Richard Grafton

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Richard Grafton

Richard Grafton (c. 1511 – 1572) was King's Printer under Henry VIII and Edward VI. He was a member of the Grocers' Company and MP for Coventry elected 1562-63


  • Thirty dayes hath Nouember,
    Aprill, June and September,
    February hath xxviii alone,
    And all the rest haue xxxi.
    • Chronicles of England (1562).
  • They may the better fish in the water when it is troubled.
    • Chronicles (I, 283).
  • Printer to the Queen.
    • Signature on the Proclamation of the accession of Lady Jane Grey (1553). This declaration turned out to be a poor decision, as Grafton was cast into prison when Mary I took the throne unopposed after Lady Jane's nine day rule.

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