Ren Bishi

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Ren Bishi (Chinese: 任弼时; pinyin: Rén Bìshí; Wade–Giles: Jen Pi-shih; 30 April 1904 – 27 October 1950) was a military and political leader in the early Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Quotes about Ren Bishi

  • Ren Bishi was a gifted ideologist and military commander, who might have emerged as the [Chinese Communist Party]’s second-in-command had he not criticized some of Chairman Mao’s military choices and suffered from health problems that led to his premature death at age 46. …Lionizing Ren Bishi is exactly what it seems to be—a threat to those who believe that dissent in 2024 would be dealt with more leniently than in 1944. Commemorating Ren Bishi reminds us that this will not be the case.
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