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Robert Lewandowski in 2014

Robert Lewandowski (born 21 August 1988) is a Polish professional footballer who plays as a striker for German footbal club Bayern Munich and is the captain of the Poland national team.


  • I thought that if I changed the things I did, it could help me play at a higher level for longer. I knew I could not expect immediate results. I did it because I had to try. I knew if I started at the top level a little later, I could be there for longer.
  • The professional player in me came out. The button changed from off to on, and I saw the difference between playing for fun and playing to win. You have to choose whether to have fun or whether to compete.
  • You can think: I have scored once, it’s enough,” he said. “You can lose focus, start freestyling. Or you can think I have scored once, so maybe I can score another. Is one enough, or do you want more? You need the button.
  • It's all about the balance of the team. That's the most important point, nothing else. For that reason, it's easy for me to adapt to several different styles of play. I know I have to adapt and play for the good of the team. For me, being a strong striker is not only about being a good goalscorer.
  • You might be surprised to find this out, but sweets were a big problem for me when I was younger. It didn't matter what it was, I couldn't walk past it without buying it. Now I've cut sweets out. It actually took me several years to get to this point. Now I don't really like sweets anymore.
  • If you see what we did in this run it is amazing, spectacular — because we won everything that we could. This is something special.... All of these awards are the prizes for something special.
  • For sure, as the captain, it’s something bigger. The expectation is higher. Playing for the national team is a responsibility.
  • I score so many goals, this means a lot. I know I will always be a little bit behind and I have to maybe work harder than those players for my country if we want to achieve something. It’s not an easy job for me, but I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. It’s a big chance.
  • A record is always something special for every athlete. And these 40 goals are so legendary that I still do not fully understand that I am on a par with such a legend as Gerd Müller. However, I wanted to break this record and surpass it by at least one goal. This step was my goal. But 40 goals make me proud of myself. I could not have dreamed that in one season you can score so many goals.
  • I cannot yet assess the significance of this achievement for my future life. Even a 40-goal moment is already something special. Until now, it was simply unthinkable for me that I would be able to reach this mark, although I always give my all until the end of the season to see what the final result will be. I was aware of the debate about whether I was worthy of surpassing the historical record of Gerd Müller or not.
  • You don’t have much time. If you think too long or too much, sometimes that is wrong. If you have one idea and know it from the first minute, do it. Shoot. I had so little space in the box. Think too much, the defender comes to block you.
  • Everything you do before the game, the routine is also important to keep the high-level concentration. The brain gets the information that something important is coming. He asked what I do. I said: ‘I don’t know, I do a few things.’ But before the next game I was more focused. Every time I put the left boot on first.
  • Before I had a lot of problems with my body language – being more a part of the game and training. My body language was the same. Sometimes you have to be more angry. For me that was never going to happen.
  • Sometimes you have to be there waiting for the ball and if you get it once in the 90 minutes you have to be ready. But I say: ‘I want to be part of the team, of the game, I want to move and pass and not just wait for the ball.’ That’s why I am always looking for space to get the ball and find my teammates. I can work on everything still. But one thing? Maybe to shoot from distance.
  • Playing in the USA? I don't know because I don't know what does it mean for me and when. For sure, I know a lot about the MLS because a few Polish players and also German players was playing there, and they talk to me about the life but also about MLS and they make every year a step up. It means they want to be better and I don't know what does it mean exactly for me but I would say I'm very happy to be [at Bayern] and I don't think about so long future.
  • My parents took my ambitions seriously. They took an hour each way to training. They were waiting for me, and when I wanted to go home alone, I took the bus from Warsaw to Leszno for two hours. When I was late, I had to seize an opportunity, sometimes someone took pity and took me away.

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