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Disney's Raw Toonage is a half-hour Disney animated cartoon series that aired on the NBC network in the fall of 1992. It is hosted by various Disney characters. It features three supporting segments like: Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Videos, and Marsupilami.


Someone's In The Kitchen With Mars[edit]

Marsupilami: Mother always told me: "Look, Don't touch!" Of course, I always prefer to touch and not look.

Bathtime For Maurice[edit]

Marsupilami: Aw what do you know, Playful Piranhas. Hello, Fellas.

The Fear of Kites[edit]

Marsupilami: Make a note, We are here to get the kite. No stopping for room service.

Norman: What about my autograph?
Marsupilami: Sorry, Elvis has just left the building!

Jungle Fever[edit]

Marsupilami: Well, Buddy Boy. I am no doctor, But something tells me you got a cold. (Puts on his doctor headband) Open please!
[Maurice tongue sticks out of his mouth with dry sizzling sound]
Marsupilami: Oooh, Doggy. Nice breath. Close please!
[Maurice closes his mouth and Marsupilami uses his tail to wrap around Maurice's left arm]
Marsupilami: (While pumping his tail as a blood pressure pumper and checking his watch) Hmm, It might be safer to check your blood pressure!
[Whistle sounds]
Marsupilami: Looks normal, For you.

Prime Mates Forever[edit]

Marsupilami: No, Maurice. Those flowers were for your lady, Not for your lunch. Now, What are you going to give her?

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