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Rayssa Leal
Rayssa Leal
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Jhulia Rayssa Mendes Leal, (born 4 January 2008) is a Brazilian skateboarder and a silver medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics. She is also known as "A Fadinha do Skate", translated roughly as "The Skate Little Fairy", a nickname she got after a video of her doing skateboarding tricks in a fairy princess costume at the age of seven went viral.


  • I am very happy to hear from all the girls who have already sent me messages on Instagram telling me that they started skateboarding or that their parents let them start because of a video of mine. It was the same with me: I showed a video of Leticia (Bufoni) skateboarding, then my father saw it and said: 'All right'. My story and that of many other skaters who broke this prejudice, this barrier that skateboarding was only for boys, for men. Being here and holding an Olympic medal is very important to me.

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