René-Aubert Vertot

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René Aubert de Vertot

René-Aubert Vertot (November 25, 1655June 15, 1735) was a French historian.


  • Mon siège est fait.
    • My siege is finished.
      • As quoted in Balzac's La Vendetta (1830).
      • Vertot's reply "when some documents were brought to him for his History of the Order of Malta and the Siege of Rhodes. He had already finished his history and said, when the documents arrived, J'en suis fâché mais, etc. (I am sorry but, etc.)" — as reported in Famous Sayings and Their Authors (1906) by Edward Latham, p. 152; source given is "d'Alembert Réflexions sur l'histoire, read to the French Academy, Jan. 19, 1761."

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