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Restaurant Stakeout is a reality TV series on the Food Network starring Willie Degel. Willie visits failing restaurants and sets up hidden cameras around the restaurant. Then he invites the owners into his control room nearby to spot the problems of the restaurant. Then he confronts the staff and makes the necessary changes to turn the restaurant around.

Season One[edit]

Oh Brother! [1.06][edit]

Brian: How's the bread?
Woman: Kinda crusty.
Brian: Like your boyfriend's underwear?

Season Three[edit]

The Big Not So Easy [3.05][edit]

[Willie is showing the two bartenders, Laura and Emily how to make drinks. While Laura is focused and willing to learn, Emily doesn't seem to care about it.]
Willie: Emily, you here? You're doing me a favor by being here or what?
Emily: My customers come here, they're my regulars and I serve them their drinks.
Willie: But how many customers you have here? You're not doing me no favor by being here and making this drink. This place has an establishment. We make drinks a certain way here. The Bayou. If you want to make a signature drink named after you and you can call it "The Flasher", then go right ahead. [Laura laughs] But that's not what's happening here. The way she teaches you, she's the head bartender, she shows you how the drinks are, you follow those procedures. If not, you don't belong here, you got me?

Willie: Hello, you here again? Because you're not focused and don't seem concerned. You see the difference between my drinks and your drinks?
Emily: Not really.
Willie: Not really?
Emily: Well, I guess napkins.
Willie: No, it's not napkins. It's the color, it's the flow, it's the taste, all the little things matter. So, don't be wasting my time. I'm putting in a lot of effort.
Emily: (under her breath) I feel like you're wasting my time.
Willie: She's putting in a lot of-- What are you saying?
Emily: I feel like you're wasting my time!
Willie: Oh, really! No, you don't deserve this job. I don't like your attitude and you don't belong here.
Emily: I don't like your attitude!
Willie: What did you just say?!
Emily: I'm doing a perfectly fine job doing my job!
Willie: Pack, go pack your stuff and get out! Get your stuff and get out!
Emily: Are you kidding me?
Willie: No I'm not kidding. You're done.
Emily: You're throwing me out?
Willie: Goodbye.
Emily: Okay, goodbye. (leaves through the back door)
Willie: Take a walk!
Laura: Yeah and take your (bleep) and get out of here!
Willie: Go home to your mother! Bye bye negative. So you forget her. We can't waste our time with people. This kid don't want learn, don't want to listen. She thinks she's better than all of us.
Laura: I know.
Willie: Too bad Lisa wasn't here so she could fire her.
Laura: I've been trying to tell her.

Season Five[edit]

Willie Shuts It Down [5.09][edit]

[Willie goes out to the alley to make a phone call. He calls his director of OPS, Brad Gardner]
Brad: Hey Boss.
Willie: Yeah Brad, Willie.
Brad: Hey, what's going on?
Willie: This is the worst restaurant I've ever seen ever. I don't know how it's open. The staff stinks, the worst manager, the guy's taking power naps. You've never seen anything like it you would never ever believe in a million years!
Brad: No way.
Willie: Horrible, just horrible.
Brad: Don't these people know what it takes to run a restaurant?
Willie: No, everybody thinks they can run this business like it's easy.
Brad: And that's exactly why 8 out of 10 restaurants fail in the first two years.
Willie: And you know what the worst thing is? They hire people and workers come and they just take advantage and do as little as possible when this guy and his mother are going to lose $150,000 because these people put no effort in.
Brad: That's so sad. It really is.
Willie: This is a horrible day. All right, I got to get back in there, watch some more, see the staff, see if anything in there is worth not to throw out on their (bleep). All right?
Brad: See what you can do, boss.
Willie: All right, take care of the stores. I'll talk to you later.

Willie: If everybody here is doing them a favor to work here and that's how you feel, you should all pack your bags and leave and I'll hang a big sign, "Closed for Business".
Gordon: That's a good idea.
Willie: Good, cause I'm out of here. I'm wasting my time. Your staff don't want to work for you, they have no respect. I'm going home. (walks out)

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