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Ready Jet Go! (2016–2019) is an American/Canadian CGI animated television series produced by Wind Dancer Films. It was created by Craig Bartlett and is produced in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Season 1[edit]

A Visit from Uncle Zucchini/Mindy's Weather Report [1.14][edit]

Mitchell: Dad, this sandbag is kind of heavy
Mr. Peterson: That's okay, son. Mine is too. Builds character.
Mitchell: I think my character’s big enough.

What's a Satellite?/Satellite Selfie [1.26][edit]

Sydney: Jet, where in the world did you get the idea to put rutabaga and garlic into a cookie?!?"
Jet: Hey, someone had to be the first to try it.

Mindy: I think we need to order an emergency pizza, to get the taste of these cookies out of our mouths.
Face 9000: Emergency pizza? Did my system correctly detect an attempt at Earth humor?
Mindy: Um.....yes!
Face 9000: Excellent, I am programmed to laugh encouragingly. Ha ha, ha ha ha, Mindy! Ha ha!

Sydney: Face, do you think you might be ticklish?
Face 9000: Of course not. I am a computer, computers are not ticklish. That's not logical. [gets tickled more] Oh, forget logic!

Beep and Boop's Game/Constellation Prize [1.28][edit]

Carrot: Ugh, so do any of these airtight containers here come with matching lids?
Dr. Rafferty: They all do! And look, a special compartment just for cherry tomatoes, huh?
Carrot: [putting the container on his head] Oh! You don't say. Just incredible. What will they think of next?

Jet: No way! A dog star? You can't be serious.
Dr. Rafferty: Actually, it is Sirius.
Jet: I get that it's serious, but I wonder what the star is called.
Dr. Rafferty: It's Sirius.
Jet: What's serious? I just want to know what the dog star's name.
Dr. Rafferty: It's seriously called Sirius.
Jet: Whoa! Slow down...

Sunday Drive [1.29][edit]

Carrot: Can we please talk to an actual Bortronian?
Tech Support: Please hold. We value your time and appreciate your business. Please stand by. [hold music comes on, and Carrot dances to it] Hello. Please state the nature of your request.
Celery: The saucer won't start.
Tech Support: Did you say, the monster is in a cart?
Celery and Carrot: The saucer won't start!
Tech Support: Got it. Are you in the saucer?
Carrot: Yes!
Tech Support: Are you sitting in front of the dashboard?
Celery: Yes!
Tech Support: Is the power on?
Carrot: Yes!
Tech Support: Is the saucer there?
[Jet, Carrot, Celery, and Sunspot all do epic facepalms]
Jet: YES!!! We're calling from it!
Tech Support: Please hold. We value your time and appreciate your business. Please stand by. [hold music comes on again, and Carrot dances with Sunspot] Thank you for standing by.

Sean's Neptune Tune/Earth Day Birthday [1.36][edit]

Sean: [sighs] Neptune this, Neptune that. But it's so far away! Like, more than 2 billion miles! And so cold!
Jet: Sean, are you talking to yourself?
Sean: Yes. Yes I am.

Holidays in Boxwood Terrace [1.38][edit]

Mr. Peterson: Sheesh, another 'Surfing Santa' pitch. This is your third year as volunteer director of holiday pageants, Peterson! Everyone's gonna be expecting a new, fresh idea about Christmas! What are you gonna do, YOU'RE JUST ONE SCIENTIST!

Season 2[edit]

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa [2.18][edit]

Dr. Bergs: Since Ellen Ochoa isn't here yet, I'm going to refill my coffee cup.
Dr. Skelley: Okay, Bergs, but you might want to consider decaf.
Dr. Bergs: Why do you say that? [laughs]
Dr. Skelley: Oh, no reason.


  • Jet Propulsion (voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Carrot Propulsion (voiced by Kyle Rideout)
  • Celery Propulsion (voiced by Meg Roe)
  • Sydney Skelley (voiced by Dalila Bela (season 1) and Vienna Leacock (season 2)
  • Sean Rafferty (voiced by William Ainscough, Grady Ainscough and Glen Gordon)
  • Mindy Melendez (voiced by Jaeda Lily Miller)

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