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Ray Donovan (2013–2020) is a crime drama series on Showtime, about a "fixer" for Los Angeles' celebrities who finds himself facing his own personal problems when his father returns from jail.

Season 1[edit]

The Bag or the Bat [1.01][edit]

Ray Donovan: Do you think you're the first person I've dealt who woke up with a dead body... ?

The Golem [1.05][edit]

Ray Donovan: I'm not the kind of guy you fire.

Season 2[edit]

Uber Ray [2.02][edit]

[after slapping Ray in order to make him stop]
Abby Donovan: I can't keep doing this. I feel raped.
Ray Donovan: Raped? You fucking kidding me?
Abby Donovan: I talked to Dr. Finkel about it. Do you even know how rough you are? My pussy hurts. I can barely walk some days.

Season 3[edit]

Handshake Deal [3.05][edit]

Conor Donovan: She walked in on me at a bad time.
Mickey Donovan: Bad time? Were you jerking off?
Conor Donovan: [nod]
Mickey Donovan: Conor, if God didn't want us to jerk off, he would've given us shorter arms. It's natural.
Conor Donovan: Thanks, Grandpa.

Season 5[edit]

If I Should Fall from Grace with God [5.07][edit]

Duquesne Baker: What are you in for?
Bunchy: Quadruple homicide.
Duquesne Baker: Holy fuck... El Trebol. I like you... Call you E.T. for short.
County Officer: Brendan Donovan.
Bunchy: Yeah?
County Officer: You're out.
Bunchy: What?
County Officer: Let's go.
Duquesne Baker: That's a hell of a lawyer.

Season 7[edit]

An Irish Lullaby [7.05][edit]

Ray Donovan: Oh, Jesus Christ. You're out of food
Terry Donovan: I'm fine.
Ray Donovan: No, you're not fine, Terry.
Terry Donovan: Am I out of beer?
Ray Donovan: No, you got three beers.
Terry Donovan: Then I'm fine.

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