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Rising Sun is a 1993 film about a murder investigation in Los Angeles at the headquarters of a Japanese corporation.

Directed by Philip Kaufman. Written by Philip Kaufman, Michael Crichton and Michael Backes, based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton.

John Connor

  • Never underestimate your opponent. Never take what he offers you.
  • The Japanese have a saying, "Fix the problem, not the blame." Find out what's fucked up and fix it. Nobody gets blamed. We're always after who fucked up. Their way is better.

Web Smith

  • [after pushing on wall to find a hidden room] The executive fuck chamber.


  • Phillips: Must be nice to fuck a lawyer, instead of always being fucked by one.


John Connor: Have you negotiated with the Japanese?
Web Smith: Negotiated?
John Connor: Mm. Perhaps I can suggest the strategy.
Web Smith: Well, this is hardly a negotiation.
John Connor: Oh? What is it, then?
Web Smith: What is it? It's a homicide.
John Connor: When we arrive, you take charge of the negotiations. Don't introduce me or refer to me. Don't even look in my direction. Keep your jacket buttoned at all times. If they bow, you bow back.
Web Smith: Believe it or not, I have done this before. You know, I do know these things.
John Connor: Do keep your hands at your sides. The Japanese find big arm movements threatening. Keep your voice calm and even. You'll probably find them irritating tonight. But whatever happens, don't lose your temper.
Web Smith: I don't lose my temper.
John Connor: That's good to know. When you start to get into trouble...
Web Smith: I won't get into trouble.
John Connor: When you start to get into trouble, I will say, "Perhaps I can be of assistance?" From then on, I do the talking. You stand behind me. And don't appear distracted. We may come from a fragmented, MTV rap-video culture, but they do not. Every aspect of your appearance and behavior will reflect on you, the Department, and me as your sempai.
Web Smith: My sempai?
John Connor: Mm.
Web Smith: That wouldn't be massa, would it?
John Connor: No. The sempai is the senior man who guides the junior man, the kohai. In Japan, the sempai-kohai relationship is presumed to exist when the younger man and the older man work together. Hopefully, they will presume that of us.

Web Smith: Isn't it bad form to lose your temper?
John Connor: It is. But I had to, to assist Ishihara.
Web Smith: Assist Ishihara? Now why would you wanna do that?
John Connor: He wasn't the most important man in the room.
Web Smith: Oh, he wasn't?
John Connor: No. It was the older man. His juyaku, his superior. But I wanted to get the investigation going so I played the out-of-control gaijin. So Ishihara wouldn't lose face. So now, Ishihara owes me a favour. Deep, isn't it?
Web Smith: Heavy.

Tom Graham: These little guys eat shit in Tokyo. Crammed into subways, working for big companies. They come here and they're rich and free. They all want to fuck a Rose Bowl queen.
John Connor: And then kill the Rose Bowl queen on the Nakamoto boardroom table? Call the police and create a scandal? Is that your theory?
Tom Graham: My theory? My theory is that these guys are known world class perversion freaks. I got a nose for these things.
John Connor: I'm sure.

Cop: Hey Graham, want some sushi?
Tom Graham: No thanks. If I get a craving for mercury, I'll eat a thermometer.

Bob Richmond: Hey! Hey, you! Quit loafing! Get the senator's car! What do you think we're doing?
Web Smith: No, you get the senator's car! Wrong guy, wrong fucking century! Penguin looking mother fucker!

Web Smith: Sempai, apple pie, whatever I have to call you,... we have a murder here.
John Connor: I want to solve it, not listen to true confessions. You know what's true? When something looks too good to be true, then it's not true.

Perry: Mr. Sakamura is not available.
John Connor: Mr. Sakamura is a good friend of mine. I'm sure he's available for me.
Perry: Gentlemen, you're trespassing. Now, unless you have a search warrant, you'll have to leave. You should know I'm a black belt.
John Connor: But of course you are, dear.
Jeff: Need help, Perry?
Perry: So is Jeff. OK, fellas. You're leaving. [places his hand on Connor's shoulder]
John Connor: That's assault.
Perry: I don't wanna hurt you.
[Connor hits Perry in the throat]
John Connor: They say if you must resort to violence, you've already lost. What do you think, Jeff?
Jeff: I think I'll go get Mr Sakamura.

Web Smith: He's guilty as hell.
John Connor: Well, my dairokkan says he's not.
Web Smith: I hope your intuition is right. Look, sempai, my dairokkan tells me your dairokkan wasn't why you let Eddie go.
John Connor: In Japan, his father saved my life.
Web Smith: And Eddie reminded you of that?
John Connor: He would never remind me. It's my responsibility to remember.
Web Smith: So what is all this bullshit about his father's keiretsu?
John Connor: Bullshit? There's a keiretsu war going on. A Japanese corporation never stands alone. A keiretsu is a united front of hundreds of powerful companies, all acting in partnership to win.
Web Smith: To win what?
John Connor: Whatever's there. You ever hear "business is war"? The war is never over.
Web Smith: Maybe you heard "All's fair in love and war"?
John Connor: No.
Web Smith: So where does that leave us?
John Connor: Us? We're in the war zone.

John Connor: So... what do we know now?
Web Smith: Well, we know the disk was doctored here.
John Connor: And we know that they know that we know. We're beating the grass to startle the snakes.
Web Smith: What? Look, where are you from, sempai? Scotland Yard?
John Connor: No. Scotland back yard. So how did you become the special liaison officer for Los Angeles? And uh... who is what's her name?
John Connor: What you should be asking is why you and I were put together last night.
Web Smith: I was on duty. Nakamoto requested you.
John Connor: No, they didn't. Nakamoto is formally protesting the fact that I'm on the case.
Web Smith: You're saying someone else called you in. Someone who...
John Connor: Has been manipulating things. We're playing that most American of games.
Web Smith: Which is what?
John Connor: Catch up.

Web Smith: We're the cops! Why are we running?
John Connor: We're not running. We're eluding.

Web Smith: We're safe around here.
John Connor: You call this safe?
Web Smith: Rough neighborhoods may be America's last advantage. Perhaps I may suggest a strategy. Don't stare at these guys. Keep your hands down. These guys don't like big arm movements. They might shoot you. Keep your voice calm...Better still, don't say shit. If you hear me say "Can I be of any assistance?" it's too late. You can kiss your little ass goodbye.

Web Smith: Look, are you on the take?
Tom Graham: Fuck you, the take.
Web Smith: Are you on the fuckin' take?!
Tom Graham: Who the fuck are you to ask me about that? You started me off. You remember that? Now, play ball. You get to keep your kid, your job, and your buddies. We're a team, Web.
Web Smith: A team? What team are we on, huh?
Tom Graham: We know who you've got in there. You're harboring a murderer in there.
Web Smith: How did you know Eddie was still alive?
Tom Graham: He's not! He's dead. He just forgot to lay down.
Web Smith: He didn't do it.
Tom Graham: Who did it?
Web Smith: We don't know who did it!
Tom Graham: Send him out, Spider-san, with the disk too. I'll protect the guy.
Web Smith: And what if I don't?
Tom Graham: If you don't?! If you don't, you're obstructing justice. You're harboring, baby. If you don't, we're coming in after a murderer. What are you doing to your life? You know me, Web. I get my man.
Web Smith: Yeah. Even if he's the wrong man.
Tom Graham: Who the fuck are you? The Supreme Court?

Web Smith: [about Ishihara] What's going to happen to him?
John Connor: They are retiring him. Ishihara will be given a window seat. He will spend the rest of his life in Japan, staring out an office window.
Web Smith: Too bad. He seemed like a heck of a guy. Personally, I got along great with him.
John Connor: If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy floating by.


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