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Richey James Edwards (born December 22 1967, disappeared February 1 1995) is a guitarist and lyricist from the the Manic Street Preachers.


  • All rock and roll is homosexual, yes it is.
    • everything: A Book About Manic Street Preachers, Simon Price 1999, p.114
  • All the other stuff - the socialising and drinking and stuff that people say are important parts of university because it teaches you social skills - is fucking nonsense, because you learn that at infant school or comprehensive. Or at least, you're meant to. I think if I'd been able to have a flat of my own it would have been very different because I've never been very good with very many different people. I've always surrounded myself with just a very few people. To hole myself up in a tower block with hundreds of people I had nothing in common with was a really bad experience.
    • NME 25 September 1993
  • In terms of the 'S' word, that does not enter my mind. And it never has done. In terms of An Attempt. Because I am stronger than that. I might be a weak person, but I can take pain.
    • "Manic's Depressive", NME, 1 October 1994

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