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Rehman Malik

Abdul Rehman Malik (Urdu: رحمان ملک; born 12 December 1951) NI, is a Pakistani politician and a retired Federal Investigation Agency officer, having served as the Interior Minister from being appointed on 25 March 2008 until 16 March 2013.


  • Soon Modi will be banned from travelling any country of the world for his crimes against humanity.
    • Quoted from Urdupoint [1]
  • . “Yes he has been arrested for raising his voice agst PM Modi for his illegal acts in Kashmir by scraping the sp status of Kashmir. He raised his voice in favour of oppressed Kashmiris. Note it Mr Chidambaram is going to be ur next PM. He is capable politician.”
    • Tweet on Twitter, Aug 23, 2019 quoted in [2]

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