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...saying the Bible is not a book about science is like saying a cookbook is not a book about chemistry.

Robert J. Marks II (born August 24, 1950) is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University and a proponent of intelligent design. He appeared in the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.


  • Computers are no more able to create information than iPods are capable of creating music.
  • Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, HarperOne (2009) p. 292
  • For the record, I don’t deserve this. But I have lower back pain and don’t deserve that either. (After being listed as one of the twenty most brilliant living Christian Professors.

69 | url = | title = "Baylor faculty member named one of '20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors,'" Waco Tribune-Herald,(April 15, 2010) | author = Tim Woods | date = 2011-01-15 | accessdate = 2011-04-28 }}

  • Science packages theory, places it on a throne, and honors and protects it much like a queen. Engineers make the queen come down from the throne and scrub the floor. And if she doesn’t work, we fire her.
  • Micro evolution, as I understand it, is adaptation. And characteristic of a good design is the ability to adapt to differing environments.
  • Evolutionary algorithms based on Darwinian evolution do not, by themselves, have the ability to create information.
  • Christians are being subjected to the same “separate but equal” discrimination used to justify discrimination in the old Jim Crow south.
  • [Computer] programs to demonstrate Darwinian evolution are akin to a pinball machine. The steel ball bounces around differently every time but eventually falls down the little hole behind the flippers.
  • It's a lot easier to play pinball than it is to make a pinball machine. (A comment concerning the difficulty of a "search for a good Darwinian search.")
  • Computer programs, including all of the models of Darwinian evolution of which I am aware, perform the way their programmers intended. Doing so requires the programmer infuse information about the program's goal. You can't write a good program without [doing so].
  • Your chances of winning the lottery are about the same whether or not you buy a ticket. It's better … if you give your money to me and I'll decide whether or not to give it back.
  • From the viewpoint of computer simulation, our universe does not contain the probabilistic resources to get a meaningful result for even a moderately sized unassisted [Darwinian] search. In fact, if you take ten to the one thousand of our universes in what is sometimes referred to as the multiverse, the probabilistic resources don't exist there either.
  • Let's abandon labels and pursue the truth no matter where it leads. Don't entrench yourself in a paradigm and claim a corner on truth. Many who have done so in history have been shown to be foolish.
  • Is it wrong to pray for God to make me more successful so that I can be more humble?
  • If "knowledge puffs up," then we professors are in ever-present danger of having egos resembling threatened blow fish.
  • Simulated evolution on a computer works but is no where near the gradual incremental process that is associated with Darwinian evolution. It's closer to dog breeding in terms of its computational complexity.
  • In the universe, [besides] space, matter and energy, there is information. [Information hasn't yet] been [well] defined nor studied.
  • Many times proponents of evolutionary computing … refuse to recognize the contribution of [the programmer's infusion of information] into the process.
  • Association with ID (intelligent design) in any way is detrimental to one's career. Everybody who works in ID should first have tenure before they come out of the closet.
  • My comments are as an expert in computational intelligence. I'm not a biologist. For me to talk about the details of biology is as stupid as a British biologist claiming expertise in religion. (A reference to Richard Dawkins.)
  • Engineers actually design things. This is why [many] engineers are interested in the area of intelligent design
  • Pure publication quantity today has become a meaningless metric. One can publish almost anything.
  • All engineering fields are either solutions looking for problems or problems looking for solutions.
  • The secret of doing many things at the same time is to do them all poorly.
  • Forecasting the future of technology is risky. Predictions tend to be linear whereas technical advances come in quantum jumps from paradigm shifts. After the second World War, forecasters in electronics [who did not foresee the transistor] would have linearly [and incorrectly] foretasted breakthroughs in better vacuum tube reliability from, for example, improved filament chemistry.
  • Saying the Bible is not a book about science is like saying a cookbook is not a book about chemistry.
  • Pursuance of truth requires consideration of a creator. If you define science to exclude the possibility of a creator, it isn’t a pursuance of truth.
  • The universe as accepted by science in terms of size and age is not big enough or old enough to explain evolution.
  • There is no foundational mathematical or physical reason the relationship between Pythagorean and tempered western music should exist. It just does. The rich flexibility of the tempered scale and the … bountiful archives of western music are a testimonial to this wonderful coincidence provided by nature.

Quotes About Marks[edit]

  • "I categorically reject Marks’ whole philosophy and I’d probably call him delusional," P.Z. Myers.
  • "Bob’s research will vindicate itself. He finds himself at the center of a firestorm that is really not of his own making, and one day — yes, this day is coming, eventually — after the controversy wanes, Bob’s work will still be standing, simply because it is powerful and true." Ian A. Gravagne.
    • Tim Woods, "Baylor faculty member named one of 20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors," Waco Tribune-Herald, April 15, 2010

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