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Recess is a Disney Channel animated series that aired for six seasons on the ABC network between 1997 and 2001, and spawned one theatrical film (Recess: School's Out, 2001) and two direct-to-video sequels (Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade and Recess: All Growed Down, both released in 2003).

Season One[edit]

The Break In [1.1][edit]

TJ: Can't you see that I'm trapped in here? I've counted the ceiling tiles 13 times, guys. There's 1,678. You hear me? 1,678!

King Bob: [Talking about T.J.] Kids of the playground. The dumb kid should be free!

Gretchen: Look shiny metal! Do you like the shiny metal? If you help us we'll give you the shiny metal. What you say kindergartners?
The head kindergartner: Let's eat 'em!

Vince: Bob's king of the playground. If he helps the other kids will follow.
Spinelli: He better help or he's gonna meet my good friend Madam Fist!

Kid next to King Bob: My mom called me some dumb kid this morning.

The New Kid [1.2][edit]

Mikey: There are lots of people without names.
Gus: Like who?
Mikey: Like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, the Unknown Soldier, and the other four guys in the Jackson Five.

Gus: I've been to 12 schools in the last 6 years, I never met anyone so friendly, it's so - so beautiful!

The Great Jungle Gym Standoff [1.4][edit]

Spinelli: The last one to Ol' Rusty has to give Ms. Finster a sponge bath!
Randall: Hey! That's my job!

First Name Ashley [1.5][edit]

Spinelli: What's the matter? You got crayons in your ears? Get to the end of the line Randall before I give you the end of my fist!

T.J.: We're all Ashleys, too.
Ashley A: But, you aren't even girls!
Gus: Hey, it's the nineties.

Ashley A: By junior high we may be dating some guys named Paul or ... or Joe!

To Finster With Love [1.6][edit]

Finster: [reading out grades] A... A... A... Ah, Randall, my trusted sidekick... A plus! A... A... A...

Finster: F... F... F... Ah, Randall, my trusted sidekick... D minus. F... F... F...

:Hank the Janitor: Do you hear music?

Finster: Whenever I look at you.

T.J.: Hey, Ms. Finster?
Finster: Yes, Detwiler?
T.J.: ...Are those your shoes, or did you mug a clown on the way to school?
Finster: Why, you little HOOLIGAN! [Runs after T.J.]
T.J.: She's back!

King Gus [1.7][edit]

Gus: [singing] Gus, Gus, O Mighty Gus, king of all the playground, Gus, Gus, O Shiny Gus, we're glad such a great king we found.

Mikey: Madness! Madness!

Big Brother Chad [1.8][edit]

Kindergartener: Vince. We give up to you our two front teeth. Worth 50 cents street value.

Gretchen: Take it from someone who knows. Your brother is definitely a geek.

Chad: Hey Vince! Check it out, I just beat myself at three-dimensional chess.

King Bob: He's nothing but a nerd! I'm so depressed!

Vince: Ooh, I'm quivering in my high-tops!

I Will Kick No More Forever [1.11][edit]

Vince: [watching an old video of himself] Man, did you see that kick??? That was in my prime!
Gretchen: Vince, that was 2 weeks ago.

The Trial [1.16][edit]

King Bob: (to Randall) You threw a dirt clod during a time out? She was right, you are a worm.

Ashley A: No, no, wait. I say we give her a swirlie. (Spinelli's eyes flush)

Teachers Lounge [1.17][edit]

Principal Prickly: [telling a joke] So then I say to the superintendent, "That's no kindergartener, that's my wife!"

Randall's Reform [1.18][edit]

T.J.: [reading] I did it. Signed, TJ?
Finster: AHA, a confession!!

Finster: The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
T.J.: But Miss Finster, you dragged me here!

Jinxed [1.22][edit]

Gretchen: The kids' unwritten code of honor is what makes us different from adults, different from animals. What would we be without it?
Gus: Adult animals?
Spinelli: Nothing, that's what!

Gus:Its My Harmonica!
Ashleys:Your What?
Gus:Its My...
Ashleys:Harmonica! Jinx!

Spinelli: Hey! One of you drop five bucks?
Ashleys: Oooo...
T.J., Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen, and Mikey: Scandalous! Jinx!

The Experiment [1.23][edit]

Butch: The future... is girls! Boys kissing girls! Girls kissing boys! And you know what else?! WE'RE ALL GONNA LIKE IT! (laughs diabolically)

Spinelli: Boys kissing girls? Girls kissing boys?
Gretchen: Surely, there must be some mistake. I mean, this defies the rules of nature and physics. Besides that, it's disgusting!
T.J.: But Butch says it's the future. His brother Joey told him.
Spinelli: Oh, please! The day I stop caring about dodgeball is the day the Earth starts spinning around the sun.
Gretchen: Which explains the D minus you got in Science.

(After Spinelli and TJ kiss)

Spinelli: Ack! Puke city!
T.J.: Quick, someone get me some mouthwash!

T.J.: You realize we may have to get married after this.
Spinelli: You realize I may have to kill you after this.

Officer Mikey [1.24][edit]

(looking for Ashley A's little sister, Britney)

Spinelli: We seek a formal sit-down by she who goes by the name Britney. (four Kindergartners come forward) Er... Britney A.

Season Two[edit]

The Hypnotist [2.2][edit]

[Prickly, hypnotized into thinking he's 6 years old, runs wild through the playground, and pulls Spinelli's hat down over her eyes]
Spinelli: ...Did he just do what I think he did?
T.J.: Yup.
Spinelli: [Tries to run after Prickley, but gets grabbed by Mikey] LET ME AT 'IM! LET ME AT 'IM!

Mama's Girl [2.3][edit]

Spinelli: Look out, MAMAAAAA!

Gus: Uh, sorry, guys. I guess this wasn't the best time for me to practice my cursive.

The Challenge [2.5][edit]

Principal Prickly: [shouting] Not only is my reputation as an educator on the line but also my reputation as a man! So get out there and win, I tell you, win! (Kids stare at him) Oh, and have fun.

Wild Child [2.6][edit]

Gretchen: Repeat after me. The rain...
Kindergartener: The wain...
Gretchen: In Spain...
Kindergartener: In Pain...
Gretchen: Falls mainly in the moist temperate zone northwest of the Pyranees mountains.
Kindergartener: Bloobidy bloo bloo bloo!

The Girl Was Trouble [2.9][edit]

Gretchen: Menlo sang like an old guy in the shower when no one was home.
Gretchen: [To the Graffiti Kid] Nice work you're a regular Degas.
Graffiti Kid: Wha'd you call me?

The Beauty Contest [2.25][edit]

Ashley A.: Like, these are the entry forms for the official kiddie cosmetics “Little Miss Blush” beauty contest.
Ashley Q.: Pageants, nature’s way of pointing out perfection.
Ashley A.: I’m totally sure an Ashley would take the crown this year. So fill out your entry forms and take them please and dazzle em’...
Spinelli: [off screen] Like totally special delivery!

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