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Rhinoceros is a 1974 American comedy film based on the play Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco. The film was produced by Ely Landau for the American Film Theatre, which presented thirteen film adaptations of plays in the United States from 1973 to 1975.


  • Rhinoceros!
  • I will not submit!
  • I hate the taste of alcohol, but if I don't drink, I feel awful.


  • Daisy: Oh, they're singing!
  • John: Have you ever seen the plays of Eugene Ionesco?


  • Gene Wilder as Stanley.
  • Karen Black as Daisy.
  • Zero Mostel as John.
  • Joe Silver as Norman.
  • Robert Weil as Carl.
  • Marilyn Chris as Mrs. Bingham.
  • Percy Rodrigues as Mr. Nicholson.
  • Robert Fields as Young Man.
  • Melody Santangello as Young Woman. (as Melody Santangelo)
  • Don Calfa as Waiter.
  • Lou Cutell as Cashier.
  • Howard Morton as Doctor.
  • Manuel Aviles as Busboy.
  • Anne Ramsey as Lady with Cat.
  • Lorna Thayer as Restaurant Owner.
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