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Williams kissing a fan during a performance

Robert Peter Williams (born February 13, 1974) is a British songwriter, singer and performer.


  • I met Courtney Love and she said she'd like to sleep with me, but she couldn't cos of my "pop-star thing"… so I said to her I couldn't sleep with her either - cos of her 'ugly thing'...
    • Interview with Chris Moyles, Radio One (2005)

Life Thru a Lens (1997)[edit]

  • The world could change in a second,
    so I find the sunshine beckons me,
    to open up the gate and dream.
  • I look above, and I know
    I'll always be blessed with love.
  • Well tonight I'm gonna live for today, so come along for the ride,
    I hope I'm old before I die.
  • There'll be the same old faces,
    in the same old places,
    where my youth was well misspent,
    but I toe the line and move in time,
    to a town called no regrets.

Escapology (2002)[edit]

  • I sit and talk to God, and he just laughs at my plans.
  • I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to.
    If I stop lying, I'll just disappoint you.
  • I'm contemplating thinking about thinking…'s overrated - just get another drink in!
    • Come Undone
  • All your friends think you're satisfied, but they can't see your soul, no, no, no...
  • Screw you, I didn't like your taste anyway, I chose you,
    That's all gone to waste, It's Saturday, I'll go out and find another you.
  • I've sung some songs that were lame,
    I've slept with girls on the game.
    • Monsoon
  • I'm here to make money and get laid,
    Yeah I'm a star but I'll fade.
    • Monsoon
  • I'm glad that spending a night with me,
    Guaranteed you celebrity.
    • Monsoon
  • Oh I haven't got a clue what to do with you,
    Jesus all the things my head is going through.
    • How Peculiar

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