Road to Zanzibar

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Road to Zanzibar is a 1941 film about con artist who scams two men into financing a safari.

Directed by Victor Schertzinger. Written by Frank Butler.

Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier[edit]

  • [Cannibal burps] Must've been someone he ate.
  • [During the sawing-in-half act] If this doesn't work, one of us is going home half-fare.


Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier: [as they are about to leave with the villain] We're going with them...
Chuck Reardon: We're going with them...
Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier, Chuck Reardon: We're going with them.
[an understanding look]
Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier, Chuck Reardon: [starting the routine] Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man. Bake a cake as fast as you...
[both are hit on the head by a goon. The two fall]
Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier: He must've seen the picture!

Chuck Reardon: Everybody knows him. He's a philanthropist.
Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier: I don't care who he votes for. I want my money.


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