Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale

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Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale (20 June 16531695) was a Scottish politician.


  • Infernal Gods, who rule the Shades below,
    Chaos and Phlegethon, ye Realms of Woe,
    Grant what I've heard I may to light expose,
    Secrets which Earth, and Night, and Hell inclose.
    • The Works of Virgil, Translated Into English Verse (1709), Aeneid, Book VI, lines 328–331, p. 210

Quotes about Lord Maitland[edit]

  • The late Earl of Lauderdale sent me over his new translation of the Æneis, which he had ended before I ingag'd in the same design. Neither did I then intend it; but, some proposals being afterwards made me by my bookseller, I desir'd his Lordship's leave that I might accept them, which he freely granted; and I have his letter to shew for that permission. He resolv'd to have printed his work; which he might have done two years before I could publish mine; and had perform'd it, if death had not prevented him. But having his manuscript in my hands, I consulted it as often as I doubted of my author's sense; for no man understood Virgil better than that learned nobleman. His friends, I hear, have yet another and more correct copy of that translation by them, which had they pleas'd to have given the public, the judges must have been convic'd that I have not flatter'd him. Besides this help, which was not inconsiderable, ...
  • His Translation is pretty near to the Original; tho' not so close, as [its] Brevity would make one imagine; and it sufficiently appears that he had a right Taste of Poetry in general, and of Virgil's in particular. He shews a true Spirit; and in many Places is very beautiful.
    • Joseph Trapp, Preface to The Aeneis of Virgil (1718), p. xlviii

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