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Richard Blackwood

Richard Blackwood (born 15 May 1972) is a British stand-up comedian, television personality, sometime actor and MC.


  • I'd describe myself as intelligent, kind, stubborn(ish), friendly, trustworthy, bluntly honest and terrible at saving.
  • It's flattering being compared to Will Smith because he's successful and brilliant at what he does and he's a nice and funny guy. But at the end of the day, I want to be known as Richard Blackwood.
  • You've heard of Beverly Hills Cop - well I want to do a Brixton Hills Cop.

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Quotes about Richard Blackwood[edit]

  • He's rich, successful, talented, elegant and these are the only differences between him and Richard Blackwood. Except he's got a job, somewhere to live, fans and a grounding in reality. It's P Diddy.
  • A man who can list on his CV rapper, comedian, presenter, actor, writer – all after the word 'failed'. Superstar fantasist Richard Blackwood. Or as I think of him, Won't Smith.
    • Mark Lamarr speaking on Never Mind the Buzzcocks [2]

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