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Refilwe Modiselle was born 2 January 1986. She is a South African model who raises awareness on albinism. She is the country's first professional fashion model with albinism who is recognized internationally. Her journey with modelling began at the age of 13 with Y! magazine. She has been on the runway for influential fashion dessigners such as David Tlale in 2005.


  • “I’ve become far more than Africa’s first successful model with albinism through my journey… one is doing some incredible things .There’s a lot of growth & accomplishments that came from how it all began,’’
  • I love that I can share my journey & educate worldwide baby, not when people feel they want to call me only for a specific day…. But they can actually see the value in what I can impart anytime 24/7/365,”
  • “I’m Africa’s first successful model with albinism, meaning I’m the first model in the continent to have successfully worked well within the modelling industry,”
  • Refilwe Modiselle continues to shine the spotlight on albinism during UK TV interview (July 5 2022) by Kedibone Modise retrieved 26 July 2022

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