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Robert Barr (16 September 1849 – 21 October 1912) was an AngloAmerican author and journalist who spent time in the United States as a staff writer for the Detroit Free Press. In 1881 he moved to London to establish the weekly English edition of the Free Press. In 1892 he founded The Idler magazine with Jerome K. Jerome.


  • Of all evil-doers, the American is most to be feared. He uses more ingenuity in the planning of his projects and will take greater risks in carrying them out than any other malefactor on earth.
    • "The Mystery of the Five Hundred Diamonds," from The Triumphs of Euguene Valmont (1906)
  • The present moment is ever the critical time. The future is merely for intelligent forethought.
    • "The Siamese Twin of a Bomb Thrower" from The Triumphs of Euguene Valmont (1906)
  • Publishers are humane men, and rarely commit crimes. Authors, however, are a hardened set, who usually perpertrate a felony every time they issue a book.
    • "The Adventure of the Second Swag" from The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont (1906)

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