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Red Dawn is a 1984 movie about a fictional Soviet invasion of the United States of America.

Directed by John Milius. Written by John Milius and Kevin Reynolds.
In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil. Until now.

Jed Eckert[edit]

  • [While giving guns to newly freed prisoners] C'mon! We're all going to die, die standing up!

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Tanner[edit]

  • [talks to the teenagers over their supplies] You think you're tough for eating beans every day? There's half a million scarecrows in Denver who'd give anything for one mouthful of what you got. They've been under siege for about three months. They live on rats and sawdust bread and sometimes... on each other. At night, the pyres for the dead light up the sky. It's medieval.

Colonel Strelnikov[edit]

  • [briefing Soviet Army officers and troops about the Wolverines; in Russian] What I despise most about warfare, is the hypocrisy if often breeds. I've heard euphemisms that we are 'containing the enemy', that our 'sector of pacification is growing'. These are the tactics of the lie. Lies have the stench of death and defeat. You can only win a war by exterminating the enemy! Do you know who we are fighting? [points to board] We are fighting Wolverines: small, ferocious animals. For them, you need a hunter. And you know, I am a hunter. From this moment on, there will be no further reprisals against civilians. This was stupid. Impotence. Comrades, if a fox stole your chickens, would you slaughter your pig because he saw the fox? No! You would hunt down the fox, find where it lives and destroy it! How do we do this? Become a fox.


[During the evening battle, when a KGB Major approaches Col. Bella]
KGB Major: Do you want to see me?
Colonel Bella: Yes ... yes. Go to the sporting goods store. From the files, obtain forms 4473. These will contain descriptions of weapons, and lists of private ownership.

[The Eckerts head to the mountains with some friends]
Jed Eckert: Matt and I have been coming up to these mountains with our dad our whole lives. We can hunt, we can fish, we can stay up here a long, long time.
Robert: How long, Jed?
Jed Eckert: [indicating the jets above them] Until we don't hear that no more.

[Cuban Army Col. Bella and Soviet General Bratchenko go for a walk outside the local Soviet-American Friendship Center]
General Bratchenko: What is a "Wolverine"?
Colonel Bella: A small a badger, but terribly ferocious. It is also the name of the local school sports collective.
Bratchenko: They're beasts, Ernesto. You must kill every one of them eventually. It's the same as Afghanistan. They'll never stop.
Bella: Look. I was always on the side of the insurgents. I have no experience in these matters. But it would seem necessary to win the support of the people. As our opponents used to say in Vietnam: "Win their hearts and minds."
Bratchenko: And they lost, Ernesto.
Bella: Of course, General.
Bratchenko: Things are paralyzed at the front, Ernesto. Morale is crucial right now. Keep the men in the secured areas. You'll see how they forget about these [to Bella in disdain] "Wolverines."
[the Soviet-American Friendship Center explodes and the two are startled]
Nicaraguan Captain: [to Colonel Bella] Are you all right?
Bella: Yes, yes, help them! [to Bratchenko] You were saying, comrade?
Bratchenko: Shut up!

[When Colonel Tanner is first found]
Erica Mason: You American?
Col. Andrew Tanner: [Indicating the American flag on his flight suit] Red-blooded.
Mason: What's the capital of Texas?
Tanner: Austin.
Mason: [proceeds to kick Col. Tanner] Wrong, commie; it's Houston!
Tanner: Easy, darlin'! I'm cold... and you've seen too many movies!

[Robert is scratching tally marks for communist soldiers he has killed on his AK when Colonel Tanner passes by]
Col. Andy Tanner: All that hate is gonna burn you up kid.
Robert Morris: It keeps me warm.

[Col. Tanner explains the global situation]
Matt Eckert: What about Europe?
Col. Andrew Tanner: I guess they figured twice in one century was enough. They're sitting this one out. All except England, and they won't last very long.
Eckert: Well, who is on our side?
Tanner: Six hundred million screamin' Chinamen.
Darryl Bates: Well, last I heard, there were a billion screamin' Chinamen.
Tanner: There were. [throws whiskey into fire, and it violently ignites for a moment, possibly signifying a Soviet nuclear strike on China]

[The gang prepares to kill a Soviet Spetsnaz commando and their friend, Daryl Bates, who was forced to swallow a homing device that led the Spetsnaz to them]
Jed Eckert: Do you want blindfolds?
Stepan Gorsky: This violates the Geneva Convention!
Eckert: I never heard of it!
Gorsky: Dogface! I show you how Soviet dies.
Morris: I've seen it before, pal.
Danny: This isn't happening! Jed, let him go! He was one of us!
Jed Eckert: Shut up, Danny! Shut up!
Robert: He told them where we were!
Jed Eckert: He did. Now get your rifles.
Matt Eckert: No!
Matt: We're not doing it!
Gorsky: [to Daryl] Boy, say at me you are friend, so I will not die alone.
Matt: What's the difference, Jed?
Robert: I'll do it.
Matt: Shut up, Robert! [to Jed] Tell me what's the difference between us and them!
Jed: Because ... we live here!! [kills Gorsky and when he hesitates with Daryl, Robert kills him]


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