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Razorback is a 1984 Australian natural horror film written by Everett De Roche, based on Peter Brennan's novel, and directed by Russell Mulcahy. The film revolves around the attacks of a gigantic wild boar terrorising the Australian outback, killing and devouring people.

A new breed of terror. (taglines)

Carl Winters

  • She's missing.
  • [last line of the film] Come on!

Jake Cullen

  • [first lines of the film; to Scotty] Come on, off to bed. There, there, Scotty. Now, now, now, boy, it's alright.
  • [to Beth] There's something about blasting the shit out of a razorback that brightens up my whole day.


  • Wagstaff: What's up your hole? You American shit!
  • Counsel: It was an accident.


Carl Winters: I thought you might know what happened.
Jake Cullen: Razorbacks.


  • A new breed of terror.
  • It's waiting outside and it can sense your fear. No nightmare will prepare you for it!
  • "It has two states of being...dangerous or dead"
  • Nine hundred pounds of marauding tusk and muscle!


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