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Jet Li: Rise to Honor (2003) is an electronic game by Sony for the PlayStation 2 platform. The game features the likeness, voice acting and motion capture work of martial arts actor Jet Li, and features martial arts choreography by Corey Yuen.

Kit Yun[edit]

  • I will die with honor!
  • My father never changed my life. He just changed the way I felt.
  • (to Kwan) You BASTARD!
  • This is what our fathers kept for safety.
  • Drunken Martial Arts. How many bottles did you drink? 100?
  • Trust me. I'm one hell of a fighter.
  • Sometimes, you can be really sarcastic.
  • Hell's waiting for you, Kwan.


  • You are such a pain in the ass.
  • (after Michelle slaps him) Bitch.
  • I rule the streets of Hong Kong!
  • (in Chinese) Kill him.
  • You need to die for respect.
  • (last words) Holy shit.


  • Yai: What the hell are you doing?
    Kit: Shut up.
  • Kwan: You need to die with respect.
    Kit: No, Kwan. I WILL DIE WITH HONOR!!
  • Fei: Holy...
    Hung: ...shit.

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