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Risen is a 2016 film about a Roman Tribune tasked to find the body Jesus.

Directed by Kevin Reynolds. Written by Paul Aiello.
Witness the manhunt that changed the course of human history  (taglines)


Inn Keeper: Roman, huh? That's a Tribune's ring?
Clavius: Yes.
Inn Keeper: Have you come far?
Clavius: Thirty years the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar has ruled the wasteland of Judea and its people. As Tribune to Prefect Ponpiu Pilate, my task is to keep order in a city that is steeped in unrest. The Jews pray to their single God, Yahweh, for the arrival of the mystical Messiah. As their religious leader, the Sanhedrin try to keep an uneasy peace. But each day creates more zealots to challenge the rule of Rome, and bring freedom. Instead, we bring them death.

Inn Keeper: Tribune?
Clavius: My payment.
Inn Keeper: Tribune! Do you truly believe all this?
Clavius: I believe... I can never be the same.


  • Witness the manhunt that changed the course of human history


  • I was surprised and delighted to discover that the movie is, in fact, robustly Christian and substantially faithful to the Biblical account of what transpired after the death of Jesus(Yeshua).
  • What you sense on every page of the New Testament is that something happened to the first Christians, something so strange and unexpected and compelling that they wanted to tell the whole world about it. Frankly, Risen conveys the edgy novelty, the unnerving reality of the resurrection, better than much contemporary theologizing.


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