Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun

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Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun is a 2002 computer-animated adventure comedy direct-to-video film, and it's the first movie of Rolie Polie Olie. It came out in on DVD and VHS on August 13, 2002.

Directed by Ron Pitts


Olie: A balloon-a-gram!
Balloon-a-gram: Hi-howdy-hey! Hiddy-up-hooray! Have a triple, double happy day!

Gloomius Maximus: My glum beam will gloomerate them to sleep. Then, nothing can stop me from unfenerating that pesky Zowie Polie and her Space Pals with my funsuckers.

Percy: Yowza! I'm feeling a little out of sorts.
Gizmo: I am, too. Oh... The Giz has lost his fizz.
[Percy and Gizmo walked in to the chair and feels all bluesie and snoozie]
Uncle Gizmo: Boy, I'm downright bluesie and snoozie, you know I'm... I'm going to catch a little shut-eye.
Polina: I feel all bluesie and snoozie!

[Uncle Gizmo, Polina and Percy went fast asleep and feels all bluesie and snoozy]
Uncle Gizmo: [gibberish] Ah... ah, baby.
Olie: It's like they've been gloomerated! Time to call the Space Boy hot line!

[Pappy opens the door and feels bluesie and snoozie]]
Pappy: Ah, did someone say gloomy? I'm feeling real gloomy.
Zowie: Pappy here!
Olie: He's been gloomerated, too!
Zowie: Oh, Pappy bluesie.

Olie: [to Billy, who is slowly succumbing to depression] I don't wanna give up fun, I like fun.
Billy: [lethargic] I'm just too gloomy, Olie.

[Pappy's dentures bites him in the posterior]
Gloomius Maximus: eee-YYYYYOOOOOWWWW!
Billy: Oh! Right into the "Gluteus Maximus"! [laughs]

[after Doctor Geary fixing Pappy's "Pappy Gear"]
Doctor Geary: Feeling happy, Mister Pappy?
Pappy, TV Announcer: Well, I feel... [looks down at his feet, which are tap dancing energetically] Well... uh... happy...
[Pappy continues to tap dance and then does a fast, amazingly executed spin]
Pappy, TV Announcer: [joyfully excited] Down right tappy!

Polina: Oh, I think we're lost!
Percy: Huh?
Polina: Huh?
[Percy and Polina notices that there's a wormhole ahead.]
Percy: Whoa, Nellie!
Polina: Whoa! Step on it, Percy!
[Percy steers, he and Polina screams until they get sucked to the wormhole]
Percy: Giz, help! We've been sucked into a wormhole! You're gonna have to do something!
Uncle Gizmo: We're on it! Ah, I hate those wormholes.

Uncle Gizmo: [to Olie and Billy who are in their makeshift cardboard box rocket ship; he is riding on Gizmo motor bike and takes off into the air like a rocket] YEEE-HA! I'M RIGHT BEHIND YAH BOYS!

Gloomius Maximus: [snidely] There won't be any birthday party! Go ahead, cry if you want to... Ah, Ha, ha.
Zowie: You not nice. Why you so gloomy, Gloomie?
Gloomius Maximus: Why? Why? WHY? [mumbling] I've always been gloomy. [walks toward the window of his spaceship] Ever since I was a teeny little bot... and I never liked... birthday parties!
Zowie: [amazed] No like birthday parties?
Gloomius Maximus: They’re just a bunch of ho-ee!
Zowie: Gloomie no like fun presents? No like yummy cake?
Gloomius Maximus: [suddenly nostalgic] What would I know? I've never had a birthday party... ever... Never had any... fun presents... [at the brink of crying] Or a yummy cake, or good friends that want to... want me to participate... WELL, SO IF I CAN’T HAVE ONE, NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY EITHER! NOT NOW... NOT EVER AGAIN!

[Olie, Spot and Billy have infilterated Gluteus Maximus's ship; saving Zowie and Pappy]
Olie: C'mon Pappy, C'mon Zo! We've got a party to go to!
Gloomius Maximus: [approaching them; falsely suspicious] GOING somewhere?
[Billy had noticing Gloomius has the super-silly ray intended to be Zowie's birthday present in his possession]
Billy: Hey! there’s Zowie's super-silly ray! Give it back!
[Gloomius Maximus dangling the silly ray in front of Billy; like a Angler Fish luring a smaller fish with a lure]
Gloomius Maximus: [sneering] Come and get it, Bot Boy!
Billy: [backing away; whispering to Olie] Time to use our secret weapon.
[Olie, with a determined look on his face, holds up the secret weapon; the giggling tickle-me-pickle; heroic fanfare sounds]
Gloomius Maximus: [too-much-sugar of a voice] Oo-hoo... A little, itty, bitty pickle!
Billy Bevel: [shouts] Let him have it, Olie!
[With an almighty grunt, Olie throws the pickle at Gloomius. The tickle-me pickle begins tickling Gloomius Maximus immediately]

[Polina and Percy screams when the end of the wormhole shoots Coupey and returns back to earth]

Pappy: Woo, that was some fancy flying.
Uncle Gizmo: We sure got all Gloomy, huh?
Billy: Yeah, I bet he's still out there laughing.

[Zowie inhales and she blows the candles, but there was a rumbling sound, Zowie screams and the crowd yells. Olie, Billy, Polie Pi, Screwy and Wheely falls down. Percy, Gizmo and Baxter were holding the cake.]
Mom: What was that?!
Polie Pi: I think we're moving!
Billy: Hey!
Wheely: We're not just moving, we're wheeling!
[The planet is towed up by Gloomius Maximus's ship]
Gloomius Maximus: [laughing] A glum ho-ho-hum to everyone! I'll put an end to those peppy Polieviller' s horrific happiness once and for all. There won't be any yummy cake, no fun presents, no silly games, I think not. If Gloomius Maximus can't have a birthday party then neither can that Zowie Polie pip-squeak. To the Galaxy of Gloom! [laughing]
Zowie: Bye, Bye, Starry!
Percy: Something must have knocked the planet pilarity out of whack.
Billy: Maybe we got slammed by a giant asteroid.
[Horse neighs]

Zowie: Zowie has one, two parties. Zowie gives you this party.
Gloomius Maximus: You're giving me your party? I don't know what to say. [Gloomius clanks his chest and smiles] Hello. What was that?
Pappy: Why, your happy gear, by golly.
Gloomius Maximus: Happy Gear? Do I have one?
Billy: Sure, every bot does.
[He chuckles]

Gloomius Maximus: Happy Birthday, Zowie. And thanks for the fun-neries.
Zowie: Fun, Fun Fun!

Olie: You know, Billy, you're the funnest bestest pal a bot could have.
Billy: And you're the bestest defender of fun in the whole universe.


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