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Robert Noyce in 1959

Robert Norton Noyce (December 12, 1927June 3, 1990), nicknamed "the Mayor of Silicon Valley", was an American physicist and entrepreneur who co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and Intel Corporation in 1968. He was also credited with the realization of the first monolithic integrated circuit or microchip, which fueled the personal computer revolution and gave Silicon Valley its name.


  • Innovation is everything. When you're on the forefront, you can see what the next innovation needs to be. When you're behind, you have to spend your energy catching up.
    • as quoted by James W. Botkin, Dan Dimancescu, Ray Stata (1984). The innovators: rediscovering America's creative energy. Harper & Row. p. 165. ISBN 0060152850. 

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