Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a video game that tells the events of Resident Evil 2, 4, and Code Veronica.


Ada Wong: Don't die Leon. I owe you.
Manuala: I understand now. I feel this pain because I am still... still human! But if I were no longer to feel pain... then that would mean... that I... No! I choose... to die a human!
Javier Hildalgo: (After transforming into a giant monster) Witness my divine POWER! (spasms uncontrollably) Wh-what is this? What's happening!? My body! Veronica?! It's consuming me! WHY?!
Jack Krauser: Leon! We should take care of the girl before it gets to late. It's only a matter of time Leon... Before she becomes a threat.
Jack Krauser: There's nothing left to say. For you and me, Leon... We're merely different sides of the same coin.


Chief Irons: Isn't she beautiful? I was about to stuff her.
Leon Kennedy: Chief Irons?
Claire Redfield: You know him?

Annette Birkin: Don't move! What's your intention here?
Leon Kennedy: My intention? We just want to get out of this city alive.

Manuela: The people in the village, what happened to them?
Jack Krauser: They're all dead.

Jack Krauser: Anti-virus weapon protocol number 7600. You're on a special assignment from the President.
Leon Kennedy: My mission ... is to eradicate this virus once and for all. And with your help, I intend to do just that.
Jack Krauser: Well, I am a Soldier. And if your orders are from the President, then I'm on your side.

(They share a handshake of comradery)

Leon Kennedy: Let's go.
Jack Krauser: Time to kick some ass!

(Sad Ending)

Manuela: I'm losing too much blood. Maybe... maybe it's for the best. For this way, I will never lose my soul.
Leon Kennedy: Manuela.
Manuela: Thank you, Leon.

(The Veronica virus consumes her and she dies)

Leon Kennedy: Why did Manuela never lose her conscience? Was something genetic? Or was she sustained by this land which is so rich with life? The virus continues to grow. Altering it's form, strengthening perpetually until the day it can be destroyed... In our bodies... In our souls.

(Good Ending)

Manuela: I should have died down there... With my father...
Leon Kennedy: No. No one should have died down there. Besides, you've got an obligation to live. For the sake of the girls living inside you.

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