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RollBots (2009) is an animated television seried created by MCM. It has previously won a Gemini award in Canada.

101-Training Day[edit]

Lance: I saaaaaaaid! (Slips and tumbles head over heals off-screen and we hear a loud crash.)

Off-screen person Hey! My lugnuts!

Lance Bbbbbbbt. You're in big trouble bot-boy. When I say cycle down I... (Slips on a lugnut and falls flat on his back. He then picks it up and eats it.) Hmm. Silicone surprise.

Lance:Now you stand...(Is cut off by Captain Pounder who is walking in the room)

Pounder:(To Spin) Ah, you must be Spin.

Spin: (Enthusiastically) Sure am!

Pounder:(Looks at Lance and rolls eyes) Lance, what are you doing?

Lance:(Nervous) Umm. Apprehending a criminal Sir?

Pounder:That's no criminal. Say hello to Spin, our newest cadet.

Spin:(To Lance) Hey there. Sweet!(Grabs what's in Lance's hand at that moment)

Lance:Huh!? What!?

Spin: Whoo, this is so cool! Do I get cuffs too?

Lance: No! (Knocks the laser cuffs out of Spins hands and accidentally traps himself in them and can't get them off.) Um, Captain, could you...?

Pounder: (Sighs and deactivates the cuffs, thereby freeing Lance.)

Pounder: (Referring to Spin, whom he and Lance are discussing.) Well, he's enthusiastic.

Lance: (exhasparated) He can't be, what he isn't!

Pounder: Sure he can Lance! You're not a clown-bot, but ya still act like one! (Chuckles slightly)

Spin: What!? But, that's a job for a boring old bot-dweeb

Penny: (From off-screen) Gee, thanks.

(Camera turns to Penny who is leaning on her heel with her hands on her hips.)

Spin: Oh, and you're...

Penny: A boring old bot-dweeb. But you can call me Penny

Lance (In a teasing voice) Excellent! Two outcasts doing outcast work! (Skips off to somewhere) Have fun.

Lance:(Zooms up to the monitor and stutters) R-r-r-robbers?

Spin: (Excited) Robbers!?

Lance: (Talking to Spin while typing) Slow your roll, rookie. That kind of work is for 'real' keizatsu. Not some- (turns around to find Spin gone.) What!? Where did he!? Oooh nooo.

Lance: This is horrible! He's not ready to go out there and, and, oh noo. What if Captain Pounder finds out!?

Penny: Ugh! Chill out Lance, come on!

Manx: Botch, we gotta split up, meet me back at the hide out!

Botch: (Grumbling) Open her recharge.

Manx: Botch, roll out, now! (Hits him forward while they're rolling.)

Botch: Fine! Whatevah.

Manc: Macro. Drag that canister of money back to the hide out.

Macro: The hideout? I thought we were going back to Zetag.

Manx: (Annoyed) Ergh. Yes, yes, that's the hide out! Go back there! Do ya' think you can handle that!?

Macro: I think soooooooooo! (Accidentally drives the transport into a dipped passage)

Manx: What a dork-bot.

Botch: Ya' slowed me down, but ya' can't stop the Botch!

Penny: (On her comm-link to Lance) Lance, have you cuffed Manx yet? (Looks up to see Lance flying over-head, screaming.) I guess not.

Macro: (After Lance accidentally hits his transport vehicle while still flying. To Lance's disappearing form) Hey Keizatsu, watch where you're falling! Now where was I going? Oh yeah! Zetag! Huh, better hurry. (Drives off without noticing the canister has slipped off the back of the vehicle and is now rolling away.)


Manx:Macro, what the sprockets are you doing!?

Macro: Well, I thought we needed hostages, so-

Manx: (Holding where the bridge of her nose would be.) Macro, how many times do we need to go over this? We don't, need, hostages!

Spin: (After being flung back by one of Pounder's thunder punches.) Aaaaaaaaaaaah.

Pounder: Spin, you didn't block it!

Spin: (After climbing back on the platform. Panting) Who, could have dodged, that?

(One of the cop-bots are trying to climb back up to the platform.)

Pounder: You're doing great, you're almost there! (The cop-bot falls and lands on top of the dangling pounder.)

Cop-bot: Oops, sorry! (He climbs back up while Pounder looks off-screen with an annoyed look on his face.)



105-The Koto Protocol[edit]

Tinny: (To Captain Pounder)Hey, have you ever thought about Lance on this track?

(A short montage of memories shows Lance going through the obstacle course and getting injured at every point Spin was able to overcome easily)

Pounder: I think it's better he stays behind the desk.

Manx: What, are you wearing?

Macro: A disguise?

(Manx facepalms)

Botch:(snickers) I can hardly recognize ya'. (Laughs hysterically)

Macro: Well, when you said we're robbing the mint I thought I should get a disguise. Heh.

Manx: Shh. No more talking.

Lance: Okay you three, that's enough evil...-doer-planning.

Penny:Spin, Lance sounds as if he's in trouble!

Spin: Relax Penny. Lance probably just got his foot caught in a trash chute again.

Lance:(flying overhead) Help meeeeeee!

Spin: Or not.

Spin:(sees Lance go flying) Wow, that's some trip.

Penny: Can you make it?

Spin: Make it? I eat gravity for breakfast.

Lance: (hits a building) Ouch. (hits another building) Pain. (hits yet another building) Why me?

Spin: (falls and hits the side of a building) Ahh. That's gonna hurt tomorrow.

Manx: We get into the mint through those doors.

Macro: But, they're closed.

Botch: Doors can open bit-brain.

Manx: You figured that out by yourself huh? Alright, look sharp! Here comes the next shipment. Okay, when the doors open, we jump on. Three! Two! (the doors open and hit Macro in the face)

Macro: Ooh, this plan, hurts.

Manx: Not as much as it's gonna hurt if you mess up again!

Spin:Ohh, sounds like someone didn't have his megachino this morning.

Penny: You should see him when he's angry.

Manx: Here it comes, get ready.

Macro: Will this hurt as bad as the last time?

Manx: Only if you keep asking stupid questions!

Macro:Uhh, Manx... (points to kei'zatsu coming down the trax)

Manx: Yeah, I see him.

(All three hide beind the open doors until the officer passes, but the doors close again.)

Botch: He's gone.

Macro: What do we do now?

Manx: (looks at the closed doors) We wait.

Manx: Now!

Botch: Here we go!

(they all grab onto the doors and jump inside when they close)

Botch: Heh heh, that was kinda' cool.

Macro:(looks around while walking and runs into a pole) Ow.

Manx: How do you even manage to stay functional!?

Macro: Umm... Uh, oh!... Uhh, I got nothing.

Manx: (facepalms) Grr, start loading!

Spin: Will he make it?

Koto: My patients always make it, (looks at Penny) because I only work with the best kuzuri in town.

Penny: I-

Koto: Ah! Don't get all mushy on me, I still don't like your attitude. If you hadn't saved the mayor's assistant I would have never let you in here!

Spin: Umm, technically speaking, we let ourselves in here.

Penny: (elbows Spin) Spin!

Koto: When you get tired of mediocrity at the FCPD, consider coming back to your tribe. Now then, let's see how we did with your friend here. (re-activates Lance who starts talking nonsense)

Lance:Green, seven-house, toast, widdlywoo swing!

Spin: Did you guys leave something out? (Koto hits Lance on the head and he goes back to normal)

Lance: Eep! Manxs is gonna' rob the mint! Have you been napping all this time? Get rolling rookie!

Spin: It was so much nicer when he didn't make any sense.

106-Inside Outside Upside Down[edit]

107-House Call[edit]

Tinny: Spin's not coming, he's at the Hub getting recharged! Oops.

Botch: Ooohhh. So Spin's at the Hub is he?

Tinny: Did I say the Hub? I meant the Hub, ling, tons, Hublingtons! Y-you know, the famous Hublington's fine dining establishment. Heh heh heh. Let me go!

Manx: The Hub huh? Sure thing. I'll be back in a flash! (Throws two pulse flares that explode off-screen. Camera turns to Vertex who is standing a few feet away.)

Vertex: Was that necessary?

Tinny: (Looks around at various objects in the construction yard and then back at Botch and Macro while coming up with a plan.) Huh. I'm not going anywhere with you creeps! (Jumps up and throws a piece of scrap at Macro's head.)

Macro: (Smirking) Huh. Is that the best you got?

Tinny: (Looking up) No. (Looks on while his plan is set into action by him throwing the piece of metal which eventually causes a big metal pipe to land on Macro and Botch's heads.) That is!

Macro: Er-r-r-r-r. That's, pretty good. (He and Botch both collapse at the same time.)

Manx: (into her comm. link to Vertex.) Vertex, I'm in the Hub. Security wasn't an issue. (A brief flash to a pair of keizatsu falling through the sky. Presumably from when Manx knocked them off the trax.)

Penny: (Off-screen as the camera zooms in on the arcade.) Hey, have you kids seen Tinny?

Bot-tot #1: Yeah, he's out catching criminals!

Penny: Macro and Botch. Which way did he go?

Bot-tots #'s 1 and 2: (Both point in opposite directions.) That-a-way!

Penny: (Turns around and rolls eyes.) Great.

Botch You like playing games huh rug-bot? Okay, tag! (Launches his grappling hook but accidentally hooks a passing transport vehicle.)

Macro:What? (Grabs Botch and they both get pulled away by the transport.) Waaaaahhh!

Botch: Hold still! (Unhooks his grappler and they both fall flat on their faces into the trax.) Urgh, I think we lost 'im. (They both look up and see Tinny hanging on to a flying vehicle and screaming.)

Macro: (Points up at Tinny.) Hah, there 'e is!

Botch: Time to get 'im down! (Launches his grappler again but only grabs the pole Tinny was hanging on to because Tinny let go at the last second.) Oh no. Whaaaa-! (Gets pulled into a wall by the vehicle. Then falls and hits numerous buildings and walls before finally hitting the ground.) Eeeeeer. I don't get paid enough for this. (Hears a horn and turns around, only to get hit by a transport.)

(Manx walks into the room but turns around when she hears a voice.)

Off-screen kuzuri: Is someone helping you? (Camera angle turns and we see the kuzuri.)

Manx: Uh, yeah. Kuzuri, uh, I forget his name.

Kuzuri Ah, I see, a memory chip issue. Come with me. (Pushes Manx into the med-bay despite Manx's attempts at escaping.)

Vertex: (Off-screen as the camera zooms in on Zetag estate.) First, you grappled a courier. (Camera angle changes to inside Zetag.) Then, you grappled a cargo ship!?

Botch: (Nervous) Well, ya' had to be there.

Vertex: (Menacingly) Get to the Hub.

Botch: Okay! We're on our way! (He and Macro run off to get to the Hub.)

Kuzuri: (To Manx who is in an energy chamber) Hmmm. You have an unusually high energy level.

Manx: I, eat well in the morning and get plenty of exercise. (Looks at her hand where she accidentally started charging up a pulse flare and put it out before he can see.)

Kuzuri: Hmm. I need a second opinion. Wait here. (Turns and exits the room.)

Manx (Unplugs herself from the chamber and walks toward a data pad.) Let's see what we can find out about our friend Spin.

Spin: (Speaking a line which he repeats throught the series.) I passed careful three trax ago.

Kuzuri: (To Manx) Hey! You shouldn't be moving around.

Manx: (Forms a pulse flare while she sparks with purple energy.) Oh no?

Kuzuri: That extra energy you're carrying has welded some critical fuses.

Manx: Really?

Kuzuri Mmmm. One wrong move, and your circuits could fry.

Manx: You mean, I'm really sick? (Extinguishes her pulse flare while her shoulders sag.)

Kuzuri: Ooh. Absoluetely. (Turns and pushes a button on a machine while Manx looks pensive.)

Manx: (Zooms up and yells in the two kuzuri's faces) Then do something! (Turns them around and pushes them towards the door.)

Macro: A trash port? Yuck! Do we have to go in there?

Botch: Vertex wants us in the Hub. Can you think of a better way!?

(Camera turns to see the same fuzata that Spin borrowed a transport from earlier zooming down the road in his reclaimed vehicle.)

Macro: Well I'd rather take a flyin' leap off the trax than go in through there. (The fuzata vehicle hits Macro and Botch off the trax while the vehicle and its driver get away without a scratch.) I didn't mean it! (He and Botch go flying off the trax and hit one of the Hub's balconies.)

Koto: Well, it looks like out patient pulled through.

Penny: (Referring to Spin) With a little help from our other patient.

Spin: Hey, I'm not a patient! I'm just getting a little, after-surge, recharge.

Koto: I still don't understand it, but your circuitry checks out okay.

Spin: Maybe you just read my schematic wrong. Had your eyes checked lately Doc.?

Penny: Meh, he's making bad jokes, Spin's definitely going to be back to normal.

Announcer: Chief Koto needed in the ER. Chief Koto, ER.

(Scene turns to Macro, Botch, and Manx. Each in their own healing pod, side-by-side.)

Vertex: (Through Manx's comm. link.) Botch! Macro! Manx! Where are you? (Koto grab's Manx's arm and deactivates her comm.)

Koto: You're in my healing bay, and you need rest!

Botch: Ooohhh. Did he just disconnect Vertex?

Macro: Uh, I think so.

Botch: Uh, I think we better stay at the Hub over-night.

Kuzuri: Power boost! Charge to 900! Clear! (Pulls a lever that sends volts of energy surging through the 'bots.)

Macro: (Laughing) That tickles, do it again!

Botch: (As the camera zooms away from the Hub.) Well, I guess we won't be needing to steal power anymore. No, no, w-w-wait. Come on guys!

108-Crontab Trouble[edit]

109-Two Left Feet[edit]

110-The Do Right Module[edit]


Mayor Aria: I am happy to announce that the keizatsu tribe will be the proud beta-testers for this upgrade cycle!

Spin: (whispering) Is that anything like being a crash-test dummy?

Mayor Aria: (glaring) You were saying?

Spin: I'll take that as a yes.

Spin: That sounds ominous.

Mayor Aria: You were saying?

Spin: (embarrassed) Uh, I said, that sounds awesome. (turns and looks the other way)

Spin: Bolts! I think that Do-Right Module is messing with my servos! I'm all creaky.

Penny: Nah, the modules work on a whole different system, it's just your imagination.

Spin: Then my imagination is making a creaking noise.

Penny: Spin, what happened?

Spin: I don't know. I was about to speed up when my body just, fused!

Old-bot: Leave the driving to the experts sonny.

Penny: I think we're getting shocked every time we do something that's against the law.

Spin: Against the law? Since when has it been against the law to yell!? (gets shocked) Oooow.

Penny: Remember the noise by-law the mayor passed a few cycles ago?

Spin: Oh right. I always ignored that one... because I was yelling so much! Haha. (gets shocked again) Ooow!

Macro: Botch, why do you look so mad?

Botch: This is not my mad face, it's my tryin'-to-think-of-a-plan-face. This is my mad face!

(Penny falls off the trax after being electrified)

Macro: Did you see that?

(Spin falls shortly after trying to help Penny)

Botch: Keizatsu seem to be dropping like fly-bots. Do you know what that means?

Macro: No.

Botch: It means (laughing) PARTY TIME! (He and Macro fist bump but he hits Macro's mace with his hand.) Ooow!

Macro: Oops, sorry. (Botch growls while scowling at Macro) Hey, there's your mad face!

Penny: Lance, you have to tell us how to get rid of these malfunctioning do-wrong modules.

Lance: What!? I have not been having a single problem with my module, and you shouldn't be either. (Ignoring Penny who is trying to protest) Besides, you cant just pull these chips out, you have to file a bug report with the tensai! Now, back to work!

Penny: But, Errgh! (to Spin) These chips are supposed to stop bad behavior right?

Spin: So they say.

Penny: Then Lance's chip isn't working.

Spin: Let's give the tensai a try. 12210- ooh, what's the last number again?

Off-screen voice: 6

Spin: Right, 6!

Zilla: Hello?

Spin: Hi there.

Zilla: Aand who is this?

Spin: It's Spin, we met at the presinct.

Zilla: And where are you now?

Spin: I'm in the quartz sector around the, (turns around to find that they have been standing a few feet away from them the whole time) gah! How did you do that!?

Zilla: (into his comm.) What?

Spin: Uum, never mind.

Penny: And why are you- (turns off comm.) And why are you still speaking into your comm.?

Zilla: And what is the nature of your call today?

Spin: These Do-right module chips are a nightmare. They must be defective or something.

Zilla: Oh they're not defective, they're doing exactly what they're supposed to do.

Spin: They're supposed to zap us!?

Zilla: (Looks at Bug) Absolutely. Painful zaps if I remember the specs.

Spin: That's insane!

Zilla: Don't blame us, it's not our design. We had a nice curdle upgrade ready, but the mayor insisted we do her project instead.

Penny: (to Bug and Zilla directly) So wait-

Zilla: To who am I speaking please?

Penny: (turns on her comm.) Ugh, this is Penny.

Zilla: Aand, how can I help you?

Speeder: Yaaahooo!

Spin: Hey, that's my line!

A child speeder: Wooohoo!

Spin: (reaches over the edge to help a bot-tot and gets zapped by the module) Oh come on, what did I do wrong?

Bot-tot: Umm, help?

Spin: Can you reach my hand? I can't reach over the edge without getting a shock.

Bot-tot: That makes no sense.

Spin: You said it.

Botch: Hey keizatsu, howzit hanging?

Spin: (who is hanging onto the edge of a platform) Ah bolts. (gets shocked)

Bot-tot: Like this is kind of the worst rescue ever.

(Spin looks down to see Bug and Zilla conversing)

Spin: Hey (gets shocked) you two, do you think you could help us out here!? (gets shocked again)

(Bug and Zilla converse for a moment)

Bug: Hold on tight and don't look down! Does that help!?

Spin: Yeah, thanks. (gets shocked again)

Botch: (Hands Macro a gigantic screw) Here ya' go champ, make sure to fall-ow through.

Bot-tot: If you plan on saving us, I think now might be a good time.

Spin: ( to the Bot-tot) Let go. (gets shocked)

Bot-tot: No way!

Spin: Let go before we get hit! (gets shocked yet again)

Bot-tot: (pauses) Okay! (they both let go at the same time)

(Spin puts a cuff-puck field around the bot-tot and jumps from building to building, landing right next to the bot-tot)

Bot-tot: (after being released) You know, I guess that was a pretty good rescue after all.

Bug: (Over his comm.)That was really impressive. Can you do that again?

Spin: Why you lit- (gets shocked)

Bug: Bravo.(Spin tries to get him again but gets shocked again)Excellent. (Spin tried once again, but gets shocked once again)

Zilla: It gets better every time.

(Spin is still being shocked)

Bug: I liked it better the first time.

Spin: (to Penny over his comm.) Whatever you do do, do it fast.

Bug: Make a note, he just said, doo doo.



Pounder: (To Macro) It's just you and me squeeze-toy!

114-Teacher's Pet[edit]

Macro: He seems, mad.

Botch: And you seem like a bit-brain, but who's counting?

Macro: Hey Botch, how do you look for something invisible?

Botch: I don't know, use your invisible brain!

Spin: (two bot-tots are playing in the background) Pikea!? Here boy! I know! (Gets out his unactivated boomstick) Hey Pikea, wanna play catch?

(One of the bot-tots makes a crazy symbol. Spin then throws the boomstick which the invisible Pikea catches.)

Spin: Gotcha! (Leaps at Pikea and misses while the fangbot is playing with the botmod.) Bad doggy! (Pikea whimpers, drops the bot-mod and runs off, bumping into a random fuzata on his way.) Gross! Fang-bot slobber!

Vertex: (while looking through the sound-scaper) Hmm, the beast looks strangely familiar.

Macro: Oh that's Spin, he's a keizatsu.

Vertex: Not that beast you imbecile, the invisible one in the cage.

Macro: Oh yeah, heh, I didn't see him.

Manx: (to Botch and Maro) Okay go! Umm, a little to the left. (the sound-scaper fizzes out) What's wrong with this... piece of garbage!

Vertex: Manx! Report to my office, now.

Manx: Duty calls. See ya later boys.

Botch: Manxy, ya' can't just leave us here. How are we gonna find the dog? (Pikea bites him in the butt)

Macro: I think he found you Botch.

Botch: (to Macro) My energy grappler will stun the fangbot. Then you reach down his throat and pull out the bot-mod. It's fool-proof!

Macro: Uh, I don't know Botch.

Botch: What are you waitin' for? Go!

Macro: Umm, okay. (Pikea bites him multiple times)

Botch: Let's get outta here!

Macro: Your plan may be fool-proof, but it's not butt-proof!

Zilla: Still no luck deciphering the coordinates sir.

Penny: Did you try an inter-digital-deplexor-filter? I've got a lock on the coordinates. Putting it on the main screen...

Bug and Zilla: Whoa, fantastic. (simultaniusly) Geek girls rock!


116-The Whole Truth[edit]


Penny: (over comm.) Spin, you're going to have to slow down and take a left at the next redirect.

Spin: No way Penny, I've got wide open trax and it's smooth rolling.

Penny: Uhh, but you're about to hit a-

Spin: Construction zone!?

Penny: Hey Spin, maybe next time do what I tell ya'. You know the drill for late 'bots.

Spin: Yeah I know, bring the lugnuts.

Penny: Mmm, I like silicone processor chips.

Captain Pounder: And I like my crew doing their job.

Macro: Ooh, hey, Manx, let's get lugnuts!

Manx: We're on the job Macro.

Botch: Come on, I'm starvin' too.

Manx: Okay, I'll just call Vertex and tell him you two need a lugnut break!

Macro: Uh, move it! We've got a job to do!

Captain Pounder: For the last time Cable, our systems are in great shape!

Chief Cable: Hah, your presinct hasn't had an upgrade in cycles Pounder. You barely even have a crew to run it, let alone maintain it.

Captain Pounder: There's nothing wrong with my presict!

Chief Cable: Look, we've got space at the fire hall. Brand-new equipment too. You can move into our basement, join forces.

Captain Pounder: Your basement!?

Chief Cable: Ha, even that's a move-up from what you're runnin' here. And besides, with me in charge, you can run your little boot-camps more often.

Captain Pounder: You!? In charge If there's one thing that will never, ever happen it's-

(The two argue on and on loud enough for all of the officers to hear.)

Chief Cable: That's a zoboshi alarm!

Captain Pounder: No, it's a keizatsu alarm.

Chief Cable: We don't need keizatsu on a fire call!

Captain Pounder: You do if there's a crime!

Penny: Fire downtown!

Lance: Oh, we're out of lugnuts!? Already!? Umm, Penny, watch my station. I have to go... out, for a little while.

Penny: Lance, you can't take a break just to get lugnuts.

Lance: But this is an emergency!

Spin: You're right Lance, an emergency. I've got you covered!

Penny: But Spin! Pounder is so going to... Bust your bot-mods.

Penny: Spin, what are you doing?

Spin: Getting Lance's lugnuts of course.

Penny: That's funny, because it looks like you're going in the wrong direction.

118-The Pirate Bay[edit]

119-The Bazaar[edit]

Spin: Monitor the control board!? But everybody else is at the Koppa Festival! Why can't I go?

Lance: Because, it's my call and I say that the newest rookie handles the control board, during the festival.

Penny: It's not so bad Spin, I had to do it when I was a rookie, that's how I realized I love doing the board. But do you know what I love even more?

Spin: What?

Penny: Shopping!

Macro: Hey, once we get the thingy Vertex wants, then can I try to win a stuffed bot?

Manx: I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

Macro: So, is that a yes?

Manx: Just stop talking.

Lance: The tripod of koppa! So majestic! Every year, I promise myself that I won't cry. (Starts crying)

Penny: Come on weepy-weeperson, it's time to shop till we drop. (cracks knuckles) Look out anyone who gets in my way!

120-The Cathedral[edit]

121-The Broken[edit]



124-Prophecies and Guesstimates[edit]

125-Paradigm Shift Part 1[edit]

126-Paradigm Shift Part 2[edit]

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