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Resident Evil: Outbreak (known as Biohazard: Outbreak in Japan) is a two-part series spinoff, created in 2003 and 2005, of the original Resident Evil. It follows the efforts of eight survivors and their attempts to escape Raccoon City, which is in the final or opening stages of an undead outbreak, depending on scenario. In each game, there are five scenarios to choose from, each being relevant or irrelevant to the original stories (Resident Evil: 2 and 3). The scenarios are a Bar where the game kicks off, the underground facility in Resident Evil 2, the hospital before Resident Evil 3, an Inn which is burning to the ground, or the Raccoon University in part 1; and a Zoo, the subways, the forest leading to a hospital, the Raccoon Police Department featured in Resident Evil 2 and 3, and another underground facility in part 2. It is notable for being the only game in the canon series where the characters do not all have specialized weapon and combat training.

Kevin Ryman[edit]

  • (Being driven away in van) Everything started to go wrong from then. No, maybe we just didn’t realise that things had been going wrong for a long time. Dead people wander the city in search of the living. When that becomes normal, I know that it becomes time to just give up.
  • (Comforting Rita after escape from station) You don’t need to worry about him, Rita. He was born to be a cop. it’ll take a lot more than that to stop a tough guy like him. Hell, we hadn’t even finished training the new recruits yet. (looking back) Right, Marvin?

Alyssa Ashcroft[edit]

  • (After blowing up street of zombies) (Falls down backwards) We made it...
  • (Being driven away in Police van)(Writing in notepad) As a newspaper reporter, I had been involved with bizarre cases before. But this time, I had to learn the hard way that my past experiences were useless. When a horror movie becomes reality, a person’s sanity can disappear instantly. I was moving on pure survival instinct...
  • (After escaping the Hospital in the woods) That hospital’s experiments were more than just human rights violations. They were crimes against nature itself. Kurt, your sacrifice won’t be in vain. I will escape this damn town alive and spread the truth about what happened.
  • (About Monica) What a crazy bitch.
  • (Escaping zoo on tram) I must have said ‘this sucks’ about a million times that day, and ‘that was close’ about a million more. (Train abruptly stops, knocking her over. She stands up and sees the remains of a helicopter crash) How much longer would my luck hold out? How many more times could I cheat death, in that seemingly endless living hell?
  • (Escaping Police Station, while Rita is crying) I don’t cry so easily. I’m not the type to lose control of my emotions. Letting your feelings take control doesn’t solve anything. All I can do is push those memories as deep inside myself as I can, and wait for them to die.
  • (Special Ending: Alyssa and Yoko stay in city) And so it is that I stay behind. Spreading the virus would be too unconscionable. Even for me.

Cindy Lennox[edit]

  • It's finished at last. But I'm out of a job...
  • (Escaping zoo on tram) I was so sleepy. I only wanted to lie down and take a nap. Just a little further and my dreams would be realised. I can’t believe I was that naïve... (Train abruptly stops, knocking her over. She stands up and sees the remains of a helicopter crash) No matter how tightly I shut my eyes, I simply couldn’t erase what I had already seen.
  • Who could have ever imagined such a day like this would come? With all of the tragedies surrounding us I felt insignificant, but it's different now. I believe that I will survive, and I'm scared. But I have to keep going.
  • (Escaping Umbrella facility in train) Raccoon City has a hidden face, now I've seen it. And I'll spend the rest of my life trying to forget it.
  • There's a huge void in my heart with everything that's been lost I want to collapse. And the will to survive is the only thing keeping me up right. How long will it last? Sunrise is a long way off.
  • (Flying away in helicopter) Life is nothing special, we all die someday. And I'm accepting that fact beautifully.

Jim Chapman[edit]

  • (After defeating Mega Bite) It’s official. I HATE INSECTS!
  • My life is shit!
  • (While riding on subway train) I’m the only one around here that knows anything about the subway. They think we can get out of town this way? Shit! That subway don’t go nowhere but down.

David King[edit]

  • (looking down from footbridge at street of zombies) ...What a mess...
  • So, Raccoon City now belongs to the bogeyman. Not too many people left. We're not wanted. Fine by me. I'm outta here.

Mark Wilkins[edit]

  • (after escaping the Apple Inn) Cheating death gives you a rush. That's how I was. All pumped up on adrenaline. But it wouldn't last long. I was about to learn the hard way just how difficult escaping would be.
  • (Escaping zoo in tram) My old man used to say to me there ain’t no place left on this earth that isn’t a war-torn battlefield. After being out of the service for so long, I’d forgotten that little saying. (Tram abruptly stops, knocking him over. He gets up and sees the remains of a helicopter crash) This though, was worse than even the hell I’d seen in ‘Nam.
  • (after Bob’s suicide) Bob... BOB!!!

George Hamilton[edit]

  • (escaping the hospital through the sewers) Terror is our constant companion. It lurks in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment. Today, it chose me. Yet somehow, I kept it together in that suffocating hospital. I suppose I should be thankful.

Yoko Suzuki[edit]

  • (Escaping zoo in Tram) When I think about it, I really didn’t manage to do anything that day. I just moved along like a leaf carried by the current of a stream. I should have known there’d be no rest waiting for me at the end. (Train abruptly stops knocking over Yoko. She stands up and sees the remains of a Helicopter crash) No chance to catch my breath, I was a such a fool to expect anything of the sort.
  • (After escaping the hospital in the woods) A strange feeling overcame me with the destruction of the hospital. Somehow, deep inside I felt a sense of relief. Even now, I’m not sure if I was crying.
  • (Escaping Umbrella facility in train) How unreliable the memory is. I remember my acquaintance but I cannot remember myself. Yet I feel something will change dramatically when I know everything


  • Monica: (to Yoko) Have a nice life, or what's left of it.
  • Will: (about a zombie that walked into the bar) What a weird customer...
  • Bob: (on the brink of infection)(to Mark) Please, let me die while my conscience remains....
  • Greg: Too much growth weakens an organization. What should be important becomes overshadowed by greed. Mass production? Ridiculous! One masterpiece is enough...
  • Al: I suggest you stay close. It's not like there's a decent hospital around here.