head up when she is going to open the jewel) (groaning) It's in there pretty good. (suspenseful music playing) (Max is still sniffing the footprints) (Max whinnies) (Pascal squeaks) (Ruddiger and Pascal panting and stop walking) (Max neighs) (Max whinnies angrily and he turns his head both ways before seeing a boot alongside Ruddiger and Pascal) (Pascal squeaks when he and Ruddiger walk to Max) (the boot hops away then Hamuel is cawing when he appears out of the boot) (Hamuel hops the boot away then it makes footprints) (Ruddiger chitters angrily) (Max whickers) (Pascal chitters when he follows Hamuel while Max and Ruddiger are still mad) (Pascal comes out of the foilage and sees Dwayne sleeping on a raft) (Pascal returns to Max and Ruddiger to tell them that he saw Dwayne) (Pascal squeaks forcefully) (Max grabs Ruddiger then Max runs to the riverbank while Ruddiger holds on to Max's tail) (thilling music playing) (Max jumps on the medium sized rock while Pascal and Hamuel are on the saddle and Ruddiger is holding on the tail) (Max jumps above the bush then he goes under a fallen tree trunk then he stops when he sees the river) (a fork in the road is shown but Dwayne is going to the right) (Max whickers)

(Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are still inside the pendant)

Catalina: (grunting) Almost...got it! (pushing hard to take the jewel out of the setting and holds on to it)
Rapunzel: Great job Catalina! Can you fit?
Catalina: I'll try. (puts her hand between the jewel and the shell) (Dwayne wakes up to see Catalina's hand out of it and he is screaming then falls on his face) (Catalina's hand went back inside the jewel then it closes then Dwayne turns around) (Dwayne gasps and jumps away from the shell) (Catalina holds her hand that went between the jewel then she turns around to see it) (Dwayne walks to the shell and sees it)

(Catalina is bored) (Kiera is upside down while her eyes are closed) (Varian is wrapped around a curtain when he is upside down while his eyes are closed then he falls on his head and opens his eyes to see a plague then flips himself right side up after noticing it)

Varian: Guys, look! (tells Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina then they walk to him) Wow. This... It appears to be some sort of ancient chirography. Yeah! Mionotion perhaps? No, no... Maybe early Saporian?
Rapunzel: Uh, you're looking at it upside down. (tells Varian while she puts her arms on Kiera's head and Varian's goggles then she walks to the other side of the plague) (Varian tilts his head and realizes that he sees it the wrong way)
Varian: Oh, right. Of course.
Rapunzel: (clears throat) You are now prisoner of the shell. To escape its curse, you must return it to the briny deep of the sea, or remain inside it evermore."
Catalina: Uh... How can we return the shell to the sea when we're stuck inside of it? (Varian and Kiera look at Catalina when she asks Rapunzel)
Kiera: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We're doomed! (Rapunzel walks on the plague to comfort Kiera)
Rapunzel: Hey, don't forget. Doom upside down is whoop! And while you think about that, think about this: Our friends are still out there. Max is the best tracker in Corona! And he's probably on Dwayne's tail as we speak. (tells Varian, Kiera and Catalina about Max's trait)
Catalina: And Pascal is really, really smart. (Rapunzel, Varian and Kiera turn their heads when Catalina tells Rapunzel, Varian and Kiera about Pascal's trait)
Varian: Plus Ruddiger can be surprisingly resourceful. (tells Rapunzel, Kiera and Catalina about Ruddiger's trait)
Kiera: Anybody wanna say anything nice about that bird? (asks Rapunzel, Varian and Catalina about Hamuel but they turn their heads away then Rapunzel cross her arms, Catalina puts her hand behind her head and Varian is whistling while tapping his foot when they ignored Hamuel's trait)

(Dwayne is sleeping on a raft while it is floating on the river) (Max is still running fast while Ruddiger and Pascal are riding him) (thrilling music playing) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger see vine hanging on a tree branch) (Max neighs) (Max runs to a tree to grab a vine and runs) (Ruddiger and Pascal hold the vine then Max flings the vine to the other side but Pascal, Ruddiger and the vine slammed on a tree then Ruddiger and Pascal fell off the tree) (Ruddiger chittering angrily at Max when the former and Pascal are mad at Max) (Max neighs angrily when pulling the rope) (Pascal squeaks) (Dwayne's boot touches the vine then Ruddiger and Pascal are holding the vine but they slammed on a rock after letting go of it) (Max walks to Ruddiger and Pascal) (Max neighing angrily but Pascal and Ruddiger fell into the river then they walk to the other side of the river while soaking wet)

(at an area of the forest, Dwayne making a campfire while singing)

Dwayne: Who's the guy Who stole from the princess It's Dwayne, yeah, it's Dwayne

(still inside the shell, Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are trying to find an exit)

Rapunzel: Ugh! No trap doors, no secret passages, not even a hidden compartment. (scoffs) What kind of enchanted talisman is this?
Kiera: Looks like we're gonna be here for the rest of our lives. (tells Rapunzel, Varian and Catalina)
Catalina: I call this couch! (stops holding the pirate hat then she jumps onto the couch) Hey! Maybe it won't be that bad after all... (picks up a skull of a bird from the couch) Ew. (walks away from the couch then she goes behind Varian when she is holding the skull of a bird) Hi, roomie! My name's Scully. (Varian is scared when Catalina puts her hand inside the skull to make it talk then Catalina appears next to Varian) I got a bone to pick with you.
Kiera: Let me try. (runs to her sister because she wants a turn)
Catalina: Why? You wanna tickle everybody's funny bone? (Rapunzel puts her hand on Scully)
Rapunzel: Scully, shhh. Do you hear that? (asks Varian, Kiera and Catalina)

(at the campfire, Dwayne is cooking a hot dog)

Dwayne: It's Dwayne Who's gonna sell the necklace For a fortune, Dwayne is, that's me I say D-W-A-N- uh... I mean D-W-A-Y-N-E

(inside the shell)

Kiera: Oh, brother. (puts her hand on her head) (Rapunzel walks to a bullhorn and picks it up) (Rapunzel asks and tells Kiera, Varian and Catalina)
Rapunzel: Guys, don't you get it? If we can hear him, he can hear us. We just need to make our voices louder. (Kiera, Varian and Catalina walk to her) Hello!

(at the campfire)

Dwayne: (gasps while being frightened) Is someone there?

(from inside the shell) (Kiera grabs the bullhorn from Rapunzel)

Kiera: Listen, you bone-headed weasel! (Dwayne jumps when he frightened then he is protecting himself with his sausage when he is hearing voices)
Rapunzel: Angry, give it back. (tells Kiera to hand the bullhorn back to her)
Dwayne: Who's angry? Give what back? (confused)
Rapunzel: We're not going to get him to bring us to the sea by insulting him.
Dwayne: Wait... Insult who?
Varian: (whispering) You know, something tells me he's not going to do it if we ask him nicely either. (Dwayne takes his sausage off the twig then he puts it on his ear) (Dwayne takes the sausage away from his ear then he pokes it with his finger)
Rapunzel: You're right. (ghostly voice) Dwayne! This is your subconscious...
Dwayne: Huh? Sub... What now?
Rapunzel: Your subconscious. You know, your innermost self? That little voice in your head?
Dwayne: Oh, I don't understand.
Rapunzel: Just listen! You need to drop the pendant into the sea.
Dwayne: Well, why? (holds the pendant and sees it) This thing is worth a fortune!
Rapunzel: It is. Uh... But it's a... a magic pendant. If you throw it into the sea, it will grow... uh, 10 times as big... and be worth so much more.
Dwayne: Uh... I don't know.
Rapunzel: Uh, Might be time for some reverse psychology.
Kiera: I don't think forward psychology would work on this dimwit.
Rapunzel: You're right, Dwayne. Don't do it. Let the lucky crook you sell it to do it. That way he can get rich.
Dwayne: Why, that backstabbing jerk! (breaks his sausage into half and starts to storm off angrily) No one double-crosses Dwayne! (tosses the meat into the fire) (ominious music playing) (Max, Ruddiger and Pascal try to find Dwayne then they see him on a cliff) (Dwayne stops walking at the edge of the cliff and he removes the shell off his neck then he is about to toss it into the sea)

Rapunzel: That's it, Dwayne. You're almost there. (Max neighs when he and Ruddiger see that Dwayne is about to toss the shell into the sea) (Max whinnies) (Max turns around to come up with a plan alongside Ruddiger and Pascal to take the pendant away from Dwayne) (Max whickers and neighs determinedly) (Max drew Pascal holding a flag with #1 on it while Ruddiger holding a flag that has Max's name on it) (Max also drew him going to jump on a tree then he slides backwards then knocks Dwayne into the river and taking the pendant) (Ruddiger erases a draw of Pascal holding a flag #1 and Ruddiger holding a flag that has Max's name on it) (Ruddiger drew a plan of him jumping on Dwayne to knock him out and take the pendant) (Max whinnies angrily and he stomps his hoof) (Pascal drew of himself being annoyed while he grumbles) (Pascal and Ruddiger go to the same direction) (Pascal squeaks) (waves crashing) (Dwayne is about to toss the pendant back into the sea) (Rapunzel, Kiera, Varian and Catalina see that Dwayne is about to toss the pendant back into the sea)
Catalina: Oh! He's actually doing it! (tells Varian, Kiera and Rapunzel) (Pascal chitters when he and Ruddiger sneak up on Dwayne from behind) (Max neighs frantically) (Hamuel cawing when hanging on a branch upside down) (Pascal squeaks when he climbs on Dwayne while invisible) (Pascal turns visible and tries to take the pendant from Dwayne) (Pascal squeaks when he climbs down to the beads then he sees Varian, Catalina, Kiera and Rapunzel inside the shell) (Pascal chitters)
Rapunzel: Oh. Be careful, Pascal! (tells her pet when she, Kiera, Catalina and Varian are worried)
Dwayne: Pascal? (Pascal turns invisible again) My name's Dwayne. (Pascal squeaks) I'm beginning to think you're not my... my sub... sub... (stammering) That thing you said. (Pascal is visible when he squeaks) (Dwayne yelps) (Dwayne tries to shake Pascal off the pendant while Pascal squeaks) (Dwayne flings Pascal to the ground then Pascal squeaks weakly) (Ruddiger chittering when he runs towards and leaps on Dwayne but the former is tossed back to the ground) (Max whinnies angrily when he runs towards Dwayne) (Dwayne runs from Max then the former jumps down) (Max turns around and neighs angrily at Ruddiger and Pascal for letting Dwayne escape with the pendant that sucked Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina inside) (Max runs to find Dwayne) (Max whinnying when he picked up Dwayne's scent then he walks to a tree stump where Dwayne is hiding behind) (branches rustling then Ruddiger and Pascal appear)(thrilling music playing) (Ruddiger and Pascal are slammed into Max) (Ruddiger, Pascal and Max crashing) (Dwayne runs away) (Dwayne laughing deviously) (Ruddiger chitters, Pascal squeaks and Max whinnies) That's right. No dumb animal is ever going to catch Dwayne... (a vulture swoops down to pick him up) (Dwayne yells when the vulture brings him back to the nest but Dwayne drops one of his boots)

(inside the pendant) (Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina see Maximus, Pascal and Ruddiger on the ground)

Rapunzel: Wow. Did not see that coming. (tells Varian, Kiera and Catalins) (Max neighs angrily at Ruddiger and Pascal) (Max snorts) (Ruddiger angrily chittering) (Pascal angrily squeaking) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger angrily chattering) (Max, Ruddiger and Pascal walk away from each other) (Hamuel swoops down then he slammed on the ground and cawing)

(rain started pouring) (lightning strikes) (Max whinnies) (Max whickers sadly) (sad music playing) (Max sees a puddle of Ruddiger's tail and he walks on the puddle) (Max is walking when feeling down to find Ruddiger, Pascal and Hamuel) (Ruddiger climbs on a tree branch then chitters sadly then he sees an apple hanging on a branch and sees a raindrop of Max on the apple) (Ruddiger chitters sadly while putting his tail on his eyes when feeling down) (Pascal is holding a leaf while sitting at a fallen tree trunk then a water droplet puts the fire out and Pascal is freezing) (Pascal chitters sadly) (thunder crashes) (Pascal squeaks) (Hamuel's beak is filled with water when he squawks then the water is inside the body) (Hamuel walks)

(at the vulture's nest)

Dwayne: Don't eat me! I'm probably all gristle. (pinches his arm) (Vulture newborns peeping) (vulture gagging) What? You want me to eat that? Uhh.. Thanks but I'm not really a worm guy.

(the pendant is hanging on a twig) (Rapunzel, Varian, Catalina and Kiera are on top of each other)

Kiera: Looks like we can officially count the animals out of our rescue plan.
Rapunzel: Guys, I have been in a lot of situations like this. Well, not like this. I mean, how often does a person get stuck inside a trinket? But the important thing is we can never give up hope on our friends. Max is a top-notch guard. He just needs to learn that a great leader has to listen as well as give orders. (Maximus whickers) (Max sees beavers and an owl help each other which makes Max smile) In other words, he has to learn how to play well with others. They all do. Each one of those guys has something special about them. Pascal may be small but he's mighty. And also adorable. (Pascal squeaks sadly) (Rapunzel chuckles)(Max neighs) (Pascal hears Max coming to him) (Max neighs happily and licks Pascal) (Pascal squeaks happily) (Pascal climbs on Max) (Pascal squeaking) (Max neighing) (Max and Pascal run to find Ruddiger and Hamuel) And Ruddiger is cunning, and loyal (Ruddiger is sleeping upside down when he hangs on a tree) (Ruddiger snores then wakes up when he see Max and Pascal coming) (Max distant neighing) (Ruddiger chitters inquisitively) (thrilling music playing) (Ruddiger stops hanging upside down and sits on a tree) (Max stomps a tree twice and two apples fell to Ruddiger's paws) (Ruddiger chitters happily) (Max neighs) (Pascal squeaking when he waves to Ruddiger) (Ruddiger holds two apples while jumping to Max's saddle then he gives one apple to Max) (Pascal and Max turn around) (Ruddiger and Max toast the apples before eating the fruit then they eat) (Max, Pascal and Ruddiger leave to find Hamuel) If they could just come together, they would be unstoppable. (Max neighs when leaping above a rock)

(back inside the pendant, Varian is on Rapunzel's shoulders then he jumps off while Kiera and Catalina are sitting on a couch)

Kiera: I couldn't help but notice you forgot to mention the bird. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Oh! I didn't forget.
Catalina: But Princess, even if those guys got their acts together, how would they find us all the way up here?
Rapunzel: You're right. (walks to a curtain) Did you say your finger was normal sized when it was outside the shell. (asks Catalina)

(Max sniffing the ground while Ruddiger and Pascal are seeing different directions to find Hamuel) (Max whickers angrily)

(back inside the pendant, Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina make fireworks that Maximus, Pascal, Ruddiger and Hamuel will see)

Varian: Great idea, Princess! (takes his goggles off his eyes while telling Rapunzel) (Kiera turns around) Nothing like a little pizazz to get their attention. (sends the fireworks outside) (fireworks explosion) (Max neighs when he hears the fireworks) (Max, Ruddiger and Pascal see the fireworks that Varian sent out of the pendant) (Ruddiger zooms his paws closer to see the fireworks) (fireworks cracking) (Ruddiger chitters excitedly and he puts his paws on Max's eyes) (Max neighs excitedly) (dramatic music playing) (Max runs to the direction of the fireworks alongside Ruddiger and Pascal) (Ruddiger chitters) (Max whinnies when he, Ruddiger and Pascal see a tree trunk) (Max neighs when he puts Ruddiger and Pascal down) (Ruddiger chitters) Pascal squeaks) (Max draws a plan of how to go to the vulture's nest) (Pascal squeaks) (Ruddiger chitters) (Max neighs and he agrees with Ruddiger's idea) (heavy thudding) (Max kicks the tree trunk then it lands on a rock) (Ruddiger and Pascal climb on the tree trunk) (Pascal squeaks) (Ruddiger chitters and Pascal squeaks) (Max jumps from a ledge to the tree trunk to launch Pascal and Ruddiger to a tree trunk that holds the pendant) (Pascal chitters) (Rapunzel sees Pascal and Ruddiger)
Rapunzel: It's Ruddiger and Pascal!
Varian: Hey!
Rapunzel: Yes! (laughs) (Pascal squeaks) (Ruddiger is about to take the pendant from the branch) (Ruddiger and Pascal see Dwayne, a vulture and the newborn)
Dwayne: Oh, thank goodness! You gotta help me burglar cat! (tells Ruddiger) (vulture squawking loudly) (Ruddiger trips)
Varian: No! Ruddiger! (worried about his pet) (Rapunzel shocked) (vulture squawks) (Ruddiger is saved by Hamuel) (Hamuel questioningly squawks) (Hamuel cawing) (Ruddiger blows a raspberry at the vulture) (vulture squawks angrily to prevent Ruddiger and Hamuel near the nest) (vulture chases Ruddiger and Hamuel) (Pascal pretends to be a rock) Oh, we're doomed. (Pascal squeaking while climbing up the tree)
Rapunzel: Varian, wait! Wait, wait! This is part of their plan. (Pascal takes the pendant from the tree) Ha ha! (Pascal squeaks happily) Dwayne. (Pascal sees Dwayne trying to reach the pendant) (the vulture newborns peeping while restraining him from taking the pendant but his pents ripped and he falls to the edge of the cliff) (Pascal frightened squeaking when he falls off the cliff) (Ruddiger and Hamuel see that Pascal fell off the cliff they swoop down to save him) (vulture angrily squawks then it starts to chase Ruddiger and Hamuel again) (Pascal is saved by Rapunzel's hair)
Kiera: Nice shot, Rapunzel! (she, Varian and Catalina holding on to an object)
Rapunzel: I gotta admit... that was pretty close. (Pascal squeaks) (Max neighs) (Pascal and Max hug) (vulture distant squawking when it continues to chase Ruddiger and Hamuel) (Max worried whinnying when he and Pascal see that Ruddiger and Hamuel are still being chased by a vulure) (Max has an idea) (vulture angry squawking) (thrilling music playing) (Ruddiger and Hamuel are continuing to be chased by the vulture) (Max neighs loudly to tell Ruddiger and Hamuel to fly back to the log where he and Pascal are) (Pascal acts as a light to signal Ruddiger and Hamuel to fly into the log) (Hamuel cawing) (Hamuel, Ruddiger and a vulture fly into a u-turn) (Ruddiger, Hamuel and a vulture fly into a log) (Max kicks the log by turning it around with a vulture inside the log and it slams at the cliff then it falls on the ground) (vulture squawks sadly when it flies back to the nest) (Max sees the vulture flies back to the nest) (Ruddiger and Hamuel with the pendant land on Max) (Max walks to the sea and throws the pendant back to it) (the pendant freed Rapunzel, Kiera, Varian and Catalina) (drama music playing) (Rapunzel, Kiera, Varian and Catalina are happy to be back) (Max neighs happily to see that Rapunzel, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are freed from the pendant then Max jumps to the water around while Ruddiger reaches inside Max's bag) You did it! Yoo-hoo!(hugs Max) (Ruddiger hides an apple behind his back) (Rapunzel hugs Max, Pascal and Ruddiger) I knew this trip would be trip was gonna be good for you guys) (tells Max, Pascal and Ruddiger) (Max neighs when he agrees with Rapunzel about the trip then Ruddiger puts his paw on Max's snout) (Max whickering when he sniffs an apple behind Ruddiger's back) (Max neighs) (Ruddiger chittering) (Ruddiger shows Max the apple then Max smiles) (Ruddiger runs when he chitters)(Hamuel squawks) (Max runs after Ruddiger) (Hamuel flies)
Catalina: Well, it looks like it was a happy ending for everyone. Right. Scully? "You can say that again." (walks alongside Varian, Rapunzel and Kiera) (chuckles)
Kiera: By the way... anyone see what happened to Dwayne? (asks Rapunzel, Varian and Catalina) (Kiera, Rapunzel, Varian and Catalina stop walking then Rapunzel and Varian turn their heads to see each other)

(at the vulture's nest) (vulture squawks)

Dwayne: So, you gonna finish that worm? (asks the vulture) (chicks peeping)

Be Very Afraid[edit]

  • Princess Rapunzel and Varian team up for the third time; the others being in "The Alchemist Returns" and "Rapunzel's Return, Part 2"

(serene music playing) (crunch) (Cassandra grunt)

Cassandra: (pants) I can't control it.
Ghostly Girl: You will, Cassandra. In time.
Cassandra: I thought by taking the MoonStone, my destiny would become clear. But... what if I don't even have a destiny?
Ghostly Girl: Of course you do. It is to destroy Rapunzel.
Cassandra: Destroy Rapunzel? (see red rocks smashing) But... I-I couldn't-- What's happening? (asks her mentor)
Ghost Girl: You're connected the rocks. They respond to your feelings. Even fear. (suspense music playing)

(at Old Corona) (owl hooting)

Varian: What does it mean, Demanitus? What does it mean? (translating the scroll then he turns around when he hears his dad)
Quirin: Varian! (Varian opens the door and sees that his dad is encased by inside the amber)
Varian: Dad! No! No, not again! (runs to his dad to help free him)
Feldspar: Serves you right, traitor. (tells Varian)
Man: There's the betrayer. (angry mob chatter) (Varian sees the angry townspeople)
Old Lady Crowley: This is what you deserve!
Varian: Dad?
Quirin: Varian! (wants his son to help him)
Varian: No! What? Uh... (wakes up from his nightmare) (table rattling) (sighs) (runs outside while Ruddiger is on his neck)
Quirin: Morning, son. (Varian sees his dad pushing a wheelbarrow of apples) (Ruddiger squeaks when he sees red rocks)
Varian: What is it, buddy? (asks his pet) (Ruddiger chittering then he climbs off Varian and runs down the steps) (Ruddiger sniffs, chitters then backs away scared) (Varian walks down the steps and sees the red rocks) Well... this is new. (Ruddiger chitters when he goes behind Varian)

(at the castle, Lance is giving people a tour) (Pascal is unamused when he is on Lance's shoulder)

Lance: Last stop on our tour, the north balcony. Technically, the last stop is the royal kitchen, but I lost kitchen privileges after the last month's incident. Word to the wise, a meatball catapult may sound like a brillant idea in theory, but in practice... Well, it's a long story. Let's not talk about it, let's just move on. (red rocks rumbling) (people murmuring) (ground cracking) (red rocks rumbling) (old man screaming) Okay, biceps, let's do this! (tries to hold on to an old man that fell from the balcony) (yells) (Rapunzel sees and runs to save Lance, Pascal and an old man from falling) (Lance screaming) (Rapunzel unties her hair then she wraps her hair to the lampost and grunts to save Lance, Pascal and an old man) (Lance, Pascal and an old man fell into a pile of hay) Oh. Whoa! (laugh) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: I call that move, "the slingshot."
Lance: Give it up for Princess Rapunzel! (tells the people) (Lance, Pascal and townspeople are cheering for Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Ah, just doing my part. (chuckles) (Eugene runs to Rapunzel and asks)
Eugene: Everybody okay?
Rapunzel: We're fine, but we have some new additions. (she and Eugene see the red rocks) (walks to the red rocks and puts her hand on it) Cassandra?

(worried when he is trying to find his pet raccoon when he walks around the city) (horse neighs)

Varian: Ruddiger! R-Ruddiger! (groans) (sighs) W--Ruddiger, where are you? (a raccoon chittering and Varian runs) (upbeat music playing) Hey! Buddy, where you headed? (chases a raccoon when Varian sees it leaps on roof while he is running on the stairs) (a raccoon chirp) (Varian jumps off the stairs) (sigh, grunts) (bumps into a wall) (runs to Feldspar and a woman that is holding an infant to greet them) Oh! Sorry. Hi.
Feldspar: Don't you have a kingdom to overthrow or something? (asks Varian but he ignores him)
Varian: (chuckling) Yeah... Uh, you haven't seen a raccoon around, have you? (asks Feldspar and a lady)
Lady: Humph! (infant crying)
Varian: Okay. Uh... N-Never mind. (chuckles) (walks away from Feldspar and a lady holding an infant) (raccoon chirping) (thud) (sees a raccoon and runs after it) Ruddiger! Hey, hey, hey, come back here! Ruddig-- (sees a different raccoon) (raccoon meowing and licking fur) (raccoon screech and it runs away but Ruddiger is shown from behind) (Varian turns around and he is glad to see Ruddiger then runs to him) (gasp) Hey! Buddy, I was looking for you! Wha-- What are you-- Hello? (tries to snap his pet out of it) W-what's wrong? (picks up his pet) Hey. (red rocks crash) (people screaming)

(Uncle Monty is putting a candy apple at the window then he waves to Maximus) (Max whinnies when he sees the candy apples)

Monty: Aaaaah! (sees the red rocks rumbling) (Max also sees the red rocks rumbling)
Butcher: Stop, thief! (Dwayne is running away with a sack) (Max whinnies and neighing) (Max tries to leave but he sees shackles on him) (Max whinnying) (Attila exits his bakery while holding a tray of three burned croissants)
Attila: Hey, what's with all these red rock-- Ah!
Croissants: Attila! You burned us! Now, we'll burn you!
Attila: I'm sorry I overcooked your golden, flaky crust! (runs away from his fear while he is holding his tray) (Attila screams) (Max neighs)
Lance: Max! Max! It's okay! It's okay, buddy! (runs to Maximus and comforts him) They're only roc-- (Max neighing and runs away) Hm. Has everyone lost their minds?
Clown spider: Oh, Lance!
Lance: (screams) A clown-spider!? (backs away from his fear) (whimpers)
Clown spider: Now, sing! (tells Lance)
Lance: No! (about to run) (Rapunzel and Eugene are taking a stroll while they are holding hands)
Eugene: Looks like there's more of those red rocks here, too. (he and Rapunzel see Lance running away scared)
Lance: You can't make me sing in front of all those people! No!
Eugene: Hey now, what's gotten into him? (talking about Lance)
Rapunzel: It's like these new rocks are making people see their worst fear.
Eugene: Yeah, but the rocks aren't doing anything to me. Probably because I'm not scared of much. (sees his fear via the mirror) No. No, no, no... Not a cowlick. Not a cowlick! (turns around after seeing his fear) Somebody wake me up from this fresh misery! (Rapunzel comforts him)
Rapunzel: It's okay, Eugene! These rocks are messing with our heads. (Eugene checks his hair for cowlicks) Whoa! (shocked by a frozen Ruddiger)
Varian: Sorry! Sorry. Just me. Hi. And, uh, Ruddiger. Kinda. (puts his pet on the barrel while he scratches his head)
Rapunzel: Varian, is he okay? (sees that Ruddiger is frozen) (Pascal squeaking when he leaps to a frozen Ruddiger) What happened? (asks Varian while Pascal taps a frozen Ruddiger)
Varian: Uh, I'm not quite sure, but it has something to do with these new rocks. (he, Pascal, Rapunzel and Eugene see the rocks) I mean, I've only been able to study them for a few hours, but their effects appear to be extremely dangerous. (puts his hand on a frozen Ruddiger)
Eugene: Oh yeah? More dangerous than bringing people's greatest fear to life? (Pascal squeaks when he goes back to Rapunzel)
Varian: Yes well, if people remain under that fear spell for too long, it looks like they'll become frozen with terror permanently. (picks up and holds a frozen Ruddiger)
Rapunzel: Well, gang, it sounds to me like we need to find a way to turn these fearful frowns upside down! (Varian moves a frozen Ruddiger closer to her and give the frozen pet a smile and Pascal squeaks) (Pascal and Eugene are scared of Ruddiger's smile) Okay, yep. Sorry. That just wound up making him look creepier. (Rapunzel is painting a picture of Varian holding a scared Eugene) Think this'll keep people away from these rocks? (finished painting and puts her paintbrush on the easel then asks Eugene)
Eugene: Couldn't you made us a little more, I don't know, brave? (sees the picture of him being scared while Varian holds him)
Rapunzel: I really wanted to get the point across. Besides, you're so cute when you're screaming in terror. (pinches Eugene's cheeks then hugs him)
Eugene: (chuckles) Well, that is true. Hey, sunshine, how come you're not affected by these rocks? I mean, why aren't you screaming your head off at some vision of your worst fear?
Rapunzel: Because... as long I have Pascal with me, I'm not afraid of anything. (tickles her pet) (Pascal squeaks when he acts tough)
Varian: Guys, I think I might have an idea. (holds his magnifying glass while his frozen pet is next to him when he tells Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal)

(at the castle, Rapunzel, Pascal and Varian see a map then the latter circles one of the tunnels with his marker) (Eugene holds Varian's frozen pet)

Varian: Now, theoretically, if we sever this chain of rocks, using one of my alchemical solutions, then we can cut off the red rocks' fear power.
Rapunzel: Oh, we can so cut off their power. (turns around to see Pascal on her shoulder then Pascal squeaks)
Varian: You just need a cavern that runs deep enough.
Rapunzel: Deep cavern... (gasp) I know just the place! (she, Varian and Eugene hear a handmaiden screaming when running away from a moth-winged Old Lady Crowley)
Moth-winged Old Lady Crowley: Hey! You didn't change the linens!
Maid: No, no, no, no! (Rapunzel, Varian and Eugene run to her then they see her frozen)
Rapunzel: (gasp) Oh, no! (touches the frozen maid) It's getting worse. We can't let this happen to anybody else. Your plan starts now.

(Varian opens his bag while being worried) (suspense music playing) (Varian grabs one of his amber solutions then puts it back) (bottles clinkling) (Raps, Eugene and Lance see Varian) (Rapunzel tells Eugene and Lance to cheer the townspeople while she and Varian go underground)

Rapunzel: It's up to you two to keep the people's spirits up. Remember, you can't let fear take hold of anyone for too long, or...
Eugene: Don't worry, sunshine, we'll think of something.
Lance: Yeah, with us two putting our heads together-- (scream) (Clown-spider laughing) Get away from me, Clown-spider! (he is screaming and running away) (Eugene catches the frozen Ruddiger after Lance tossed Varian's frozen pet into the air)
Eugene: Or I'll be thinking of something at the very least.

(Rapunzel, Varian and Pascal are at the underground tunnels) (insects buzzing) (Rapunzel and Pascal are worried about Varian when he is scared)

Varian: No problem. We got this. No problem, we got this. (chuckle) (Pascal sees a scared Varian) (Pascal squeaks when he sees an insect) (Rapunzel and Varian go to the other side of the wood) (Rapunzel and Varian stop walking for a second)
Rapunzel: You okay, Varian? (asks him) Because you've said, "No problem, we've got this," 23 times now. Look, I'm actually keeping track. Heh. (she shows Varian a drawing of him and the twenty-three tally marks on the next page of her journal)
Varian: (chuckling) That's... I'm fine, really. Uh, you know, just trying not to set off 3000 traps down here! (tells Raps) (he and Raps continue to walk) (Pascal sees an insect flying to a lever then Pascal's tongue activates it) (lever rattling and Pascal eats the insect)
Rapunzel: Relax. We've been through these tunnels too many times for that to-- (sees Pascal eating the insect and the lever is activated) (traps creaking, hiss) (Varian, Rapunzel and Pascal see the traps underneath them open) Look out! (tells Varian) (she is holding on but Varian's book and amber solutions fell out of his bag)
Varian: Whoa! My supplies! (explosion) (tries to hold on) Oh! (struggling) (about to fall into the hole but Rapunzel unties her hair to save him) (Varian is screaming then he grabs on to Rapunzel's hair) (Rapunzel grunting when she pulls Varian up) Ooh! Oh, thank you.
Rapunzel: Oh, are you okay? (asks Varian after she pulled him up) (Varian takes his bag off his back)
Varian: I'm fine. (holds his bag to see his items that remain inside) Oh, but we've only got one vial of my solution left. (takes his solution out his bag then he puts his bag on his back)
Rapunzel: Well, then I guess, we'll just have to make it count. (tells Varian before he walks away) (Pascal squeaking and he sees another insect) (clears throat) (scolds Pascal)

(at the courtyard)

Eugene: Lance, I've got it! We are going to throw a talent show!
Lance: You wanna do a talent show? Now? (asks Eugene)
Eugene: Yes! Now is the perfect time for a talent show! Think about it. The production will be so entertaining, the people won't even remember to be scared.
Boy: Ah! Get away! No! (bumps into Eugene) (the boy runs away scared when Eugene sees him) (Eugene turns around and sees Nigel running away from his fear)
Nigel: Dragons! Dragons! (stops running) There are dragons everywhere! (he becomes frozen) (suspense music playing)
Eugene: And... our show's gotta start now.

(at the tunnels)

Rapunzel: Not much further. We're almost there, Varian. Have that solution of yours ready. (she continues walking but Varian stops walking then she turns around to walk back to him when she and Pascal see that Varian is scared) Varian, whatever the red rocks are showing you, they're just visions. They're not real. (tells Varian)
Varian: But they are. Do you know what this is? (shows Rapunzel his amber solution that he is holding)
Rapunzel: It's what gonna help us sever the red rocks' fear power. (tells Varian)
Varian: Yes, but it's also the same compound that encased my father. You know, the red rocks make everybody else see hallucinations, but what I see is something that really happened. (sees his reflection via his amber solution) This stuff ruined my life. (Pascal squeaks) Because of this, I did-- I did terrible-- (turns away from Rapunzel) (Varian accidentally drops his amber solution then he, Rapunzel and Pascal see it is going to the floor) (Pascal screech, whip) (Varian sigh)
Rapunzel: Great snag, buddy! (tells Pascal) (Varian takes his amber solution from Pascal) (Pascal sighs and phews)
Varian: If that had smashed, then Corona would've been done for, and everyone would hate me even more than they do now. Not that I blame them. (sighs)
Rapunzel: Varian, you can't be so hard on yourself. (puts her hand on him when she is comforting him)
Varian: That's easy for you to say. You're the embodiment of the Sun Drop. You know, the wondrous, magical Sun Drop. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Ah! You hear that, Pascal? He called me wondrous and magical. (loves Varian's compliment) (chuckle) (Pascal squeaks)
Varian: No, what I'm saying is for ordinary people, like me, fear is just a little bit more debilitatiing. (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel holds his hand to comfort him)
Rapunzel: Varian... There is nothing ordinary about you. (he sees that Rapunzel is holding his hand) (Varian is cheered up then he and Rapunzel walk alongside each other when holding hands)

Cassandra: There must be another way.
Enchanted Girl: You once questioned why you have no destiny. Now that you have one, don't question it. You must wield the power of the MoonStone and the Sun Drop, but you cannot do that without destroying Rapunzel. (she turns the other way to smile evilly) (suspense music playing)

Eugene: Welcome, one and all, to Corona's first talent show! Now, let's turn up the talent! (audience murmuring) (Vladimir holds a ceramic unicorn)
Vladimir: And now, we're gonna add some happy little eyeballs. (holds a paintbrush) There. (chuckle) This fella's got blue eyes.
Feldspar: Unicorns! (runs away screaming)
Old Lady Crowley: In my job, I fold a lot of laundry, so when I play cards, the last thing I'm gonna do... is fold! Laugh! (gasping, murmuring) (Eugene is worried) (curtain squeaking) (Catalina is the third act while Kiera announces)
Kiera: Gather close, one and all, for the truly astounding feats the likes of which you have never seen before. Standing beside me today is a young woman, my sister. You know her as Catalina, but I know her as the eighth wonder of the world! A girl who possesses a singular talent that is, I guarantee, the most stupendous, the most eye-popping...
Eugene: Oh, no. (worried about Catalina turning into a werewolf)
Kiera: The most fantastical spectacle ever to be witnessed! Feast your eyes upon the beast! (Catalina growling) (people gasping) (Catalina's outfit ripping) (Catalina growling) (Catalina howl) (people gasping and screaming then they are running away)
Catalina: But I didn't even get to my soft shoe routine!
Attila: Do, re, mi...
Lance: No, no, no! You're singing all wrong. Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees relaxed, so not raise your chin, it puts tension on your voice, and please breathe through your diaphragm. (red rocks crash) (people gasping) (Eugene gasps) (Monty and a lady gasping)
Man: We're doomed, dommed! There's nowhere to hide! (gasps) (Eugene sees him running to the red rocks and touches them then he becomes frozen)
Lance: Attila! Ah, not like that! Like this! (Eugene turns around) Figaro, figaro You have to dig Through the belly! In through the nose. Figaro me Figaro you, figaro me Figaro her, figaro dog, figaro cat (Eugene walks to Lance and tells the latter that he is the final act)
Eugene: Lance. (pushes Attila away)
Lance: Huh, uh, what?
Eugene: I just figured out who's up next. You. You are gonna calm the people of Corona down by singing!
Lance: (laughing) What?

(rocks rumbling) (Rapunzel, Varian and Pascal are heading to the Demanitus Chamber)

Varian: Rapunzel, we really gotta hurry. (chuckle) How much farther is it?
Rapunzel: Uh, we're here. You wanted a big underground cavern? I give you... the Demanitus Chamber.
Varian: Whoa. It-- it's amazing. (surprised to see the Demanitus Device)
Rapunzel: You should have seen it before all these red rocks. (tells Varian)
Varian: Y-you actually s-seen this before? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: You could say that. (Pascal squeaking) (she pets Pascal)
Varian: Man, I would've loved to have met Demanitus! (chuckle)
Rapunzel: I did. Nice guy. He was a monkey. (tells Varian) Uh, long story. (Varian turns towards Rapunzel)

(Rapunzel and Varian walk downstairs to the Demanitus Device) (rocks crumbling)

Varian: Oh! Okay, there's the base. Encasing it in amber should stop the fear-- (jumps off the stairs and runs to the base of the device when he points to it) (rumbling) (Varian yelping)
Rapunzel: Okay, less explaining, more pouring. (pushes Varian) (unties her hair to put around Varian's waist when he walks to the red rock but he is scared) (rumbling)
Quirin: Varian! Please help me! (Varian hears and sees his dad calling him) (Varian is scared and he sadly sees his solution but pours his solution on a red rock then runs back to Rapunzel) (Rapunzel shields her and Varian) (Pascal squeak) (rumbling continues) (Rapunzel stops protecting her and Varian)
Varian: What? Gah, I don't understand! This solution should encase the red rock... Oh, of course! Oh, so dumb, Varian! Whatever turned these rocks red must've also changed their internal chemistry.
Rapunzel: So, that solution only works on black rocks?
Varian: Yes. Well, what's left of it. (tapping his beaker) But, I... I don't even see any black rocks. (tries to find black rocks)
Rapunzel: I do. (puts one of her hand on Varian's shoulder when she points to a black rock at the top) (Varian walks closer to the edge to see a black rock) (suspense music playing)
Varian: Okay, this just got a lot harder.

(at the courtyard)

Clown spider: Lance! Time to sing in public, Lance!
Lance: (yelps) (backs away from his fear)
Clown spider: Oh, yes! Yes!
Lance: (whimpering)
Clown spider: Time to sing in front of all these people. (opens the curtains to push Lance on stage but he is scared) They're waiting on you, Lance!
Eugene: Come on, buddy. You've got this! I believe in you! (tells Lance) (Lance closes the curtains to tell his fear that he is brave) (Clown spider gasps)
Lance: You know what? I'm bigger than you. I'm bigger than you. (Clown spider whimpering) I'm bigger than my fear. Hm! (walks away to perform on stage) (Eugene clicks the switch of the spotlight to turn it on)

When you're scared and stricken and losing your cool When you're such a chicken, you feel like a fool Don't freeze up, just ease up Take one deep breath And don't forget this little rule

Uh! There it is! Ha, ha! Come with me, people! Yeah! When your palms are sweatin' When panic attacks When you're close to wettin' your favorite slacks Stop freakin' and shriekin' Don't look so bleak and just relax, kid And if you weaken when your courage starts plummet, step up and overcome it

'Cause you're bigger, you're badder, you're better than that You know you're stronger and harder and smarter than that So when you're haunted or daunted, stay calm as a cat What are you afraid of? You're bigger than that

Yeah! Aw, I feel good now! Woo! Come on!

If you're still uneasy, still tremblin' in dread You're still so queasy, you'd rather be dead Don't sweat it, don't fret it 'Cause if you let it turn your head, kid You can't forget it, so if anything dismays ya, no need to let it faze ya

'Cause you're bigger, you're badder, you're better than that You know you're bolder! Uh, you're buffer. You're tougher than that And since you're braver, don't waver! Just hand it its hat Show it what you're made of. You're bigger than that

And once you know this, there's nothing to fear Every neurosis will just disappear Because you're bigger, you're badder, you're better than that You know you're chiller and you're flipper and you're hipper than that So face your demon, stop screamin', and pummel it flat What were you afraid of? You're bigger than that!

(audience cheering) (Eugene smiles)


Varian: (chuckles) You're telling me I gotta climb all the way up there? (chuckles) Nobody in their right mind would climb--
Rapunzel: Race you up to the top! (tells Varian then he sees her starting to climb to the Demanitus Device)
Varian: Oh, come on.

(low music playing) (Rapunzel and Varian are climbing the Demanitus Device)

Varian: (grunting when he climbs the Demanitus Device) (rocks crumbling) (yelping and grunt when he holds on) (rocks rumbling)
Rapunzel: Whoa! Watch out! (dodging the rocks that are headed towards her and Varian then she warns the latter)
Varian: (grunts) (falls while screaming) No!
Rapunzel: Varian! (she uses her as a lasso when she and Pascal see Varian fall off)
Varian: Oh! (gasp) (grabs on to Rapunzel's hair)
Rapunzel: (grunts) (puts her hair around the object that holds a boulder and she pulls Varian up) Phew! (sits on her hair)
Varian: It's no use, Rapunzel! I can't do this!
Rapunzel: Varian, you cannot let fear run your life. Look, I'm afraid too.
Varian: Yeah, you said that, Princess, but you don't see what I see. (he still sees his fear of his dad encased inside amber)
Rapunzel: That’s true. I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m seeing... (Varian turns around to see her) other things. (sighs) I see Corona. It's covered in black rocks. And I see Cassandra. She's conquered the kingdom, destroyed it forever. And you know what the weird part is? What I'm most afraid of is losing Cassandra as a friend. Forever.
Varian: I had no idea. (comforts Rapunzel after she talked to him about her fear)
Rapunzel: I guess we both have trouble talking about what scares us. (she and Varian see the rocks rumble) (suspense music playing)
Varian: I'll do it. Just, uh, gimme a lift. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: One lift coming up. (grunts) (Varian lands on the Demanitus Device then he looks at Rapunzel) Hurry, Varian! (tells him to go fast) (Varian starts to climb up) (red rocks scraping and cornered her) (Rapunzel grunts) (Pascal hides inside Rapunzel's hair) (Cassandra is going to put her hand on a red rock)
Rapunzel: (groaning) Cass?
Cassandra: Rapunzel? (she is mad) (Rapunzel sees her hands are turning red due to her fear)
Rapunzel: Uh, Varian? (Varian climbs up when his hands slowly starts to be frozen while he is mad)
Varian: (grunting) It's not real. (he is about to be frozen) I can do this. (he tells himself that he is brave) (panting) Okay. (grunting) (crumbling) (about to be frozen when he reaches the top) (takes the vial out of his bag) Ah! Come on! Come on. (drops the beaker) Ah! The vial! No! (catches the beaker with his boot before he is about to be frozen permeantly) (he hears his dad calling him again)
Quirin: Varian! (Varian closes his eyes then he sees the amber solution is going to fall out of the beaker)
Varian: Oh no, no, no! Don't! (toss the beaker up via his boot then he catches it) (grunt) Got ya. (black rock slowly starts to turn red) (groaning)

Fight the fear! Fight it! (tells himself to be brave) Come on! Come on! (tells himself to hurry) (groan) (the solution is poured on a black rock) (groan) (solution hissing when it encases a black rock) It's working! (laughing) Oh! (suspense music playing) (Rapunzel jumps down) (rocks rumbling) (Varian jumps down) (Rapunzel hugs Varian)

Rapunzel: Oh! You tackled your fears, Varian! I knew you had it in you! (Varian smiles) (Rapunzel is glad that Varian faced his fears)

(red rocks recede to the ground to Cassandra's location) (maid is restored to normal) (Nigel is also restored to normal) (crowd cheering)

Eugene: They did it! (referring to Varian and Rapunzel)
Old Lady Crowley: So did you, Lance.
Lance: They love me. They really love me! (referring to the People of Corona) (crowd cheering) (Eugene claps)

Cassandra: (grunting) (she is feeling down when her black rocks disappear)
Ghost Girl: Do you see now? Rapunzel can strip you of your power, Cassandra. If you do not destroy her, she will destroy you. (suspense music playing)

(at the city)

Varian: If it weren't for Rapunzel, I'd be-- (tells his dad) (Ruddiger chirping when he runs to Varian) Ruddiger! (Varian is glad to see Ruddiger unfrozen again then the former picks up the latter) H-hey! (holds Ruddiger) Good to see you, buddy. (Ruddiger climbs on Varian and tickles the latter) (Feldspar walks to Varian, Ruddiger and Quirin) (congrats and tells Varian)
Feldspar: Oh! Nice job with those rocks, Varian! Rapunzel says you were a real hero, so, uh, yes. (leaves Varian, Ruddiger and Quirin)
Varian: Just doing my part. (tells Feldspar after he leaves) (Quirin puts his hand on Varian's shoulder) (Varian looks at his dad) (Varian, Ruddiger and Quirin smile)

(at the castle)

Eugene: So Cass is attacking Corona now? Oh, that's delightful.
Rapunzel: She wasn't. (sigh) I don't know how to explain it, but when I touched the rocks, and stay with me on this, I sensed her. And she wasn't attacking us. She was just as afraid as we are. As I am. (tells Eugene about Cassandra)
Eugene: So then that means...
Rapunzel: There's still a chance to save her. (suspense music playing) (finish Eugene's sentence) (she and Eugene turn their heads towards each other then they hold hands)

Pascal's Dragon[edit]

  • The title is a play on Pete's Dragon
  • The is the first time a dragon appears in the show
  • This is the first episode to air in 2020
  • A bit of Nigel's background is revealed

Eugene: "You can change colors?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I've read about this. Dragons can adopt the attributes of someone they love. They can also share theirs as well. Pascal!! You have horns and wings! Twinsies!"

Nigel: "I had a dragon as a child. He was only a baby when I found him. People told me I couldn't keep him, that dragons were dangerous. But I didn't understand. Until the dragon's family came looking for it. They destroyed everything. It was only through sheer luck that no one was seriously hurt. That was a mistake I'll never make again. Believe me when I say: That dragon is a threat to us all; a threat that must be eliminated."

Islands Apart[edit]

  • Princess Rapunzel and Eugene meet up with the Captain of the Royal Guards, who learns what his adopted daughter has chosen to become
  • This marks the fifth and final appearance of Tirapai Island
  • It is revealed that some of the very powerful incantations and spells from the scrolls within the remains of the Great Tree would have sufficed in unleashing the destructive and deathly power of the Moonstone, in addition to the scroll made and hidden away by Lord Demantius himself

Rapunzel: (sighs) Okay, okay. Uh, what about this one?
King Frederic: Oh, that's your coronation, of course.
Rapunzel: Yes. (laughs) Ah, and this. Okay, this. What happened here?
King Frederic: Ah, that- That's when Eugene and I stole the royal seal of Equis. Oh. Seal! Seal! I get it now.
Rapunzel: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Right again. Yes!
King Frederic: I remember this.
Rapunzel: Yeah, it's when I broke through the wall.
King Frederic: (laughing): No. It's when I realized what a brave and independent woman you had become.
Rapunzel: It's good to have you back, Dad.
King Frederic: And I have you to thank for that, Rapunzel. Throughout this entire ordeal, never once have you strayed from our side. (hugs Rapunzel while Pascal squeaks) Family sticks together, right?
Rapunzel: Family sticks together. (chuckles)
Eugene: Can you believe the audacity of Lance? Not only did he borrow my moisturizer but he left the lid off. Now it's all dried out. (Owl hoots) (Rapunzel gasps) Guys, don't worry. I have a backup bottle.
Rapunzel: (opens the window) Oh. (runs to him) Owl, are you okay? Where have you been? Wait. Does this mean...? (Pascal squeaks and he puts a pillow under Owl's head) Where's Cass? (Owl drops a fruit from Tirapai Island)
Eugene: It's a pompoen.
Rapunzel: (sighs) Oh. Looks like we're going back to Tirapai Island.

(Pascal rides on Owl while Rapunzel and Eugene travel back to the island with a hot air balloon then Pascal and Owl go to hot air ballon)

Eugene: Blondie, do you really think Cass would go back to that island? I mean, with all the cursed idols, giant-breathing houseflies, and crazy-fished people? Actually, come to think of it, Cassandra is a pretty good fit for that place.
Rapunzel: This is our best lead so far. We haven't heard from her in months. And then suddenly Owl shows up with a fruit that can only be found on Tirapai Island? I would say that's a pretty good sign. At the very least, it'll be nice to see Alfons and the other Lorbs again.
Eugene: Oh, right. The little leaf guys who think they're superior to human beings. They are a delight. (hot air balloon whooshing)

Rapunzel: Hello?
Eugene: Little leaf people, hello? Well. Their little leaf people village looks empty. I was not expecting this qu- (white bird loud cawing) (Eugene gasps) (white bird caws) He did that on purpose. (Eugene walks to the village angrily while Owl is on his shoulder) (Rapunzel laughs and walks to the village) (white bird caws)
Rapunzel: Hello? Alfons? Okay. So, no Lorbs. It's the frienfloofers! Hello, is anyone, there? Anybody home? No? (Eugene picks up an empty bowl and a spoon) (Rapunzel and Eugene heard a rustling noise)
Eugene: Did you hear that?
Rapunzel: Yep. (a Lorb runs then stops to see Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Owl on Tirapai Island)
Lorb: Woop! (continues to run fast)
Rapunzel: Hey, wait! (runs after the Lorb alongside Eugene) Stop!
Lorb: Whoa!
Rapunzel: Come back! (groans) We just have a few questions! (tries to ask the lorb questions) (Owl hoots)
Eugene: This little guy sure can move fast. And with such little legs. (Owl hooting) (Rapunzel and Eugene found the Lorb that ran faster than them)
Lorb: (stops hiding behind a leaf) Ah! Don't hurt me, wild frienfloofers!
Rapunzel: Don't you recognize us?
Lorb: Hmm. Eh, sorry. All frienfloofers look alike. Except the new one. (leaves)
Rapunzel: What? The new one? Could he mean...? Cass? (upbeat rhythmic music playing) (Lorbs exclaiming)
Lorb: You can tell the new one apart by his mustache.
Rapunzel: Mustache? (Captain of the Guard humming while dancing with the Lorbs then the former stops dancing)
Captain of the Guards: Princess? Fitzherbert! (Glad to see Rapunzel and Eugene again then dances towards them) What a surprise! (Eugene grunting) (The Captain of the Guards is picking Eugene and Rapunzel up to hug both of them and then stops hugging Eugene and Rapunzel) Join the party! (continues dancing)
Rapunzel: Captain? What are you doing here?
Captain of the Guards: I think they call this one the Glaushsnuffer. (laughs) (pets a Lorb) Aren't these Lorb fellas great?
Eugene: No, not really. They treated us like pets.
Captain of the Guards: Hmm. Didn't have that problem.
Lorb: That's because we love his mustache.
Eugene: (laughs) His mustache? Really? That's the reason? Well, look, it's not my fault my face is perfectly suited to a goatee.
Rapunzel: Oh, I know, I know. No one's making fun of your perfectly sculpted face. But, Captain, really, what are you doing here? Xavier said you left Corona months ago to look for us.
Captain of the Guards: I did. And I searched for you for a long time. After a while, word had traveled that you'd returned to Corona. And Cassandra had made other arrangements.
Rapunzel: Captain, I know how difficult this must be for you.
Captain of the Guards: Difficult? No. See, that's what makes this island so great. Come. Come. I want you to meet someone. (Owl hoots then flies)
Little Cassandra: (turns around) Hi, Daddy!
Rapunzel and Eugene: Cassandra? (fire sizzling) (Rapunzel pants)
Rapunzel: But that's...
Captain of the Guards: Cassandra. My daughter!
Eugene: Um... Captain, while she may look like Cassandra-
Little Cassandra: Can it, Fitzherbert!
Eugene: (laughs) And she certainly sounds like her. Uh, I can't help but think that you may have overlooked one small detail: She's four!
Little Cassandra: Daddy, watch me!
Captain of the Guards: What is it, Cassandra?
Rapunzel: This must be why Owl brought us here. (Owl hooting)

Captain of the Guards: Oh, what do we have here, little one?
Rapunzel: Captain, uh, a word, please. (Pascal shrieks and backs away after being frightened by the Little Cassandra) Captain, um... Where did she come from?
Captain of the Guards: Uh, I understand your concern. At first I couldn't believe it, either. But now I think I can explain.
Eugene: Well, we're all ears.
Captain of the Guards: I guess sometimes the universe simply hears your heart's desire.
Eugene: Well, that clears that up. Thanks.
Captain of the Guards: And gives you a second chance.
Lorb: It's time for shalpendoofen!
Captain of the Guards: Oh, boy, shalpendoofen! (picks up Little Cassandra and puts her on the shoulder) They always win, but maybe today's our day. Right, Cass?
Little Cassandra: That's right, Daddy. (upbeat rhythmic music playing) (Lorbs singing, chattering) (Rapunzel and Pascal gasp when they see Little Cassandra doesn't have a shadow)
Eugene: She doesn't have a shadow? Now that is creepy. And normal Cass is creepy enough. So this little girl, what is she?
Rapunzel: I don't know. I don't know. But we do know there is dangerous magic on this island, so... we've got to figure out where she came from, before the captain or anyone gets hurt.
Eugene: Okay. So, what's our plan?
Rapunzel: Um, I need you and Owl to poke around and see what type of magic this could be. (Owl hooting then flies and lands on Eugene's shoulder) And more importantly, how to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Pascal and I will keep an eye on that... uh, whatever she is. There's no telling what kind of danger the captain could be in.

Little Cassandra: (sniffs the flowers) Daddy, Daddy! Look what I found!
Captain of the Guards: (carrying a picnic basket) So nice of you to join us on our outing today, Princess.
Rapunzel: Uh-huh. Sure. (keeping an eye on Little Cassandra) Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. (Pascal squeaking) Fun is good. (searching for Little Cassandra then Rapunzel and Pascal see her) (Rapunzel warns the captain then dives to protect him from Little Cassandra and grabs her) Captain, watch out!(Little Cassandra gasps)
Captain of the Guards: (turns around) Huh?
Little Cassandra: I wanted Daddy to do my hair. (holds a brush) (the Captain walks to Rapunzel while clearing his throat)
Rapunzel: Um, I... Oh! I thought I saw... A bee! I saw... It was a big bee. So big.
Captain of the Guards: Um-hmm.
Rapunzel: And didn't want you to get stung. (Little Cassandra is annoyed)

Eugene: Hmm. Right! This one. (Eugene is at the Lorbrary with Owl and the former picks out a small book but can't read the words) (Owl hoots) Nope. I'm not seeing anything in any of these books that could explain where Little Miss Most-Likely-to-Elimate-Us-All-In-Our-Sleep came from. (Owl hoots) Yes, it's possible, I missed it! Did you see how small this writing is?

(waves crashing) (Rapunzel turns around and see Little Cassandra running towards the Captain of the Guards)

Rapunzel: She's gonna push him. No, no, no, no, no! No! Don't you dare! (warns the Captain again about Little Cassandra then the Captain turns around and Little Cassandra is holding a kite) Start without me. I love kites! (squeals) They're like lanterns' cousins, aren't they? (Rapunzel chuckles) (Pascal squeaks)

(Eugene is rubbing the paper on the wall and Owl flies to him while hooting then lands on his shoulder) (Eugene stops rubbing the paper on the wall and holds it up then holds it down) (a Lorb is shown)

Eugene: Well, not sure if these mean anything, but maybe Rapunzel could help us make heads or tails out of them.
Lorb: Oh, poor lost frienfloofer. Can I help you find your owner?
Eugene: No, see, I don't have an owner.
Lorb: (yelling) Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! (calling for the other Lorbs)
Eugene: Is this a sign that I should go for a mustache? (Owl hoots)
Lorb: Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! Stray frienfloofer! (Eugene runs away from the Lorbs before they capture him with a net while Owl flies) (Lorbs yelling when they chase Eugene while carrying nets to find him but he is revealed to be hanging onto a branch and Owl is on Eugene's hair then Eugene jumps down and hears a scream) (distant muffled grunting)
Eugene: Hello? Someone in here? (distant muffled grunting continues then Eugene enters the cave alongside Owl and they see Alfons) Huh?

(Little Cassandra is shoveling the sand while Pascal squeals and squeaks then he sees a crab and grabs it with his tongue but it is angry then it chases Pascal) (Pascal disguises himself as a crab while he is next to Rapunzel and he tells the crab by pointing to the way where Pascal is then the crab leaves and Pascal squeals before he changes back to normal and sits)

Rapunzel: (Talking about Little Cassandra) Maybe she's not dangerous, Pascal. I know she's not Cass, but... look how they are. (Little Cass giggling) (the Captain of the Guard runs after Little Cassandra) (Pascal Squeals) If She's harmless, why should he have to lose her again?
Little Cassandra: Daddy! Daddy! Higher! (loves being lifted by the Captain of the Guard)
Captain of the Guards: No one's going to harm, you little one. You're safe with me. (laughing with the Little Cassandra while Rapunzel and Pascal are watching them playing from a distance) (the Captain of the Guard carries the Little Cassandra while she sleeps then the former puts her inside one of the houses before going inside) Good night, Princess. (Eugene shows up and finds Rapunzel)
Eugene: Psst. Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Eugene. Look, I am starting to think-
Eugene: Ba ba ba ba.
Rapunzel: What?
Eugene: You have to follow me. Now.
Lorb: Ha! There he is! (the Lorbs found Eugene)
Eugene: And the faster the better. (Lorbs yelling) (Rapunzel runs alongside Eugene to the location where Alfons was tied up by the Captain of the Guard)

Rapunzel: What? What is it? Did you find something?
Eugene: (panting) More like... someone.
Rapunzel: Alfons! Where have you been?
Eugene: I found him locked up!
Alfons: Yes! It was awful! The mustached frienfloofer. He did this!
Rapunzel: The Captain?
Alfons: Oh, yeah. Follow me. I will explain everything. The mustached frienfloofer came for this. The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen. It was enchanted by the Lorb Warlock, Horb, to grant wishes.
Rapunzel: So that's how four-year-old Cass got here. He wished for her!
Alfons: I first suspected the mustached frienfloofer's intentions when I found him digging in search of the fountain's magical coin. I tried to warn him, but he didn't listen, and locked me up!
Eugene: Warn him of what?
Alfons: You know firsthand of the wickedness behind the Lorb magic. The fountain gives you what you want. At first.
Rapunzel: At first? Oh, let me guess. Then the wickedness comes in.
Alfons: Yes. Unless the wisher, takes his wish back, the fountain takes even the purest of wishes, and twists them into the darkest nightmares at sunset on the ninth day.
Rapunzel: When did he make the wish? Oh. Nine days ago. (Pascal squeaks softly)
Eugene: Of course. (Pascal squeaks again)

Rapunzel: (knocks on the door) Captain? We really need to talk. (Owl hooting) (the Captain of the Guards opens the door after Rapunzel knocks on the door) Look, we know about the fountain. (the Captain of the Guard leaves the house and walks away) And I know this is really hard to hear, but...
Eugene: Something really bad is coming if you don't take that wish back right now.
Captain of the Guard: It's worth the price.
Rapunzel: But the magic on this island nearly did us in. You cannot take that risk.
Captain of the Guards: I have to. It's my only hope! Rapunzel, when I said I stopped looking for Cassandra, I lied. (walks through the labyrinth while Cassandra is shown running on the walls) (sword clinks) (Captain of the Guard stops walking and takes out his sword in case of danger the Cassandra leaps behind him when he isn't turning around to notice her then he turns around while holding his sword) I traveled tirelessly in search of my daughter. And then... (Cassandra suddenly appears behind her adopted father's back and they fight each other then she kicked him) (their swords clanking) I found her.
Captain of the Guards: (tries to reason) Cassandra, why have you turned your back on the princess?
Cassandra: (points the sword at her adopted father) How dare you ask me that? You knew all along how much was taken from me. You knew who my mother was, and you kept it from me.
Captain of the Guards: Cassandra, I only did what I-
Cassandra: You only did what was best for yourself. That's all what anyone in my life has ever done. Well, now that's what I'm doing. This is mine. This is my destiny.
Captain of the Guards: I command you to surrender!
Cassandra: Never! (slices the wall with the black rock sword and traps her adopted father inside the labyrinth then she leaves him) (crashing) (grunts) (rocks crumbling) (Captain of the Guard grunting)
Captain of the Guards: Cassandra! (he calls out to her from an opeaning of the rubble but she jumps up after she leaves him trapped then she jumps off the wall) Cassandra, no! (end of flashback) She was filled with rage I had never seen. That person wasn't Cassandra. So you see, this is the only way I can fix my mistakes. (walks away sadly from Rapunzel, Pascal and Eugene)
Rapunzel: Captain, please. We are out of time. It's almost sundown. (ground rumbling and the sun has set then she knocks on the door where the Captain of the Guards is staying) Captain, you don't understand. Only you can take your wish back. If you don't take that coin out of the fountain, the Lorb magic will turn on you.
Eugene: Blondie, I think that ship has sailed. (Owl hooting) I recognize that bird. (a bird copy of Cassandra appears followed by nine bird copies of Cassandra) Okay
Ten bird copies of Cassandra: Hello. Hello. Hello.
Eugene: So glad we came back to this island. (ten bird copies of Cassandra start to chase Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Alfons and Owl) Run! Okay, okay. I don't know what wickedness I was expecting, but it definitely was not this! (ten bird copies of Cassandra chirping) (Owl hooting then fight the bird copies of Cassandra while Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene and Alfons are running) (Alfons yelling) (Pascal squeaking) (Rapunzel, Eugene stop running alongside Pascal and Alfons when the four of them see tons of the fake human copies of Cassandra laughing while carrying weapons) (Pascal and Alfons run back to Eugene and Rapunzel)
tons of Cassandra: Well, hello, friends (then every human copy of Cassandra are laughing evilly while walking towards Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Alfons) (the evil bird copies and evil human copies are surrounding Rapunzel, Eugene, Alfons, Pascal and Owl)
Eugene: All right, Blondie. Let's do this. And just remember, they are not the real Cass. (Eugene takes out his sword and Rapunzel unties her hair then they fight tons of fake copies of Cassandra) (the evil copies of Cassandra runs towards Rapunzel and Eugene) (Rapunzel stops the three evil copies of Cassandra with her hair then trips them) (evil copies of Cassandra's swords clinking) (Eugene yells while he dodges swords then he fights evil copies of Cassandra)
Cassandra 1: You're still here? I thought Raps would have dumped you by now. (Eugene yells) Your goatee looks as dumb as ever.
Eugene: Oh! Well, now I'm keeping the goatee just to spite you. And you. And you. And you. And you. (Owl hooting and fights the bird copies of Cassandra) (bird copies of Cassandra cheeping) (Owl hooting then flies and the bird copies of Cassandra cheeping and flying after Owl) (four evil handmaiden copies of Cassandras are laughing)
Rapunzel:Oh. Hello. Cassandras. Cassandri. Cassandries. How would like me to address you? (runs away from the evil copies of Cassandra but the four handmaiden copies hold Rapunzel then the fifth evil handmaiden copy runs towards Rapunzel) (Rapunzel yells)
Cassandra: Don't fight me, Rapunzel. You have to wear your shoes.
Rapunzel: Ah!
Cassandra: Just let me braid your hair. (Pascal squeaks) (an evil copy of Cassandra toss slices of apples at Alfons and he falls then Pascal picks him up) (Pascal hides behind a sheet) (slices of apples flies in evil copy of Cassandra) (Cassandra grunts and rubs her head) You will pay for that. (Rapuzel escapes the evil handmaiden copies of Cassandra) Just let me brush your hair! (Rapunzel sees more evil copies of Cassandra) Dad! (grunts) Dad, are you in there? Come out, come out! Wherever you are! (grunting) (hacking)
Rapunzel: Captain, please. (tries to reason with him again) You have to undo the wish. (Kid Cassandra grunting) He's gone. (sees the Captain is running to the hot air balloon while carrying Little Cassandra)
Captain of the Guards: Don't be afraid, little one. Daddy's got you.
Rapunzel: (runs after the Captain) Wait! Please. You have to undo the wish. (the Captain puts Little Cassandra inside the hot air balloon)
Captain of the Guards: (about to leave with the Little Cassandra) I don't want to hear it, Rapunzel. I have my daughter back!
Rapunzel: Captain, I know these feelings are real. But she's not. (points to the Little Cassandra) The real Cass is still out there somewhere.
Little Cassandra: Daddy?
Rapunzel: Listen to me, soldier. You do not just get to forget about Cass and start over. Family sticks together.
Captain of the Guards: (turns on the burner) No, Rapunzel. This is my only chance. (picks Little Cassandra up and hold her)
Rapunzel: No!
Captain of the Guards: I know I can do right by her this time. (about to leave with Little Cassandra via the hot air balloon)
Eugene: Whoa! Ah! (Rapunzel sees Eugene, Owl, Pascal and Alfons are being chased by the evil copies of Cassandra)
Cassandra: Get him! Ha ha! (Owl hooting) (Cassandras yelling, laughing) There they are!
Rapunzel: Everybody, hang on!
Cassandra 1: There they go!
Cassandra 2: Get him! (Rapunzel tosses her hair to the hot air balloon) (Eugene yelling as he grabs onto Rapunzel's hair to escape the fake copies of Cassandra) (Owl hooting)
Little Cassandra: Now we start over, Daddy. Right? (the Captain of the Guard puts her down and sees that she doesn't have a shadow) No one but you and me. (the Captain of the Guards grunts and sighs) Daddy?
Rapunzel: (grunts) I don't believe it. He's given up. (the Captain of the Guards clanks the hot air balloon and goes back to the island) (balloon whooshes) (Owl hooting)
Cassandra 1: He will pay!
Cassandra 2: Get them!
Eugene: (sees the tons of evil Cassandra copies) Would you believe I'm actually starting to miss the real Cass? (laughing) I mean, her charm, her wit... The fact that there's only one of her...
Cassandra: Get him! (evil copies of Cassandra runs towards the hot air balloon) (Owl hooting) (Owl, Eugene, Pascal, Alfons, Rapunzel, the Captain of the Guard and the Little Cassandra go back to the island)
Captain of the Guards: Princess, you're right. I haven't failed Cassandra yet. Just as long as I don't abandon my daughter. My real daughter.
Guard Cassandra: He will pay for his wish.
Rapunzel: Captain, go! We'll hold them off. (the Captain of the Guards runs away to take his wish back)
Black Rock Cassandra: Rapunzel (sword slides)
Eugene: That is one of the fake Casses, right? (chuckles)
Rapunzel: You are not real. (Pascal squeaks)
Black Rock Cassandra: Huh. You would say that You never take me seriously. (yells) (fights Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: (grunts) Aah!
Eugene: (swords clink) (Eugene grunts) (A fake Cassandra yells and Eugene is cornered by the fake Cassandra copies) (sword clangs at Rapunzel)

(at The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen)

Little Cassandra: Daddy, what are we doing? Why are we here?
Captain of the Guards: I'm sorry, Cassandra. I'm so sorry. (swords clinkling)
Eugene: (appears at The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen and tells the Captain of the Guards after being cornered by two fake copies of Cassandra) You gotta take the coin out, Cap. We can't do it for you. (going back to fight the fake copies of Cassandra)
Little Cassandra: You mean, you're going to leave me?
Captain of the Guards: No. I'll never leave you. The real you. From now on. I'll always be with you. (about to remove the coin from The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen to take the wish back) (water lapping)
Little Cassandra: No, Daddy. Please don't. Please! (doesn't want the Captain of the Guards to undo the wish) (Rapunzel continues to fight the fake copies of Cassandra) (sword scraping) (Rapunzel fights the Black Rock copy of Cassandra and they lunge at each other) (exploding) (Rapunzel and the Black Rock copy of Cassandra land on their feet but Rapunzel feels weak then Eugene comes to help Rapunzel to stand up) (sword clinks) (the fake copies of Cassandra surround Rapunzel, Eugene, Owl, Pascal and Alfons)
Rapunzel: Okay, Eugene. You take the hundred on the right. I'll take the hundred on the left. (fake copies of Cassandra laughing evilly and they coming closer to attack Rapunzel and Eugene but the copies of Cassandra disappear) (Owl hooting) (the Captain of the Guards is revealed to take the coin from The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen and tossing it to the ground)
Captain of the Guards: Let's go get my daughter back. Sorry for all the trouble. (Rapunzel, Eugene and the Captain of the Guard are going back to Corona via the hot air balloon) (Captain of the Guards apologizing to Alfons when the former is holding the latter's hand before letting go)
Alfons: Eh, say no more. This island seems to have that effect on frienfloofers. Huh. (Eugene starts the hot air balloon)
Rapunzel: We'll find her, Captain.
Captain of the Guards: I won't give up until we do.
Alfons: We'll miss you, mustached frienfloofer! (he and the Lorbs wave goodbye to Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Owl and the Captain of the Guards) And you, too, wild frienfloofer!
Eugene: It's good to have you back, Cap.
Rapunzel: It truly is. Let's go home. (flying back to Corona via hot air balloon alongside Pascal, Eugene and Captain of the Guards) (Owl hoots when he also files back to Corona)

(bird cawing) (Cassandra and Enchanted Girl arrived at the Great Tree)

Cassandra: I told you. This is all that's left of the Great Tree. The incantations were destroyed.
Enchanted Girl: Those incantations were our only hope of unlocking the power of the moonstone. (floats to Cassandra then floats back the other way) Aside from the Demantius Scroll, but that was destroyed millennia ago.
Cassandra: Did you say Demanitus Scroll? (the Enchanted girl is shocked) Ha. Looks like our next stop is Corona.

Cassandra's Revenge[edit]

  • A second incantation of the Moonstone is revealed, with which Cassandra utilizes to make herself an unbreakable stronghold out of the black rocks and to have complete control over them entirely, the same location where Gothel had lived with Rapunzel for eighteen years.
  • The Demanitus Scroll is destroyed but not before revealing the fourth incantation
  • A second, even stronger incantation of the reborn Sundrop Flower is revealed which Princess Rapunzel uses against Cassandra which, in turn, causes the Moonstone to be chipped at one single fragment
  • The Enchanted Girl is revealed to be a borrowed form of Zhan Tiri herself, who is now released from the prison Lord Demantius has put her all those centuries ago

(a bird tweeting)

Princess Rapunzel:

I was always taught nobody's got it all And I never thought I had a shot at all But to my surprise look at how lucky I've been Whoa

Freedom to explore Work that I love to do Friends that I adore 'specially, well, you-know-who I'm not keeping score Still though I pretty much win

Yes, I get to be the girl who has everything The world on a golden string And somehow it's mine Just look at me, the girl who has everything And I can tell everything is gonna be fine

Think of all I've done Life's really tested me Sometimes, I have won Sometimes, it's bested me Things got pretty dark Now though the dawn's comin' through Ooh-ooh-ooh

Yes, now I'm safe and sound back with my family When I look around I see how things can be Everywhere I turn there's so much more I can do

And I get to be the girl who has everything The blessings this world can bring All falling in line Somehow that's me, the girl who has everything Well, practically everything I'm sure there's more everything For now, I've got everything And everything's fine (birds cawing and squawking) (ominous music playing) (a shadowed figure walks inside the forest and it is revealed to be Cassandra)

Eugene: (looks at the ring then closes the box) Okay, Fitzherbert. Is today the day?
Old Lady Crowley: (gruff voice singing): I'm gonna be the girl who has everything.
Eugene: (clears throat) Uh, hey, Mrs. Crowley. You seem like a passionate soul well-versed in a delicate inner workings of the human heart.
Old Lady Crowley: Hmm.
Eugene: Right. So let me ask you. Do you think now it's the right time to propose?
Old Lady Crowley: You're not my type.
Eugene: The feeling's mutual.

Rapunzel: (Angry and Red giggling) Everything is looking so great, you guys. Oh, Eugene's surprise birthday party is going to be amazing.
Eugene: What's going to be amazing? (asks Rapunzel and she won't let him enter the throne room)
Rapunzel: What! Nothing. Nothing is amazing. (laughs) Why... Why do you think that anything is amazing?
Eugene: Hey, are you planning a party?
Rapunzel: No! I... I mean, yes, but it is not for you. It's for my... parents! It's their anniversary.
Eugene: But their anniversary was six months ago.
Rapunzel: Uh, no, it's six months from now. That's what makes it a surprise.
Eugene: Great! So put me to work!
Rapunzel: No! You can't come in. I have a list of very important things I need for the party. Lance! (Lance yelling) (Rapunzel whispering): Go with Eugene... Make sure he's gone long enough. (hands Lance a list) And get everything that's on the list of very important things.
Lance: What? Oh. Oh. Right. Right! Right. Eugene, come with me.
Eugene: I honestly think I'd be more-
Rapunzel: Okay, bye. Bye. (closes the door)
Eugene: Will you stop pushing me? (Rapunzel sighs)
Arianna: What's wrong, dear? You seem nervous.
Rapunzel: (sighs) No, I'm just... I'm worried that Eugene suspects something is up.
King Edmund: Relax, princess, he doesn't suspect a thing. How could he? He has no idea that today is his real birthday. I've even avoided thinking it around him. Now, high five Frederic to show camaraderie. (Hamuel squawks) (Hamuel caws)
Rapunzel: Ha, you're right. This is gonna be the best surprise first birthday ever! And that's not all. Come on, Pascal. (she pick him up and leaves with him and enters the former's room)

Rapunzel: This is the biggest surprise of all, Pascal. Right before he blows out the candles, I am going to propose to Eugene. (giggles) He'll never see it coming. I don't wear shoes, but if I did, I believe they would be on the other foot.

I'm gonna be the girl who has everything As soon as he wears this ring and swears that he's mine True, we don't know what obstacles fate may bring But why put off everything when we can share everything? 'Cause once he's my everything (giggles) then everything will be fine (Pascal squeaky sigh)

Lance: (Lance returns to the castle with Eugene carrying everything while the former checks off the list) Let's see. One pair of tap shoes. Check. One psychic monkey with cymbals toy. (Pascal sees that Lance and Eugene are back but Pascal wants Lance to stall Eugene from finding out about the party) Check. One ham and cheese sandwich. Check. Check, check... Hold up. (stops walking) We must make sure the meat to cheese ratio is correct. (snickers)
Eugene: (impatient) Will you hurry it up? Since when are you this thorough about anything?
Lance: Eugene, the princess asked me to a job. Are you suggesting that I don't do everything in my power to... Welp, that's everything. (Pascal opens the door and gives Lance a thumbs up and Lance disposes the list alongside the quill then drags Eugene to the throne room without everything that Eugene carried back to the castle) Come on, Eugene, quit dillydallying. Let's go. Let's go.
Eugene: Hey! Wait. What's with the pushing? All right, all right, I'm going. Why are we even going in...

(walks into the throne room while Rapunzel and Pascal are at the center of the room before anyone else jumped out of hiding)

All: Surprise!
Eugene: Gah! Whoa... This is for me? Why?
Rapunzel: Because today is your actual birthday!
Eugene: It is? Oh, wow! (walks to the center of the throne room while being excited) This party is for me. An entire evening where everyone gathers to pay homage to my existence? Oh, how did I go so many years without-?
King Edmund: Because I sent him away as a babe and his whole life was a lie. (Rapunzel gives a stern look to him) (Pascal squeaks) (Hamuel caws) (Rapunzel bites her lip)
Eugene: Always a dependable ray of sunshine, Dad. Well, bring on the cake! (Hamuel caws) (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel signals Attila to bring the cart then she smiles) (Attila wheels the cart to Eugene) Hold up. I don't mean to nitpick but there are one too many candles on this cake. (counts the candles)
Rapunzel: Uh... no. Nope, that's right. You are one year older than you thought, Eugene. Hooray for another birthday surprise!
Eugene: (laughs) (does not realize that he is 26 years old) You are so funny, but also incorrect. I am 25 years old. The number of candles on this cake indicates that I'm 26 years old. One year too many.
King Edmund: No, no, you're 26 years old today.
Rapunzel: Yep, that's right. 26!
Shorty: He's 26, all right.
Man: He's 26. Yes.
Man: He simply looks 26. (overlapping chatter)
Woman: 26. (chuckles)
Nigel: Yes, 26.
Eugene: Would everyone stop saying my age out loud? (rattling and Shorty pops out of the cake has the frosting of Eugene's face) (Shorty grunts)
Shorty: Happy 26th birthday, Horace. (thuds)
Eugene: Wow. (about to fall then Lance gives Eugene a chair to sit on) (disppointed) I am a year older than I think I am? This explains the lines on my eyes. Are these crow's feet? (Hamuel caws)
Rapunzel: Right, well, why don't you take your mind off your age and make a wish? (walks Eugene to his birthday cake) Come on. (goes to the other side of Eugene while holding his arm)
Eugene: Well, I can think of at least one wish I'd like to have come true in the very near future. (inhales sharply) (Rapunzel takes out the box from her hair while Pascal squeaks) (wind blows the candles out) (the banner flies to the floor) What the... (everyone sees that Cassandra crashed the party)
Cassandra: Swell party. I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail? (King Frederic is mad while Queen Arianna and Monty are scared when they see Cassandra) (Maximus snorts) (Kiera, Catalina and Lance are scared while Max is mad to see Cassandra)
Eugene: I think for the next party, I'd like to have at least some input on the guest list.
Cassandra: (blade rings) If you don't mind, I'm going to help myself to a slice of this cake. (walks inside the throne room while dragging the black rock sword) (Stan, Pete and Xavier are mad at Cassandra while Big Nose and Feldspar are scared)
Lance: What does she want? Why show up here now? (eating popcorn while asking Eugene about Cassandra crashing the party) Is she here to apologize or for a fight? She's probably here for a fight!
Eugene: Quiet! (he elbows Lance to stop talking while the latter is munching on popcorn fast) (Cassandra puts the sword on her back when she walks to the cake to take a slice of it)
Rapunzel: It's... (sighs) Where have you been? (walks behind her former best friend and asks her while Pascal is mad at Cassandra)
Cassandra: Helping myself, you might say. It's about time I helped myself, don't you think?
Lance: I think she wants to fight.
Eugene: Shh!
Cassandra I thought a lot about how we left things and it makes me sad.
Rapunzel: Oh, it makes me sad, too. I... I miss you, Cassandra. (Pascal squeaks angrily at Cassandra) I want us to be friends again.
Cassandra: Yeah, we both have things the other wants, which brings me to why I'm here. I want you to give me the scroll.
Eugene: (in singsongy voice) I wouldn't do that. The Scroll has the instructions to the wield the power of the MoonStone and the Sun-Drop.
Cassandra: Stay out of this, Fitzherbert. Blondie can think for herself, Hmm? Give me the scroll and I'll leave Corona in peace.
Rapunzel: Cassandra, I don't think-
Cassandra: Oh, I know. It's hard making decisions when the only friends and advisors you have left are ex-convicts and losers. (refers to Eugene and Lance
Eugene: Hey, we are not ex-convicts!
Lance: Technically, we have never been convicted of anything. (fist bumps Eugene)
Cassandra: I'll give you some time to decide. Enjoy your party, Fitzherbert. (she throws the plate with the cake to Eugene but he tries to catch it then Lance eats the cake) (leaves)
Eugene: Just to be clear, because I think it's important, I did not wish for that.

Rapunzel: I can't give Cassandra the scroll.
Eugene: Hey, I agree. On the one hand, if she gets the scroll, it could be the end of the world. On the other hand, she did say we would never see her again, so, you know, pretty big upside.
Lance: Who knows what she's been doing since she disappeared?
Kiera: Probably practicing betrayal. Thinking a lot about doing harm.
Catalina: Reading.
Kiera: Reading a lot about doing harm. (Eugene stops the globe from spinning by Kiera and Catalina)
Eugene: So, Cass gets the scroll, total destruction of us. Got it. So, we should hide it, yes? Where is it?
Rapunzel: That's the other downside. (chuckling nervously) I don't have it.
Eugene: If you don't have it, well, then who do have it?

(at the Demanitus Chamber, Varian is having a competition to judge which metal will win)

Varian: The results are in. Who will win first prize for best metal? Will it be steel for its durabilty and themal conductivity or iron for its lustrous shine in high melting point? (Ruddiger is wearing goggles and gloves while making hot cocoa with a marshmallow for Varian) Brrr, pow! Ah, yes! (stops judging the competition of steel and iron then he walks to his pet) (Ruddiger jumps off the table and gives Varian hot cocoa) Thank you, Ruddiger. (takes the hot beverage from his pet) This is perfect. (laughs menacingly) Warm cocoa will really hit the spot. Thanks, bud. (drinks the hot cocoa then does a spit take)
Rapunzel: Hi, Varian. (greets Varian when she enters the Demanitus Chamber alongside Eugene, Pascal, Lance and Maximus)
Varian: Whoa! (screams) Hi! Hi. (turns around and takes off his goggles off his eyes to greet Rapunzel when she, Eugene, Lance and Maximus walk down the stairs) (Ruddiger cleans his own goggles) I, uh, wasn't, uh, expecting you so soon. (points to Rapunzel while putting the beaker on the desk) I mean, we did agree that I'd need at least five weeks of solitude to decipher this thing so I thought I had some some privacy. (feels shy)
Rapunzel: Varian, don't be embarrassed. (Eugene walks backwards to Varian and puts his hands on the latter) (Eugene walks back to Varian's alchemies alongside Lance and Maximus)
Eugene: Hey, Goggles, real quick. Do you have any anti-aging alchemies, maybe some skin-tightening serum? (Ruddiger cleans his eyes when he removes his gloves and goggles after Varian spits on his pet's goggles) (Eugene holds one of the alchemies but it exploded onto his face) (gasps) (sees himself with gray hair, gray eyebrows, gray age spots, gray eyelashes, a gray goatee and wrinkly skin) I'm getting older by the second. (Lance and Maximus laughing at Eugene) (Ruddiger is also laughing at Eugene)
Varian: Hey! Gah! Ah! Please be careful, that stuff is very delicate. (tells Eugene)
Rapunzel: Oh, thank goodness. (notices that Varian kept the scroll) You have the Scroll.
Varian: I do. Oh, I do and it took awhile, but I was able to use this key to translate the text in its entirety. (touch the notes of the scroll on the wall) (looks at the scroll with Rapunzel and Pascal)
Rapunzel: Varian, you're a genius! (walks over to Varian and the scroll) (Varian turns around towards Rapunzel when the latter called the former a genius) What's it say? (asks Varian)
Varian: (points to the three incantations) This is the healing incantation, this is the decay incantation, and this is a third incantation! (silently taps the black rock incantation) It will allow whoever possesses the Moonstone to wield complete control over the black rocks. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: That's why Cassandra wants the Scroll. (remembers what Cassandra said at the throne room)
Varian: Yes, yes, but there's more! (puts his hands on Rapunzel when he agrees but he discovered a hidden incantation) I found there are four incantations, not three! But I can't seem to find it anywhere on the Scroll. (takes the scroll from the wall)
Lance: Uh, guys, you might wanna stop talking about... (coughs) the secret of the Scroll. (tells Varian and Rapunzel) (Lance points that Cassandra followed him, Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Maximus to the Demanitus Chamber) (Varian and Rapunzel turn around) (Varian, Ruddiger, Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance and Maximus are shocked to see Cassandra on the stairs) (Rapunzel gasps)

Cassandra: Don't stop on my account. (tells Varian and Rapunzel to keep talking about the scroll)
Varian: Cass! (Varian is happy to see Cassandra)
Rapunzel: Varian, don't get any closer. (Rapunzel doesn't want Varian to go near Cassandra) (Rapunzel also wants Varian to hide the scroll from Cassandra) Hide the scroll! We can't let her get her hands on that incantation!
Varian: The-the scroll is worthless without the translation key. (reveals that translation key is needed to read the scroll)
Cassandra: Well, it sounds like I need two things. (notices that she needs the translation key and the scroll)
Eugene: Get that scroll out of here. (going to fight Cassandra) Blondie, I got this. (grunting) Her armor is made of the ro... (Eugene's sword breaks after noticing what her armor is made of then Cassandra kicks Eugene away then he lands on top of Lance and Maximus) (screams, groans) (Cassandra sees the boulder behind her as she grunts when she slices of the top of the Demanitus Device then it rolls down the stairs to chase Eugene, Lance and Maximus) (Maximus neighs) (Varian is in the path of the boulder but Rapunzel pulls out him of the way) (Maximus put Eugene and Lance on his back) (Maximus neighs) (Eugene yells) (Lance grunts) (Maximus is on the boulder of the Demanitus Device that Cassandra sliced off but Eugene and Maximus suddenly flies backwards after the boulder is destroyed)
Eugene: Aah! (when he sees the bottom while holding onto Maximus) (Maximus neighs and he is about to slip then Lance gasps when he runs to the edge and tries to pull Maximus and Eugene up)
Cassandra: Give me that scroll, Rapunzel! (wants her former friend to give her the scroll after she walks down the stairs then lunges at Rapunzel but she is protecting herself and Varian)
Rapunzel: Cass, let's just talk. (tries to reason with Cassandra)
Cassandra: Oh, sure! Let's have another chat about how my mother chose you over me!
Rapunzel: Cass, Gothel took me and held me against my will. It wasn't my decision, Cassandra. You know that.
Cassandra: Well, was it your decision to push her out a window? (Cassandra and Rapunzel grunt)
Rapunzel: (gasps) Ugh, you weren't there. (she and Varian back away from Cassandra) You have no idea.
Cassandra: Then why don't you make me understand! (Ruddiger screeching at Cassandra as he takes the scroll from Varian which makes Rapunzel and Varian proud of Ruddiger) (she groans) Get off! (Rapunzel uses her hair to trip Cassandra) (Pascal jumps on Rapunzel's hair while Varian sees) (Ruddiger runs but Cassandra grabs his tail while Pascal leaps on her head) (Pascal blows raspberry at Cassandra and he takes the scroll which makes Ruddiger glad) Pascal runs with Ruddiger but Cassandra runs after Pascal and Ruddiger) (Rapunzel and Cassandra grunting but the latter frees her leg from Rapunzel's hair) (Cassandra grabs her sword and runs after Pascal) (Ruddiger jumps on Lance and helps him pull Maximus and Eugene) (sees an apple falling out of Maximus' saddle then Ruddiger takes an apple from Maximus' saddle and it annoys Maximus) (Lance tries to pull Maximus and Eugene but former is slipping while trying to hold Max's hoof) (Pascal squeaks while trying to hang on to the scroll but Cassandra runs to Pascal and throws the sword at Pascal) (Pascal stops holding the scroll then he uses his tongue to hang on to a boulder) (Cassandra is about to grab the scroll but Rapunzel takes it)

Rapunzel: Look at me. You know me, Cassandra. I have always supported you. Whatever this anger is... Come on, let's face it together. (Cassandra is about to grab the sword) (Pascal squeaks while he is hanging onto an object) Cass, somewhere inside, you know this isn't right. Just come back home with us. (Cassandra takes her hand off the sword) We can figure this out.
Enchanted Girl: Questioning your path, are you? (appears then asks Cassandra)
Cassandra: No, I wasn't. (tells the Enchanted Girl when she appears behind Rapunzel then she smiles and disappears)
Rapunzel: Who are you talking to? (asks her former friend) Cass, I'm not gonna fight you. (the Enchanted Girl reappears on Cassandra's side telling Cassandra that Rapunzel is tricking her)
Enchanted Girl: She's trying to trick you! (Cassandra sees Lance trying to pull Maximus, Ruddiger and Eugene up) (Maximus grunts)
Cassandra: Don't wanna fight! Don't fight! (picks up the sword and slices part of the Demanitus Device and it rumbles when Lance is trying to pull up Maximus, Ruddiger and Eugene) (Rapunzel runs away from the destroyed machine while Varian hides from behind the table then watches Rapunzel running away) (Maximus grabs part of the device and neighs then he, Lance and Eugene land onto the floor while Ruddiger lands on Eugene's head) (Lance, Eugene, Maximus and Ruddiger run away from the falling device then Lance stops it from falling while Rapunzel tries to hold the falling device with her hair)
Rapunzel: No, stop!
Lance: Whew. Guess I don't know my own strength.
Rapunzel: Get... (grunting)... out of there! I can't ho... hold it!
Cassandra: Thank you. (she takes the scroll from Rapunzel then the former walks away but the latter screams when her hair pulled her up from holding the fallen device then she lands to the side where Eugene, Lance, Pascal and Maximus are)
Eugene: Rapunzel! (worried about her) (Rapunzel yells) (Cassandra walks to where Varian is hiding from her during the fight)
Cassandra: Hey, Varian. (she knows that Varian is hiding on the other side of the table but he is scared) (Varian bites his lip when he stirs a chemical then stops stirring it) (she whistles when Varian sees that she is going to slice the table then he comes up from hiding)
Varian: If you wanna read that scroll, you are gonna need my translation key. (angrily tells Cassandra when he walks to the wall backwards and points to it while holding his beaker) (sees the translation key then pours the chemical on the wall to prevent Cassandra from deciphering it and he tosses the beaker to the floor) Ha! (proud when he ruined the translation key because he does not want Cassandra to deciper it) And now that I've destroyed it, you'll never know what the scroll says because the only translation in earthly existence is locked safely away up here. (Varian accidentally tells Cassandra that he is the one who can decipher the scroll) (Varian points to his head) Boom!
Cassandra: Is that a fact? (asks Varian)
Varian: (laughs) Oh, yeah. (nervously) I should have not said that out loud. (Cassandra walks towards Varian when he is scared while he walks backwards to the wall)
Cassandra: Then I guess you're coming with me. (going to abduct Varian and takes the scroll)
Eugene: Rapunzel, hurry! (Rapunzel yells while she frees her hair and she lands on the ground where Eugene, Lance and Maximus are) (Rapunzel tries to pull her hair free after it is caught by the fallen device and it drags her to the edge but Lance and Eugene help Rapunzel and free her hair) (Pascal frees his owner's long blonde hair and climbs it) Rapunzel! Hurry, Pascal! Let's go! Jump! (the Demanitus Device falls to the bottom) (Eugene and Lance cough)
Lance: She took him. (realizes that when he, Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus and Pascal are busy dealing with the Demanitus Device, Cass abducts Varian and taken the scroll)
Rapunzel: Cassandra! Varian! (calling for Cassandra and Varian but they are gone but Ruddiger comes up from hiding while squeaking weakly with his ungroomed fur) (she, Ruddiger, Eugene, Pascal, Lance and Maximus are worried about Varian after he was abducted by Cassandra)

(Cassandra walks inside the forest and she is searching for anything useful inside of Varian's bag while taking a drugged Varian when he sleeps on a sad horse with her after she abducted him) (The Enchanted Girl is sitting on a branch and smiles evilly then she sees Cassandra with a horse and a drugged Varian) (The Enchanted Girl floats to Cassandra)

Enchanted Girl: So this is your plan? Running away? (asks Cassandra if her plan is to run away while taking an abducted Varian and a sad horse with the former)
Cassandra: No one is running. (tells the Enchanted Girl)
Enchanted Girl: One would think that now that you have the power of the black rocks, you wouldn't feel the need to hide. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: I don't hide from anything! (tells the Enchanted Girl)
Enchanted Girl: I don't need to remind you that defeat is not an option. And when Rapunzel comes for you, you must be prepared to protect what is rightfully yours. What you need is... (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: A stronghold. And I know just where to build one. (remembers the former location of Rapunzel's Tower)

(Cassandra, a horse and an abducted Varian are at the former location of Rapunzel's Tower then Cassandra binds Varian to a black rock) (a horse is eating grass) (Varian is bind to a black rock when he sleeps) (Cassandra kicks an item and she walks to a part of the mural to destroy it with the sword then she sits on a rock with the bottles of chemicals that she took out of Varian's bag)

Varian: (Varian groans weakly when he wakes up after being tied to a black rock) Ugh. (sees around him when he notices that he is at an unfamiliar area that he has not been to before) Hey, where are we? (asks Cassandra when he is mad at her)
Cassandra: I need that third incantation, Varian. (tells her prisoner)
Varian: Never. (refuses to tell Cassandra the third incantation)
Cassandra: I knew you'd say that. That's why I went through your little bag of tricks. (picks up and holds Varian's bag then lets it go while holding the truth serum with her other hand) I found something in here that might change your mind. (sees the truth serum) Recognize this? (walks over to Varian) (she shows the empty bottle of truth serum but he leans back to the pole and she asks he remembers it then she walks away)
Varian: Ha! No. (pretends that he does not know what the truth serum is) (he is under the effects of his truth serum but he tries to fight it) Ugh, yes, it's a truth serum of my own design and it compels the drinker to tell the truth and answer any question asked. (he tells Cassandra that he made it) (Cassandra walks back to other chemicals of Varian's to put the bottle on the rock and takes the scroll then she walks back to Varian while carrying the scroll) Wait, but I never drank that. (groans) (remembers that he was not drinking his own truth serum)
Cassandra: Lucky for me, you sleep with your mouth open. (reveals that she was the one that poured his truth serum into his mouth when he slept) So let me ask you, what's the third incantation? (tells Varian while she holds the scroll when she sits next to him)
Varian: (grunting) I, uh... (tries to fight the effects of his own truth serum but he cannot) (grunts) (still under effects of his truth serum) Crescent high above... evolving as you go... raise what lies beneath... and let the darkness grow. (forced to tell Cassandra the third incantation that she wanted)
Cassandra: (starts to make a stronghold) Crescent high above... Crescent high above... evolving as you go... raise what lies beneath... and let the darkness grow. Bend it to my will, consume the sunlight's glow. Rise into the sky and let the darkness grow. (Fidella neighs while she and the palace horses hear a ruckus at the stables) (Shorty gasps while he, Ulf and Attila hear a ruckus at the Snuggly Duckling and a mug fell to the floor) (rattles) (King Frederic and Queen Arianna hear a ruckus on their balcony) (Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Maximus and Ruddiger hear a ruckus inside the tunnel)
Varian: What is that? (does not know what Cassandra is building)
Cassandra: Let darkness... grow. (finished making a stronghold with the third incantation) (stronghold materializes) (the light of the stronghold becomes a ring of light and balls of light) (the wind blows while Varian closes his eyes then opens them and he is shocked when he sees the stronghold) Home sweet home. (loves her new home)

Rapunzel: We have to figure out what Cassandra is planning to do with Varian and the Scroll. We're not just gonna sit by and let her ruin Eugene's birthday... anything else. (opens her bag and inside of it reveals the small box with the ring) Right? (asks Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Eugene but the four of them have their spirits broken)
Lance: Yeah, I don't know.
Eugene: Sure. Just... give me a minute.
Rapunzel: Seriously, guys? Cass has Varian. Not to mention an incantion that can control the rocks. We have to stop her.
Lance: Uh, Princess? Were you in the same fight as us? We don't stand a chance against Cass and that unbreakable armor.
Eugene: Oh, come on, Lance, she wasn't that bad.
Lance: Oh, I'm sorry. What were you doing during that fight? There was a large boulder and you were... (Pascal climbs to the top of the globe and imitates Eugene was doing at the fight) (laughing) Yeah, yeah, like that. Okay, okay. He's getting offended. (Lance notices Eugene is mad so the former stops the globe from spinning and Pascal is thrown off)
Eugene: What are you laughing about? You were right there with me.
Lance: No, no, no, no, no. You're remembering it all wrong. You know, they say memory is one of the first things to go with age.
Eugene: Are we finished?
Princess Rapunzel: Listen, I know Cassandra's dangerous but we cannot forget she's also our friend.
Eugene: Fine, there's only one big problem. We don't know where she is. (Maximus neighs)
Rapunzel: I think we know where to look.

(Cassandra, Varian and the Enchanted Girl are inside the stronghold) (Cassandra brings Varian up a flight of stairs as her prisoner)

Enchanted Girl: You've done well, Cassandra. Soon Rapunzel will come for the boy. (Varian feels down when Cassandra holds his elbow while they walk on the staircase and the Enchanted Girl levitates)
Cassandra: And then what? (asks the Enchanted Girl while Varian looks at Cassandra)
Enchanted Girl: Then you will face her with the full power of the MoonStone. (tells Cassandra while Varian is scared) (Enchanted Girl vanishes)
Varian: Who is she talking to? (wants to know who Cassandra is speaking to) (he and Cass arrived at the throne room then they stop walking to the center of the throne room)
Cassandra: (sighs) (Varian is facing toward his abductor) Look, I know none of this is your fault and I don't want to hurt you so when Rapunzel comes for you, don't try anything foolish. (tells Varian that he cannot try to be unwise when Rapunzel rescues him) (she removes the makeshift handcuffs from Varian's hands while he is feeling down) (Varian makes sure that his hands aren't hurt from the handcuffs but Cassandra walks away when she takes her sword from her back and carries it)

Varian: Cassandra, you're angry, I get it. Believe me, I know what it's like, but you are making a mistake!

The path of hate is a dangerous track You take one step and it's hard to turn back It pulls you along, and though it seems wrong it feels right Don't you see this path you're on leaves a permanent mark It feels good at first, then it slowly turns dark With each passing day you're further astray from the light

Suddenly, you lose your way and lose the thread Lose your cool, then lose your head Every loss is harder to excuse Then you'll see you'll lose your faith and lose your soul 'till you lose complete control And realize there's nothing left to lose Nothing left to lose

Varian: Cass, trust me, becoming the villain isn't the answer! Cassandra: Is that what you think I am?

Cassandra: The path I'm on is a path paved in black I'm taking that road and I'm not looking back Each twist and each turn leads straight where I'm yearning to go Yes, it's true, my path is dark but I see where it ends My rivals will fall as my power ascends Despise me, that's fine I'm taking what's mine even so

Not like you, you lost your nerve, you lost the game But you and I, we're not the same I'm not lost, this fate was mine to choose So I chose to lose my doubts and lose my chains Lose each weakness that remains Now that I have nothing left to lose Nothing left to lose

Varian: You have so much to hold onto Cassandra: I only want my rightful dues Varian: Listen please, you've lost your grip and lost your mind Cassandra: Lose? I'm not gonna lose Varian: All's not lost, don't be so blind Cassandra: I refuse Varian: Cut your losses, drop the IOUs Cassandra: I refuse Varian: Oooh choose

Cassandra: I lose no tears and lose no sleep What I want I'll take and keep Varian: It's time for you to choose Both: You can't stop the turning of the screws

Cassandra: You'll stay in that cage until this is done. And just in case you think of escaping...

Cassandra: Now I have nothing left to lose (song ends)

(Rapunzel arrives at the location of her former tower alongside Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus)

Kiera: Whoa. (she, Catalina, Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal and Lance see the stronghold is much higher than the castle while Maximus searches for entrances) (she and Catalina are amazed to see the stronghold)
Catalina: It's taller than the castle. (she, Kiera, Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance walk towards the stronghold)
Rapunzel: Cass is sending me a message. (picks up part of her mural) She wants me to know that everything that once was mine will belong to her.
Lance: The only message it's sending me is "good luck climbing this". (Maximus neighs when he returns to Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Kiera, Catalina and Lance)
Rapunzel: No entrances at the bottom, Max? (Maximus neighs) That's the closest entrance, huh?
Lance: How are we supposed to get all the way up there? (Rapunzel turns around and tells him and Eugene)
Rapunzel: We get up there by... a lot of climbing. (Lance and Eugene are terrified then Lance walks backwards but Eugene grabs him by the back of his shirt to drag him) That's the spirit. (Lance and Eugene try to climb the stronghold The Emperor's New Groove style but failed to reach the top of it)
Lance: (strained): You want to climb like this the whole way?
Eugene: (strained: Back in my day, towers were much shorter. (Lance and Eugene grunt as they fall off from both sides of the stronghold)
Lance: (uses his knife to take sap from the branch) I got a better idea. (laughs) (slathers sap to the stronghold) We'll use this sap to climb the tower. See? No slipping. (he, Rapunzel and Eugene are stuck on sap)
Rapunzel: Uh, Lance... I can't move.
Kiera: Look, no hands. (Catalina laughs) (Kiera and Catalina are on the opposite sides of Maximus) (Maximus and Pascal are going to launch Rapunzel, Lance and Eugene into the stronghold)
Eugene: Eh, once you've been catapulted a few times it's not so bad.
Rapunzel: Don't worry, Lance, it'll be all over soon. Um, the catapulting, I mean. (chuckling) Not your life.
Lance: (Lance screams) Too high!
Eugene: Look at you go, Lance, you're a natural.
Rapunzel: We're gonna make it! (Lance screaming) (Rapunzel, Lance and Eugene failed to enter the stronghold but they landed to a net) (Rapunzel grunt, sighs) Anybody else got an idea?
Kiera: (chuckles) We do.
Eugene: This is quite literally the same exact plan. (Lance, Rapunzel and Eugene screaming)

Cassandra: (laughing) Oh, I could watch them do this all day. (amused by the way Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance's failed attempt to reach the stronghold)
Enchanted Girl: Let them in. (tells Cassandra to open the stronghold)
Cassandra: What?
Enchanted Girl: Defeating her isn't enough. You must take away who she is. Force her to fight you. Break her spirit. You've held back long enough. Let her in and finish this now.
Cassandra: (sighs) Fine. (leaves to let Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus inside the stronghold)
Lance: I'm telling you the sap thing will work. We just have to try a different trick.
Rapunzel: Come on, Cassandra. Just let me in. (enters the stronghold alongside Pascal, Eugene, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus)
Lance: Which way do we go?
Rapunzel: It's your birthday Eugene, so you get to decide which path to take. We're celebrating and adventuring. It's a... celebrenture!
Eugene: All right, here we go. Onesie, twosie, redsie, bluesie, this one. Blondie, you and I are gonna go this way. (points to the right tunnel and leaves with Rapunzel)
Lance: And the cool kids will take this tunnel. Come on girls, you too, Max. (goes to the left tunnel with Kiera, Catalina and Maximus)

Varian: (having a nightmare) Wha... Wh... Where am I? What the... Wha... Wh...Where... Where am I? Who are you? (asks the Enchanted Girl)
Enchanted Girl: A friend. Or at least I'd like to be. (her head floated down with the tree then she reappears with her head attached to her body but she is upside down) There is a way to save Cassandra. The final incantation. (she levitated herself to Varian) The Sun-Drop must use it against the MoonStone's power. (then she splits herself in half when she is passing through Varian before she becomes whole)
Varian: What? No, no. There is no other incantation. It's not on the scroll. (takes the scroll from the bag while talking to the Enchanted Girl)
Enchanted Girl: Isn't there? You just need to know how to look. (after she becomes whole again then she turns her around) You need to use the sun to see the sun.
Varian: "Use the sun to see the sun"? Wh... I don't understand. (screams)
Enchanted Girl: Use the sun to see the sun. (tells Varian before she wakes him up)
Varian: Whoa! (screams) (screaming) (gasps) That was a dream. (sighs) Oh, why couldn't this be a dream? "Use the sun to see the sun"? (the Enchanted Girl smiles maliciously at Varian) (takes the scroll from his bag and remembers what the Enchanted Girl said to him during the dream) "Use the sun to see the sun"?

(Pascal squeaking then sees if Cassandra is there watching him, Eugene and Rapunzel) (Eugene and Rapunzel enter the top of the stronghold after Pascal)

Princess Rapunzel: Getting here was too easy. We could be walking into a trap. (Pascal chittering and he changes colors to camouflage himself) Good idea. Think you can get in without being seen? (Pascal chitters when he goes to Rapunzel and she is holding him) Be careful, buddy. (kisses Pascal and Rapunzel puts him down then he climbs the stairs while she and Eugene wait for him)

Lance: So, you see, young ladies. The seasoned chef inherently knows his way around unfamiliar places. It's a keen sense one develops after years of studying one's craft and--
Kiera: And we're back at the entrance.
Lance: Now, we've refamiliarized ourselves with the correct entrance, we can proceed with the correct route (Lance sighs and points to the wrong direction then he points to the right direction) (Kiera, Catalina and Maximus are annoyed with Lance after the four of them went back to the entrance) (We can proceed to the correct route. (Pascal arrived at the throne room and sees that Cassandra is nowhere to be found then he goes around the room when the coast is clear but Cassandra enters the room) (Pascal sees Cassandra but he turns invisible while she goes to her throne) (Pascal squeaks while he is invisible so Cassandra can't see him then he stops hiding from her and he uses his tongue slide across to the rocks but he continues to hide from her) (Cassandra goes to the black rock where Pascal is hiding and she removes the black rock then he waves to her before she captures him) (Pascal quiet squeak)

Rapunzel: (realizes that Pascal didn't return) This is taking too long. I'm going up there.
Eugene: Rapunzel, wait! What if you can't convince her to come back? What if the only what is to...
Rapunzel: This is Cassandra. Not some monster. She'll come around. I have to believe that.
Eugene: And if you believe it, then so do I.

Varian: (still trapped inside the cage) Argh! "Needs the sun to see the sun." What does that even mean? (grunts in frustration) (throws his goggles and the scroll after he is frustrated but his goggles are reflecting the words then he turns to see the sun and notices that the invisible words can only be revealed by the sun) Sunlight. The words are hidden and it needs a beam of sunlight to reveal the incantation! Demanitus, you genius!

(Rapunzel enters the throne room with Eugene while trying to find Pascal)

Rapunzel: (sighs) Pascal? Come out, buddy? (Eugene walks to another path to find Varian)
Eugene: Blondie. I found Varian. (Rapunzel walks over to Eugene and he points outside where Varian is trapped inside a cage then Rapunzel and Eugene see Varian trapped inside the cage)
Rapunzel: Don't worry, Varian. We're gonna get you out of there.
Varian: Not now. I found the last incantation. It was hidden with a photoreactive ink. Obvious, right? (snorts)
Eugene: Yeah, super obvious.
Varian: The problem is I need a concentrated beam of sunlight to see it. I tried using my goggles, but they're too scratched up. (picks up his goggles and cleans it then puts it down) I need something else, like a, uh, prism or a glass.
Rapunzel: Or... a crystal? (takes Eugene's ring from her bag and shows it to him)
Eugene: Is that a..
Rapunzel: Yeah.
Eugene: For me? You were going to ask me? I mean, I was going to ask you. All this time and you stll find ways to surprise me. (heavy rattling) (Eugene shivers when he tries to keep the ring from falling out of his hands)
Rapunzel: Ugh, she must know we're here. Okay, get-get the ring to Varian. I'm gonna find Pascal. (about to leave but Eugene grabs her arm and turns her face around)
Eugene: Be careful. (Rapunzel smiles at Eugene before the former leaves to find Pascal) (Eugene walks to the edge of the stronghold where Varian is held captive) (rattles)
Rapunzel: Pascal? Are you here? (rattling)
Cassandra: (enters the throne room with the caged Pascal) Yeah, he's here. (frees him from the cage and he runs back to Rapunzel) (Pascal happy squeaks) (Rapunzel is happy to see Pascal again then she picks him up when she bends on her knees and puts him on her shoulder) You made a mistake coming here. (walks on the black rock steps)
Rapunzel: Cass, I am not leaving this tower until this is resolved. (Cassandra closes the entrances with her, Rapunzel and Pascal trapped inside while Eugene and Varian are outside)
Cassandra: Then I guess you're not leaving. You do realize I have complete control over the rocks now, and you know what this tower is made of. (Rapunzel scoffs) (Pascal chitters)
Enchanted Girl: Show her how powerful you have become. (tells Cassandra)
Rapunzel: I'm not going to fight you.
Cassandra: Then this will be very easy.

Crescent high above, Evolving as you go...

Rapunzel: Cass, don't! (Cassandra makes a monument black rock under Rapunzel's feet and raises it up to another pillar to crush Rapunzel and Pascal) (Rapunzel revealed that she protected Pascal and herself with her hair from being crushed by black rocks) Maybe it won't be as easy as you think!
Cassandra: Now, that's more like it. But there are some things your hair can't block. (Rapunzel screaming when she and Pascal fell outside of the stronghold then she climbs back into the tower)

Eugene: (Eugene grunts while he tries to walk on the black rock but he hangs on to it) Man, I really hate birthdays.
Varian: (sees the sun about to set soon) Hurry, the sun is setting. Eugene, come on!
Eugene: I'm going as fast as I can, kid, without dying. (walks over to Varian to give the ring to him but it slipped)
Varian: Come on!
Eugene: Whoa. (Varian grunts) (Eugene is about to give Varian the ring but the former slips while trying to catch it) First memory, and now balance? Age. Why do we have to age? (Varian revealed to Eugene that the former caught the ring) Nice snag!
Varian: (takes out the scroll to reveal the hidden words while using the ring) It's working.
Eugene: Way to go, kid.
Varian: (screams while Eugene tries to blow the fire out) No! No, no, no, no! (takes a pen and a parchment paper to write the hidden incantation while Eugene blows on the scroll before it is destroyed and Varian is letting go of it) (screams, sighs) Uh... I got it! Whew. (chuckles in relief)
Eugene: I certainly hope so, because that thing was not easy to come by. Now, can you figure out a way to get through these bars? And how do you get back into the building? (asks Varian) Because, I got nothing.

Lance: (pulling Maximus' tail while Kiera is bored but Catalina is watching Lance and Maximus arguing) I'm telling you. You have to go down to go up. Going up to go up is too simple. (Maximus neighs and snorts then sniffs something) I don't care what you smell. What's more trustworthy? His nose or my intuition? (asks Kiera and Catalina)
Kiera: Ugh! We're missing all the action!

Princess Rapunzel: (grunts in effort while climbing back into the stronghold) (sighs) Sorry, Cass, but you are not going to get rid of me that easily. (Rapunzel groans) (grunts) Cass, please! This is not who you are.
Cassandra: Wrong! I finally know who I am. (Rapunzel runs while Cassandra controls rocks to stop the former from running)
Princess Rapunzel: (grunts) Aah! I will never stop trying to get through to you! (pinned to the wall) (the Enchanted Girl is proud of Cassandra for pinning Rapunzel to the wall) I won't fight you, I won't justify your hatred, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Nothing!
Cassandra: (laughs) Oh, there isn't? 'Cause I kinda think there is. (Varian and Eugene are bored)
Eugene: (Cassandra drags him and Varian back into the stronghold when Rapunzel refused to fight) (rattling) Bad. This is bad.
Varian: Uh-oh. Eugene? (Eugene puts his hand out to Varian and the latter sees and holds the former's hand when the latter is scared)
Eugene: Stay close, kid. (he protects a scared Varian when the both of them are being dragged back into the stronghold by Cassandra when Rapunzel refused to fight)

Cassandra: (greets Varian and Eugene after they return to the stronghold) Welcome back, boys. (controls the rocks to trap Eugene after he stops holding Varian's hands) Let me help you out. (Eugene groans)
Cassandra: You may not want to fight me but will you fight... for him? (walks to Eugene while he is trapped and grabs his face)
Rapunzel: Cass, leave him alone. (the Enchanted Girl appears and she is glad to see Rapunzel is still pinned to the wall)
Enchanted Girl Break her spirit. (floats to the other side of Rapunzel while telling Cassandra to destroy Rapunzel's self-esteem)
Cassandra: I just realized I forgot to give my birthday present, Eugene. (Eugene groans when Cassandra continues to threaten him)
Eugene: Don't give in to her. (scared) Don't do anything she says. (tells Rapunzel) (Varian is also worried when he sees that Cassandra hurts Eugene then Varian turns around to tell Rapunzel that he wrote the incantation)
Varian: Rapunzel, I have the final incantation. (Rapunzel smiles at Pascal when Varian takes the incantation from the bag and Pascal snags the last incantation with his tongue from the former's hand) (Pascal goes to the other side of Rapunzel when he unrolls the incantation to let Rapunzel say it to defeat Cassandra) You have to use it!
Cassandra: Final incantation? (Eugene is scared) What is he talking about? (wants to know what Varian is saying to Rapunzel and the Enchanted Girl appears)
Enchanted Girl: Never mind that. You are more powerful. Finish this. (tells Cassandra ignore what Varian is saying to Rapunzel about the final incantation) (Cassandra recites the third incantation)
Cassandra: Crescent high above, evolving as you go... (more black rocks appear when she recites the incantatation and Varian sees them around the cage that he is trapped inside)
Varian: (tells Rapunzel to say the fourth incantation while he is worried when he sees more black rocks) Rapunzel! Use it.
Rapunzel Power of the sun, gift me with your light, shine into the dark, restore our fading sight, rise into the dawn, blazing star so bright. (while that happens the enchanted girl is revealed to be Zhan Tiri)
Cassandra: Impossible.
Rapunzel: Burn away the strife, let my hope ignite, let hope ignite. (Varian is still scared) Let him go, Cassandra. (tells her to release Eugene)
Cassandra: (tells Rapunzel that she doesn't obey Rapunzel's commands again) I don't follow your orders anymore! (continues to fight Rapunzel but the latter fights back)
Rapunzel: I said let him go! (tells Cassandra to free Eugene) (Enchanted Girl's evil laughter as she enters the portal after it opens up) Let him go! (electricity crackles when Cassandra and Rapunzel continue to fight each other with new powers until the former was defeated by the latter) (Cassandra groaning and she notices that the MoonStone chipped during her fight against Rapunzel) (Varian is freed from the cage)
Varian: (freed from the black rock cage during the blast while being worried about Eugene) Ahh! Eugene!
Eugene: (freed from the black rock bind during the blast while being worried about Varian) Varian! (Pascal hangs onto a black rock with his tongue) (Varian screaming when he falls off the stronghold after trying to hold on) (Cassandra screaming when she falls off the stronghold and grunts when she saves herself with her powers but she still vows vengeance) (Rapunzel sighs after feeling too weak to stand)
Lance: Just because we're not there yet doesn't mean we're not getting there eventually. (argues with Maximus) (Varian screaming as he fell into Lance's arms)
Varian: Lance? (Varian removes the left side of the goggles from the left eye then puts it on his hair when he is happy to see Lance) Oh! (hugs Lance)
Lance: Varian! See, here he is. And I led us right to him. (he holds Varian when the former tells Kiera and Catalina) (Kiera facepalms)
Rapunzel: (waking up) Eugene! Pascal! (worried about her lover and her pet)
Eugene: Rapunzel! (he runs to Rapunzel while Pascal on his shoulder then Pascal climbs on Rapunzel's hair) (Rapunzel and Eugene hug then they stop hugging for a moment and they continue to hug) Oh! Oh! I know this is an emotional moment for you but I just gotta say, that was awesome! (tells Rapunzel)

(Rapunzel is inside her room cleaning the ring with her sleeve until it shines then Eugene sits next to her)

Eugene: Well, Blondie, one of these days we'll get this whole proposal thing right, huh?
Rapunzel: Hmm. I just... (sighs) I thought I could have everything, but after today... I'm not sure it's gonna be that easy. (looks at the ring then Eugene holds Rapunzel's hands) (Rapunzel leans forward for a kiss from Eugene then they hug)
Lance: Oh, there you are. (sees that Eugene is inside Rapunzel's room) Looks like someone forgot to eat... their birthday cake (opens the door and brings the cart inside with Kiera, Catalina and Maximus are behind him then Eugene and Rapunzel stand)
Eugene: You know, I've been thinking. Getting old won't be so bad as long as I get to do it with you.
Rapunzel: Happy first birthday, Eugene. Make a wish. (Lance walks inside Rapunzel's room alongside Kiera, Catalina, Varian and Maximus to celebrate Eugene's birthday with Rapunzel and Eugene then Lance brings the cart to Eugene so the latter can blow out the candles)

(back at the destroyed stronghold)

Cassandra: (pants, grunts) (panting) (she notices that the MoonStone is crackling) (shocked when the enchanted girl has a physical form)
Enchanted Girl: (exits the portal) (sighs deeply) Finally... the clash of sun and moon has released me from my prison. (sees her hand) It's good to be back. (smiles evilly)

Race to the Spire[edit]

  • This marks the second and final appearance of Calliope from "Keeper of the Spire" even though she will have a cameo appearance at the end of the series finale episode
  • The Enchanted Girl reveals herself as a form of Zhan Tiri herself
  • Hector, Adira and Quirin make cameos as they fall under the Mind-Trap Talisman once Cassandra activated it.

(at the Spire)

Keeper: Now, then, Calliope, show me what you have learned.
Calliope: (clears throat) Well, here we have the masks of Alastros. This, of course, is a, Snafarian sarcophagus, and here-- (gasps) Hmm. That's strange. The Shapeshifting Cloak of Retudnus is missing.
Keeper: Never mind that, child. Tell me, where is the Mind Trap?
Calliope: (scoffs) You mean, the talisman that can control the minds of any who've sworn loyalty to the Moonstone? Or like, the Brotherhood?
Keeper: Yes. Now, where is it?
Calliope: (scoffs) Why, locked away in an enchanted box that can only be opened with a key that I possess.
Keeper: Then I'll need that key now. (pulls off the Shapeshifting Cloak of Retudnus to reveal Cassandra) (Baby Kurlock snarling)
Calliope: Ah, there's the cloak.
Cassandra: The key. (Baby Kurlock snarling) (Calliope runs away) (Cassandra is mad)
Calliope: (grunts, pants) (grunting) (opens the door to a room and closes it after entering alongside the Baby Kurlock) Guard the door, buddy. (runs to a desk) (Baby Kurlock snarling) Where is it? Where is it? Not that one. Oh, aha. (trying to find the correct bottle and grabs it) (writes a note) (crashing at door) (grunts) Darn cork! (gasps) Uh-oh. (Baby Kurlock growling) (Calliope puts the key and rolls the note) (Cassandra opens the door and enters)
Cassandra: Stay. (traps the Baby Kurlock) (Baby Kurlock gasps, snarls) Give me that key or I will tear your precious Spire apart.
Calliope: It is pronounced, "spa-yer." (hides the bottle with the key inside and puts the note inside while hiding it behind her back) (Cassandra starts attacking her) Why do you need the mind trap anyway? (asks Cassandra) There're so much other great stuff here. There's the Pan Flute of Hawthorne. (inhales deeply, then plays notes) The Mask of Icarus, or the Hard Candies of Ambrosia. Mmm, these things are so good. Want one? Oh. (coughs) Eh, heh, heh.
Cassandra: That was a poor choice. (walks to Calliope and threatens her) (Calliope whimpers) Where did you send it?

(outside of Snuggly Duckling is shown) (band playing festive music) (Rapunzel is playing a guitar inside the Snuggly Duckling) (Shorty chuckling as he slams into Eugene) (Eugene grunts) (Vladmir catches Eugene) (Vladimir and Eugene laugh then the former drops the latter on the floor)

Rapunzel: Ha, ha. Woo!
Attila: (chuckling) Huh? (he sees a light then Rapunzel, Ulf, Big Nose and Vladimir see the light) (a bottle appears and Attila grabs it)
Rapunzel: Whoa! I've read about these. Enchanted message bottles. I've always wanted to get one. (she, Ulf, Big Nose and Vladmir walk to Attila) (Attila removes the top of the bottle and the note magically comes out of it)
Attila: Ooh. Your lucky day. (tells Rapunzel) It's for you.
Rapunzel: Yes! (gives the guitar to Ulf) (Attila gives the note and the bottle to Rapunzel) "Rapunzel, help. Cass attacking Spire. Keep this. " And then it ends. Calliope must be in trouble.
Eugene: Calliope? Oh, right, the obnoxious, know-it-all, Keeper of the Spire. Guys, put the weapons down already. (tells Ulf, Shorty, Vladimir, Big Nose and a man) It's just a bottle. For crying in the night. (Vladimir, Attila, Big Nose and Ulf walk away) (a key jingles inside the bottle and Rapunzel removes it from the bottle) A key? But for what?
Rapunzel: Uh, I don't know. But one thing's for sure. We have to get to the Spire as fast as possible and help Calliope.
Eugene: Uh, sunshine, this is the same Calliope who lied to us and almost got us eaten by a bear-monster.
Rapunzel: Look, Eugene, I am not her biggest fan either, but she needs our help.
Eugene: It's just my luck to fall in love with the most compassionate person in the world. (Rapunzel smiles at him)
Rapunzel: Fire up the balloon! (Ulf, Big Nose, Vladimir, Shorty and Attila are holding torches)
Eugene: No, guys, she means fly the balloon. (tells Ulf, Big Nose, Vladimir, Shorty and Attila) Not-- Never mind. (Pascal chitters and facepalms)

(Rapunzel is reading the map while Eugene watches Varian tighten the thrusters with a screwdriver)

Varian: I chemically treated these thrusters so the flames will burn hotter and longer than any natural flame. You're gonna fly like the wind. (tool bag rustles) Don't touch that. (warns Eugene) Or that. Oh, don't touch that! It's gonna blow! (Eugene screams, wails) Ha, ha, gotcha. Just messing with you. (Pascal chitters) (Pascal squeaks when Eugene is pranked by Varian)
Eugene: I knew that. And you're on my list, frog. (tells Pascal)
Rapunzel: Guys, focus. (turns around to tell Pascal and Eugene to pay attention) Look at this. It took us weeks to get to the Spire on foot but thanks to Varian's speed balloon and this direct route, we'll make it in a day. (she, Eugene and Varian see the map) (Eugene looks at Varian and the map)
Eugene: Good job, buddy. (puts his hand on Varian and exits the hot air balloon) (Varian smiles at Eugene)
Varian: Oh, wait, this takes you over Kresten Loch. (points to a route) Uh, Kresten Loch? The frozen sea? Miles and miles of deadly wintry expanse? (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: That's the one!
Varian: Well, if it were for anybody other than you, I'd be worried. Ah! Oh! Who glued my boots to the ground?
Eugene: That's for your balloon prank earlier. (returns while holding a paintbrush and a bucket of glue) Eugene Fitzherbert never forgets. (puts a paintbrush into a bucket of glue then he sees that a paintbrush is glued to his hand and he tries to remove it)

(at the Spire) (warbling) (Cassandra tries to open the chest)

Cassandra: (grunts, sighs) It's no use. I can't get to the Mind-trap talisman.
Zhan Tiri: Then it looks like we'll need that key after all.
Cassandra: Calliope sent it Rapunzel. And something tells me she won't just hand it over to us.
Zhan Tiri: To us? No. But we may have other methods at our disposal.

(Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal going to the Spire via hot air balloon that Varian provided them with) (Rapunzel is painting birds inside her journal)

Eugene: You know, Sunshine, this all kind of reminds me... Remember when we used that cauldron to launch the caravan of that rock thing? (Rapunzel shows him the page) Of course you painted a picture of that. (Rapunzel closes her journal and puts it back inside her shoulder bag) Why do you keep drawing me so scared in these? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: I paint it like I see it.
Eugene: I do not look like that when I am scared. I look much more handsome.
Rapunzel: Oh, really? (holds the lever and pull it to make the hot air balloon fly faster) (engine surges, wind roars)
Eugene: Whoa!
Rapunzel: There it is. (giggles)
Eugene: You making fun of me too, frog? (Pascal chitters)
Rapunzel: Actually, he's not. Kresten Loch.
Eugene: Pascal? I would like to sincerely apologize. Your previous expression of terror was completely valid.

(the hot air balloon flies to Kresten Loch) (Pascal creaking when he is frozen) (Eugene grabs a frozen Pascal from his face and puts Pascal on his shoulder to defrost) (Pascal squeaks when he shakes the ice off)

Eugene: Okay, so we're pretty cold. But at least we're not that guy.
Rapunzel: (sighs) If we keep up this pace, we can make it to the Spire by nightfall. (a boomerang whooshing and it sliced a hole to the hot air balloon)
Eugene: We must have come too close to a wave.
Rapunzel: Wha-- But we weren't anywhere near a wave. Brace yourself! (holds onto the hot air balloon)
Eugene: Whoa! (holds onto Rapunzel) (he and Rapunzel screaming) (hot air balloon deflated)
Rapunzel: (gasps) Everybody okay?
Eugene: All in one piece. (he and Rapunzel climb out of the hot air balloon) What do you think took us down? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: I'm not sure. (Pascal squeaks) But I am surethis place doesn't get warmer at night. All right, guys, let's get sewing.

(wind blowing) (Eugene and Pascal help Rapunzel sew the hot air balloon)

Calliope: Hello-oh-oh-oh!
Rapunzel: Uh, any guesses as to what that might be?
Calliope: Hello-oh-oh-oh! I saw your balloon go down! Were you coming to help me? (squeals, grunts) (Rapunzel runs to her)
Rapunzel: Oh, Thank goodness you're okay. We got your message. What are you doing here and what happened with Cassandra? (asks Calliope)
Calliope: I escaped, but your friend is still at the Spire. She's after the Mind Trap, an artifact that would give her control over the members of the Brotherhood. (tells Rapunzel and Eugene)
Eugene: The Brotherhood? Like Adira and Hector. What would she want with them?
Calliope: What do I look like, her biographer?
Rapunzel: Ugh. Whatever Cass plans to do with this Mind Trap, we cannot let her have it.
Eugene: Wait. What was that? (ice rustles)
Rapunzel: Is something moving under there? (Eugene turns around)
Eugene: Sew, Pascal. Sew like you've never sewn before! (tells Pascal) (Pascal chittering when he sews the hot air balloon fast as he can) (ice crackles) (Ice Vodniks growling when they jump on the ice)
Calliope: (shrieks) Get me outta here! (Pascal chitters when he sees the Ice Vodniks and he hides) (Eugene grunts when he dodges) (Ice Vodniks are attacking and snarls) (Eugene and one of the Ice Vodniks grunt while the former still dodges the latter)
Rapunzel: Pascal, Eugene and I will keep you covered and Calliope is... hiding. (Calliope whimpers) (Ice Vodnik growls) Eugene, duck! (Calliope shrieks) (Eugene grunts) (Ice Vodniks snarls, crunches) (Eugene throws an ice pillar at the Ice Vodnik and he catches it) (Eugene gulps) Eugene, twirl attack. (Eugene turns around and asks her)
Eugene: Do we have a move called "twirl attack"? (Ice Vodniks continue to attack)
Rapunzel: Uh, we're about to! (leaps and Eugene catches her then twirls her around to defeat Vodniks) (Rapunzel grunting) (Eugene grunts and throws her then catches her)
Eugene: Ha, ha. Twirl attack, first try. All right. (Pascal has sewn the hot air balloon) Way to go, Pascal. You fixed it. (Vodniks hiss) (he and Rapunzel run to the pillar then they climb into the hot air balloon) (Vodniks snarling then they fell off the pillar) (Rapunzel turn on the burner)
Rapunzel: Uh, where's Calliope?
Calliope: Hello? Are you gonna just leave me here? (Rapunzel climbs out of the basket)
Rapunzel: Calliope, grab my hand. (Calliope runs towards the basket) (Ice Vodniks snarling when they chase after Calliope) (Rapunzel uses her hair to pull Calliope away from the Ice Vodniks) (Calliope gasps when she climbed into the basket and sighs) Geez, they are fast. The leg muscles on those things must-- (grunts) (an Ice Vodnik throws a weapon at Eugene and Rapunzel)
Eugene: Can't she pay you a simple compliment? (asks the Ice Vodniks after throwing the ice weapon away)
Rapunzel: This could be close!
Calliope: We made it! Calliope for the win. You're welcome. (Vodnik roars) (Rapunzel turns around and hears the Vodniks)
Rapunzel: Wait, they're in trouble. (sees the two Vodniks that are hanging onto a cliff) We need to go back and help them. (ice crackles) (Ice Vodnik groans) (other five Vodniks wailing)
Calliope: But they just tried to obliterate us. (referring to the Ice Vodniks) (Rapunzel walks the lever and turns the hot air balloon around)
Eugene: Sorry, but that's not the way the princess works. (tells Calliope) (Rapunzel pulls her hair down and the two Ice Vodniks hold on to her hair then they are brought back to the other five Ice Vodniks) (Ice Vodniks croaks and waves goodbye)
Princess Rapunzel: Think of it this way. You guys are gonna have so much fun sleeding back down that thing. (tells the seven Ice Vodniks before she, Pascal, Eugene and Calliope head to the Spire via hot air balloon) (Rapunzel waves goodbye to the Ice Vodniks) (wind whooshes) There it is. The Spire. Let's just hope we're not too late and Cass hasn't gotten that box open.
Calliope: Speaking of the box, where's the key?
Princess Rapunzel: (chuckles) Oh, I have it, right here in my bag. Which has its very own security system. See? (Pascal squawks, snarls) (hot air balloon landed outside of the Spire) (Eugene and Rapunzel and the fake Calliope climb out of the basket) (tries to find her best friend) Where's Cassandra? (door unlatches, creaks) (Rapunzel, Eugene and the fake Calliope enter the Spire) (the fake Calliope is shown to be mad)
Calliope: Here it is. (takes the box and walks to Rapunzel) Now, give me the key so we can make sure the Mind Trap is still here. (puts her hand out)
Rapunzel: Mmm... I... am gonna pass on that. I think the box should stay closed. Now, where's Cassandra?
Cassandra: She's right here. (walks down the stairs) (Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal and the fake Calliope see Cassandra)
Rapunzel: I don't wanna to fight you again. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: (scoffs) That's on you. Where's the key?
Eugene: Hi, sorry. While we're asking questions, I've been sitting on one. The blue hair, what's going on there? (sword scrapes sheath) Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy! (asks Cassandra but she takes the black rock sword from her back)
Rapunzel: You're not getting the key. I've hidden it. (tells Cassandra) (the fake Calliope is mad)
Zhan Tiri: It's in her bag. (walks to Cassandra then pulls the cloak off and puts it on the floor) (sighs) I love this cloak.
Princess Rapunzel: What have you done with the real Calliope? (she, Eugene and Pascal are mad at Cassandra and Zhan Tiri)
Zhan Tiri: She's fine. Or, at least, she will be, provided you give Cassandra what she wants.
Princess Rapunzel: I'm sorry. Have we met. (asks Zhan Tiri)
Cassandra: Introductions later. (puts her sword behind her back) Now, hand over the key. (walks to Rapunzel and grabs her bag from her) (dumps Rapunzel's items on the floor to find the key) (she tries to find the key)
Rapunzel: Huh? It's not in there. (Zhan Tiri turns around) (Cassandra drops Rapunzel's bag to the floor and turns around) Maybe I put it in my other bag. Come on. I knew this wasn't the real Calliope. I suspected something was up back at Kresten Loch. I knew a wave hadn't cut the balloon. But something had. (Zhan Tiri's boomerang swishes) Yeah. That would do it. (points to Zhan Tiri's boomerang) And when you coincidentally showed up moments later, and then didn't correct my pronunciation of "Spire?" I knew you weren't the real Calliope.
Eugene: Huh. You know, come to think of it, I thought you were somewhat less annoying. Not much, but somewhat. (Zhan Tiri gives the box to Cassandra)
Zhan Tiri: I enjoyed our trip together, Rapunzel. It provided me with an invaluable lesson. Your weakness, compassion. You went out of your way to help the Vodniks because you felt... sorry for them.
Rapunzel: Some people would say that's a strength.
Zhan Tiri: Ha, ha. Strength? No. Useful, yes. (her boomerang whooshing) (a candle fell on the floor)
Calliope: Hi, you guys. (Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal see Calliope tied to a rope while being hung on the ceiling)
Rapunzel: Calliope! Let her go. (Cassandra runs and summons black rocks underneath Calliope and it starts to slice off the rope)
Calliope: (muffled screaming)
Zhan Tiri: Give Cassandra the key or Calliope becomes a permanent artifact here. (turns around to tell Rapunzel)
Eugene: How do we know she's the real Keeper of the Spire? (Calliope grunts)
Calliope: (grunts) Actually, it's "spa-yer." (Pascal chitters)
Rapunzel: That's her. (Calliope grunting when the black rock continues to slice off the rope)
Cassandra: Time's up, Rapunzel. Hand over the key now or Calliope pays the price. Rapunzel asks Pascal)
Rapunzel: Pascal? (Pascal chitters when he stops hiding the key inside Rapunzel's hair then he gives her the key) First, let Calliope go. (tells Cassandra)
Cassandra: No chance. Listen, Rapunzel, I don't want to hurt her. (tells Rapunzel when walking to her and Eugene) Really, I don't. But I will. Now, give me the key. (Zhan Tiri's boomerang whooshes and it takes the key from Rapunzel's hand then Zhan Tiri catches it)
Zhan Tiri: (scoffs) Let's speed this up. (Cassandra walks to her) (Zhan Tiri puts her boomerang away to hold the box when she gives Cassandra the key) (box lock clicking when Cassandra opens it but Rapunzel and Pascal see the box is being opened by Cassandra) Yes. Cassandra, the Brotherhood of the Dark Kingdom is yours to command. (Cassandra takes the Mind Trap and holds it) (Rapunzel unties her hair to try to take the Mind Trap from Cass but she uses her black rocks to block Rapunzel's hair from taking the Mind Trap)
Rapunzel: What do you want with the Brotherhood? (asks Cassandra)
Cassandra: You can't have a war without soldiers, princess. But at the moment, you've got other things to worry about. (tells Rapunzel) (turns around to slice the rope) (Calliope screams when she falls) (Rapunzel wraps her hair around a black rock to save Calliope) (Calliope grunts and sighs when she lands on top of Eugene) (Cassandra and Zhan Tiri are about to exit but Rapunzel blocks them from leaving)
Rapunzel: Not so fast. (tells Cassandra and Zhan Tiri)
Cassandra: Do you really think you can stop me? (asks Rapunzel) (Cass turns around and sees Eugene on the stairs then he tells her)
Eugene: Oh, maybe not. But you're forgetting we're in a room full of magical artifacts. (giggling) And I don't know what any of them do. (takes a sword from behind him and the floor disappears) (Cassandra, Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene and Calliope wail, then grunt when they fell to the bottom floor)

(Eugene grunts) Okay, so we know what the sword does. (he and Cassandra see the Mind Trap on the floor) Whoa, ho, ho, ho. No you don't. (takes a magical item from the floor and tosses it at Cassandra) (Cassandra takes the Mind Trap off the floor) (magical item thunder crashes at Cassandra and she falls backwards against the wall) (thunder crashes and a badger chitters) (Cassandra looks up and sees thunder crashing) (more badgers chittering) Whoa! Aah! It's raining badgers? Why is this even a thing? (more badgers fall)

Calliope: Oh, that was to end the Gret Badger Scarcity of 1312. (a badger fell on her) (Cassandra runs when holds the Mind Trap then she takes a badger off her head and tosses it away) (badgers continue chittering) (Zhan Tiri walks while a badger is on her head then Cassandra pulls the badger off) (a badger is on Eugene's face and pulls it off)
Eugene: Aha! (holds the badger and sees the other badgers scattering then he sees the Mind Trap on the floor but the badger push it away) (a badger runs around Zhan Tiri when she sees the Mind Trap then the badger runs to another area) (Zhan Tiri is about to take the Mind Trap off the floor but a badger shoves it away from her) (the badger shoves the Mind Trap to Calliope and she grabs it with her mouth but the badgers pushes it away)
Calliope: I can't believe you brought the key back. I told you to keep it away. (tells Rapunzel while she is mad)
Rapunzel: No. Your note said, "Keep this." (runs and tries to take the Mind Trap off the floor) (tells Calliope)
Calliope: I started to write, "Keep this away," but I was under attack. What do you want from me?
Eugene: Rapunzel, I got it. (grabs the Mind Trap off the floor and tells Rapunzel then she is walking to him and she takes the badger off her face) (Rapunzel smiles at him for taking the Mind Trap off the floor but Zhan Tiri pulls out her boomerang to take the Mind Trap out of Eugene's hand)
Rapunzel: Great. Let's go. (she and Eugene see Zhan Tiri's boomerang twirling towards them to take the Mind Trap away) (the Mind Trap lands at Zhan Tiri's feet but the badger push it away from her then she runs) (Rapunzel and Eugene are also trying to take the Mind Trap back but the badger landed on his head)
Eugene: Hey, get off me. (tells the badger then he keeps it off his head but he falls backwards to the other two badgers) (a magical bag fell on the floor) (a magical hand whooshes and he sees it) (Eugene groans) What? (magical hand groaning when it runs after Eugene) This is one angry hand.
Calliope: Uh, technically, it's "raging." It's called, the Raging Hand of Bombados. (crawls to the Mind Trap but Zhan Tiri grabs it)
Zhan Tiri: I'll take that. (Calliope is mad at her) (Zhan Tiri walks away from Calliope) (Calliope pulls out the Hard Candies of Ambrosia on the floor to trip Zhan Tiri) (Zhan Tiri wails, grunts, growls and she falls then she sees the Genie lamp on the table next to her)
Calliope: Hard Candies of Ambrosia, baby! (sees Rapunzel and Cassandra trying to grab the Mind Trap)
Cassandra and Rapunzel: (grunting) (Rapunzel uses her hair to tie Cassandra's hands from taking the Mind Trap) (Rapunzel pulls her hair towards her then she and Cassandra are having a tug-o-war with the former's hair)
Rapunzel: Ow! (Cassandra trips her) (Cassandra also falls)
Eugene: Quit it. Stop it. Stop it. (the Raging Hand of Bombados pokes him while he backs away from it) (the Raging Hand of Bombados groans when it continues to poke him) (Eugene grunts when he slaps the hand) (the Raging Hand of Bombados howls and whimpering when it glows then shrinks and it flees back into to the sack) Where's all your rage now, hand?
Cassandra: Get me out of this hair. (tells Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Gladly. (frees Cassandra) (Rapunzel turns around and runs to the Mind Trap then grabs it off the floor) I got it. Let's go. (tells Eugene)

(Zhan Tiri walks to Rapunzel and slips the Mind Trap out of her hand then holds her down) Ah! (Pascal leaps onto the Mind Trap and rolls it across the floor when he is squeaking and he prevents the badgers from pushing it away)

Eugene: Right on, frog! (he grabs the Mind Trap and Pascal climbs on his shoulder then Rapunzel runs to Eugene and Pascal) (Eugene gives Rapunael the Mind Trap) Quick, let's get out of here before-- (Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal are about to exit but they turn around)
Zhan Tiri: Oh, princess. (she is holding the genie lamp) (Cass drops Calliope on the floor) (Cassandra walks to Zhan Tiri)
Calliope: Please, not the Lamp of Terror too. (the light of the lamp starts to suck her into it) I'd be trapped in limbo for 10,000 years.
Zhan Tiri: Give Cassandra what she wants. (Calliope groaning) (Cassandra walks to the other side of Zhan Tiri) (Rapunzel, Eugemne and Pascal are worried about Calliope being sucked into the Lamp of Terror by Zhan Tiri) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: Take it. (tells Cassandra to have the Mind Trap) (Cassandra walks to her and takes the Mind Trap) (Zhan Tiri walks to Cassandra)
Zhan Tiri: Thanks for your compassion. (tosses the Lamp of Terror away and tells Rapunzel) (Cassandra summons her black rock then she and Zhan Tiri exit the Spire with the Mind Trap) (Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal are worried) (Eugene puts his arm around Rapunzel to comfort her while he also feels down)

Eugene: They really should put labels on these things. (on the staircase to put the sword back where it belongs) (grunts, then sighs) (sees that Rapunzel still feels down about Cassandra and Zhan Tiri taking the Mind Trap) (he walks down and takes the box from Rapunzel to put it on the wall) Let's get out of here, huh? (asks Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: (sighs) I'll be right there. (tells Eugene)
Eugene: You got it. I'll go prep the balloon. (tells Rapunzel then he walks outside) (Pascal chitters when he comforts Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Oh, thanks, Pascal. (touch her pet) (Zhan Tiri returns to the Spire and talks to Rapunzel)
Zhan Tiri: I believe Cassandra promised us a proper introduction. But she failed to deliver. (Pascal growls) (Rapunzel is mad) Didn't she? Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't guessed who I am, seeing as how we've already met, in a way. You see, over the centuries, I've taken the form of whatever suits my needs. A warlock, a demon, even a blizzard.
Rapunzel: You're... Zhan Tiri. But that doesn't make any sense. Cass knows how evil Zhan Tiri is. Why would she team up with someone--
Zhan Tiri: Cassandra knows only what I want her to know. I'm playing her, Rapunzel. She has no idea. But she is under my complete control. (walks up to the staircase) Prepare yourself, sundrop. (turns around) An eclipse is coming. And when it does, Corona will become nothing more than dust. (grabs an item from the Spire then vanishes) (ring clangs when it drops) (Rapunzel is shocked then she is mad) (Pascal chitters)

(Rapunzel and Eugene wave goodbye to Calliope)

Calliope: Goodbye Rapunzel and Eugene! (waves to them when they are flying back to Corona) (holds her Baby Kurlock) Sorry you blew it! But it wasn't my fault!
Eugene: (chuckles) Bye! (mumbles) I really can't stand her. (talking about Calliope) (he and Rapunzel walk to the other side of the hot air balloon) Hey, blondie, look, I know today didn't pan out like we'd hoped it would, but you did what you had to do. We'll get Cass back. (he puts his hand on Rapunzel's shoulder) (Pascal squeaks) (Rapunzel smiles) (Pascal chitters)
Princess Rapunzel: Actually, Eugene, at the moment, I'm beginning to think Cass is the least of our worries. (tells him) (Pascal squeaks) (Eugene puts his around her when they are flying back to Corona alongside Pascal via hot air balloon)

(Cassandra is inside her stronghold and she sits on her throne then she activates the Mind Trap) (the Brotherhood mark on the Mind Trap glows then it a ring of light appears outside her stronghold) (Hector's eyes and his mark of the Brotherhood glows blue when he is at a forest alongside his pets) (Adira's eyes and her mark of the Brotherhood glows blue when she is sitting on a rock when she is at the Forest of No Return) (Quirin's eyes and his mark of the Brotherhood glows blue while he is tending the pumpkins at Old Corona) (Varian walks to his dad while carrying a pumpkin)

Varian: Oh, hey, Dad. (greets Quirin while putting the pumpkin into a cart and walks away) (Quirin's eyes and his mark of the Brotherhood glows blue while he is tending the pumpkins at Old Corona)

A Tale of Two Sisters[edit]

  • Once Upon a Time's fourth season has the same title, as does a Korean horror movie
  • Eugene, King Frederic, Queen Arianna and King Edmund are all absent
  • The ultimate intention of the ancient demon sorceress Zhan Tiri during the eclipse is revealed
  • It is revealed that Gothel had a diary of sorts, in the form of magic mirrors that replayed her narcissist moments and far from loving motherly affection towards her four-year-old daughter Cassandra

Enchanted Girl: "Hello again, Old Friend. My dear Demanitus, I wanted you to know: You've lost.
When the eclipse comes, I shall draw the powers of the Sundrop and Moonstone to myself. And as for their human hosts, to ensure that their once inseparable bond does not interfere, I have set a plan in motion to cement their rift."

Princess Rapunzel: "Clearly someone wanted people to think Gothel or her ghost was back. The question is-"
Cassandra: "Why?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What are you doing here?"
Cassandra: "My friend told me there were suspicious things going on."
Princess Rapunzel: "Your friend!? Listen, Cass, that little friend-"
Cassandra: "You don't belong here!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Whoa. I knew she was vain, but..."
Cassandra: "What is this stuff?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Look! The Sundrop. The sun incantation! Gothel was alive a long time."
Gothel (via mirror diary): "Good morning, Beautiful."
Princess Rapunzel and Cassandra: "Mother!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "And she's talking to herself. Looks like these can trap images and play them back, like a diary or something."
Cassandra: "And I thought your journal was-"
Princes Rapunzel: Uh, uh, uh!"
Cassandra: "Less annoying than this. Happy now?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Yes I am."

Princess Rapunzel: "Well, that's typical Gothel for you."
Cassandra: "What do you mean?"
Princess Rapunzel: "She wasn't exactly the nurturing type, when she was around, I mean."
Cassandra: "Funny, she was never around for me. I wonder why."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's not like I asked to be taken from my parents by a madwoman. And the only thing Gothel ever wanted from me was my hair. She didn't love me. She didn't love either of us. Cass, the only good thing Gothel ever did was bring us together."
Cassandra: "Only good thing!!? You really think this is a good thing?"
Princess Rapunzel: "It was."
Cassandra: "For you maybe."

Cassandra: "The missing mirror! You took it!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What!!? No!! I have no idea how that got in my bag!"
(The hand mirror reveals another memory of Gothel, one showing her giving her young daughter her blue-and-gold music box)
Gothel: "Turn the key like this, so whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear sweet mother and the love I have for you."
Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass! I have never seen that."
Cassandra: "Really!? The one mirror that showed that Mother- my mother- had a shred of affection for me and it just happens to be in your bag!!? (Coldly) Out of my way."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass."
Cassandra: "Goodbye, Rapunzel."
Princess Rapunzel: What!? No!! Cassandra!! CASS!!!"

Cassandra: "You were right. Rapunzel knew that Gothel loved me."
Enchanted Girl: "You poor thing. But now you know, and that knowledge will only make you stronger."

Gothel "Turn the key like this, so that whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear sweet mother and the love I have for you."
Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
Gothel: "Hopefully that'll keep her out of my hair for awhile; lousy little pest."


  • Cassandra appear only as a nightmare of her adopted father who decides to resign, as he cannot bring himself to fight his own adopted daughter, and appoints Eugene as his successor.
  • Varian has a new "Rooster" invention that will protect Corona from Cassandra and any other danger that threatens the kingdom by firing a glowing mortar to warn everyone of Corona.

(Outside Cassandra's stronghold of Black Rocks, holding her shadow sword)

Cassandra: It doesn't matter how many of you there are. Each of you will fall. (Unleashes a strong burst of Moonstone energy from the blade at the Royal Guards)
Captain of the Guard: Cassandra! Stand down! (tells his adopted daughter)
Cassandra: You're the one who should stand down, Father. While you still can.
Captain of the Guard: You know, I can't do that. (takes his sword)
Cassandra: Then you will fall like the others. (the Captain of the Guard flings his sword at her chest, where the Moonstone is and manages to easily shatter it)
Cassandra: No! My power! I don't need my powers to defeat you.
Captain of the Guard: Cassandra. I can't fight you.
Cassandra: Then you will never be able to protect Corona. (grunting)
Captain of the Guard: (gasps) (sighs) (wakes up from the scary nightmare of facing his adopted daughter again)

(at the throne room)

Captain of the Guard: King Frederic, Queen Arianna. As the Captain of the Corona Royal Guard, I have sworn to defend this kingdom against all who threaten it. But as a father, I cannot face my daughter in battle. (takes his helmet off and bow) And so it is with a heavy heart that I retire from my post. (Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Maximus, Attila, Vladimir and Ulf gasp) (Pete sighs and fainted then Stan holds him)
King Frederic: Captain, you have served Corona with dignity and pride for so many years. Thank you.
Queen Arianna: And we respect your decision.
Captain of the Guard: As for my replacement, it was a very difficult decision. There are so many qualified guards.
Stan: Can we get some water over here?
Lance: Have any of these guards ever successfully guarded anything?
Captain of the Guard: My replacement has put his life on the line for Corona countless times, and so it is with utmost confidence that I recommend Eugene Fitzherbert.
Eugene: (spit take) Wha-- (shocked)
Lance: (laughs) Captain Fitzherbert. I like the sound of that. Yeah, buddy, I have a few outstanding citations, so if those could somehow, you know, disappear? (chuckles)
Captain of the Guard: What do you say, Fitzherbert?

(Rapunzel, Pascal and Eugene are at Eugene's bedroom)

Eugene: Me? Captain of the Guard? What is he thinking? (asks Rapuzel when she holds the Gaptain of the Guard helmet)
Rapunzel: (chuckles) That you're the perfect choice.
Eugene: Oh. Look, I'm flattered by everyone's support. I really am. It's just that me? Come on. I was a legendary thief. I was Flynn Rider.
Rapunzel: Uh, you were Flynn Rider. Now you're Eugene. (Pascal squeaks) (puts the helmet on the bed) Maybe give this Captain thing a shot. (holds Eugene's hands)

(Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal see Pete and Stan running)

Stan: Come on! Let's check over here!
Eugene: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, what's the commotion?
Stan: The princess's crown, it's been stolen. Again. (stop running then tell Rapunzel and Eugene) (walks to the crime)
Rapunzel: Oh. Sounds like the kind of thing the Captain of the Guard might handle. (elbows Eugene) Huh? Hmm?
Eugene: For the record, I have not yet accepted that position. (Stan and Pete notice the rope on the roof)
Stan: The ceiling. No one would think to stand guard up there. (tells Pete) Whoever did this must be a criminal mastermind the likes of which Corona has never seen.
Eugene: Stan, Pete. I literally committed the exact same crime. (a guard opens the doors then enters)
Guard: Sir. We've got a detailed description of the thief. (tells Eugene while showing him the wanted poster)
Eugene: Very funny. Who put you up to this? (takes the wanted poster from a guard to see then turns it around) Oh, nobody wants to own up, huh? Okay. Well, I'll get to the bottom of this. (leaves)

(at a workshop)

Old Lady: (sighs) Perfection. (door thuds and Eugene enters holding the wanted poster)
Eugene: It's one thing you get my nose wrong all these years, but this mustache bit is taking things too far. I demand-- (sees the old lady's broken glasses) Oh. This was not intentional, and I can see you are very busy, and I wll just close this door right now. (exits the workshop then turn around) Is it possible that there's another Flynn Rider out there? (heads back to the castle)

(at the bulletin board)

The Baron: Rider. (tears the wanted poster of Brock Thunderstrike)

(at the courtyard)

Varian: Ladies and gents. I give you the roo-- (annoyed when Eugene interrupted him presenting a new invention)
Eugene: I-- I just can't believe how much this guy looks like me. (Max, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are mad at Eugene for interrupting a presentation of a new invention) And he's using my moniker--
Varian: (clearing throat) I'll wait. (Max neighs) (Max, Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal, Kiera, Lance and Catalina turn around) (Eugene puts a wanted poster behind his back)
Eugene: Oh. Ahem. Sorry. (apologizes to Varian for interrupting)
Varian: Thank you. I'll start again. I give you... (jumps off the crate) The Rooster. (pulls the rope to reveal a new invention) Or at least, it will be once we put it together.
Kiera: It doesn't look like a rooster. (tells Varian)
Varian: Uh, it's an early warning system. (walks on crate and to the floor) If Cassandra or any other danger threatens the kingdom, this will fire a glowing mortar into the air and alert everyone in Corona. (points to his invention when telling Max, Rapunzel, Kiera, Lance and Catalina)
Rapunzel: Great idea. (tells Varian and she puts her hand on him when she and Varian look and smile at each other) Right, Eugene? Eugene? (she, Varian, Max, Kiera, Lance and Catalina turn around to see Eugene) (Max whinnies)
Eugene: Sorry, it's just cheekbones like these, they don't come around twice in a generation, they don't.
Rapunzel: Eugene, this is more important than some fake Flynn Rider.
Eugene: Rapunzel, he stole the crown. I mean, only I could get away with that. Look, Flynn Rider has reputation. I refuse to have it tarnished by some hack impostor. I am going after him.
Rapunzel: Well, then I'm going with you. (tells Eugene) (turns around)
Varian: Uh, uh, hate to nag, but who's gonna oversee The Rooster's installation? All military grade applications require supervision by the Captain himself. (sees Lance putting his finger on The Rooster) Gah! Don't touch that! (pushes Lance's finger away from the invention when mad)
Eugene: Lance, you're acting Captain of the Guard until I get back. (Rapunzel, Pascal, Varian, Kiera, Lance and Catalina see Eugene walking away)
Lance: Sweet. A promotion.
Rapunzel: Uh, tut-tut-tut. It's temporary. (walks alongside Max to follow Eugene) (tells Lance that he has a nonpermanent job)
Lance: Sweet. A temporary promotion.

(at a forest, Brock is seeing his reflection on Rapunzel's tiara)

Brock: (coos) Mm. (holds Rapunzel's tiara and puts her tiara on his head then picks up his bag while laughing when the coins fell out) (makes a coin angel) I'm getting my vest dirty and I don't even care. (stack the coins on top of each other) Hello, beautiful. It's good to be me. (toss sixteen coins) (a coin rolls away) (Eugene spies Brock from a bush)
Eugene: (chuckles) Would you get a load of this villainous scum, huh? (turns his head) Sorting through his booty with his well-manicured hands. (sees Brock putting coins into the pockets) Counting his loot with those piercing almond-brown eyes. (sees Brock as a statue) He makes me sick. (sees that Brock is gone) Huh? Huh? (stops hiding) Aah! He's on to us. Max! (whistles) (Max runs to him) (Brock is running away from Eugene and Max) Come on, Max. This fool is as good as caught. (Max neighs) What do you mean he's faster than me?
Brock: (screams and grunts) (grabs a vine and swings on it) Whoa! (screams) (groaning) (Eugene and Max stop when they see Brock swinging around and he knocks him out via Rapunzel's frying pan the he is sent flying to a tree after having a bruised eye) (Rapunzel stops hiding and sees Brock)
Eugene: Not so fast now, is he, Max? (Eugune and Max walk back to Rapunzel and Brock) (Eugene toss Rapunzel's frying pan back to her) (Max blusters) (Eugene jumps off Max) (Rapunzel, Eugene and Max surround Brock) Time for some answers, huh? (Pascal chitters)

(Pascal licks Brock's ear to wake him up) (Brock grunting)

Brock: What is--? Is this hair? (sees that he is wrapped around Rapunzel's hair)
Rapunzel: Yeah, it does the job. (holds her frying pan)
Brock: Oh, it's your hair. In that case, hi. The name's Flynn Rider. (Eugene appears)
Eugene: No, it's not. Nope, sorry. Nada. Full stop. You thought you could steal the crown better than me, huh? Did you? Did you? Well, you thought wrong. Can we lock that thing up better, please? Thanks. (hands Rapunzel's tiara to Maximus) (Max whinnines) (Eugene walks to Brock) But let's talk about the real offense. Grand theft to boot. And how do you look exactly like me? (asks Brock)
Brock: (laughs) Well, exactly like you? Come on. Don't flatter yourself, pal. (tells Eugene)
Eugene: No, don't flatter-- Myself? No, don't flatter yourself, buddy! Okay? Can you believe this guy? (points to Brock) Big talk from a persona


Brock: You stole it first.
Eugene: I adapted the persona. There is a difference. (Rapunzel, Pascal and Max are sick and tired of watching Eugene arguing at the impostor) (Max


Brock: Lawmen, sellout.
Eugene: Ooh. Ooh. Who you calling sellout, huh? And you know what? Flynn Rider never had a mustache. (points and taps Brock's chest) So there.
Brock: That's because yours truly gave him a long overdue upgrade. Big ears.
Eugene: (gasps) You sir, have come too far. (points to Brock and grabs him by the vest) (Rapunzel uses her hair as a lasso to pull Eugene away)
Rapunzel: Eugene, relax.
Brock: Yeah, Eugene, relax. (Eugene turns around)
Rapunzel: Don't test me, Rider. (points at Brock) Com on, let's get this Flynnpostor back to Corona. (tells Eugene when she walks to Brock)
Eugene: (groans) (walks to Brock)
The Baron:In the hands of the law again. I'll bide my time. (sees Rapunzel, Eugene and Maximus taking Brock back to Corona) (The Baron leaves)

(at the staircase, Varian is walking up while eating an apple and holding his plans for The Rooster)

Varian: So before we install the internal chamber-- (Lance stops Varian from talking about the diagram)
Lance: No need to consult the schematics. (Varian is shocked) It's already been assembled. (Varian walks outside still being shocked when he holds his plan) And we improved on your design. (walks outside and tells Varian that the design is better) (Varian gasps when his invention is replaced with a different one) Now it looks like a rooster. You're welcome. (Varian facepalms) (a rooster head fell on Stan)
Stan: (grunts) My back!

(Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal and Brock arrive at the Snuggly Duckling)

Rapunzel: Why do you always bring people here when you don't even like it yourself? (asks Eugene) (Brock walks inside the pub)
Eugene: I bring people here because I know they will hate it. (walks inside the pub after Brock)
Brock: So there I was, you know, I'm surrounded by a battalion of guards, all with their arrows drawn and pointed at numero uno. So I hand over the goods, and I say, "I see your point." (takes his sword out) (Vladimir and Shorty laugh) (Attila chuckles) (Vladimir turns around while points at Brock)
Vladimir: Where did you get this guy? He's great.
Eugene: Great? What--? (Max whinnies) That's not even his story. It's mine. (walks on the table) And he forgot the best part. (laughs) So-- so then the Captain says, "lock him up and throw away the key." And then this is when it gets great. He actually does. I spent weeks in jail while they searched for it, but, man, it was worth it. For the story, you know? (chuckles nervously and sighs) (Attila snoring) (Eugene jumps off the table) But, uh, I guess you had to be there. (walks back to Rapunzel and Maximus)
Brock: Well, of course, all that is nothing compared to the time I took on the Earl of Camembert single-handedly.
Rapunzel: Eugene, you really need to let your jealousy of this guy go. That's not who you are anymore.
Eugene: Flynn Rider was the closest thing to an identity I ever had, okay? Sure, I was on the wrong side of the law, but I was my own man. In Corona, I'm just Rapunzel's incredibly attractive boyfriend. Or that super, super good-looking freeloader living in the castle. I can't let somebody tarnish my legacy.
Rapunzel: Legacy? (scoffs) You were a thief. Behind each stolen item is someone who's upset or heartbroken that was taken. Is that a legacy to be proud of?
Eugene: Well, honestly, it depends on the-- (Rapunzel is annoyed) No, no. Definitely not.
Rapunzel: Instead of locking him up, why not try to help him? Wouldn't that be a more rewarding legacy?
Eugene: (sighs) You're right. You're right. You're right, Sunshine. (tells Rapunzel) (walks away to help Brock) (Pascal squeaks)
Rapunzel: There is the Eugene I know. (tells Pascal when he squeaks) (Attila and Vladimir laughing) (Eugene walks to Vladimir, Ulf, Attila and Shorty)
Eugene: Excuse me. Ahem. Excuse me? Excuse me? Can I get by? Thank you. (put his hands on Vladmir and Ulf to) (Shorty has a Flynn Rider wanted poster on his face)
Shorty: Check out my smolder.
Eugene: You helped him escaped?
Attila: What? He was funny. (Eugene is mad at Attila, Vladmir and Shorty for letting Brock escape) (Eugene and Rapunzel see that Brock has escaped)
Eugene: Ooh. (bangs his head on the wood) And he did it the same way I would have done it.

(Brock runs inside the secret tunnel but he bumps into The Baron)

The Baron: Well, hello again. Rider. (walks to Brock)
Brock: (clears throat) Do I know you?

(on one of the castle's roof, Varian is working on his Rooster invention while Lance, Kiera and Catalina are watching)

Lance: Hmm. I don't think that's enough. (tells Varian after putting a tiny drop of Flynnoelum into the Rooster)
Varian: Okay. With all due respect, I'm the alchemist. (puts goggles on his head then turns around to tell Lance) Flynnoelum is very powerful. Add

too much of it and this thing will shoot so far, we'll end up warning another kingdom. Oh. I forgot the fuses. Keep an eye on this stuff and do not touch anything. (tells Lance, Kiera and Catalina befoure turns areound to climb the ladder) (Kiera and Catalina look at each other when Varian is leaving)

Lance: I am the alchemist. (mocks Varian) Well, I'm the guy wearing the Captain's uniform. (picks up the syringe) And I don't think it's enough. (Kiera and Catalina walk to Lance) Do you? (asks Kiera and Catalina)
Kiera: (laughs) Nope. (she and Catalina see each other) (Lance toss the syringe to the floor then picks up the barrel of Flynnoelum and pours it into the Rooster while Varian is away) (syringe thuds on the floor)

(Maximus is sniffing for Brock's scent when he, Rapunzel and Eugene walk outside of the secret tunnel that Brock went)

Eugene: Trail ends here, huh? Pal? (asks Max)
Rapunzel: He's not alone. Who is that? (she, Eugene, Max and Pascal see The Baron abducting Brock to bring him to the hideout)
Eugene: If I didn't know better, I'd say that's... The Baron?
Rapunzel: The Baron? Here? (shocked to hear that Stalyan's dad has entered Corona) (Maximus neighs)
Eugene: Yeah. I know. (starts to walk away then Rapunzel and Maximus turn around) Awful, right? However, it solves our problem, doesn't it?
Rapunzel: The Captain of the Guard's duty is to protect all of Corona's citizens. (Max whinnies and neighs) (Eugene turns around)
Eugene: I mean, do we know for a fact that he is a citizen of Coro--? (Rapunzel uses her as a rope) Okay, okay. Okay. I'm coming. (Max neighing) (Eugene, Max and Rapunzel jump down) (a crab is shown at The Baron's hideout) That's The Baron's hideout?
Rapunzel: Ooh! Talk about your fixer-upper.

(Brock is tied to a pole with his hands behind his back while his satchel is on a rock then he wakes up and he sees that he is inside The Baron's hideout)

The Baron: You were supposed to steal this for me years ago. (holds Rapunzel's tiara while telling Brock) (flings Rapunzel's tiara at Brock's feet) And now I've got it, it doesn't even matter. Look what's become of me.
Brock: You know, I'm looking at you and there's a lot of you, and I'm-- I'm drawing a blank. Now-- And don't this the wrong way. But you have a face that is hard to forget. Because believe me, I'm trying.
The Baron: Enough games, Rider! I've lost everything because of you, and now I'm gonna take everything from you. (grabs Brock by the vest)
Brock: Here's what I think. (laughing nervously) I-- I-- I think that you think that I-- I'm somebody else.
The Baron: (growling)

(on one of the castle's roof, Varian holds a fuse)

Varian: The Rooster's first test is a go in a-three, a-two, a-one, oh you don't have to stand back. (Kiera and Catalina run but he tells them that they can stay) I calculated it so the blast is contained and focused-- (the invention is starting to explode) (fireworks explosion) (coughs) You added more Flynnoelum, didn't you? (walks to Lance while being mad at him) I said... (speaking inaudibly)
Lance: What?

(Rapunzel is pulling Eugene down to The Baron's hideout) (Max whinnies)

Eugene: Steady. Steady. (fireworks exploding) (Max, Pascal and Rapunzel see the Flynnoelum heading towards them)
Rapunzel: Uh-oh. (she, Pascal and Maximus run away from the Flynnoelum but Eugene trips and stops holding onto Rapunzel's hair then falls off the cliff)
Eugene: Whoa! Whoa! Aah! (groans) (falls into The Baron's hideout)
Brock: You came for me. (he and The Baron see Eugene) Eugene. All right! Do you know this guy? (Eugene holds his injured body)
Eugene: This guy? Unfortunately, I do. Baron! That must be you, right? I mean, I can't really tell because I don't think you're aging very gracefully. Like at all. Have you considered a moisturizing consultant? Because I can put you in touch with my guy. He's very cheap.
The Baron: There are two of you?
Brock: Well, it's more like one and a half. If I'm being honest. (chuckling)
Eugene: If you're being honest. (walks to Brock and The Baron) You hush your mouth. You're not even a third of the man I am. (tells Brock)
The Baron: Break it up! You're obviously the real Rider. (points to Eugene)
Eugene: Aah! Well, thank you for recognizing the genuine article.
The Baron: Nobody has that fragile, an ego.
Brock: So then it's settled. If you could just unlock these shackles, my good man. I'm gonna, tsk, get on of here.
The Baron: Not so fast. (grabs Eugene) I'm gonna get rid of you both.

(outside of The Baron's hideout)

Rapunzel: Well, it looks like it's up to us, Max. (slides down then sees Eugene, Brock and The Baron at the hideout)
The Baron: Just knowing this is the last time I'm ever gonna see you. It really brings a smile to my face.
Eugene: Barry. Bobby. Seriously? Last time? Last is so finite.
Brock: And I-- Look, honestly, I'm having a hard time making that out as a smile. More of a stern glare.
Rapunzel: He's got them both, Pascal. (The Baron turns around and sees Rapunzel and Pascal) (Rapunzel gasps)
The Baron: Your girlfriend's here. But not for much longer. (Rapunzel runs after he sees her) (he walks to a wall to pull out a rock then water is released and Brock sees it about to rise) Now, if you'll excuse me. (tells Eugene and Brock before climbing up the hideout)
Rapunzel: Let them out of there, Baron. (tells Stalyan's dad to free Eugene and Brock)
The Baron: When this is through, you're gonna wish he had stayed with my Stalyan. (picks up a boulder next to him)
Rapunzel: Stalyan has moved on, why can't you? (tells him that his daughter realized that Eugene and Rapunzel are meant for each other)
The Baron: Because I've got nothing to move on to. (flings a boulder at Rapunzel then he flings another one at her and she falls) (Rapunzel groans)

(the water is rising up at the hideout and Eugene sees it then he tries to release himself from the handcuffs before drowning)

Brock: Uh... Eugene. It occurs to me that since we are about to face our doom, now might-- Now might be a good time to apologize.
Eugene: Actually, no. Now is a good to help me get us out of here.
Brock: Will you just listen to me? I'm sorry. I stole your name, but it gave me an instant reputation. Without it, I'm nobody. Just boring old Brock Thunderstrike.
Eugene: Come on, we've gotta-- I'm sorry. What did you say your name was?

(The Baron grunts when he lifts another boulder and flings it at Rapunzel)

Rapunzel: I'll hold off The Baron, you go help Eugene. (tells Pascal) (Pascal squeaks and leaves to go to the hideout to rescue Eugene)
The Baron: I'll tear it all down if I have to. (about to make the pillar fall on Rapunzel) (Max neighs when he runs to save Rapunzel)
Rapunzel: Thanks, Max. Unh. I'm stuck. (tries to pull her hair out of the rubble) (grunts) (yelps) (Max grunting when he holds the pillar)

(Brock sees more water is coming from the wall and continues to rise up to drown him and Eugene)

Eugene: All right. Sit still. If you can get your wrist close enough, I can pick your lock, and then you can pick mine.
Brock: Got it. (Eugene frees Brock) Nice work. Man, you are better than they say. Color me impressed. Whoa. (starts walking away)
Eugene: Thank you very much. Now, could you, please--? N-No. No, where are you gouing?
Brock: Sorry, pal. Not my fight. (tells Eugene when he climbs up the rocks) I want your reputation. Not your problems.
Eugene: Come on! If you wanna be Flynn Rider? Go ahead. Leaving someone like this is definitely something Flynn Rider would do. But ask yourself. Is this something Brock Thunderstrike would do? (Brock thinks for a second about either leaving someone or rescuing someone but he leaves) (Eugene tries to free himself from the handcuffs) (Pascal squeaking and Eugene sees him on the ceiling) Oh! Aah. Pascal. There's a lock. Pick-- (the water rise to Eugene's head and holds his breath while Pascal dives into the water then swim to Eugene's utility belt to take a lock pick) (Pascal swims to the handcuffs to free Eugene with the latter's lock pick) (Eugene gasps when he comes out of the water to breathe) All right, frog! (Pascal squeaks when he comes out of the water then Eugene climbs up) (Eugene panting) Oh, thank goodness that's over. (Pascal squeaks when he climbs up)
Rapunzel: Eugene!
Eugene: Don't worry. I'll get you-- (tells Rapunzel but The Baron attacks him from going close to her) (The Baron pins Eugene down and picks up a boulder to threaten him)
The Baron: This is how it ends, Rider. (Rapunzel's frying pan thuds) (The Baron groans and fell on the floor) (Brock Thunderstrike saves Eugene)
Brock: Oh, mama. I have to get me one of these. (wants a frying pan)
Eugene: Flynn, you came back. (Brock holds out his hand to help Eugene up)
Brock: Yeah, well... Now, Flynn didn't come back. Brock did. (tells Eugene)
Rapunzel: Eugene!
Eugene: Oh. Come on! (he and Brock run to help Pascal push the boulder to free Rapunzel's hair from being trapped under it) (Max holds the pillar)

(Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal, and Brock are grunting when they are trying to push the boulder)

Rapunzel: Almost. (Pascal squeaks) I'm free! (Pascal squeaks when he climbs on Rapunzel's hair then her arm and her shoulder) (Max neighs) (Rapunzel twirls her hair as a lasso to pull a boulder while Eugene and Brock push) (Rapunzel, Eugene and Brock are grunting when they move the boulder to a pillar) Run! (Eugene, Brock, Rapunzel and Max dash out of the way) (the pillar starts to rubble) (The Baron grabs Brock's feet to prevent the latter from running)
Brock: Aah! Help! Whoa! (Rapunzel and Pascal see that Brock needs to be rescued before the falling pillar traps him) No! (Rapunzel wraps her hair around Brock's waist to save him from the falling pillar while Brock shielded his eyes via his arms) (Brock coughing) (he sees Rapunzel and is amazed) Wow. Weren't we supposed to save you? (asks Rapunzel then Eugene walks to Rapunzel and Brock)
Eugene: (laughs) Yeah, no, she usually does most of the saving. (tells Brock about about Rapunzel) (Pascal squeaks when he holds Rapunzel's tiara and gives it to her while he squeaks)

(Maximus carries The Baron away when the latter is defeated and arrested while his hands are tied via rope)

Brock: So I, uh... I guess this is the part where Flynn Rider goes to jail, huh? (Eugene is about to put handcuffs on Brock's hands)
Rapunzel: Eugene? (Brock sees that Eugene shakes his hand)
Eugene: (clears throat) Uh, it's true. Yes, Flynn Rider should go to jail. But as it turns out, I only see Brock Thunderstrike standing before me. Just promise me that you'll make your own future and carve out your own identity. And whatever you do, do not let an awesome name like Brock Thunderstrike go to waste, man, because, wow! What a name. That's like a gift from the heavens, you know. (tells Brock)
Brock: Well, in, uh-- Ahem. In that case... Princess, Captain. Various pets. (Pascal chitters and Maximus whinnies) Are you pets? I don't even know. (a crab taps Brock and he sees it) Aah! My own pet. (bends down and picks up the crab then puts it on his shoulder) Brock Thunderstrike and my new pet, Hulk the Lightning Claw, bid you adieu. (walks away with his pet)
Rapunzel: He's not so bad. (referring to Brock Thunderstrike) (she and Eugene walk to a tree) (Eugene takes the wanted poster of Brock to crumble it up and toss it on the ground)
Eugene: I really don't like him. (also referring to Brock Thunderstrike) (Eugene and Rapunzel walk back to the castle alongside Maximus)

(Lance and Eugene are the dungeon putting The Baron inside the cell)

The Baron: (groans) (the cell door slams)
Eugene: You know, Lance... it's hard to admit this, but they wanted to make me The Captain, I was scared. (he and Lance stop walking while the former talks to the latter about his new job) If I can just open up for a moment. (muffled dialogue) That's when I realize if they believe in me, well, darn it, it's okay for me to believe in me too. And I... (muffled dialogue) ... to accept the position of Captain of the Guard. (chuckles) (hugs Lance) Oh! Why, that feels good to get off my chest. Thanks for listening, buddy. (he and Lance walk to the door) Say, where did you get those medals, by the way? (opens the door while asking Lance)
Lance: (shouts) What? What was that? Eugene! Check out the medals! (Eugene is annoyed then holds Lance to push him and they leave the dungeon) (Eugene closes the door)

Once a Handmaiden...[edit]

  • The title is a part of a well-known quote, as is "Happiness Is..."
  • Cassandra finally succeeds in dominating Corona by covering the entire island in black rocks. Just what Princess Rapunzel is scared of in "Be Very Afraid" as her greatest fear which came true.
  • Rapunzel, her friends and her parents and the People of Corona are forced to go to the village after the kingdom is taken over by Cassandra.

Varian: All right, Team Awesome. Project Obsidian is a success.
Princess Rapunzel: Project Obsidian?
Varian: Project Obsidian, it's a device that can destroy Cassandra's self-esteem.
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, we are not attacking Cassandra.
Eugene: Of course, we're not going to attack her, Sunshine, but I'm Captain of the Guard now. I have to be prepared to protect our people from any contingency. But I won't use this thing without your approval.
Varian: Princess, believe me, I don't want to hurt Cass either but we can't promise that she's not gonna try to hurt us.
Princess Rapunzel: Okay, I will sign it to protect Corona but we won't need it because I know the Cass, we love is still in there somewhere.

Cassandra: Do you want to explain how this got here? Back at Gothel's, I thought Rapunzel took the one memory that proved my mother loved me!
Zhan Tiri: And?
Cassandra: And you manipulated that memory, didn't you? You took this piece out! You tricked me into abandoning Rapunzel!
Zhan Tiri: Perhaps or perhaps I simply pushed you to become what you were always meant to be.
Cassandra: Who are you? You're- You're that ancient demon Zhan Tiri?
Zhan Tiri: Oh, quit pretending you're horrified. We're not so different, you and I. We were both cheated out of destiny!! In fact, we're more like sisters than you and Rapunzel ever were!! We even want the same thing! And we can get it if you continue to let me help you!
Cassandra: No! No, I'm nothing like you! Just because I'm pursuing my destiny doesn't make me a bad person!
Zhan Tiri: Doesn't it? Run, Cassandra! But you can't run from who you are!

Zhan Tiri: She hasn't told you of Project Obsidian, a weapon designed to destroy you. Rapunzel just authorized it yesterday.
Cassandra: She wouldn't! I don't believe you!
Zhan Tiri: You can ask her yourself if you don't believe me. You might want something to defend yourself against her. This potion may be your only hope against the Princess.

Princess Rapunzel: Cass, please! It's not too late to make things right!
Cassandra: Rapunzel, I want to believe you, but- (Zhan Tiri pushed the button to fire Varian's Project Obsidian to encase Cassandra)
Princess Rapunzel: "No! I said we didn't need to attack her!
Varian: I- I don't know what happened! It must have malfunctioned!
Cassandra: Project Obsidian, huh? Zhan Tiri was right.
Princess Rapunzel: Cassandra!
Cassandra: You want me to be the bad guy? Fine! Now I'm the bad guy!
Princess Rapunzel: Cassandra, no! (fainted)

Varian: Cassandra, please! This is your home. (begs her to stop attacking Corona)
Cassandra: Not anymore! Corona falls today! (starts attacking Varian, Eugene and other citizens)
Eugene: Cassandra, I'm putting a stop to this right now! (he, Varian, Lance and Fidella are mad at Cassandra)
Cassandra: Oooh! This oughta be good.
Eugene: Cass, please. You were like a sister- (begs her to stop)
Cassandra: Save it!

Eugene: Ow! That was not fair.
Mary: Quick, everyone to the Castle! We'll be safe there! (she, Lance, Feldspar and the citzens of Corona are running to the castle)
Cassandra: Sorry, but the Castle's off limits!(takes the magical Mind Trap from her bag and calls upon a mind-controlled Adira and Hector to barricade the castle's entrance)
Lance: Adira! Adira, it's me, Lance. What's wrong? Why is love so fickle?
Eugene: Be careful Lance, it looks like she and Hector are under the influence of the Mind-Trap Talisman!
Lance: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't wanna fight you! We have to fall back.
Eugene: We are not falling back.
King Edmund: Son, you cannot save a kingdom by being trapped inside it.
Eugene: Everyone, fall back! (he and Varian are dodging the black rocks)(then he sees that Pete is trapped inside a net and Stan tries to take the net off his partner) (sees Mary worried about Shorty while a guard is running) (a woman, an elderly man, Monty, two guards and Feldspar are running to the forest) (Cassandra is attacking Varian and Eugene but they are dodging the black rocks to run to the forest)

Eugene: Rapunzel? Blondie. (Rapunzel wakes up then sees Eugene and her parents smiling at her)
Princess Rapunzel: What's going on? (wants to know what happened) (Maximus, Pascal, Varian, Catalina, Kiera, Old Lady Crowley, Monty, Feldspar, Quirin, King Edmund and Lance are also glad that Rapunzel is awake)
Eugene: Thank goodness, you're okay. (hugs Rapunzel)
Princess Rapunzel: What happened to Cassandra? (asks Eugene)
Eugene: Oh, Sunshine. I don't know if you should be- (Rapunzel runs out of the Snuggly Duckling and is horrified to see all of Corona completely covered in black rocks, confirming her greatest fear once and for all) (Eugene walks to Rapunzel)
Princess Rapunzel: No! I- I don't believe it! (worried about the kingdom while Eugene holds her hand then she is mad) (Varian, Kiera, Catalina, Quirin, Lance, Pascal, Maximus, Feldspar, King Edmund, King Frederic and Queen Arianna are behind Eugene and Rapunzel) (Cassandra is inside the throne room after she conquered Corona)

Plus Est En Vous[edit]

  • As the series finale, it is an hour and six minutes longer (which was from 7:06 to 8:12 am) which technically makes it a special three-part episode. It began at 7:06 and concluded at 8:12 am on March 1st
  • The title is French for "More in You" which is written in the flyleaf in Princess Rapunzel's journal which was given to her as an early coronation gift in the movie premiere of the show
  • The Supreme Power of the Heavens reveals itself
  • The ancient demon-sorceress Zhan Tiri is finally destroyed by Rapunzel and Cassandra
  • Princess Rapunzel loses her powerful Sundrop magic, but later regains them temporarily from a fragment of the Moonstone
  • Cassandra dies and Princess Rapunzel utilizes the Sundrop Flower's healing incantation to revive her from her death and everyone else that were weakened by the Decay Incantation. She then sends the Ultimate Power of the Heavens back to where it belongs in the cosmos

Eugene: (narrating) This is the story of two best friends. Okay, so they don't look like best friends at the moment. It's, it's complicated. You see, her whole life, Cassandra has felt second best. Going back to when her own mother, Gothel, chose Rapunzel over her. And as a result, Cass has developed, a, uh, a grudge. That little thing there, that's the Moon Stone, and it's the cosmic counterpart to, a-ha you guessed it, to the Sun Drop. The two belong together, but that's not the way Cass sees it. To her, the Moon Stone is her destiny. And now that she has it, she's out to take down Rapunzel, Corona, and anyone, who underestimated ever her.
Cassandra: You have to be careful who you trust.
Eugene: (continues narrating) Not only does Cass have a brainwashed Brotherhood on her side, she also pals with this goat-headed monster. (Milton the Goat bleats then Shorty is shown) No, no, not that one. This one. Zhan Tiri, an ancient, evil demon. Only now, old Zhan Tiri looks like this. Zhan Tiri manipulated this fight between Cass and Rapunzel to gain the power of both the Sundrop and Moonstone. It's enough to make the most resilient hero give up. But good thing this is Rapunzel, we're talking about.

Princess Rapunzel: There's got to be a way to fix all, Pascal. But how? (Pascal squeaks)
Queen Arianna: Did I ever tell you about the biggest fight your aunt and I ever had? we were just teenagers, but Wllow was so mad, she actually built a brick wall in the middle of our bedroom.
Princess Rapunzel: (gasps) What?
Queen Arianna: I'm not kidding. Your grandfather nearly lost his mind. I tried talking to her through the wall, slipping notes between its cracks, but she refused to talk to me.
Princess Rapunzel: (chuckles) What did you wind up doing?
Queen Arianna: I got a hammer and I knocked that wall down. But after that, Willow saw just how much working things out meant to me. How I wouldn't let anything stand between us. (Rapunzel is feeling down then her mom comforted her) Rapunzel. Only you can get through to Cassandra. (Rapunzel's spirits are lifted and her mom kisses her) (Pascal climbs on Rapunzel's shoulder) (Pascal squeaks)
Princess Rapunzel: She's right, Pascal. It's time for the fight of our lives. (exhales) (runs to Maximus then Rapunzel and her mom race back to the Snuggly Duckling while riding on Maximus and Fidella) (Fidella whinnying) Hyah! (wolves barking and howls) (Quirin, King Frederic, King Edmund, Hamuel, Ulf, Big Nose, Vladimir, Kiera, Catalina, Lance, Varian, Eugene, Ruddiger, Monty, Feldspar and Old Lady Crowley are shown at the Snuggly Duckling with their spirits down)
Eugene: Okay, spirits are at an all-time low. Think, what would Rapunzel do? (Ruddiger chatters) Ooh, got it! Hey, haven't any of you had a problem you just couldn't solve? (picks up Ruddiger) One we could sing about, preferably a bouncy tune that makes you forget how bad... everything-oh, come on. We can't just give up.
Lance: Yeah! If Eugene can lose an entire kingdom in humiliating defeat and still hold his head up (exhales) then so can we.
King Edmund: That's right. I'm sure our captain has a plan to victory. (chuckles) Poor sap has no idea how doomed we are. Doomed, I tell you! Hold it together, Edmund. (picks up Hamuel after he falls) (takes a deep breath) I believe in you, son.
Eugene: Thank you for the support, Dad. Now, come on, there's got to be a way out of this.
Princess Rapunzel: (opens the door) There is, but there's only one way out, and that's through it.

Eugene: Quirin! (he tosses a pitchfork to Quirin and the latter catches it) (Eugene is shocked when he sees the Brotherhood mark on Quirin's hand before the latter joins the troops)
Princess Rapunzel: Eugene?
Eugene: Ha. No one can rally up the troops like you. (kisses Rapunzel) Thanks, sunshine.
Princess Rapunzel: You're welcome. Huh. You know, all this time, I've never come up with a cute little nickname for you.
Eugene: Well, I've already got three names and two of them are awful, so I think we're good. (Hamuel squwaks) (Shorty is wrestling Hamuel) Do you really think we stand a chance? Cass has the Moon Stone, the Brotherhood... and we've got (Eugene and Rapunzel are looking at Shorty and Hamuel)
Shorty: (groans) You're being rude!
Eugene: Not to mention Zhan Tiri. I mean, I don't think any of us are up to fighting an ancient evil demon creature.
Varian: Neither was Lord Demanitus. (finished drinking milk) (Rapunzel and Eugene walk back inside the Snuggly Duckling) When I was researching the Scroll, I found out Demanitus banished Zhan Tiri to some kind of netherworld, but the machine he used to do it was dismantled centuries ago.
Princess Rapunzel: Can you build it again?
Varian: If I had the plans, but Demanitus took his only blueprints to his tomb.
Eugene: (chuckles) Let me guess: The tomb is thousand years old and no one knows where it is.
Princess Rapunzel: Well, I, I wouldn't say no one knows.
Eugene: I've got a bad feeling about this. (wind blowing) Snow. (echoing): Why did it have to be snow? (going to the tomb with Rapunzel, Pascal, Varian, Kiera, Catalina, Lance and Maximus)

(Cassandra is inside the hallway at the castle then she walks to her old room and peeks inside it to see the closet) (enters her old room while she is mad and she picks up dust to rub it between her thumb and finger then throws the dust away) (walks towards her closet and opens it to see the rose that Andrew gave her and the Cassandrium that Varian gave her) (she also sees her weapons and her helmet and her sparring dummy with Eugene's painted on it then she holds the helmet then she sees the painted picture of her, Rapunzel, Pascal, Owl with half of Eugene inside the frame but she puts it facedown) (growls) (grunting) (she angrily throws her belongings to the ground then sees her handmaiden headdress) (heavy breathing) (grunts) (boom!) (rips her handmaiden headdress with the black rock and storms out of her old room)

(Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Varian, Kiera, Catalina, Lance and Maximus have made to the location of the tomb and they see the stairs)

Princess Rapunzel: Almost there, guys. And by almost, I mean not really at all
Kiera: Come on, you old timers. (climbs up first then Catalina climbs up after Kiera)
Catalina: Last one up is a Saporian slug! (tells Rapunzel, Eugene, Varian, Lance and Maximus)
Lance: Princess, how did you even know Demanitus' tomb was up here? (asks Rapunzel)
Princess Rapunzel: (tells Lance) As acting queen, I got to know a lot of Corona secrets. You know the great oak tree in Corona Park? It's not an oak. And it's not that great.
Lance: (gasps)
Princess Rapunzel: I've said too much. (climbs up with Pascal)
Lance: You think you know a tree. (climbs up after Rapunzel) (Maximus climbs up)
Eugene: So, Varian, we're buddies, right?
Varian: Team Awesome, remember?
Eugene: Oh, right. That, yeah. You know how Adira and Rhino Guy have fallen under the spell of the Mind Trap?
Varian: Don't worry, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to help them.
Eugene: Well, yeah, of course we will. (tells Varian about Quirin being one of the Brotherhood) Um, but wasn't your dad a member of that club?
Varian: What are you saying? That my dad...? Listen, Eugene. (mad at Eugene) My father is just fine.
Eugene: Okay, I didn't... Uh, look, forget I even mentioned it, okay? (climbs up) (Varian is thinking about what Eugene said to him then he climbs up) Phew. Did you find it? (shivers again) Oh, boy.
Varian: It's magnificent.
Eugene: Is it just me, or is there no door to get in?
Princess Rapunzel: It doesn't look like there is. (gasps) (turns around and walks to the door) But there is a riddle. (Varian also checks the door for a way inside the tomb)
Eugene: (chuckles) Classic Demanitus.
Princess Rapunzel: "I grow but do not live. I need air but do not breathe."
Catalina: A fish!
Kiera: A rabbit!
Kiera and Catalina: A rabbit fish!
Eugene: People, are you even listening to the riddle?
Lance: Oh, sorry. We were playing charades. But the answer to the riddle is fire.
Eugene: Lance, it's not--
Princess Rapunzel: No, no, no, he's right. It is fire. (takes a torch from Varian's bag and breaks the top of the torch to reveal the flame puts it on the fire symbol so it will spread to the other symbols to open the door and Varian has a big grin before the door is opening) (Rapunzel, Pascal, Varian, Kiera and Catalina are glad to see the door about to open) See, Gee-bug? Easy peasy.
Eugene: Escuza me?
Princess Rapunzel: Sorry. I was trying out a pet name.
Eugene: Maybe try harder? (Varian and Eugene aren't proud of the latter's pet name)
Lance: (laughs) No, please don't. (Varian and Rapunzel enter the tomb) Gee-bug is a keeper. (Eugene is starting to be annoyed of the pet name) (laughs) Come on, everyone. Gee-bug doesn't like to wait. (tells Kiera, Catalina and Maximus to enter)
Kiera: Come on, Gee-bug! (runs inside)
Catalina: It's nice and warm in here, Gee-Bug. (also runs inside while Maximus walks next to her)
Eugene: Oh, Gee-bug. (sudders) (walks inside while being annoyed of Rapunzel's pet name for him) (notices the floor has banana peels) Why are there so many banana- (trips on a banana peel then Maximus picks him up) (Maximus whinnies then Eugene cleans the banana peels off his outfit) (monkeys screech they see Varian, Rapunzel, Pascal, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina, Lance and Maximus entered the tomb) Hey, would you look at that. A family of- Hey, hey, hey, hey! (annoyed at the monkeys for flinging the peels at him)
Princess Rapunzel: Don't take it, personally, Gee-bug. They're being territorial. (Pascal climbs on Maximus)
Kiera: They could have thrown something a lot worse. (walks with Catalina, Maximus and Pascal)
Princess Rapunzel: Yeah, well, let's just find those plans. This must be where Lord Demanitus found Vigor.
Eugene: So these are his great-great-great-great grandmonkeys. (walks with Rapunzel) Great.
Lance: (gasps) Oh! (runs to an invention) (Varian is amazed at Lord Demanitus' tomb and smiles when he turns around)
Catalina: Whoa! (laughs) (she and Kiera are swinging on vines and the former is having fun) (Rapunzel dusts the webs from the book of Lord Demanitus' plans and opens then turns the pages to find the page that has the plan of the transporter)
Princess Rapunzel: (gasps) This is it! Lord Demanitus' plans. (Eugene walks to Rapunzel)
Eugene: You did it! Excellent. Now, could we get out of here? (monkeys screech) (Varian walks to Lord Demanitus' invention and Lance is holding onto it)
Varian: Absolutely fascinating. (touching the invention then goes to the other side of it and bends down to see the tip of it) And I bet he used this to switch minds with the primate. Genius. (sees Lance about to push the button and warns him) (Lance squeals) (Varian stammering) Don't press that. (walks away) (Lance is disappointed because Varian told him that he shouldn't mess with the button) (Monkey chitters) (Rapunzel and Eugene gasp) (Monkey grabs the book from Rapunzel and Eugene)
Princess Rapunzel: Wait, come back here! (monkey screeching)
Eugene: Ah! (runs with Rapunzel after the monkey but Eugene and Rapunzel trip over a boulder) (Maximus whinnies and he, Kiera and Catalina chase after the monkey) (Varian continues to admire Lord Demanitus' invention until he notices the chase)
Varian: Huh? (stops admiring the invention and runs to join the chase then leaves Lance alone) (Lance whistles then turns around to see that Varian isn't there)
Lance: Hmm. Ooh. (holds the invention then sees the red button up close but he is still disappointed) (the monkey is carrying the book while Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus, Kiera and Catalina continue to chase it until it comes to Varian is hiding behind the wall)
Varian: Gotcha! Haha! (Eugene, Rapunzel, Pascal, Varian, Kiera, Catalina, Pascal and Maximus notice that another monkey is taking the book from the monkey that Varian is holding) (Eugene, Rapunzel, Kiera, Catalina, Pascal and Maximus continue to retrieve the book from the monkey) (machinery whirring) (energy crackling as Lance switches the minds of Varian and the monkey when the beam of light surrounds Varian and the monkey) Lance, I told you not to... Wait, what happened? (notices that his mind is inside a monkey's body)
Lance: Wasn't me.
Varian: Did you just switch me with a monkey? (heavy breathing) And if I'm a monkey, then, oh... (turns around and sees the mind of a monkey is inside his body) (the monkey inside Varian's body picks earwax out of the ears and sniffs it while grunts) Lance! Look what you did! Oh, come on. (the monkey inside Varian's body is scratching the armpit) We gotta switch our minds back! (Rapunzel, Maximus and Eugene are trying to take the book) I cannot believe you did this! Look, what you've done to me!
Eugene: (stammers) (stops running and sees the minds of Varian and the monkey were switched) What the? Lance! (the monkey inside Varian's body is petting Varian while he is inside the monkey's body)
Lance: Hold on, hold on. I can fix this. (machine whirs)
Eugene: Lance, leave it alone.
Kiera: You got it, Max! (Max neighing as he climbs up the tree and tries to take the book from the monkey but it keeps the book and it swings on a vine) (monkey screeching) (Lance groaning when he slips on a banana peel then the light surrounds Eugene and a monkey when Eugene turns around)
Eugene: Oh, come on! (his mind is inside the monkey that is swinging on a vine then he crashes into a tree and falls) (a monkey still has the book and Rapunzel sees it)
Princess Rapunzel: Hey, monkey want a banana? (offers a banana) (monkey chitters) Then go get it! (toss the banana away and the monkey goes to the fruit to leave the book then Rapunzel holds the book) Got it. Finally! (energy crackling) Whoa! (her mind is switched with a monkey that Rapunzel gave the banana to) Aw, nuts! (the monkey is grunting while inside Eugene's body wants to press the button)
Lance: Get over there! No more monkey mischief. (pushing the monkey inside Eugene's body away and Lance comes back to the machine) Now, where was I? (puts the minds of Varian and the monkey back to their own bodies)
Varian: Ooh, I'm back. (chuckles) (happy to have his mind back inside his body then walks to the machine) (Kiera walks to the same monkey that Varian's mind was inside then her mind is switched with the same primate)
Kiera: Now you're doing it on purpose. Let me... (distant arguing) (the monkey inside Rapunzel's body is hooting while it holds the book)
Varian: Lance!
Catalina: Turn my sister back into my sister.
Princess Rapunzel: Just stay right there. Ha ha! Guys, I got it.
Kiera: Lance. (she, Catalina, Varian and Lance are fighting over the machine)
Princess Rapunzel: Guys. Would you please just leave the monkey button alone? (tells Varian, Kiera, Catalina and Lance)
Eugene: (monkey grunting) (stammers) Get off. (grunts) (clears throat) I think we can all agree that we should never, ever speak of this again. (eats a banana)
Princess Rapunzel: Well, Varian, is it something we can build?
Varian: Um, building it would be a snap. It's where we have to set it up, that gets a little... tricky.
Princess Rapunzel: What do you mean?
Varian: Yeah, it needs to be close enough to Zhan Tiri to suck her back in, and because she's with Cass, in the castle... Ugh.
Princess Rapunzel: Looks like we'll have to storm the castle and build the machine there. Let's get to it. (sees the monkey on her head) (monkey screeching)

Zhan Tiri: This could gone so differently, Demanitus. But because of you, I will finally lay waste to your beloved Corona. (picks up one of Varian's alchemies off the ground and throws it) And all who inhabit it. (laughs)

(Pascal and Owl are returning back to the woods where everyone is preparing to storm the castle) (Owl hoots)

Princess Rapunzel: What did you two see at the castle? (Pascal squeaking as he camouflages himself as Hector's binturong, Hector, Hector's rhinoceros and Adira) I was right. She has the Brotherhood standing guard.
Eugene: We'll have to take them out to get inside so that Varian can bulild that machine.
Princess Rapunzel: Meanwhile, I'll track Cass down. One way or the other, I'm going to get the Moon Stone.
King Edmund: Such pluck in the face of adversity. She'll certainly make an excellent daughter-in-law one day.
Eugene: Dad, you are thinking out loud again. (annoyed)
King Edmund:No, I wasn't. (winks and walks away)
Princess Rapunzel: Mm, that reminds me. (turns around to Eugene) Aren't we about due for one of us to stumble through an awkward proposal?
Eugene: (laughs) Right. Whose turn is it again? Look, I know everything is going to work out. But in case it doesn't--
Princess Rapunzel: It will. And no matter what happens today, you are still and will always be my dream, Eugene. (kisses Eugene's hand while holding it)
Eugene: And you are mine, Rapunzel.
Varian: Hey, Dad, here. I found this with your old stuff. (Quirin turns around when Varian walks to him) I gave it a little polish. (hands the helmet to his dad)
Quirin: I never thought I'd have to wear this again. But now that I must... (puts his helmet on) I am proud to have my son fighting alongside me. (Varian smiles at his dad then they are having a father and son moment)
Eugene: Okay, troops, suit up. (Ulf ran past Varian and his father)
Princess Rapunzel: All right, everyone, you know the plan. Charge the castle, build that machine, open the portal, and send Zhan Tiri back to the netherworld. Now let's move out! (everyone cheering as they follow Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance) (Hamuel squawks while flying upside down) (yelling)
Eugene: It's locked. (Ruddiger roars as he breaks the door open) It's unlocked. (everyone is yelling as they stormed the castle but Maximus is keeping an eye out then everyone storms the throne room) (confused murmurs)
Attila: Where are the bad guys?
Eugene: I don't know. But let's just get that machine build before they get back. All right? (Varian walks behind Fidella)
Princess Rapunzel: I'm going to find Cassandra.
Eugene: Sunshine, good luck. (Pascal squeaks)
Princess Rapunzel: You, too.
(leaves the throne room with Pascal and enters the hallway but finds Zhan Tiri)
Zhan Tiri: "Looking for someone? That old fool, Demanitus, would be proud of how far you've come, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "To be clear, we are talking about the old same fool who outsmarted you and trapped you in oblivion for over two millennia?"
Zhan Tiri: "Joke all you want, but the eclipse is upon us."
Princess Rapunzel: What, what, what's happening?"
(her blonde glows via her heavenly Sundrop abilities, and she starts to feel weakened by the solar eclipse)

(back at the throne room)

Varian: And...there. (tightening the screw) Okay, just pull that lever, and we've got ourselves a trans-dimensional portal. Heh, heh.
Eugene: Oh, you weren't kidding. That was fast.
Varian: Okay, we've just got to make sure everyone is clear of the portal or else, you know, they'll end up in limbo right along with Zhan Tiri. Quirin is still under the control of the Mind Trap and walks towards the lever)
Eugene: Although, I got to admit, this all feels a little too easy. (Varian looks at Eugene then Varian and Eugene look the other way to see Quirin)
Quirin: (yells) For Cassandra! (pulls the lever and his helmet reveals to have a temporary stun mechanism then Varian and Eugene notice this) (Eugene and Varian alongside Feldspar, Ulf and Vladimir see that Quirin is being under the control of the Mind Trap) (Quirin's helmet is temporary stunning him) (groans and falls backwards) (Varian is worried)
Varian: Dad, Dad, don't worry. (he and Eugene run to Quirin to check on him) You'll be okay, I promise.
Eugene: What happened? (puts hand on Varian's shoulder to comfort him while asking him while everyone is also depressed of what happened to Quirin)
Varian: I thought about what you said, so I took precautions. I rigged his helmet with a temporary stun mechanism. (feeling down)
Eugene: Score one for Team Awesome! (proud of what Varian did) (chuckle)
Varian: Heh. Yeah, Team Awesome.
Eugene: Let's say we get him someplace more comfortable, huh? (Eugene tells Varian that they will take Quirin somewhere while the former is comforting the latter then the latter smiles and nods)

Zhan Tiri: "Come, child. Give up while you still can."
Princess Rapunzel: "There's something you should know. I'm not big on giving up!"
Zhan Tiri: "Ah, the Sundrop."

King Edmund: Stay here, Hamuel. (tells his pet) Keep an eye on things with the others. (Hamuel squawks) (King Edmund leaves with his son to check the hallway) (Hamuel flies to the lever and activates the portal) (mechanical clicking) (energy crackling)
Varian: Oh, that's not good. (notices the portal is activated)
Feldspar: What's going on? (yelps) (going to be sucked inside the portal) (all yelling)

Eugene: Leave them alone for two seconds. Dad, I'm going back. (runs back to the throne room)

Shorty: Look at me! I'm a flag! (holding on to the lever before he is sucked inside the portal)
Eugene: Hey, is everyone o-- (Shorty yells as he is going to be sucked into the portal then it closes while)...kay? (he and his dad are worried about everybody that has been sucked into the portal after Hamuel activated it) (Hamuel flies back to his owner's shoulder)
King Edmund: Well, ain't that a humdinger.

Zhan Tiri: The eclipse has already begun to weaken the Sundrop's strength. It is time for you to face the princess and take the power that is rightfully yours. (curtsy)
Cassandra: Yes, it is time. There's just one more thing. (traps Zhan Tiri inside a cage) It's not that I don't trust you. (chuckles) (mimics curtsy) No, that's exactly it. (leaves to fight Rapunzel)
Zhan Tiri (chuckles) I've been in far worse prisons.

(A flashback to thousands of years ago)

Lord Demanitus: Zhan Tiri! This is your last warning! Give up this foolish quest for power.
Zhan Tiri: This quest for the Sun Drop and Moon Stone was both of ours.
Lord Demanitus: It was until you made it about something darker. You made it all about gaining power for yourself. You turned your back on what was right!
Zhan Tiri: And you turned your back on me! As long as I live, I will never stop until I have that power! (Vigor squeaksas he jumps off his owner's shoulder and hides behind the tree)
Lord Demanitus: I know. (feeling ashamed) (Zhan Tiri throws her boomerang) (Lord Demanitus pulls the lever to activate the portal) (energy crackling) (Zhan Tiri yells before she is going to be sucked into the portal with her boomerang but she holds on to the edge of the portal) (Vigor squeaks then he is holding on to the tree to prevent him from going to be sucked into the portal)
Zhan Tiri: This is far from over. I will have that power, and when I do, I will destroy your beloved Corona. I promise you! (sucked into the portal as Lord Demanitus watches sadly then he deactivates it) (Vigor screeches when he falls on the snow and wakes up while sitting on the snow and squeaks as he runs to his owner)
Lord Demanitus: I had no choice, Vigor. (picks Vigor up and holds him) I had to send her to the Lost Realm. (turns around to see his machine)

(all yelling as everyone that were at the throne room was transported to the Lost Realm during the present day) (Old Lady Crowley growls) (an unknown red creature with four eyes is low growling)

Lance: (sees a toucan with a tentacle rowing a boat when he and everyone are floating) (gasps) Uh... (he and everyone enter the green clouds and pop their heads from underneath the green clouds)
Kiera: Okay, so I'm gonna come right out and say it. (tells Varian and Catalina) This is just awful. (holds a strange pig by the tail and flings it) (an unknown creature wearing is a helmet and it holds a jousting stick while it is riding on a bee flies by Varian, Kiera and Catalina)
Varian: I'm not sure if I should be fascinated or terrified. (a giant eyeball appears then Varian, Kiera and Catalina see it multiply into smaller eyeballs and floats away) And we have a winner. (Lance pops out from underneath the green cloud with a unicorn on his head and he sees it)
Lance: Everyone, let's just relax. I'm sure Eugene will have us back in no time. (unicorn squeaks and Lance yelps when an oddly colored giraffe pops out from underneath him) I hope.

Eugene: Come on Dad. If we don't get our friends back and get this thing up and running, Rapunzel's whole plan will fall apart.
King Edmund: Then let's get moving. Although, they really are more his friends. (creatures snarling) (Two of Hector's binturongs appeared and they walk to Quirin then one of the bingturongs jumps on Quirin to remove his helmet from his head and a binturong tosses it to the other binturong then Hector shows up to smash the helmet after one of his binturong puts it on the floor and Quirin wakes up)
Hector: Hello, Your Majesty. (greets King Edmund)
Eugene: I'm sorry, what were you saying about my friends? (Hector's bingturongs, Quirin and Hector attack Eugene and King Edmund)

(Rapunzel and Pascal are trying to find their former friend)

Princess Rapunzel: (wind blows) Cassandra? (turns around and sees Cassandra)
Cassandra: You know, Raps, it's funny. I look at you and I see a girl who was used for her gifts and lied to her entire life. And I think, if there's anyone who should know what it feels like to be taken granted and cast aside for something better, it'd be you.
Princess Rapunzel: Who says I don't? Cassandra, I am not giving up on you. We can work this out. Trust me.
Cassandra: Trust you? The last time I heard those words, you had Varian imprison me in amber.
Princess Rapunzel: You know that wasn't my plan. Ah, this isn't you, Cass.
Cassandra: This isn't me? (points to Rapunzel) Don't you get it by now? You don't get to tell me who I am? No one does. Only I decide that.
Princess Rapunzel: And have you decided, Cassandra? Is this who you are now? Is this what you really want? Because I think Zhan Tiri has so clouded your head with anger and hate that you don't know what you want anymore.
Cassandra: I know exactly what I want. I want you to know what it feels to fall short despite your best efforts. I want you and the rest of the world to know that I come second to no one. (takes the black rock sword from her back)

(Eugene tries to pull the level) (Hector yells as he runs and fights Eugene) (Hector's bingturongs snarling at Hamuel) (Eugene grunting as Hector continues to fight the former) (Quirin and King Edmund fight) (Hector grunting)

Eugene: Oh, these guys are tough.
King Edmund: Well, they were trained by the best. (fights back) Probably should not be proud of that fact at this moment. (Varian's father yells as he continues to fight King Edmund) (Hamuel flies away from Hector's bingturong continue to attack him then one of the binturong's snout is tied up while it drags Hamuel) (One of Hector's bingturong prevents Eugene from pulling the lever by biting the pants then the other one attacks Eugene while Quirin throws King Edmund to the ground next to Eugene) (King Edmund and his son and Hamuel are defeated by Quirin, Hector and his pets)
Eugene: All right, all right, look. The only way I see us getting to that machine is to get the Brotherhood back on our side.
King Edmund: Yes, but we'd have to know where Cassandra's hidden the mind trap.
Eugene: I have an idea of where she'd keep it. It's getting there that's gonna be a problem. (leaves with his father and Hamuel while Quirin, Hector and his pets follow them) (King Edmund and Eugene are going to Cassandra's Stronghold while riding on Domino and Maximus while Hamuel flies but Hector follows them on his rhinoceros)

Princess Rapunzel: Cass, hand over the Moon Stone so we can end this. You are playing right into Zhan Tiri's plan.
Cassandra: I've already taken care of Zhan Tiri. Now, give me the Sun Drop. (orders Rapunzel to give her the Sun Drop)
Princess Rapunzel: I'm warning you, Cass. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to protect this kingdom. (she and Cassandra run toward each other)(Rapunzel unties her hair and begins to fight Cassandra) (Rapunzel uses the power of the Hope incantation to fight) I was hoping we'd be able to talk this out, but now you've made that impossible, I am not holding back! (using her hair to throw Cassandra to the ground) (Cassandra groans)
Cassandra: I can't tell you how disappointing to hear, Raps. Because if you're not holding back, that means this is the best you can do. (Rapunzel continues to fight Cassandra) And your best is pathetic. (rock wolves snarling) (attacks Rapunzel with black rocks) (Pascal screams squeakly as he hides inside Rapunzel's hair) (Rapunzel destroys the black rocks that Cassandra attacks Rapunzel with) (Rapunzel walks forward to destroy more black rocks) (Cassandra grunting) (Rapunzel and Cassandra glare at each other)

(Hector and his rhinoceros and bingturongs continue to chase after Eugene, Maximus, King Edmund, Domino and Hamuel)

Eugene: Come on, Cassandra's tower is just up this way.
King Edmund: Oh, boy. (sees Hector and his pets chasing after him, Domino, Hamuel, Eugene and Maximus) (six crows cawing as they fly)
Eugene: What? What is it? (Hector's rhinoceros bellowing when it smashes the boulder after Maximus and Domino jump) (Hector and his pets are going to chase Eugene, Maximus, King Edmund, Domino and Hamuel inside the forest) Fantastic.
King Edmund: Oh, why did I ever let him get a rhino?
Eugene: Boy, your old pals are persistent, that's for sure. Max, let's shake them. (Maximus whickers) (Hector's rhinoceros roars as it destroys the tree trunks when Hector and his pets continue to chase Eugene, Maximus, King Edmund, Domino and Hamuel inside the forest) (he, his dad, Maximus, Domino and Hamuel are going to another path to avoid being chased by Hector and his pets)
King Edmund: You said the tower was that way.
Eugene: Yeah, well, we're taking the scenic route. Rhinos are fast and can bust through about anything, but I'm willing to bet there's one thing they can't do.
King Edmund: What's that? (Hector and his pets continue to chase Eugene, Maximus, King Edmund, Domino and Hamuel inside the forest)
Eugene: Jump! (Maximus and Domino are going to jump over the ravine) (Hector's Rhinoceros groans when it can't stop charging ahead but it slows down while Eugene, Maximus, King Edmund and Domino made it over the other side of the ravine) (Hector's bingturongs appear and bumps into his rhinoceros then Hector screams when he fell into the water while Eugene and Maximus are watching from other side of the ravine before they leave then Hector growls as he pops his head from underneath the water)

Lance: Guys, I know we've got to get out of here, but is it weird these delicious-looking things are making me hungry? (some food items with eyes float by Lance while he is on a blue giraffe)
Shorty: Not to me. (picks up a weird looking lettuce and a weird looking fish that has a child's head appears from the weird looking lettuce then Shorty eats the weird looking vegetable)
Varian: Oh, yeah, I think, I think we're safe. Up here, for a while. (chuckles) What? (Kiera, Catalina, Feldspar, Pete and Stan notice Varian's stripe has become a snake)
Kiera: Uh, V, I don't want to alarm you, but the stripe in your hair, it's alive! (Varian and his stripe that has turned into a snake scream at each other and the alive stripe also has eyes and goggles) (Varian's hair stripe that has turned into a snake is grunting)
Varian: Get it off! No, why? (freaks out and runs away after he sees his hair stripe is alive)
Lance: Oh, man, I can't look. (closes his eyes with his hands but an eye appears on his goatee) Why can I see this? (twenty-one more eyes appear on him) Why I can still see this? (ton of more eyes continue to appear on him) I shouldn't be able to see this.
King Frederic: (grunts and notices that there is another of him attached at the bottom)
Queen Arianna: Um, Frederic! (she has rabbit ears on her head) (Ruddiger has flowers all over him) (Big Nose's nose has wings after it removed itself from his face) (Pete and Stan are attached to each other)
Shorty: Welcome to my world. (Big Nose's nose fly to him) Oh, hi, Big Nose's big nose. (waves to Big Nose's nose)
Varian: I think I know what's going on here. (Monty is bouncing like a ball) (Milton the Goat has a body and arms and legs and feet and hands) This place, it's changing us.
Lance: Oh, really, Professor Snakehead? (climbs off the giraffe) How'd you figure that out?
Varian: And if we don't get out soon, then these changes could be... (puts his hand on his chin to think)
Varian's hair stripe: Irreversible. (Varian notices his hair stripe can talk)

(birds cawing as it flies away from the eclipse)

Zhan Tiri: Oh, Cassandra. So predictable. Have you learned nothing from me? No matter how formidable an obstacle, everything has its weakness. And I have a gift of finding it. (removes the cork from Varian's chemical mixture that she took from the Demanitus Chamber and pours on the floor all around her to melt then she falls below) (Rapunzel and Cassandra entered the hallway from the wall)
Cassandra: Huh, these are new. (notices the decorations)
Princess Rapunzel: Yeah, I thought this hall could use a little sprucing up. What do you think? (Cassandra grunts when she throws a vase at Rapunzel but the latter ducked) A simple "not my style" would have been fine, but okay. (Cassandra grunts when she throws two vases at Rapunzel but the latter ducked again)
Princess Rapunzel: Wait! My aunt Willow made that one. Please? (doesn't want Cassandra to throw the vase that Rapunzel's aunt made so Cassandra looks at Rapunzel then she looks at the vase and puts it back on the pedestal) (Cassandra continues to fight Rapunzel and the latter fights back to trip the former) Ha, bet you didn't see that coming.
Cassandra: You forget who taught you that move. Not to mention number one rule in combat. Turn your enemy's strength into a weakness. (she holds Rapunzel's hair then black rocks are starting to go towards Rapunzel's hair and Rapunzel herself) (Rapunzel grunts when the black rocks has trapped her) (crow caws)

(inside Cassandra's Stronghold)

King Edmund: Huh. And you said my old place was creepy.
Eugene: No, I said your old place was disturbing. I said the bear hood you used to wear was creepy.
King Edmund: Dabney? You think Dabney is creepy? Well, fine. I thought your, uh, knee pads were, uh, not fashionable. (walks upstairs with his son)
Eugene: That's a good comeback, Dad. (Maximus and Domino confused neighing when they look at each other)

(Rapunzel is still trapped inside a rock bind at the hall)

Princess Rapunzel: (grunts) (Cassandra summons more black rocks to bring Rapunzel outside for everyone to see that she is defeated by Cassandra)
Cassandra: This fight is over, Princess. (steps over the balcony)
Princess Rapunzel: What are we doing here? (asks Cassandra)
Cassandra: I want the entire kingdom to see me get that Sun Drop.
Princess Rapunzel: And then what, Cassandra? If you win, what will you do? Have you thought about that? What will be left for you? Who will be left for you? Huh?
Cassandra: (chuckles) Who will be left for me, Rapunzel? Let me tell you something. This whole ordeal has taught me, I don't need anyone.
Princess Rapunzel: Please. I know you don't believe that. Cassandra, no.
Cassandra: You don't get to tell me what I believe. (completely traps Rapunzel and Pascal inside the rock bind as Pascal squeaks while Rapunzel breaks out of the black rocks with her power and destroys the rocks) (Cassandra growls as she entered the damaged wall)

(at the throne room)

Eugene: The mind trap! There it is. (walks towards the mind trap)
Adira: I'll take that. (grabs the mind trap before Eugene could grab it) (Eugene grunts when Adira kicks him to the ground then she walks to him)
Eugene: Adira. (Hector's pets snarling) Uh, Dad? (stands up then walks backwards) You want to tell your friends to back off? Dad?
King Edmund: I don't think that's going to happen. (reveals that he is secretly under the control of the mind trap and Eugene notices)

(at her room with Cassandra

Princess Rapunzel: Listen to me, Cass. Give up the Moon Stone. Together, we can unite it with the Sun Drop and put an end to all of this right now.
Cassandra: Yeah, like that's going to happen. (takes the black sword from her back but Rapunzel's hair breaks it) (Cassandra throws the broken sword to the ground after Rapunzel's hair breaks it)
Princess Rapunzel: It's over, Cass. (Rapunzel wraps her hair around Cassandra's body) (Cassandra gasps when she notices the moon will block the sun) chuckles) I was thinking the same thing.

Eugene: Dad. (trips on his sword and falls on the ground then he notices that Adira, Hector and his pets are going to surround him) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You were a member of the Brotherhood all along? (his father removes his glove and shows his son the Brotherhood mark on his hand)
King Edmund: We all took an oath of allegiance to the Moon Stone, son. (Adira throws the mind trap to him) Now that I've managed to keep this out of your hands, that allegiance will remain with Cassandra.
Eugene: Father. I don't want to fight you and I know deep down you don't want to fight me.
Adira: You don't stand a chance.
Eugene: Yeah, well, I'm not the one to walk away from a fight when my friends are in danger, no matter what the odds. (picks up his sword from the ground) (Adira and Hector look at each other before fighting Eugene) Just something I picked up from Rapunzel. (Adira shakes her head and puts her boot up then knocks out Eugene) (he begins to fight Adira, Hector and his pets and also his own father)

(an eclipse is shown)

Cassandra: (laughs) Time's up, Raps. It's the eclipse. (Rapunzel and Pascal see the Sun Drop then the former starts to be weakened while Cassandra's power grows stronger) When the moon blocks out the light of the sun. (Pascal worries about Rapunzel) (Cassandra traps Rapunzel with black rocks)
Princess Rapunzel: Wait.
Cassandra: Tell me something. How does it feel to be in the shadow? (walks and asks Rapunzel)

Eugene: (exhausted and out of breath) Any possibility we call this a draw? (asks three Brotherhood members but they won't talk) No, okay, well, don't say I didn't give you a chance- (yelps) (Adira slaps Eugene) (King Edmund holds Eugene then throws him while Adira trips him to the floor) (Adira caught Eugene's sword then she throws his sword outside) Great. Well, now you owe me a new sword. (Maximus neighs when he and Domino see Eugene's sword then Maximus notices that Eugene is outnumbered) (Eugene is grunting when he is thrown to the ground by the Brotherhood members)
King Edmund: Well, Horace, it looks like the long line of dark kings ends here. (tells his son who has been defeated by him, Adira and Hector)
Eugene: Dad. I beg you. If there's an ounce of compassion left in your heart, please stop calling me Horace. (Maximus neighs when he arrives to fight the Brotherhood after Eugene is too weak to fight the Brotherhood) Max. (Eugene sees Maximus then the three Brotherhood members turn around to see him) (Maximus is going to fight Adira, King Edmund, Hector and his pets) (Maximus knocks out Adira to a wall) (Hector grunts when he fights Maximus) (Maximus steps on Hector's foot and groans then Maximus knocks him away) (Maximus and King Edmund are sword fighting then the former kicks the latter away) (Hector's pets are also fighting Maximus from behind but the latter kicks them away) (Hector continues to fight Maximus) Oh, you guys ticked off the wrong horse. (Hector's pets also continue to fight Maximus but then Maximus grabs Hector's pets and defeats them by slamming them into each other then throws them to the floor) (Hector goes to his pets and gives one of them a net) (Hector's pets climb to the top) (Adira, King Edmund and Hector continue to fight Maximus) (Maximus sees that Hector's pets are going to trap him) (Hector's pets trap Maximus inside the net then Adira, Hector and his pets prevent Maximus from escaping)
King Edmund: Nice try, but even with your horse, you'll never defeat all of us. (Eugene walks from behind his dad and takes the mind trap from his dad's bag)
Eugene: You know what, you're right. But Dad, the good news we don't have to beat all of you. Just the guy with the mind trap. (grunting) (heabout to destroy the mind trap but his father attacks him) (he falls on the precipice and drops the mind trap on the precipice) (crawls to take the mind trap before his dad) Okay, okay, Eugene, that was not your best idea. (groans) (he stops to rest a bit while his dad walks to the mind trap then he crawls to try to reach the mind trap but his dad walks in front of his son to attack him again) No, Dad, Dad, wait. When I first found you, I resented you for leaving me. But, but now, I realize you were just trying to protect me. I understand the sacrifice you were forced to make. And I... I forgive you. (faints)
King Edmund: (yells) (destroys the mind trap to free him, Adira, Hector and Quirin from being under the control of it) (he shakes his head before opening his eyes) (walks to his fainted son on the precipice then bends on his knees to pick up his son and hug him) Thank you, son. (Eugene hugs his dad)
Eugene: Dad... I know this is a moment, but Rapunzel's fighting for the fate of our kingdom right now.
King Edmund: Oh, right, bigger fish.

(At the Lost Realm) (Queen Arianna has become a rabbit) (Feldspar has become a shoe) (Catalina has a body of a rat while her head has rat ears) (Fidella has become a horse on a stick) (Ulf has become a blue zebra) (Old Lady Crowley has become a lemon) (Kiera's head is larger than her body) (Xavier has become a tool) (Vladmir's body disappeared) (Attila's body has a cupcake with his head has a cherry on top)

Lance: You're my best buddy, bud -- don't ever change! Well, I hate to say it, but it looks like we'll be here for the long haul. (all groaning)
Kiera: You know, if I was trapped in this place for thousands of years like Zhan Tiri, I'd be pretty ticked off, too. Wait, where'd everybody go?
Catalina: You kind of floated away. Again. (reels Kiera's head back to her body)
Feldspar: Oh, oh, I want to go home. Mommy! (the portal opens then Feldspar, Kiera, Catalina, Varian, Big Nose and Monty see it and sends everyone that were transported to the Lost Realm back to the castle) (disappointed lowing) (unicorn whinnies sadly when the portal closes at the Lost Realm) (everyone that were sent to the Lost Realm is back to normal after they returned to the castle then Quirin closes the portal) (Varian sees his dad isn't under the control of the mind trap)
Varian: Dad, you're back. (runs happily to Quirin and hugs him while Pete, Stan and Ulf see Varian and his father hug each other)

Cassandra: I helped you find your power within. It's only fitting I take it out. (about to remove the Sun Drop from Rapunzel)
Princess Rapunzel: Cassandra, no. (begs Cassandra that she can't take the Sun Drop) (the Sun Drop is removed from Rapunzel and it flies towards Cassandra then Rapunzel's hair turning back to brown) (Zhan Tiri is behind Cassandra)
Cassandra: Sorry, Rapunzel. (Zhan Tiri jumps on Cassandra and the Sun Drop fell on the floor then Zhan Tiri takes the Moon Stone from her) (Zhan Tiri grunts) (she sees Zhan Tiri has escaped from the cage) How did you- (Cassandra's hair becomes black and her eyes becomes hazel again but her armor becomes gray after Zhan Tiri takes the Moon Stone then Zhan Tiri jumps off Cassandra) (Zhan Tiri is excited while she holds the Moon Stone and she takes the Sun Drop off the ground then she holds both of them)
Zhan Tiri: Finally, they're mine. (Rapunzel is free from the black rocks that surrounded her then they recede to the ground) I'd like to thank both of you for taking care of what rightfully belongs to mine. (cackles) At long last, they're mine!
(she absorbs the Sundrop and Moonstone by affixing them to her wrists, then her eyes are glowing yellow-and-blue while she transforms into her colossal demonic form")

Varian: Everything is up and running. (tightening the screw with a wrench then stops) All right, all set this and send Zhan Tiri back. (low rumbling)
Lance: Now all we got to do is figure out how to lure Zhan Tiri into that portal. (points behind him then turns around and he, Varian, Quirin, Feldspar, Kiera, Catalina, King Frederick, Queen Arianna, Pete, Stan, Xavier, Big Nose, Attila and Vladimir see that the portal is destroyed) Oh, come on!
Queen Arianna: Everybody, get out!"
Zhan Tiri: Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin."
Eugene: Okay, if that thing is that little girl, then she has really hit an unfortunate growth spurt."
Zhan Tiri: (laughs) At last, the power is mine. I've dreamt of wielding the Moonstone and Sundrop for centuries! (cackles) :(Princess Rapunzel uses her hair to grab one of Zhan Tiri's wrists)
Princess Rapunzel: I am all about people living out their dreams, but today, not so much.
Zhan Tiri: You may have been a worthy adversary once, Princess, but now you are nothing. (Rapunzel grunts when Zhan Tiri pushes her out of the way) (laughs) (walks to Cassandra) And you! (laughs) (grabs Cassandra and holds her captive) (Cassandra grunts) You lost before you even began, girl. (Cassandra grunts as she tries to break free from Zhan Tiri's grasp) Just like your mother. Felled by your own ego.
Princess Rapunzel: Leave her alone.
Zhan Tiri: I'm sorry if I gave the impression we were having a conversation. (throws Cassandra to the ground)
Princess Rapunzel: Cass! (runs to her best friend)
Zhan Tiri: Now watch as I finally deliver on a promise I made long ago! (traps Rapunzel, Pascal and Cassandra inside the yellow rocks) Time to destroy Corona. (leaves to attack everyone) (Rapunzel is worried) (walks out of the tower) (Eugene and Maximus jump out of the castle)

(everyone is going to fight against Zhan Tiri)

Eugene: Okay, listen up. I need everyone to get as far away from here as possible.
King Edmund: But what about you, son? (heavy thud) (Zhan Tiri roars) (Maximus neighs)
Eugene: I'm going after Rapunzel. (he, Maximus, Lance, King Edmund, Varian, Ruddiger and everyone else are going to fight against Zhan Tiri)
Lance: Not alone you're not. I'm going with you.
Varian: So am I. (Ruddiger growls) (Zhan Tiri cackles)
Catalina: We are not going down without a fight! (Kiera yells)
Queen Arianna: That's right.
Queen Arianna and King Frederic: Our fight!
Eugene: For Corona! For Rapunzel! (Zhan Tiri summons yellow rocks to try to stop Eugene and Maximus)
All: For Corona! For Rapunzel! For Corona! For Rapunzel! (Zhan Tiri laughs at everyone charging towards her)

Princess Rapunzel: (grunts while trying to find an exit) Cassandra, come on. I need your help. (heavy breathing) Snap out of it, Cass. (runs to her) We've got to stop Zhan Tiri before it's too...
Cassandra: Too late? Raps, look around. We failed. I've failed.
Princess Rapunzel: No. You can do--
Cassandra: I can't do anything! Why don't you just give up on me? Can't you see what I've done? Look around you. This is all my fault. I've done terrible things. All this time, I tried so hard to prove that I was more than everyone thought, but they were right. (cries while hugging Rapunzel)
Princess Rapunzel: No, Cassandra. No.
Cassandra: Raps. I am so sorry. (Pascal squeaks) (distant crash) (Zhan Tiri laughs) (Varian and Ruddiger tried to break the yellow rocks then they jump out of the way before Zhan Tiri can capture them) (Zhan Tiri summons more yellow rocks)
Old Lady Crowley: I'm not cleaning that up. (runs towards Zhan Tiri) (joins Feldspar, Xavier and Monty to attack Zhan Tiri's tentacles)
Zhan Tiri: Have you come to watch me obliterate your kingdom?
Eugene: A-ha, you hear that, guys? Lady Squidbottom here thinks we're calling it quits. (Maximus neighs) (Eugene grunts) (Zhan Tiri growls) (Zhan Tiri summons yellow rocks towards Eugene and Maximus) (Maximus neighs) You do not know Coronans very well, now, do you?
Zhan Tiri: Coronans have always been the same. Pathetic.
Eugene: Come on, let's hit her with everything we've got. Charge! (King Frederic, Queen Arianna, Hector and King Edmund yelling) (Milton the Goat bleats as it jump over one of Zhan Tiri's tentacle and rams into the other one four times) (Cassandra and Rapunzel hear the rumbling)
Princess Rapunzel: Cass, I was thinking about when we first met. Do you know it was nealy three weeks before I heard you laugh for the first time? I guess there wasn't much to smile about, you know. After being put in charge of a free-spirited flower child who painted smiley faces all over your things. (chuckles)
Cassandra: (chuckles)
Princess Rapunzel: But that first laugh was so remarkable because I knew you meant it.
Cassandra: What do you mean?
Princess Rapunzel: You had this look in your eyes. I don't know, it was seeing you, the real you, for the first time. And that's the Cassandra, I became best friends with.
Cassandra: (scoffs) Why are you telling me this? (Rapunzel puts her hand on Cassandra's hand)
Princess Rapunzel: Because even when I look at you now, after all that's happened, no matter what we've done, to each other, I still see that look in your eyes. You're my best friend, Cassandra. (Cassandra smiles at Rapunzel) And I will never give up on you. (Zhan Tiri laughs) (Big Nose and Attila are fighting against Zhan Tiri but they jump out of her way then Ulf walks by to mime)
Zhan Tiri: Is this the best Corona has to offer? (laughs) (Attila, Big Nose and Ulf jump out of Zhan Tiri's way) (Kiera and Catalina throw rocks at her) And what do we have here? (Catalina pushed Kiera out of the way then Zhan Tiri grabs the former)
Kiera: Catalina! (worried about her sister)
Catalina: (transformed into a werewolf and roars and howls then she escaped from Zhan Tiri's grasp by jumping off)
Zhan Tiri: Enough! (throws Catalina to the ground) (laughs) (Hector and his rhinoceros charge at Zhan Tiri but she summons more yellow rocks at them)
Varian: Hey, Zhan Tiri, catch. (holds two chemicals and pours the chemical that is inside the graduated cylinder to the graduated bottle and puts the empty graduated cylinder back into his bag then puts a cork on it and shakes it before taking out a launcher to fling the bottle at Zhan Tiri) Yes!
Zhan Tiri: You're only prolonging your own demise. (growls) (traps Varian and Ruddiger inside the same cage) (traps Kiera inside a cage) (traps Catalina in a cage) (Eugene charges towards Zhan Tiri) (Zhan Tiri summons yellow rocks but Maximus dodges them)
Eugene: You could have taken the form of a chimp like your buddy, but no, you just had to be whatever that is. (grunts when he leaps off Maximus when the rocks block his path) (Zhan Tiri grabs Eugene) Ooh, okay, okay, ow. I've got you right where I want you.
Zhan Tiri: I've grown tired of this. At last, Corona DIES!!"
(Casts only half of the decay spell's heavenly power of death and destruction)
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Eugene: Oh, no.
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
Set the spirit free

(Rapunzel, Pascal and Cassandra still trapped inside a cage)

Princess Rapunzel: There's got to be something we can use to get out of here. (Pascal squeaks while trying to help Rapunzel find an exit) You know, Cass, if it makes you feel any better, when you grabbed the Moon Stone before I could, there's a pretty good chance you saved my life.
Cassandra: What do you mean?
Princess Rapunzel: Well, we know that the Sun Drop and Moon Stone have to be reunited, but we still don't know what will happen if they actually are. And if we believe Adira, (Cassandra scoffs) it could be really bad for whoever puts them together. Like (imitates explosion) bad.
Cassandra: Well, I guess we'll never find out now that Zhan Tiri has them both.
Princess Rapunzel: See, I refuse to believe it's hopeless.
Cassandra: (chuckles) There's a surprise.
Princess Rapunzel: (scoffs) (Pascal squeaks and gives Rapunzel the journal) (smiles) (cleans the dust off her journal and sees the pages and flips them) (Pascal climbs on her shoulder) (continues to flip pages then she sees what her mother wrote to her on her Coronation Day)
Queen Arianna: It means "there is more in you".
Princess Rapunzel: Plus est en vous.
Cassandra: What?
Princess Rapunzel: Plus est en vous means "there is more in you", Cassandra.
(Cassandra smiles then notices a Moonstone fragment inside her armor)
Cassandra: Our first fight at my black rock tower."
Princess Rapunzel: Our last hope. Cass, do you understand what this is? It's power. We can use it to fight back against Zhan Tiri.
Cassandra: "No. No, you can use it to fight Zhan Tiri. Rapunzel, this is your destiny."
Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, this doesn't look like it's gonna last very long."
Cassandra: "Well, then you better get a move on, Blondie."

Princess Rapunzel: "I'm bringing you back."
Eugene: "Rapunzel no. The power- It's too much."
Princess Rapunzel: "I'm willing to take that chance. We did not go this far to get our friend back, only to lose her now.
Flower gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine
Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates' design
Save what has been lost
Cassandra: "Raps?"
Princess Rapunzel:
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine
What once was mine