Rescue at Midnight Castle

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Rescue at Midnight Castle, also known as Rescue from Midnight Castle and released later as Firefly's Adventure, is a 1984 animated television special based on the Hasbro toy line, My Little Pony. It was released as a pilot of the proposed television series, and featured the voices of Sandy Duncan and Tony Randall.


Firefly: [flying] I'm going for the double inside-out loop, Medley!
Medley: But it's dangerous, Firefly!
Firefly: Danger is my life, Medley!
Medley: Firefly, look out!
[Firefly collides head on with Applejack and a basket she was gathering apples in]
Applejack: Applesauce, anyone?

Ember: Twilight, will I ever fly like Firefly and Medley?
Twilight: No, Ember. Not all little ponies can fly.
Ember: Will I jump far like Bow Tie, or disappear like you can?
Twilight: Ember, you'll grow up to be your own special pony.

Tirac: [the captured ponies panic and talk loudly amongst themselves] SILENCE! That's better. Guards! Remove the small one!
Cotton Candy: You won't hurt Ember?
Tirac: She's too small to pull my chariot at midnight as you well know Scorpan but you three will do for now. BEHOLD THE POWER OF DARKNESS!
[Tirac opens a black sack containing a dark power that starts to engulf itself around Cotton Candy, Moondancer, and Bubbles. The dark power turns the helpless ponies into menacing dragons. Ember tries running back to the throne room but her way is blocked by the guard's spears]
Ember: No! What have you done to my friends?
Tirac: They belong to me now. And Scorpan if I don't get a fourth pony by midnight tonight a head will roll... HIS!

Glory: [Glory jumps over top of Twilight] Look out Twilight! HERE I GO!
Ember: Now it's my turn! [Ember tries to jump off the cliff. Firefly scruffs Ember by her neck and puts her safely on the ground] Awwe, I coulda made it!
Twilight: [Twilight closes her eyes] I wish! I wish! I wish! I wish! [Twilight teleports to the bottom of the cliff]

Megan: [the Rainbow of Darkness tries to overtake the Rainbow of Light] The rainbow is fighting back!"
Tirac: [Gasping] NO! IT CAN'T BE!
[Tirak is surrounded by the Rainbow of Light. He growls before exploding. Everything that Tirak corrupted with his dark magic turns back to normal including Cotton Candy, Moondancer, Bubbles, and Applejack]
Spike: He's really a handsome prince.
Scorpan: Tirak changed me into Scorpan when he took over my kingdom.
Cotton Candy: [Walking up to Spike with Twilight] What about you? Aren't you going to turn back into what you were?
Spike: Not me. I was always a baby dragon.
Ember: [a butterfly lands on Ember's nose] Ah, Ahh, AHH-CHOO! [Ember big sneeze throws her back into the water where she splashes Bubbles. Everyone starts to laugh at Ember]


  • Sandy Duncan as Firefly and Applejack
  • Tony Randall as The Moochick
  • Charlie Adler as Spike
  • Tammy Amerson as Megan
  • Fran Brill
  • Victor Caroli as Tirek
  • Laura Dean as Twilight and Bow Tie
  • Carol Goodheart
  • Yolanda Brica Lee Lewis
  • Lynne Lipton as Ember
  • Ullanda McCullough
  • Gerrianne Raphael as Sealight
  • Ron Taylor as Scorpan
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