Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase

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Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase is a 2003 computer-animated adventure comedy direct-to-video film, and it's the second movie of Rolie Polie Olie. It came out in on DVD and VHS on June 3, 2003.

Directed by Ron Pitts


Kindly Lady: Hush little babies, time to get fed. Hush little babies, it's time for bed.

Kindly Lady: They dashed off, I guess. They're no where around. Not down here or up there, they're no where to be found.
Space Boy: Don't worry, Kindly Lady, will find your bots in no time.
Space Dog: All right.
Space Boy: If Space Dog and I can't track them down, I've got thousands of space pal so we'll be on the lookout, too. So have no fear! We'll do our best, cause that's the best we can do.

[The hand grabs Coupie and the hand lowers up]
Percy: Hold! Got it! All ready to go.
Olie: Dad!
Percy: Yes, son?!
Olie: Where are we supposed to sit?
Percy: Good question. How are we gonna get from here to there and there to here with all our gear.
[He and Olie gasps when Gloomius Maximus' ship approaches]
Both: Gloomius Maximus?!

Gloomius Maximus: A fizzy whittles Snookum's warmer rattle.
Polina: Is lovely sweety, Gloomy. Coming all the way to Polieville just to return their Rattle.
Zowie: But we go bye-bye now.
Gloomius Maximus: What?
Polina: Sorry, gloomy. But we've to get these baby bots back where they belong.
Gloomius Maximus: Oh, please, don't leave yet! Coochie and Coo just made my sad mood turn glad.
Percy: I'm Afraid we're not going anywhere just now. Coupie's not big enough to fit the whole Polie family.
Gloomius Maximus: Hmmm.... Shiver Me timbers! I think we got it. There's plenty of room I my ship, with all you Polies and Coochie and Coo in my crew, I'll be the prettiest pirate in a galaxy. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Percy: Got it!
Olie: Here he comes, Uncle Giz!
Gizmo: Simmer Sown there doggy. What you barking at? Oh, well, Fly to the moon, uh-huh.
Percy: Thanks for Housey, sin. While we're away, Giz.
Gizmo: No problem now, Percy, but what about the Family Frolic Day Parade?
Olie: We'll be back in plenty of time. Right, Dad?
Percy: Hope so, but just in case the float finishing instructions are in the garage.
Polina: Goodbye!
Zowie: Bye bye, Uncle Giz!
Gizmo: We all have a good trip now, you hear?!?
Gloomius Maximus: Argh! You landlubbers are rocking the boat!
All: Sorry!!!

Gizmo: Oh yes siree, yes siroo. Think I've just about got this Frolic Day Float souped-up the super floted status uh huh. Hammy and I'm freewheel widget threapy please.
Spot: Ruff! Ruff!
Aunt Polie Anna: Hi ho, Gizmo! Though I'd drop by and give you a hand putting some pizzazz into thin lizard.
Gizmo: For Per-action, Polie Anna. Let's pick us up the fastest float the whole round world. That's right! Uh Huh.

Aunt Polie Anna: What are you waiting for you, nephew, Crank that baby up.
Gizmo: Thanks to you, Aunt Polie Anna. this parade floats got a whole lotta gate no rogue. Oh, yes sir.
Aunt Polie Anna: So let's take this hot rod out for a test spin.
[Gizmo races]
Gizmo: Whoa! Where's the brakes?!
Aunt Polie Anna: Brakes, good idea.
[Gizmo races and Gizmo turns over]
Pillie Pi: Jeepers.
Billy Bevel: It's Uncle Giz!
Pollie Pi: Are you okey dokey?
Gizmo: Uh huh. I'll guess drove over Super Duper... Super Duper Frolic Day Float. Ohhh.

Aunt Polie Anna: Oh, Couldn't find Coochie and Coo's home, huh?
Olie: We sure did! Their home is right here with us.
Aunt Polie Anna: By Jinkys, that's wonderful news. I don't know whether to kick up my heels or sing a Silly Song.


  • Joshua Tucci as Billy
  • Kristen Bone as Zowie
  • Cole Caplan as Olie
  • Julie Lemieux as Coochie and Coo
  • Catherine Disher as Mom and TV Journalist
  • Adrian Truss as Dad and Uncle Gizmo
  • Paul Haddad as Gloomius Maximus
  • Tedde Moore as Aunt Polie Anna
  • Elizabeth Hanna as Kindly Lady
  • Kyle Fairlie as Spaceboy
  • Rob Smith as Spot and Spacedog (as Robert Smith)
  • Rebecca Brenner as Pollie Pi
  • Paul Haddad as Willy Jollie
  • Juan Chioran as Wally Jollie
  • Philip Williams as Baxter
  • Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Bonita
  • Sunday Muse as Binky
  • Jake Goldsbie as Junior Littlegreen
  • Richard Binsley as Gene Littlegreen

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