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Reggie Yates

Reginald "Reggie" Yates (born May 31, 1983) is a British actor, television presenter and radio DJ.


  • The greatest lesson I’ve learned from it is that context is irrelevant when you hurt somebody. I felt justified in saying what I was saying, because of the context, because of the conversation, but the words I used offended a lot of people and some people I care about, and those words were wrong…
  • There’s a unique trust between me and the public that’s grown up and that’s really important to me, but the truth is that trust has come about because the programmes I make are not about me. The subject is always bigger: that’s the lesson I’ve learned about making documentaries.
  • I’m very aware of the time I have on this planet…I lost loved ones at a young age. I realise the platform I have and the responsibility I have, and I’m aware of my mortality. No one like me has ever had this opportunity, so I’d be a fool not to make the most of it.

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