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Robotech is an 85-episode animated science fiction television series about three successive extraterrestrial invasions of Earth, adapted from the Japanese anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Superdimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. It is directed by Robert V. Barron & produced by Carl Macek & distributed by Harmony Gold Inc., in association with Tatsunoko Productions.

Robotech: The Macross Saga[edit]

Episode 1: Boobytrap[edit]

Lisa: The generator starts in 15 minutes. I hope the captain gets here in time I hear you didn't get much sleep last night.
Claudia:: Yeah, the other officer threw a farewell party for all. They probably sat up all night telling each other war stories. You know how they are.
Lisa: And where were you, Claudia?
Claudia: What are you talking about, Lisa?
Lisa: You didn't come in until four this morning. You must have been partying, too.
Claudia: You jealous? I had a late dinner with Commander Focker.
Lisa: Claudia!
Claudia: What?
Lisa: You stayed out all night knowing you both have flight duty today.
Claudia: So? What's the big fuss about Lisa? We won't let it affect the performance of our duty. After all, we're not children & you're not our mother.
Lisa: Your responsibilities to the ship come first, Claudia?
Claudia: But my private life is my business. Nobody else's. Now then, let's get to work, alright, get out of here!
Vanessa: Lisa doesn't understand about men, Claudia. She's in love with the spaceship.
Kim: Yeah! You got that right.
Sammie: Oh! Don't argue.
Claudia: I'm not the one who keeps butting into everybody's business.
Lisa: I'm warning you!
Claudia: I hate to interrupt but had you better check your monitor, Commander.
Kim: It's an unidentified incoming aircraft, Lisa.
Lisa: Attention aircraft approaching on course 107. Please identify yourself. Please identify yourself.
Rick: This is Rick Hunter. Invitation number 201.
Lisa: That's confirmed as an invitation from Lieutenant Commander Focker. Follow course 57 for landing.
Rick: Roger.

[at the airshow]
Roy: Oh ho! Rick!? Is that you, Rick Hunter?
Rick: Roy. It's good to hear your voice, old buddy. I understand you're lieutenant commander now.
Roy: Are you crazy? Get that junk heap out of here. [crowd laughs] Hunter. When I get my hands on you I got...[Microphone stand unattached] Oh. Hey, switch this to radio only, will ya? [after frequency changed] What are you trying to do buddy, make a perfect fool of me?
Rick: Uh...Nobody's perfect, Commander.
Roy: You haven't changed a bit, have you? Well, this isn't your dad's amateur flying circus. My men are real pilots.
Rick: I'm gonna have to make you eat those words, Commander. Coming in.

Episode 2: Countdown[edit]

[Kim reports the entry of alien vessels in the atmosphere and Captain Gloval is considering his options]
Captain Gloval: Call Prometheus and have them send out reconnaissance choppers.
Lisa Hayes: I did sir. They'll arrive in five minutes.
Gloval: Mind reader.

Episode 3: Space Fold[edit]

Roy: [tries to raise Rick on the radio] Rick. Come in, Rick. A poor kid's just had to take on more that he can manage. Well, I can't leave him behind. [calls SDF-1 control] Skull Leader to Control. Lisa, I'm going to pick up something I left down on the island. Capt. Kramer will take command of the fighter group until I return. Over.
Lisa: Why you're returning? Over.
Roy: Rick Hunter in fighter VT-102 is still back on the island and I had to go pick him up now.
Lisa: That pilot's an imposter. I'd gone through the entire registry and I find no record such a person.
Roy: Well, that's easy enough to explain. He's a civilian. So he isn't listed in the military register.
Lisa: What? A civilian! But I thought...Uhh...Umm.
Sammie: Huh?
Kim: Civilian?
Sammie: Who is he?

[As he discovers that the SDF-1 ended up outside Pluto, Captain Gloval has been informed that Macross Island was included in the spacefold bubble and receives a call.]
Captain Gloval: Yes [startled] What?!? It can't be! Impossible. I'll be right there.
Lisa Hayes: Captain? What's happened?
Gloval: [turns back as he prepares to leave the bridge] Chief Engineer Lang tells me the fold system just vanished into thin air!
Lisa Hayes: [as everybody is aghast] Did he just say, vanished? Captain? What's happened?
Gloval: That's what he told me. [walks out]
Claudia Grant: We'll never get back.
Kim and Sammie: OH NO!!! [looks at each other and embrace in tears]
Gloval: [outside room, lights pipe] Well, now. Going to be a long trip.

Episode 7: Bye-bye Mars[edit]

[Rick tries to get an adamant Lisa out of Mars Base Sara]
Rick: Come on. Move it!
Lisa: I'm not leaving this room. I don't know why you're here but you can leave right now.
Rick: Is it something I said?
Lisa: Go away!
Base AI: One minute to meltdown. One minute.
Rick: I have no idea what's happening here but my life is at stake now, too. So come on!
Lisa: I'm not leaving.
Rick: No way! You have to come.
Lisa: Leave me alone. No. Put me down!
Rick: Grr...
Claudia: [aboard SDF-1 bridge] Thirty seconds to explosion. Get out of there, Rick!
Lisa: Ugh..RIBER!

Episode 8: Sweet 16[edit]

Rick: Now what'll I do? Tonight, we're gonna to celebrate Minmei's birthday and I still haven't figured out what to give her yet. I'm glad I'm off.
RDF Dispatcher: Attention, the following personnel are headed back to headquarters immediately. 3rd Lts Justin Black & James Rondell; 2nd Lts Sean Lu, Karl Jones & Marcus Miller; 1st Lts Thomas Olson & Adam Olson also Sgt. Rick Hunter...please report.
Rick: Huh? Now what.

[Roy is meeting with Rick]
Roy: I'm assigning two subordinates to your command. [Video screen shows pilot mugshots]
Female Voice: This is Corporal Ben Dixon. He has 378 hours in simulation and 66 hours of flight time. He is Class A. This is Corporal Maximilian Sterling. He has 320 hours in simulation and 50 hours of flight time. He's also Class A.
Rick: Hey, Roy. What gives? Uhh...I don't get it. Those guys are both just beginners.
Roy: Well, Rick. You're not a lot different than them.
Rick: But Roy, I've got lot more experience.
Roy: Now the files are here and I want you to study them. There's also a manual for you that contains all the official things you need to know about being a lieutenant. [someone knocks on door] I guess that must be them. Come in. [to new arrivals] Reporting as ordered. This man will be your new commanding officer from now on. He's Lt. Rick Hunter and he's quite a good fighter pilot. In fact, he is just awarded the Titanium Medal.
Ben: I'm honored to be serving under your command, Lt. Hunter. Corp. Ben Dixon reporting & while I'm around I assure nothing will go wrong.
Max: Umm...Glad were going to be on the same team. I'm Corp. Max Sterling, sir. Call me Max. I'm very inexperienced & might be needing a lot of help.
Rick: Well, I'm please to meet ya'.
Ben & Max: Yes, sir.

Episode 9: Miss Macross[edit]

Ben: Did you hear about Minmei being in that Ms. Macross beauty pageant?
Max: Say what? Minmei's entered a beauty pageant?
Ben: Yeah, Believe me or not, Lt. Hunter said our squadron wouldn't have to work Saturday night. So, I'm going.
Max: You mean it?
Ben: Yeah, he said he wanted a big turnout to cheer for Minmei.
Max: Umm...maybe he's just in love or something.
Ben: He's what? In love? [chuckles] Hey maybe you're right. That can make you crazy.[Laughing]
Rick: Ms. What? Macross? I wish you haven't entered that.
Minmei: The mayor had entered me without even asking.
Roy: Don't tell me you're jealous?
Rick: I guess I'm acting kind of stupid, aren't I?

Episode 10: Blind Game[edit]

[Rico, Konda, and Bron are debriefed by Breetai on their earlier reconnaissance mission, but their confused recollections are not helping]
Breetai: Enough of this babbling! You were given an assignment and you bungled it! Now get out!
Rico, Konda, and Bron: Aye sir! [leaves room]
Exedore Formo: We must resolve this and let's put an end to this bickering. It's bad for the morale of the men, sir.
Breetai: You're right. Your point is well taken.
Exedore: In that case, I suggest we begin to act more aggressively, Commander.
Breetai: I like that better than aggression. Exedore, I think we should discuss this matter further in my quarters.

Episode 11: First Contact[edit]

[At the Zentraedi main base, Dolza, Breetai, Exedore and spies Rico, Bron, and Konda are questioning Rick, Lisa, and Ben]
Dolza: [with Lisa in his grip] And now, my feisty female, I want to know by what process you become Micronians. Answer me at once [grips Lisa tighter; Lisa squeals]
Rick Hunter: Stop squeezing her! We're born into this world as Micronians.
Dolza: Born you say?
Exedore Formo: Yes, but born from what is the question?
Rick: From our mothers, what do you think?
Konda: What is this thing, 'mothers'?
Ben Dixon: It's the parent who's female!
Exedore: You don't mean you are actually born from these females?
Ben: Look, it's just like the birds and the bees; it's just a process of nature. When a male and a female love each other, it just happens.
Breetai: This 'love', what is it? How do you express it?
Ben: Well, by kissing one another.
Dolza: It's hard to believe that's how Micronians are made. Why don't we see it right now by having you both kiss one another?
Rick: What? You can't be serious, there's no way I'm gonna kiss him!

Episode 12: The Big Escape[edit]

Lisa: You must be joking! I won't do it.
Ben: But, Commander.
Lisa: I mean it, Ben. I'm serious. I won't kiss him. He made of that absolutely ridiculous scheme just because he wants to kiss me. I know I maybe naive but I'm not stupid.
Rick: Just a minute. You think you're so attractive I scheming up a way to kiss. I wouldn't think of kissing you unless they it were life or death.
Lisa: Well.

Episode 13: Blue Wind[edit]

[Lisa Hayes, Rick Hunter, Max Sterling, and Ben Dixon report to Captain Gloval about their captivity.]
Capt. Gloval: Please continue your report, Cmdr. Hayes. Do you really think they have that many ships?
Lisa: Yes sir, at least that many and possibly more.
Gloval: Truly.
Rick: Yes sir. That many.
Gloval: Based on all combined reports, our computers placed a total of somewhere of four and five million ships.
Col. Maestroff: That's ridiculous.
Gloval: Gentlemen, let's hear the entire briefing before discussing it.
Lisa: In the course of our captivity, we'd observed that the aliens have absolutely no contact with human emotions. They've been groomed entirely for war and their societies organized along purely military lines. It appears that they have increased their body size & strength artificially through genetic manipulation & that they also have the ability to reverse the process. While they examined us, they continued to referred to something they called "Protoculture."

Episode 18: Farewell, Big Brother[edit]

[Rick is recovering in a hospital from his wounds sustained at the last battle. Lisa visits him]
Rick Hunter: Well, look who's here. Hey, what a lone face. She'd come to bury Caesar?
Lisa Hayes: Hello, Rick. I came to about to say that I'm sorry.
Rick: You!? You came out here to apologize? To apologize for what for Pete's sake.
Lisa: For you being here. We both know that it was my instructions that were responsible for you being seriously injured.
Rick: Lisa, you weren't responsible. I had no one to blame for this but myself. I'm here because I made a mistaken judgment & for no other reason. OK.
Lisa: Thanks for your generosity.
Rick: What's happened to your old command confidence? This isn't like you at all.
Lisa: No, Lt. Hunter; I don't suppose it is of that. Anyway, I said what I came to say. Now I had to get back to my duties on the bridge. Get Well.
Rick: Thanks, Lisa. You think we'll see each other again?
Lisa: I don't think so, Rick. I'll be too busy.

[Roy is at Claudia's quarters, where she's preparing a pineapple salad for dinner and he's strumming a guitar]
Claudia Grant: I don't think you'd realize how terrified I'd get every time you fly off on a combat mission. It's almost as if you pilots think that it's some kind of wonderful game when you're off on those Veritechs.
Roy Fokker: It's never been a game, Claudia. Maybe someday you'll understand that.
Claudia: Anyway, I've said what I had in my mind and I promised I'll keep my mouth shut about it in the future. [turns to Roy and holds finished pineapple salad high] Dinner's ready. [sees Roy not strumming guitar while putting salad on table] What? Well, don't tell me I put you to sleep. Is anything wrong?
Roy: Oh. Ohhhh... [slumps from sofa]
Claudia: Roy? [gasps upon seeing wounds] ROY!?!? [cries]

Episode 19: Bursting Point[edit]

[Rick and Max have just escaped the overloaded barrier field]
Rick Hunter: Lisa, tell Captain Gloval we lost Ben Dixon back there.
Lisa Hayes: Rick, I'm so sorry... The people of this ship are grateful; but they'll never truly comprehend all that you've gone through for them.

Episode 20: Paradise Lost[edit]

[Captain Gloval announces the news of the SDF-1's forced departure from Earth]
Captain Gloval: This is Captain Gloval speaking with a very important announcement to all of you on board the SDF-1. As many of you may already know, ever since we returned to Earth, I have appealed many times to the government and the Defense Force for permission to allow you to leave this ship and resettle wherever you may choose. Time and again, those appeals were turned down and I wish I could explain it to you at this time. However, I always felt that progress was being made on those requests. That is, until the events of the last few weeks. My friends, I'm afraid I have some very bad news to tell you. I've received word just a while ago that this ship and all of its passengers have been ordered to leave the Earth immediately. Furthermore, if we do not evacuate this planet, we were warned that we might be attacked by elements of our own Defense Forces. This is an unthinkable possibility. We have therefore taken on supplies and are prepared to leave the surface of the planet. I desperately need all of your cooperation in this moment of terrible responsibility. We must all work for the day that the Earth will take us back and until then, we will survive as best we can. I give you my most humble apology. [slightly bows in shame]
Lynn Minmei: [goes to his side] Oh... Listen everyone, the Captain needs our support more than ever right now! Look, I don't understand anything that has to do with politics, but I do know the only way we'll survive this is to pull together. We've been together in this ship for a long time now, and I don't know about you, but I think of the SDF-1 as my home now. Don't forget, this ship has almost everything we have back on Earth, our own town and all the things that go along with it. We've all been through quite a bit, but look at how strong we've become because of it. I have more friends here than I ever did on Earth. You've been like a big family to me. Someday we'll come back to Earth - we'll never give up hope. But for now, I'm proud to be a citizen of Macross City and this ship.

Episode 21: A New Dawn[edit]

[While trapped during a temporary SDF-1 transformation]
Rick Hunter: You know, I feel as helpless as a caged animal.
Lisa Hayes: Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Monkey, watching people go by.
Rick: I'm glad I'm here with you.
Lisa: You're not so bad yourself.
Rick: [surprised] Really?
Lisa: Yeah. After today, I have a feeling I can get to like you.
Rick: That's funny, because I was thinking exactly the same thing.

[After arriving outside Lisa's quarters]
Lisa Hayes: We're almost there.
Rick Hunter: Yes, I guess I should be going. I'd better get back to the barracks before they think I've gone and jumped ship. [tries to walk away, but Lisa couldn't let go of his hand]
Lisa: Rick, do you have to run off so soon? I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you were with another officer. [saunters up to Rick] Anyway, I'd like for you to stay.
Rick: Well...I really like that.
Narrator: And so a new romance blossoms aboard the ship. Two people reaching out for love in different directions only to find that what they wanted was as close as the touch of their fingertips. However, it's a hard life in the military, especially at wartime and whether or not Rick and Lisa could make their relationship work remains to be seen.

Episode 25: Wedding Bells [edit]

[Max Sterling sets up a date with Zentraedi ace Miriya Parina at the Macross City Park after defeating her at an arcade game in the previous episode.]
Max Sterling: Geez, it's getting late. I hope she's all right. I can't believe I asked her to meet me here, in the park. A girl, at night - she could get mugged or something...
Miriya: [appears from the bushes] Maximilian, prepare for your doom!
Max: Miriya, there you are. It's nice to see you could make it. Huh? [Miriya throws the knife and Max screams] Hey, are you crazy?
Miriya: I am Quadrano Leader Miriya Parina, Zentraedi Air Force.
Max: There goes our first date.
Miriya: You're such a fool! Fight for your life!
Max: My life!? But why attack me?
Miriya: I will have my revenge!
Max: I'm afraid I don't know what this is all about. What do you mean revenge? If you're a Zentraedi, I understand why you must fight - but why do you want revenge?
Miriya: I have reasons!!! [charges]
Max: [avoids new attack] What have I done?
Miriya: Time and again, you've made me like a fool. I am the Zentraedi's greatest pilot and will not be humiliated by a Micronian. The first time you were lucky; the second was your final victory. Nothing can save you now - I will defeat you!
[Max tries to escape but trips. Miriya leaps in the air, trying to kill him but Max blocks her attack]
Max: Gotta get that knife.
Miriya: It's no use. You're no match for me. You may be a great man, but what is man compared to a Zentraedi?
Max: [picks up own knife and readies for duel] And now we shall see! [takes on Miriya in a knife fight that results in Max disarming Miriya by knocking her knife away, and holds her at bay at knifepoint, the blade extended within an inch of her face] I guess I win again.
Miriya: I lost to you again! This is a shame I cannot endure. [Closes eyes, sinks to her knees on the ground. She bows her head and a tear courses down her cheek] End my life...please.
Max: Huh?
Miriya: Please do it now. [sheds tear]
Max: But I...but I couldn't. You're beautiful. [touches chin with fingers so Miriya can look up to him. They float around before embracing] This is gonna sound crazy but...will you marry me?
Miriya: "Marry"? What's "marry"?
Maximillian: It's something that no words can describe. Miriya, it's love, and that's the most beautiful thing there is.

[Breetai and Exedore watch footage of Max and Miriya's wedding]
Breetai: This is a strange Micronian custom, Exedore. May I ask what Miriya Parina is doing?
Exedore: Your Excellency, if I'm not mistaken, Miriya is getting married.
Breetai: Married? What do you mean by "getting married," Exedore?
Exedore: According to my research, it is condition in which male and female live together.
Breetai: Live together? Miriya Parina will live together with this, Micronian male?
Exedore: Correct, my lord.
Breetai: [sits down] It seems shes's taken her job very seriously, perhaps more seriously than she should. Unless my senses deceive me, she's enjoying herself in the most peculiar way. I wonder, Exedore, could it be that she has found the Micronian way of life too enjoyable to resist?
Exedore: It would appear, sir, that she can't resist the charm of the Micronian ace pilot. The danger of combat with the Micronians has did it. Our soldiers may be in more gravity than we believed.
Breetai: It's appears that this "love" business is a very powerful thing.
Exedore: I'm afraid I agree with you, sir, it does have its attraction, an emotional factor that we Zentradi have no defense. This "love" could be used as a powerful weapon against us.
Breetai: Weapon, eh.
Exedore: We must be aware.

Episode 26: The Messenger[edit]

[As the motorcade carrying Exedore Formo passes Macross City's commercial district]
Col. Maestroff: This is our shopping district.
Exedore Formo: Ah yes, this is where I believe you use something called "money" to require goods.
Maestroff: Yes, that's correct.
[The group passes a large lingerie ad. Exedore cringes at the sight]
Exedore: Grr!!! The picture in that building over there. Would you mind explaining it to me?

[After Exedore tells the humans that the main Zentraedi fleet is on its way to the solar system]
Captain Gloval: All right, it seems we have such an important decision to make. Whether or not Earth can survive the attack, only time will tell.
Col. Maestroff: We'll give it our best shot.
Lynn-Kyle: You're crazy. A FLEET OF ALMOST FIVE MILLION!?!? There's no way we can fight them off. We're finished... [sulks with Minmei comforting him]

Episode 27: Force Of Arms[edit]

[Minmei and Rick turn around to see Earth on fire after the Zentraedi unleash a plasma barrage]
Rick: The whole planet!
Minmei: Are they all destroyed?
Rick: Probably.
Minmei: Oh no! Mother. Father.
Rick: Lisa.
Minmei: So this is how we end. First, the Earth then the rest of us.
Rick: No, Minmei, this is not the end. We still have our lives. It's not over yet. Listen, Minmei I want you to do something for me. I want you to go now & sing for everyone.
Minmei: To sing?
Rick: Yes. I think I got an idea.

[Rick rescues Lisa from the ruins of Alaska Base.]
Lisa: Thank you, Rick.
Rick: Sure. Well I guess I sort of disobeyed your orders again, didn't I?
Lisa: Yeah, That's alright. I was just thinking about how fortunate I am that you came back just when you did & about how much I admire you.
Rick: Of course.
Lisa: It looks like the fighting stopped.
Rick: Yeah.
Lisa: I wonder if there's anyone else around.
Rick: What do you mean?
Lisa: Well we might be the only survivors. It'll be sad to think that we're the only ones left.
Rick: That wouldn't be too bad, would it?
Lisa: What?
Rick: At least you'll never be alone.
Lisa: Oh, Rick.
Rick: Do you hear what I hear?
Lisa: It's... Minmei.
Rick: Then the SDF-1 survived. [Sees SDF-1 landing] What a sight for sore eyes.
Lisa: You can say that again.
Rick: C'mon. Let's go.
Lisa: Okay.

Episode 35: Season's Greetings[edit]

[After the Protoculture Matrix heist, a fuming Rick asks Lisa about not being informed of the battle]
Rick Hunter: I talked to Vanessa. She told me you said I was sick in bed. That was a lie, Lisa. I should have been notified at the VERY FIRST ORDER to scramble!!!
Lisa Hayes: You should be more discreet when you have people coming over. Last night, I came by and your door was open. I know all about Minmei. [referring to her split with cousin-manager Lynn Kyle]

Episode 36: To The Stars[edit]

[Claudia just found Lisa in a balcony aboard the SDF-1.]
Claudia Grant: Admiral Gloval sent me to look for you, why aren't you on the bridge?
Lisa Hayes: I needed to be alone, I'm thinking about resigning.
Claudia: Huh? You must be joking!
Lisa: No, I'm serious, Claudia. I just can't take it anymore. The army, Rick...
Claudia: Oh Lisa.
Lisa: I'm giving up. I'm just not as tough as everybody thinks I am.
Claudia: Come on, Lisa, you're not fooling anybody but yourself.
Lisa: What?
Claudia: Quit talking like some silly simpering schoolgirl. You're a military woman, born, bred, and trained and you're too much of a scrapper to give up like this without a fight!
Lisa: There's no use fighting...if Rick prefers Minmei than me, then that's just the way it is and there's nothing I can do about it.
Claudia: But the military is your life, Lisa. You can't be serious about resigning your commission!
Lisa: Yes I am. I have to get away.
Claudia: You mean run away.
Lisa: I couldn't work with Rick and watch him go home everyday to Minmei. You understand, don't you?
Claudia: Yes.

[After Minmei says goodbye when Rick rescues Lisa.]
Lisa: Rick, what about the mission? All of our battle cruisers have been destroyed. How can we get to the stars?
Rick: We'll build the SDF-3 Lisa, and together we'll get there. Yeah. We're going to the stars and beyond. I promise you that, Lisa.
Lisa: We will. Yes, we will we're going to the stars and beyond.

The Robotech Masters[edit]

Episode 47: Outsiders[edit]

[REF Major John Carpenter is debriefed by Army of the Southern Cross commander Gen Anatole Leonard and Gen Rolf Emerson after he escapes his ship, which was sent on a suicidal run into one of the Robotech Masters' ships]
Gen Anatole Leonard: You mean you came here alone?!?! There's no more reinforcements coming from the SDF-3? Sorry Major, but we were hoping for more substantial assistance than that. You must be kidding.
Major John Carpenter: I'm sorry sir, but what it boils down to is that you cannot expect any more support from the Pioneer Expedition at this time.
Leonard: Huh?!?
Carpenter: I'm afraid it's true. I'm simply relaying the orders from General Reinhardt, commander of the mission, when I say they can offer you nothing more. You see sir, my attack wing was merely a last-ditch effort to join up with your fighters and knock the invaders from your orbit.
Leonard: We all know how successful that little stratagem was!
Carpenter: No one was more aware of our failure than I, Commander, but however at this point in time, General Reinhardt can offer you only his prayers and his firm conviction that the fate of his Earth lies in you and the valiant forces under your command, sir.
Leonard: The general's offer is a disaster.
Carpenter: I wonder if there will be anybody left on Earth to appreciate his prayers by the time he returns from space.

Episode 59: The Invid Connection[edit]

[The Robotech Masters' shock troops overwhelm Army of the Southern Cross forces in two cities just outside Monument City. As ASC commander Gen Anatole Leonard orders all survivors to regroup at Monument, the Masters appear on a videoscreen]
Robotech Master 1: Attention, Commander Leonard, attention Commander Leonard. Attention all leaders of the Southern Cross Defense Force. Listen very closely to what we have to say. We are now capable of demolishing you completely with little effort. We advise you to surrender and leave your planet immediately. Evacuate the planet within 38 hours...
Robotech Master 2: Or we will be forced to destroy your homeworld.
Anatole Leonard: Now, you listen!!! We underwent much suffering and agony to make this planet our home. We're not going to just give it up.
Robotech Master 3: Commander Leonard, this is an ultimatum, not a suggestion. The Invid have already detected the presence of Protoculture on this planet, you must now leave this matter to us.
Leonard: It is impossible to evacuate our citizens and troops within 38 hours. Absolutely impossible. [pleads] More time, we must have at least seven days.
Robotech Master 1: Forty-eight hours then, and no more.
Leonard: But we can't!!
Robotech Master 1: Forty-eight hours, Commander. [video signal ends]

Episode 60: Catastrophe[edit]

[In his standoff with the Robotech Masters, Zor shoots away at all remaining Protoculture cells]
Zor: No, no, the Protoculture's brought only death. I will end this evil, here and now.
Robotech Master: Surely, you're not prepared to destroy your most precious creation? The embodiment of all your hopes and dreams? Without, your native civilization will wither and die.
Zor: My civilization is already dead!!

[The 15th ATAC try to evacuate the Robotech Masters' enslaved crew, but have been forced into a shootout with their loyalists led by Karno]
Musica: [goes into the line of fire after comforting a dying soldier who stepped in to save her] Karno, stop this immediately!
Bowie Grant: Hey!
Karno: What is this? Musica, the Micronians have cast a spell over you.
Musica: That's not true, Karno. I have freely chosen a new way of life. [gets hit in the arm] The truth is we're all individual beings with free will and you know it!
Karno: I don't believe it, she's inclined to be bewitched!
Louie Nichols: Any ideas on getting out?
Angelo Dante: Mmhmm. Pray for a miracle!
[Sean Phillips' Hovertank crashes a bulkhead in Battloid mode and attacks the loyalists]

New Generation[edit]

Episode 61: The Invid Invasion[edit]

[Scott Bernard saddles aboard his Alpha fighter.]
Crewman: The main engine and boosters are in top shape, sir. Good luck and good hunting.
Scott Bernard: [as cockpit closes] Thanks pal, and I'll be seeing you Earthside. [Starts up systems] This is Commander Bernard of the 21st Combat Squadron, Mars Division. Condition's green, we are go for launch.
Ship CIC: The flight bay's open. You are cleared for launch, Commander.
Bernard: Mars Division attack wing, let's do it!

[After saving Rand from the Invid and reverting his Cyclone back to normal mode, Scott's holonecklace opens]
Marlene Rush: Scott, I know it isn't much, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this trinket. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I can;t wait until this conflict is behind us. 'Till we meet again, my love...
Rand: Hey, that's great. Is that your girl?
Scott: Yeah, my girl... [turns back to Rand]

Episode 63: Lonely Soldier Boy[edit]

[after the latest battle, singer Yellow Dancer comes to Scott offering to join the team, but when Scott rebuffs her, she goes off to change her clothes - revealing that he is a cross-dressing man after all, named Lancer]
Rand: [shakened that he's been idolizing a man all along] Oh no, I couldn't believe it! How could you do this to me, your biggest fan?!?! [blows into a handkerchief]

English Cast[edit]

  • Rafael Antonio Oliver - Rick Hunter
  • Melanie MacQueen(a.k.a. Aline Leslie) - Lisa Hayes
  • Cameron A. Clarke - Maximillian Sterling
  • Dan Woren (a.k.a. Don Warner) - Roy Focker
  • Richard Epcar - Ben Dixon
  • Greg Finley - Henry J. Gloval
  • Iona Morris - Claudia Grant
  • Wendee Lee - Vanessa Lewis
  • Robin Lee(a.k.a Sandra Snow) - Sammie Porter
  • Lara Cody - Kim Young
  • Edith Mirman - Miriya Parina Sterling
  • Rebecca L. Olkowski-Forstadt(a.k.a. Rebecca West)- Lynn Minmay
  • Alexandra Kenworthy - Azonia
  • Tony Clay - Breetai
  • Mike Reynolds - Dolza
  • Gregory Snegoff - Khyron
  • Ted Layman - Exedore
  • Eddie Frierson - Lynn Kyle

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