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Rat Race is a 2001 American comedy film about six teams of people racing to a remote location to win a large sum of money in a locker.

Directed by Jerry Zucker. Written by Andy Breckman.
563 miles. 9 people. $2 million. 1001 problems!(taglines)

Nick Schaffer[edit]

  • My grandfather used to say that good things take time, but great things happen all at once.

Owen Templeton[edit]

  • [Talking about the coin he used to flip at the Super Bowl] It's really a commemorative coin.
  • I am not a bus driver! I do not work for the bus company! All right?! I--I needed a ride to New Mexico, so I stole this uniform! See this jacket? This is not my jacket! Remember Marty, the bus driver? Huh?! This is his shirt! I stole it! And these pants, you think I'd wear these pants?! These aren't my pants! These are Marty's pants! I stole them! I am not...a bus driver!

Duane Cody[edit]

  • [Looking at a map, a plane lands behind him] Where the hell is the airport?!

Blaine Cody[edit]

  • [To Duane] Duane, Mom's watching 'ou from 'eaven righ' now. Wha' would 'he doo? For starving children, Duane. 'O it for mom.

Vera Baker[edit]

  • Oh good! A scam!!
  • [to Owen] I knew I recognized you, you're the referee, the bonehead!
  • We should've bought a squirrel.

Randy Pear[edit]

  • They're always pissed, honey. They're Nazis, it's like it's their job.
  • Are you insane?! This is Hitler's car!
  • I do NOT want to work at Home Depot!
  • You drink these up, then we're gonna return the Nazi-mobile. And then we'll get the van fixed and we'll go back to Vegas and see David Copperfield! Yay!
  • Bev, Bev, wake... Come on. Wake up. Wake up. Bev, wake up. Wake up. Third Reich's here. Come on. Get down. You wanna have a nice life. Okay, okay. Think. Think. SS in the parking lot.

Kimberly Pear[edit]

  • Dad, I don't have to pee, it's number two!
  • Dad, I'm prairie-dogging!
  • Look dad, I'm Mrs. Hitler!
  • Dad, it's been a living hell.

Donald Sinclair[edit]

  • Excuse me. Thank you all for coming. I'm Donald Sinclair, I own this hotel. We don't have much time. There's a meteor the size of North Carolina heading straight for Earth. The impact is going to kill every thing and everyone on this planet. I built a bunker in the basement to this casino strong enough to withstand the blast. There's room enough for eight people. I have chosen the seven of you, plus me. When this is over, it'll be up to us to repopulate and re-civilize the planet. [Everyone looks shocked for about five seconds, before Sinclair begins laughing hysterically] I'm sorry. I couldn't resist!
  • [to Owen] I can do anything I want Nick. I'm eccentric! [growls like a tiger] Go!
  • Theoretically, you have been racing for about 40 seconds now, and so far, Mr. Schaefer is winning, because he's nearest to the door!
  • And, they're off!

Enrico Polinni[edit]

  • [Entering room] Am I too late? Look I won a coin! A gold coin! [looks around] Uh, isn't this wonderful? Look at this room. What a beautiful room! Have you seen this room?
  • [Introducing himself] I am Enrico Polinni. Now I know what you are thinking, Enrico is a girl's name. No pun intended.
  • I am getting goose pimples.
  • It's a race! It's a race! I hope I win!
  • Is a race! I am winning, I am winning! [slows down and falls asleep standing up in the middle of the hotel lobby]
  • I make a joke to help you forget how screwed you are.
  • Hey look! A drifter! Let's kill him!


Squirrel Lady: I wasn't talkin' to you, was I? [to her squirrels] I was talkin' to Vera!


[A hotel employee hands Nick Schaffer his bill]
Nick Schaffer: Wait - what's this $110?
Employee: Uh, those are your in-room movies.
Nick Schaffer: No, I didn't watch any movies.
Employee: Okay, let's see..."Afro Whores".
Nick Schaffer: "Afro Whores"?
Employee: It says you watched it... 11 times.
Nick Schaffer: No, I didn't watch that.
Employee: 2:00 "Afro Whores", 3:30 "Afro Whores", 5:00 "Afro Whores"... It says in the morning you watched The Grinch for ten minutes, then switched back over to "Afro Whores".
Nick Schaffer: I swear I didn't watch it. Okay? I was at a bachelor party. There were 35 people there. You can ask any of them. You have to take that off my record.
Hotel Clerk: It's not a record, sir.
Nick Schaffer: It... It's a delete.
Hotel Clerk: Okay, fine. How many times did you watch it?
Nick Schaffer: Uh, none! I didn't watch it!
Hotel Clerk: Are you sure? "Sizzling, three-way, backdoor action featuring two sexy soul sisters...”
Nick Schaffer: No, I don't need to know what it's about! I did not watch it! [hotel clerk raises her eyebrows] I didn't!

[Duane and Blaine Cody walk up to the top of a flight of stairs, Duane places a glass on the ground]
Duane Cody: Okay, see that shot glass? Walk across the lobby, slip on the glass, let gravity do the rest.
Blaine Cody: I-ight 'eak y eck!
Duane Cody: It's true, you could break your neck, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
Blaine Cody: Hy ont u oo it?
Duane Cody: Because, Einstein, one of us needs to be the victim and one of us needs to be the witness! What kind of witness would you make? I'm your own brother, I don't know what the hell you're saying. How's your tongue, let me see.
[Blaine opens his mouth, showing a blackened tongue with a stud in it; Duane cringes]
Blaine Cody: Ows it ook?
Duane Cody: ...It looks good, getting better.

Randy Pear: [seeing Blaine's infected tongue] Oh my God! You ought to sue somebody!
Blaine Cody: Ay id it y-elf!
Randy Pear: What?
Duane Cody: He said he did it himself. Sent away for a kit.

Donald Sinclair: [after explaining the game] The first one there, gets it all! Go!
Owen: Y-You can't just pick people at random!
Donald Sinclair: I can do anything I like, Owen! I'm eccentric! [Growls] Go!
Randy Pear: Wait. So, it's like a race? [Sinclair points to him with an "Ah-ha!" expression]
Enrico Pollini: A race! It's a race! I hope I win!
Duane Cody: Uh, what are the rules?
Donald Sinclair: There's only one rule. Are you ready? Here it is: There are, no rules! Go!
Merrill: So, when you say "go", you mean, just go?
Donald Sinclair: Uh, begin, commence, start moving... theoretically you have been racing for about forty-five seconds now, and so far Mr. Schaffer is winning because he's nearest to the door.
[Everyone continues staring at Sinclair, visibly confused. Finally, he sighs in frustration, pulls out a revolver, and fires it into the ceiling.]

Kimberly Pear: Dad, I'm prairie-dogging it!!
Randy Pear: What the hell does that mean?
Jason Pear: You know, like when a prairie dog sticks his head in and out of the ground.
Randy Pear: Oh. Oh, God, I do not want to picture that!

Randy Pear: That's Hitler's harmonica; you can't play Hitler's harmonica.
Jason Pear: Well, you're driving his car.
Randy Pear: Yeah, but I'm not touching it with my mouth! I'm not sucking on the dashboard! I'm not getting his germs!

Vicki: So, what can I do for you, Harry?
Harold Grisham: Okay... here's what I want. First... we both get naked.
Vicki: So far so good.
Harold Grisham: Except... we're both wearing sailor hats. Then we get into a jacuzzi filled with Pepto-Bismol, I clip your toenails and you shave my buttocks.


  • 563 miles. 9 people. $2 million. 1001 problems!
  • Make a Dash, for the Cash
  • Join the Race August 2001


Six Racers[edit]

  • Nick Schaffer and His love interest Tracy Faucet
  • Owen Templeton
  • The Cody Brothers: Duane & Blaine
  • Vera Baker and Her biological daughter Merrill Jennings
  • The Pear Family: Randy, Bev (wife), Jason (son) & Kimberly (daughter)
  • Enrico Pollini

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