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Remington Steele (1982–1987) was an American television series, airing on NBC, about a female private detective partnered with a former thief who assumes the role of a fictitious detective in the business.

Season 1: 1982–83[edit]

License to Steele [1.01][edit]

Steele: Thank you, you're a most charming family.
Woman: Ooh, for another $50, you can keep the kids!
Steele: [laughs] Afraid my suitcase isn't big enough.

Laura: You mean you didn't steal the gems?
Steele: Laura, I gave you my word! But they're fair game now!
Laura: Oh no they're not!
Steele; It's difficult to maintain a relationship based solely on mistrust.

Tempered Steele [1.02][edit]

Laura: I don't even know your name.
Steele: We could always keep the name you gave me.
Laura: O, please! I named you after a typewriter and a football team!

Steele Waters Run Deep [1.03][edit]

Steele: I owe it all, to my wonderful staff.
Laura: [Later] Your wonderful staff thanks you.

Signed, Steeled, & Delivered [1.04][edit]

Thou Shalt Not Steele [1.05][edit]

Steele Belted [1.06][edit]

Laura: Your name isn't "Remington Steele".
Steele: A mere technicality.

Etched in Steele [1.07][edit]

You're Steele the One for Me [1.08][edit]

In the Steele of the Night [1.09][edit]

Steele Trap [1.10][edit]

Steeling the Show [1.11][edit]

Steele Flying High [1.12][edit]

A Good Night's Steele [1.13][edit]

Hearts of Steele [1.14][edit]

To Stop a Steele [1.15][edit]

Steele Crazy After All These Years [1.16][edit]

Steele Among the Living [1.17][edit]

Steele in the News [1.18][edit]

Vintage Steele [1.19][edit]

Steele's Gold [1.20][edit]

Sting of Steele [1.21][edit]

Steele in Circulation [1.22][edit]

Season 2: 1983–84[edit]

Steele Away with Me: Part 1 [2.01][edit]

Steele Away with Me: Part 2 [2.02][edit]

Red Holt Steele [2.03][edit]

Altared Steele [2.04][edit]

Steele Framed [2.05][edit]

A Steele at Any Price [2.06][edit]

Love Among the Steele [2.07][edit]

Scene Steelers [2.08][edit]

Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws [2.09][edit]

My Fair Steele [2.10][edit]

Steele Threads [2.11][edit]

Steele Eligible [2.12][edit]

High Flying Steele [2.13][edit]

Blood Is Thicker Than Steele [2.14][edit]

Steele Sweet on You [2.15][edit]

Elegy in Steele [2.16][edit]

Small Town Steele [2.17][edit]

Molten Steele [2.18][edit]

Dreams of Steele [2.19][edit]

Woman of Steele [2.20][edit]

Hounded Steele [2.21][edit]

Elementary Steele [2.22][edit]

Season 3: 1984–85[edit]

Steele at It [3.01][edit]

Lofty Steele [3.02][edit]

Maltese Steele [3.03][edit]

Second Base Steele [3.04][edit]

Blue Blooded Steele [3.05][edit]

Steele Your Heart Away [3.06][edit]

A Pocketful of Steele [3.07][edit]

Puzzled Steele [3.08][edit]

Cast in Steele [3.09][edit]

Remington: I've always had eyes for you, but it seems that you never had eyes for me. Blind woman: I can't see.

Breath of Steele [3.10][edit]

Let's Steele a Plot [3.11][edit]

Gourmet Steele [3.12][edit]

Stronger Than Steele [3.13][edit]

Have I Got a Steele For You [3.14][edit]

Springtime for Steele [3.15][edit]

Steele in the Family [3.16][edit]

Diced Steele [3.17][edit]

Now You Steele It, Now You Don't [3.18][edit]

Illustrated Steele [3.19][edit]

Steele in the Chips [3.20][edit]

Steele Trying [3.21][edit]

Steele of Approval [3.22][edit]

Season 4: 1985–86[edit]

Steele Searching: Part 1 [4.01][edit]

Steele Searching: Part 2 [4.02][edit]

Steele Blushing [4.03][edit]

Grappling Steele [4.04][edit]

Forged Steele [4.05][edit]

Corn Fed Steele [4.06][edit]

Premium Steele [4.07][edit]

Coffee, Tea, or Steele [4.08][edit]

Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele [4.09][edit]

Steele on the Air [4.10][edit]

Steele, Inc. [4.11][edit]

Steele Spawning [4.12][edit]

Suburban Steele [4.13][edit]

Santa Claus Is Coming to Steele [4.14][edit]

Steele Blue Yonder [4.15][edit]

Sensitive Steele? [4.16][edit]

Steele in the Spotlight [4.17][edit]

Steele at Your Service [4.18][edit]

Steele in the Running [4.19][edit]

Beg, Borrow, or Steele [4.20][edit]

Steele Alive and Kicking [4.21][edit]

Bonds of Steele [4.22][edit]

Season 5[edit]

The Steele That Wouldn't Die: Part 1 [4.01][edit]

The Steele That Wouldn't Die: Part 2 [4.02][edit]

Steele Hanging in There: Part 1 [4.03][edit]

Steele Hanging in There: Part 2 [4.04][edit]

Steeled with a Kiss: Part 1 [4.05][edit]

Steeled with a Kiss: Part 2 [4.06][edit]


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