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Romie-0 and Julie-8 is the third animated television special made by Nelvana Limited, inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Set in the future, the two romantic leads in this version are androids who fall in love despite a taboo against their kind having such relationships.

Directed by Clive A. Smith. Written by William Shakespeare. Screenplay by Ken Sobol and Elaine Pope. Story by Michael Hirsh and Clive A. Smith.
Romie-O and Julie-8. A robot love story you'll be nuts and bolts about.


Mr. Thunderbottom: ♪ He's a flash, he's a marvel, he's a masterpiece of circuitry ♪
♪ He's the best, he's the greatest from the Megastellar Company ♪
Singers: ♪ More than bionic, he's more than a toy! ♪
♪ More than a robot, he's a man-made boy! ♪
♪ Ain't no robot like Romie-0, oh no! ♪
Ms. Passbinder and Singers: ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah? ♪
♪ Well, we've got a brain child! She never forgets ♪
♪ Yes, she's a brain child, she's your key to success ♪
Ms. Passbinder: ♪ She's everything you dreamed of, custom-made ♪
Ms. Passbinder and Singers: ♪ And you were made for each other ♪
♪ You and Julie-8 ♪
Mr. Thunderbottom and Singers: ♪ Ain't no robot like Romie-0 ♪
♪ Megastellar, specially-made! ♪
Ms. Passbinder and Singers: ♪ And you were made for each other... ♪
Mr. Thunderbottom: ♪ Megastellar, specially-made! ♪

Voice cast[edit]

  • Greg Swanson as Romie-0.
  • Donann Cavin as Julie-8.
  • Max Ferguson as Mr. Thunderbottom.
  • Marie Aloma as Ms. Passbinder.
  • Bill Osler as Junk Monster.
  • Nick Nichols as Gizmo.

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