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Raya and the Last Dragon is a 2021 American 3D computer animated action film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures as well as the studio's 59th feature-length film. The film stars the voices of Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Izaac Wang, Gemma Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, Benedict Wong, Sandra Oh, Thalia Tran, Lucille Soong and Alan Tudyk

Directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada. Written by Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim.


  • We'll have to watch our backs. We're not the only ones looking.
  • Note to self: don't die.

The word Raya comes from the Maritime southeast asian old language "Filipino,Indonesian,Malaysian,Singaporean,Brunei"

Raya /Ra-yah/ - It means three huge things. Freed, Celebration, and Greatness


  • Have you ever done a group project but there’s like that one kid who didn't pitch in as much but still ended up with the same grade?
  • Maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone. You just have to take the first step.

Sisu /Si-Su/ - comes from an international language which means "Courage"

Datu /Da-tu/ - comes from southeast asian language which similarly means to "Emperor , King , Highest Chief"


  • In a different world, maybe we could have been friends but I have to do what's right for Fang.
  • Fang may look nice on the outside, but we have some pretty big holes on the inside.

The word Namaari comes from the Philippine old language "Tagalog"

Namaari /Na-Ma-Ari/ - It means have been redeemed. "The Redeemed One"


Chief Benja: I believe we could be Kumandra again, but someone has to take the first step.

Tong: I, too, wish to join this fellowship of Druun butt-kickery!

Namaari: [in tears] I never meant for any of this to happen!
Raya: LIAR! [raises her sword to strike her down]
Namaari:[crying] I don't care if you believe me. Sisu did. But you didn't trust her! That's why we're here. Do what ever you want. But you're as much to blame for Sisu's death as I am!

Tong: There's too much spice.
Boun: No! There's too much bamboo!
Tong: What do you know You have the taste of a baby.

Boun: I know what you mean, I have an older sister who really like to mess up my hair, I can't wait to see her the most.
Tong: I also can't wait to feast up my eyeballs with the joys of my family. (Holds Noi up in his arms) And you Noi, you'll be rejoined with your family. (Everyone stares at him)
Raya: What did you just call her?
Tong: Noi! It's her name! Its written in her collar. Has everybody never looked? And they call me the brute.

(After Raya and human form Sisu board Boun's boat and they are suddenly seated down by an unknown person)
Boun: Welcome to the world-famous Shrimporium. My name is Boun. I'll be your server today. Would you like to hear our daily specials?
Sisu: Yes, please!
Boun: We got shrimp, we got congee. We got a shrimp congee that won't quit.
Raya: The captain! Where is the captain?
Boun: Let me go get him. (fixes himself) What's up, my new customers? My name is Captain Boun. The owner and chief Executive officer of the Shrimporium! How can I help you?
Sisu: Well, I'm Sisu, and…
Raya: And we need to get to Talon now!
Boun: I'm sorry. The Shrimporium is not a water taxi. (Raya shows him her jade) Toi! That's a lot of jade!
Raya: Half now, half when we arrive in Talon. Deal?
Boun: (Takes half of the jade) Clasp onto your congee. Today's special is to go. (Start paddling but it takes slow)
Raya: Uh... Captain Boun... does this thing go any faster?
Boun: (looks to see Namaari and her guards following them) Whoaw! You didn't tell me that Fang was after you! This is gonna cost you extra!
Sisu: Don't worry I got it. (jumps into the water)
Boun: What is she doing? (the boat start to move fast) What's happening?
Raya: My friend's a really strong swimmer. (waves Namaari goodbye) Bye-bye, binturi.


  • Izaac Wang – Boun
  • Thalia Tran – Little Noi

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