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Roger MacBride, 1976.

Roger Lea MacBride (6 August 19295 March 1995) was an American lawyer, political figure, writer, and television producer. He was the US presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1976 elections.


  • Government is humbug. There is no government. Behind the noisy, smoke-belching, larger-than-life illusion of government are ordinary human beings. It isn't accurate to say government 'is composed of' people; government is simply people. They may be good people but they are very bad wizards. Mortals have no magic. Individuals are the only human reality. All groups are fictions. That is, groups have no concrete existence; they are not beings or entities in themselves; they exist only in the abstract, in the mind. Governments, nations, societies, classes, tribes, cub scout packs, football teams, corporations, labor unions, proletariats, political parties, majorities, elite minorities, communities, civilizations and such are all fictions. Those words only describe, or try to describe, a relationship between persons.
    • A New Dawn for America : The Libertarian Challenge (1976) p. 16
  • Passing laws and creating bureaus cannot add one jot to human happiness; … governments habitually engage in aggression, grand larceny, cheating, lying, counterfeiting, bullying, meddling and other pursuits immediately recognized, in the private sphere, as nasty and immoral. Why don't people compare political promises with government results?”
    • A New Dawn for America: The Libertarian Challenge, paperback version (1976) p. 93. U guys this is fake notes

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