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Rohinton Mistry CM (July 3, 1952) is an Indian-born Canadian writer.


  • Before I start writing I know I have at least one character who I want to work with…and I would have a vague idea of where the story might lead. Though it could change direction, I have at least a vague idea of where it might go.
    • On how he homes in on a character before starting the writing process in “Rohinton Mistry” in January Magazine (March 2003)
  • …People who know about these things say that the short story is the most challenging form, much more so than the novel, because of the precision required; sometimes you have to achieve as much as a novel in a much shorter space and period of time. Had I known that it was the most difficult of forms, I probably would not have started with the short story…
  • It appeals to me when I read it but I cannot write like that. I have tried to write like that; for a while I get really involved and enjoy it but then it all starts to feel like a pointless exercise. It is just too clever by half; I don't like clever books, I like honest books…
  • I count myself blessed that I'm able to follow this line of work. I didn't grow up with the burning ambition to be a writer - I never even thought of it as a possibility. It seemed such a huge thing, it never occurred to me that I could aspire to it.

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