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Rebecca Enonchong

Rebecca Enonchong (born 11 July 1965) is a Cameroonian entrepreneur and business woman.


  • An entrepreneur energy, that’s that energy that gets you to overcome mountains, to cross bridges that don’t exist, to do the impossible..
    • Rebecca Enonchong Keynote addres at Elearning Africa 2015, June 10,2015 1
  • There is not textbook that can explain to you how to do business in your own country. So I discover the hard way how difficult and how different it is to do business in emerging markets, in Africa.
    • Global Seedstars Summit 2018, April 12,2018 2 (6:25)
  • To be an entrepreneur in Africa you must be raving mad.
    • Global Seedstars Summit 2018, April 12,2018 2 (7:05)
  • You don’t envy the best, You learn from the best and you apply those to your business.
    • TEDxEuston, November 30, 2019 3 (17:05)
  • I am asked, what is it like to be black woman African entrepreneur. And I say those are my characteristics but they don’t define me. My experience is what molded me … and the tools I got from those experiences.
    • TEDxEuston, November 30, 2019 3 (19:00)

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