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Re-Animator is a 1985 film about a brilliant but obsessed medical student who stumbles upon the secret to bringing the dead back to life. Based on the H. P. Lovecraft story Herbert West--Reanimator, it is the first in a series of three horror films.

Directed by Stuart Gordon. Written by Stuart Gordon, William Norris, Dennis Paoli.
Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders... and another one on his desk.

Herbert West[edit]

  • [to Dan, trying to convince him to assist in his research] We can achieve every doctor's dream! You'll be famous, and live lifetimes.
  • Do you agree he's dead now? [picks up the dead cat and drops it with a clunk] Do you agree that he's dead now?
  • [regarding the dead cat he is reanimating] Don't expect it to tango; it has a broken back.
  • I must say, Dr. Hill, I'm very disappointed in you. You steal the secret of life and death and here you are, trysting with a bubble-headed co-ed. You're not even a second-rate scientist.
  • You'll never get credit for my discovery. Who's going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.
  • I am not through here! I told you I have a theory: overdose!! [wields two full reagent hypodermics]

Dan Cain[edit]

  • [about the death & reanimation of Dean Halsey] This is a dream. Fiction.
  • [about Dean Halsey] He's not insane. He's dead.
  • [whispered to Megan, in the film's final line] I love you.

Dr. Hill[edit]

  • [about the two pencils West has just deliberately snapped] Mister West. I suggest you get yourself a pen.
  • [about West's basement lab] Hmm. Interesting little la-bor-ah-tory you have here.


  • Mace: [about the morgue] Don't know why they keep locked doors around here. Nobody wants in, and ain't nobody gettin' out.


Swiss Woman Doctor: You killed him!
Herbert West: No I did not. I gave him life.

Cain: What were you researching?
West: Death.

Megan: You... didn't say why you left Switzerland.
West: There was nothing more I could learn there.

Dan: You couldn't call, or write a note. [regarding the death of Rufus, his cat]
West: I was busy pushing bodies around as you well know. And what would a note say, Dan? 'Cat dead; details later'?

Dan: God, why does it make that sound? [as Rufus is being reanimated a second time]
West: Birth is always painful.

Dan: It was dead! [regarding the reanimated Rufus]
West: Twice.

Dan: Oh, man, if we get caught--
West: Well, what will they do, embalm us?

West: [reading toe tags in the morgue] Burn victim... Here's your meatball... Shotgun wound to the head...
Dan: ...Aw, God, he's ripe!
West: [singsong] ...Malpractice...!

Dan: We failed. C'mon, let's go; somebody'll be coming any minute!
West: [striking the corpse angrily] He failed! Not I!

Dan: Herbert, you're insane, now what happened here?
West: I had to kill him!
Dan: What?? He's dead?
West: ...Not anymore.

Hill's Head: Weeeeesssssssst...
West: Yes, doctor, it's Herbert West! What are you thinking?
Hill's Head: Yoooooooouuuuu...
West: [taking notes] You...
Hill's Head: Baaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaard...!


  • H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale of horror
  • Death Is Just The Beginning...
  • Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders... and another one on his desk.
  • ...It will scare you to pieces.


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