Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun

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Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun is a 2002 French-Canadian computer-animated adventure comedy direct-to-video film, and it's the first movie of Rolie Polie Olie. It came out in on DVD and VHS on August 13, 2002.

Directed by Ron Pitts


Olie: A balloon-a-gram!
Balloon-a-gram: Hi-howdy-hey! Hiddy-up-hooray! Have a triple, double happy day!

Gloomius Maximus: My glum beam will gloomerate them to sleep. Then, nothing can stop me from unfenerating that pesky Zowie Polie and her Space Pals with my funsuckers.

Percy: Yowza! I'm feeling a little out of sorts.
Gizmo: I am, too. Oh... The Giz has lost his fizz.
[Percy and Gizmo walked in to the chair and feels all bluesie and snoozie]
Uncle Gizmo: Boy, I'm downright bluesie and snoozie, you know I'm... I'm going to catch a little shut-eye.
Polina: I feel all bluesie and snoozie!

[Uncle Gizmo, Polina and Percy went fast asleep and feels all bluesie and snoozy]
Uncle Gizmo: [gibberish] Ah... ah, baby.
Olie: It's like they've been gloomerated! Time to call the Space Boy hot line!

[Pappy opens the door and feels bluesie and snoozie]]
Pappy: Ah, did someone say gloomy? I'm feeling real gloomy.
Zowie: Pappy here!
Olie: He's been gloomerated, too!
Zowie: Oh, Pappy bluesie.

Olie: [to Billy, who is slowly succumbing to depression] I don't wanna give up fun, I like fun.
Billy: [lethargic] I'm just too gloomy, Olie.

[Pappy's dentures bites him in the posterior]
Gloomius Maximus: eee-YYYYYOOOOOWWWW!
Billy: Oh! Right into the "Gluteus Maximus"! [laughs]

[after Doctor Geary fixing Pappy's "Pappy Gear"]
Doctor Geary: Feeling happy, Mister Pappy?
Pappy, TV Announcer: Well, I feel... [looks down at his feet, which are tap dancing energetically] Well... uh... happy...
[Pappy continues to tap dance and then does a fast, amazingly executed spin]
Pappy, TV Announcer: [joyfully excited] Down right tappy!

Polina: Oh, I think we're lost!
Percy: Huh?
Polina: Huh?
[Percy and Polina notices that there's a wormhole behind them.]
Percy: Whoa, Nellie!
Polina: Whoa! Step on it, Perc!
[Percy tries to steer away, but the wormhole sucks them in, he and Polina scream as they are sucked through the wormhole]
Percy: Giz, help! We've been sucked into a wormhole! You're gonna have to do something!
Uncle Gizmo: We're on it! Ah, I hate those wormholes.

Uncle Gizmo: [to Olie and Billy who are in their makeshift cardboard box rocket ship; he is riding on Gizmo motor bike and takes off into the air like a rocket] YEEE-HA! I'M RIGHT BEHIND YAH BOYS!

[Polina and Percy continue screaming as they are still being sucked through the wormhole]

Gloomius Maximus: [snidely] There won't be any birthday party! Go ahead, cry if you want to... Ah, Ha, ha.
Zowie: You not nice. Why you so gloomy, Gloomie?
Gloomius Maximus: Why? Why? WHY? [mumbling] I've always been a little gloomy. [walks toward the window of his spaceship] Ever since I was a teeny little bot... and I never liked... birthday parties!
Zowie: [amazed] No like birthday parties?
Gloomius Maximus: They’re just a bunch of ho-ee!
Zowie: Gloomie no like fun presents? No like yummy cake?
Gloomius Maximus: [suddenly nostalgic] How would I know? I've never had a birthday party... ever... Never had any... fun presents... [at the brink of crying] Or a yummy cake, or good friends, or a little happy-tappy dance of my own... WELL, SO IF I CAN’T HAVE ONE, NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY EITHER! NOT NOW... NOT EVER AGAIN!

[Olie, Spot and Billy have infilterated Gluteus Maximus's ship; saving Zowie and Pappy]
Olie: C'mon Pappy, C'mon Zo! We've got a party to go to!
Gloomius Maximus: [approaching them; falsely suspicious] GOING somewhere?
[Billy had noticing Gloomius has the super-silly ray intended to be Zowie's birthday present in his possession]
Billy: Hey! there’s Zowie's super-silly ray! Give it back!
[Gloomius Maximus dangling the silly ray in front of Billy; like a Angler Fish luring a smaller fish with a lure]
Gloomius Maximus: [sneering] Come and get it, Bot Boy!
Billy: [backing away; whispering to Olie] Time to use our secret weapon.
[Olie, with a determined look on his face, holds up the secret weapon; the giggling tickle-me-pickle; heroic fanfare sounds]
Gloomius Maximus: [too-much-sugar of a voice] Oo-hoo... A little, itty, bitty pickle!
Billy Bevel: [shouts] Let him have it, Olie!
[With an almighty grunt, Olie throws the pickle at Gloomius. The tickle-me pickle begins tickling Gloomius Maximus immediately]

[Polina and Percy still continue screaming as they are still being sucked through the wormhole, and when they finally reach the end, they are shot out of the wormhole and fly back to Polieville]

Pappy: Woo, that was some fancy flying.
Uncle Gizmo: We sure got all Gloomy, huh?
Billy: Yeah, I bet he's still out there laughing.

[Zowie inhales and she blows the candles, but there was a rumbling sound, Zowie screams and the crowd yells. Olie, Billy, Polie Pi, Screwy and Wheely falls down. Percy, Gizmo and Baxter were holding the cake.]
Mom: What was that?!
Polie Pi: I think we're moving!
Billy: Hey!
Wheely: We're not just moving, we're wheeling!
[The planet is towed up by Gloomius Maximus's ship]
Gloomius Maximus: [laughing] A glum ho-ho-hum to everyone! I'll put an end to those peppy Polieviller' s horrific happiness once and for all. There won't be any yummy cake, no fun presents, no silly games, I think not. If Gloomius Maximus can't have a birthday party then neither can that Zowie Polie pip-squeak. To the Galaxy of Gloom! [laughing]
Zowie: Bye, Bye, Starry!
Percy: Something must have knocked the planet pilarity out of whack.
Billy: Maybe we got slammed by a giant asteroid.
[Horse neighs]

Zowie: Zowie has one, two parties. Zowie gives you this party.
Gloomius Maximus: You're giving me your party? I don't know what to say. [Gloomius clanks his chest and smiles] Hello. What was that?
Pappy: Why, your happy gear, by golly.
Gloomius Maximus: Happy Gear? Do I have one?
Billy: Sure, every bot does.
[He chuckles]

Gloomius Maximus: Happy Birthday, Zowie. And thanks for the fun-neries.
Zowie: Fun, Fun Fun!

Olie: You know, Billy, you're the funnest bestest pal a bot could have.
Billy: And you're the bestest defender of fun in the whole universe.


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