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Ronnie Hawkins

Ronald Hawkins (January 10, 1935 – May 29, 2022), generally known as Ronnie Hawkins, was a Juno Award-winning rockabilly musician whose career has spanned more than half a century. Though his career began in Arkansas, USA, where he'd been born and raised, it was in Ontario, Canada where he found success and settled for most of his life. He is considered highly influential in the establishment and evolution of rock music in Canada.


  • We used to play in places so tough that you had to show your gun and puke twice before they'd let you in the door.
  • Hey son, don't look so glum. The goddam movie'd be awright if only had a few more shots of Robbie!
    • Speaking to Levon Helm in 1978 after seeing with the members of The Band a private screening of the movie The Last Waltz (later criticized for its focus on Robbie Robertson).
This Wheel's on Fire. Helm, Levon; Stephen Davis (2000). Chicago: A Capella Books. p. 275. ISBN 978-1-55652-405-9.

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