Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

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Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (2007 – 2009) is a stop-motion animated TV comedy on the Logo channel.

Season 1[edit]

Guess Who's Coming for Quiche? [1.1][edit]

Evan: Oh my God, we're late! Should I take an ephedrine or eat something there?
Chuck: Would you rather be dead or fat?
Evan: I know, right? I better take two.

Kirsten: Think about it. Conservatives and crack whores shouldn't be the only people making babies.

Rick: Is it me?
Steve: It's not you, it's having sex with you.

Dana: It's down to these two. Whose pic do you like better? ASSPOUNDER or QTSTR8A&FJOCK?
Kirsten: Wow. One of these could be the father of our baby!

Bush Baby [1.2][edit]

Rick: That's disgusting! Someone might reach in there for cookies!
Evan: If I was her I'd be dabbin' that fetus on those crow's feet.

Chuck: As much as I'd love to stay here and chip away at your relationship, I'd rather be porking my 19-year-old boyfriend.
Evan: Smooches crotches!

Ivory: Having a baby has strengthened our relationship. I can't even see our problems anymore.

Kirsten: Negative! This can't be happening. Must have more sperm!
Dana: Slow down, Lewinsky.

Ivory: You have to plan ahead...As soon as we found out Ebony was expecting, we started two savings accounts. One for college and one for gender reassignment surgery

Damn Straights [1.3][edit]

Dana: They only call babies "miracles" because it sounds better than "accidents."

Evan: You can't stop me from doing drugs!
Chuck: I think I can stop you from doing my drugs!

Steve's Mom: You know what you need? A queer and his eye.
Rick: Now where would we find a queer?
Steve's Mom: You know, a queer did our place. A real live one... Lisp, Liza, and everything!

Bus Driver: We are now entering the heterosexual time zone. Please set your watches to five minutes ago.

It's Raining Pussy [1.4][edit]

Condi Ling (the fag hag): I could see my entire life flash before my eyes, like one big gay pride parade.

Save our Seamen [1.5][edit]

Hunter (Rick's ex): What's wrong, Rickshaw? You used to love dancing dirty.
Rick: I'm with Steve now. I don't love anything.

Evan: Yummy! Who's that?
Chuck: That would be Rick's ex-boyfriend. Don't even try. He's a strict rice queen.
Evan: It's a known fact that Latinos can pass for Asians if we have to.

Hormonally Yours [1.6][edit]

Rick: Does this feel good?
Steve: Not really, no.
Rick: How about this?
Steve: Rick! No means later!

Dana: F. Cornelius Hampton Hampton, this is Dana Bernstein.
F. Cornelius Hampton Hampton: 'Bernstein'? How embarrassing. It sounds so Jew-y.
Dana: Is it 'Jew-y.' I'm a JAB.
F. Cornelius Hampton Hampton: A what?
Dana: A Jewish-American Bulldyke.

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