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Rodney Adam Coronado (born July 3, 1966) is an American eco-anarchist, and animal rights activist. Coronado was a proponent of the use of direct action to end what he sees as cruelty to animals and destruction of the environment. More recently, while imprisoned, he renounced direct action.


  • What I'm continuing to do is cutting out the equation that wastes the most amount of time — and that is working within the system.
  • I wish I could do it again, only I wish I could take all of the animals out of the environmental fur farm ... I have absolutely no regrets, and I hope the same thing continues to happen at MSU and every other college campus that does animal research.
  • You know, those people - I think they should appreciate that we're only targeting their property. Because frankly I think it's time to start targeting them.
  • I’m a member of the Pascua Yaqui Nation and as an indigenous person, the fur trade represents so much more to me than just animal abuse. It represents cultural genocide. They were the foot soldiers of an invasion and conquest in the “new world.” They were the ones who introduced disease. They were the ones who introduced alcoholism. They were the ones who introduced gunpowder and many, many things that led to our decimation.
  • Don't ask me how to burn down a building. As me how to grow watermelons or how to explain nature to a child. that is what I want to grow old doing. Please afford me this.
  • In my years past I have argued that economic sabotage was an appropriate tactic for our time. Like all strategists I have also been forced to recognize that times have changed and it is now my belief that the movements to protect earth and animals have achieved enough with this strategy to now consider an approach that does not compromise objectives, but increases the likelihood of real social change. Let our opposition who believe in violence carry the burden for its justification, but let those who believe in peace and love practice a way of life that our society sorely needs now more than ever.
    • ^ Message from Rod Coronado in Prison

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