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Rookie Blue (2010–2015) is a Canadian police procedural which airs on Global Television Network.

Season 1[edit]

"Fresh Paint" [1.01][edit]

Sergeant Boyko:  That it doesn't matter how well we did at the academy.  That you might be a legacy and think you know the job inside and out.  Maybe you're hip to the street.  Maybe you can shoot a paper target from a mile away.  It actually doesn't matter.  There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Andy McNally:  I don't like being raked over coals for not knowing the "secret handshake".  You know, console yourself.  I'll probably be fired.  You know what?  There's still a dead guy lying in that house.  Oh, and there's another guy running free and clear with a gun.  So whenever you feel like this is out of your system, maybe you'd care to act like a cop for five minutes.
Sam Swarek:  [chuckles]  You've only been a cop for five minutes.
Swarek:  One of 'em ran into an empty building.  It's a good place to hide a gun.
McNally:  Okay, which empty building? 
Swarek:  You know, the one right near where you tackled me, tried to kiss me.  [McNally snickers]

Tommy McNally:  So?  How was it?
Andy McNally:  It was good.  [pauses]  It was terrible.  I don't know.  I don't know.
Tommy:  You gonna be you gonna be okay? 
Andy:  Oh, yeah.  I'll be fine.
Tommy:  Ah, first days are always the best.  New boots, new badge.  Whole world smells like fresh paint.  You've been set on earth to keep it that way.

"Mercury Retrograde" [1.02][edit]

[Shaw and the thief McNally arrested watch her fumble with her bag and uniform while trying to open the door]
Shaw:  She's a rookie.
Thief:  Pfft.  It shows.
Shaw:  [smacks him in the head]  Hey.  She caught you, didn't she?
McNally:  I can book him.  [turns and sees Swarek in uniform
Swarek:  Oh, hello.
McNally:  You're in uniform? 
Swarek:  Yeah, well, can't really work undercover now that everybody on the street knows I'm a cop, so thanks for that.  [to the thief Shaw is about to process]  She, uh, chase you down an alley and jump on you, too? 
Thief:  Yeah, yeah.
Swarek:  Yeah, she does that.  [looks at McNally]  You sure he's not an undercover cop?

Swarek:  Okay, so I'm sure you've had the talk.  Partners…you back me up no matter what.  Don't move less I tell you to.  It's my car, so my rules are the rules.
McNally:  Yes, sir.
Swarek:  Good, so here's my addendum.  I'm here because I'd rather work the streets than man the wire room until a spot in guns and gangs opens up.  And while I do like working the streets, I did not ask to train a rookie.  I did not ask to have a partner.  I'm not your boyfriend.  I will not be holding your hand.
McNally:  Well, that's great, 'cause I don't date cops anyway.
Swarek:  [smirks]  Sweetheart, you're not my type.

"Fite Nite" [1.03][edit]

"Signals Crossed" [1.04][edit]

"Broad Daylight" [1.05][edit]

"Bullet Proof" [1.06][edit]

"Hot and Bothered" [1.07][edit]

"Honour Roll" [1.08][edit]

"Girlfriend of the Year" [1.09][edit]

"Big Nickel" [1.10][edit]

"To Serve or Protect" [1.11][edit]

"In Blue" [1.12][edit]

"Takedown" [1.13][edit]

Season 2[edit]

"Butterflies" [2.01][edit]

"Might Have Been" [2.02][edit]

"Bad Moon Rising" [2.03][edit]

"Heart & Sparks" [2.04][edit]

"Stung" [2.05][edit]

"In Plain View" [2.06][edit]

McNally:  What are you guys doing? 
Diaz:  Just cleaning the place a bit.  Make it look a little less, you know, murder-y.
Epstein:  [facetiously]  You all good, Gail?  Can I get you anything?  Gail's had paralysis ever since she found out her mom was coming in tonight.  Superintendent Elaine Peck.
Diaz:  Super nice lady.
Peck:  You don't know her.
Diaz:  Yeah, we had Sunday dinner, like, a month ago.  She was really great.
Peck:  She kept calling you "Craig." [Nash snickers]
Diaz:  "Craig" is a great name.
[Peck leaves the room]
Epstein:  Well, at least we now know how to make the demon flee: speak the name of thy life giver.

Swarek:  Why are you so happy?  Don't tell me.  You're jazzed about the open house.
Nash:  My 6-year-old gets to see where I work, and he's excited.  So he gets excited, I get excited.  It's an all-around exciting day.
Swarek:  I guess he thinks, like everybody else, we play with plastic guns and yell "stick 'em up"?

"The One That Got Away" [2.07][edit]

Williams:  And apparent it's day three without caffeine for officers Shaw and Swarek.  Whoever caffeinates first pays the tab at The Penny tonight.
Swarek [glances at ShawYour stupid idea.
Shaw:  You know what?  It was my wife's stupid idea, dude, and you didn't have to agree with it.

Shaw:  [to the rookies]  We can get some of these happy hour soakers off the street, right?  Get close.  Smell their breath.  Pay attention to details stammering, lying, bottle of vodka kicking around in the backseat.  Epstein, you've been drunk, huh?  Picture yourself.

Swarek:  [looks over at a grumpy McNally]  You wanna drive, just let me know.  We can switch.
McNally:  Why are you being so nice to me right now?
Swarek:  I'm a nice guy.
McNally:  No, you are not.

Diaz:  So I guess this means Andy and Luke aren't getting married.
Peck:  Not this week.  This week, they're taking a little space.
Epstein:  Eh, one big break-up Every couple gets one.
Peck:  Hey.  That's my line.  You can't steal my theory when I'm sitting right here.

"Monster" [2.08][edit]

"Brotherhood" [2.09][edit]

"Best Laid Plans" [2.10][edit]

McNally:  Hope you're enjoying this.
Swarek:  Yeah.  Why is that? 
McNally:  Oh, me and you, driving fast, chasing bad guys.  This really might be the last time we do this together.
Swarek:  Oh, you miss me already.  That's sweet.

McNally:  So this undercover operation with Boyd…I mean, is it dangerous? 
Swarek:  Well, they don't usually do deep cover on people with parking tickets Unless you got a lot of 'em, then it's a joint meter maid/E.T.F thing.  Why?  You wanna come with me? 
McNally:  Just thought maybe you could use the backup.
Swarek:  Oh?
McNally:  I heard last time you were in deep cover, you got chased down and tackled by a girl.
Swarek:  Overeager rookie.  Didn't want to make her look bad on her first day.

Epstein:  They think he's driving a maroon SUV.
Shaw:  All right.  Okay.  Well, we're getting somewhere!
Epstein:  SUV's one of the most common cars on the road.
Shaw:  [glares at Epstein]  Don't be a buzzkill.  It's a lead.  [to Diaz and Epstein]  Now you ladies keep an eye out.  I'm gonna go see if I can find some bushes need watering.
Diaz:  Um pretty sure everything's frozen this time of year.
Shaw:  I'm going pee, Diaz.  I'm gonna go pee in the bushes.

"A Little Faith" [2.11][edit]

"On The Double" [2.12][edit]

"God's Good Grace" [2.13][edit]

Season 3[edit]

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" [3.01][edit]

"Class Dismissed" [3.02][edit]

"A Good Shoot" [3.03][edit]

"Girls' Night Out" [3.04][edit]

"Messy Houses" [3.05][edit]

"Coming Home" [3.06][edit]

"Leap of Faith" [3.07][edit]

"The Girlfriend Experience" [3.08][edit]

"Out of Time" [3.09][edit]

"Cold Comforts" [3.10][edit]

"The Rules" [3.11][edit]

"Every Man" [3.12][edit]

"I Never" [3.13][edit]

Season 4[edit]

"Surprises" [4.01][edit]

"Homecoming" [4.02][edit]

"Different, Not Better" [4.03][edit]

"The Kids Are Not Alright" [4.04][edit]

"Poison Pill" [4.05][edit]

"Skeletons" [4.06][edit]

"Friday the Thirteenth" [4.07][edit]

"For Better, For Worse" [4.08][edit]

"What I Lost" [4.09][edit]

"You Are Here" [4.10][edit]

"Deception" [4.11][edit]

"Under Fire" [4.12][edit]

"You Can See the Stars" [4.13][edit]

[in the ambulance]
McNally:  You're gonna lie there, and you're gonna listen to me.  I'm gonna tell you a story.  It was just, you know, a normal night, and we were lying in bed.  And my stomach was hurting from laughing 'cause you were teasing me about something.  I don't remember what.  I must have fallen asleep or something, because all of a sudden I was having this this really terrible dream.  And I couldn't stop crying.  You know, I was crying and you weren't even really awake.  I remember you you grabbed me.  I remember you were just holding me so tight, all of a sudden, you said, "I'm right here.  I'm gonna hold on to you, and I'm never gonna let you go." Right then I knew that I would never feel more loved or more known.  Look, I know it's small.  I know it's a really small moment.  It's it's not even a good story.
Swarek:  That was a pretty good story.
McNally:  I love you.  I love you.  You're my story.

Season 5[edit]

"Blink" [5.01][edit]

Peck:  I'm sitting in a bathtub waiting to hear if my friends are still alive drinking bourbon with the coolest chick ever.

"All By Her Selfie" [5.02][edit]

Shaw: Uh, you want to play? That's––
Jarvis: No, no no. But I need a word.
Shaw: All right, a word, a word. This man needs a word. Somebody get this man a word any word and a drink.

McNally: What's going on?
Moore: Uh, I I just dropped my go-bag.
McNally: A lot of go in your bag.
Moore: Are you hitting on me?
McNally: You're the new rookie.
Moore: Yeah, how did you know? Detective, right?
McNally: Not quite.

Sarah Swarek: I don't know, Sam. I guess I just thought maybe this could be an opportunity for you to be open.
Sam Swarek: Open to what?
Sarah: [sighs] To us, to family.
Sam: You crazy? [chuckles]
Sarah: [sighs and chuckles in resignation] Oh, man, can you ever hold a grudge.
Sam: You know, you ended up with the forgiveness gene. I only got the backbone gene. Your ability to tolerate men like him is, um well, it's amazing is what it is.
Sarah: Get over it, Sam! He's our father.
Sam: Who art in heaven. See? I do know a prayer.

Sarah: [to McNally] Sam will never change. He's my brother, and I love him. And I know he's reinvented himself and he's saving lives and rescuing puppies whatever. But, uh, eventually, life will throw you a pile of lemons. And, uh, when that day comes...there's no lemonade, not with Sam. He'll just keep hurting you. So be careful.

"Heart Breakers, Money Makers" [5.03][edit]

Geno Jones: Officers, I, uh, apologize for the inhospitality. Myrna's about as warm as a frappuccino colonic.
McNally: Geno Jones?
Geno: I am he. And this is Myrna. She's leaving me because of her spinning instructor.
Myrna: Correction. I'm leaving you for my spinning instructor and because you're a degenerate.
Geno: I'm a degenerate?! What kind of man wears spandex to work?
Myrna: A man with confidence! What kind of man buys a piano and never plays it?
Geno: It's not my fault I have fat fingers!

Jarvis: [to Peck and Epstein] You two ever pull something like this again, you'll be on desk duty until the rapture.

"Wanting" [5.04][edit]

"Going Under" [5.05][edit]

"Two Truths and a Lie" [5.06][edit]

Sam Swarek:  Sitting here, looking at you, and I see your sad, angry old face, and I realize I'm free.  And I'm not gonna waste one more emotion on you.
Jay Swarek:  What is this?  Your "I forgive you" speech?  It's pretty lame.  Just listen to me, okay?  I do not forgive you. 
Sam:  You don't have to, 'cause I never felt guilty for one second. 
Jay:  You deserved everything you got from me.  Do you hear me on that? 
Sam:  [deadpan]  I forgive you, pop.
Jay:  How sweet.  Just get the hell out of here.

Price:  Dov, it's not your fault.  Really, I'm just mad at myself.  I mean, God, I get drunk off tequila, marry some guy 'cause I think it's hysterical, and then he's in charge of my major life-threatening surgeries.  And, look, it is not your fault.  I am so sorry.
Epstein:  Forgive and forget? 
Price:  Forgive and forget.  [flirtatiously]  Want to get drunk and make out?
Epstein:  [smirks]  Yes, but not on tequila.

[at McNally's insistence, Swarek finally tells her about why his father is in prison]
Swarek:  More than you wanted to hear? 
McNally:  No.  You are nothing like that man.  And if you ever doubt it, you just need to turn around and ask me.

"Deal With The Devil" [5.07][edit]

"Exit Strategy" [5.08][edit]

"Moving Day" [5.09][edit]

Wendy:  When things are tough, sometimes we convince ourselves that the way to be strong is to shut everyone out.  But I want you kids to know that that's baloney.  You've got to keep an open heart.

"Fragments" [5.10][edit]

"Everlasting" [5.11][edit]

Season 6[edit]

"Open Windows" [6.01][edit]

"Perfect Family" [6.02][edit]

Shaw:  Jarvis is looking for you.
Diaz:  Me?  Jarvis?  For what?
Shaw:  My job is not to question him and your job is not to question me.

Shaw:  The best that you can do for your kid, the best is just to be happy yourself.
Diaz:  How'd that budget meeting go? 
Jarvis:  They want me to make a 15% employment cut at this division.
Diaz:  What? 
Jarvis:  But I told them these are my people, and I'm not gonna reward hard work with unemployment.
Diaz:  You–– you said that? 
Jarvis:  [chuckles]  Doesn't sound like me, right?  I'm a bottom-line kind of a guy.  That doesn't matter to me as much these days.

"Uprising" [6.03][edit]

"Letting Go" [6.04][edit]

"A Real Gentleman" [6.05][edit]

"Home Run" [6.06][edit]

Diaz:  You know that taking 100 steps backwards is like taking 1,000 steps forward?  Burns a fifth more calories, fixes, uh, lopsided muscles, corrects posture.
McNally:  You know what they say?  That if you're running while you're talking, you're not trying hard enough.

Shaw:  Well, I can't believe it.  It's Swarek, the traitor.  I still can't believe that you chose a woman over sports.
Swarek:  Yeah, but not just any woman.

"Best Man" [6.07][edit]

McNally:  Dov, my apologies.  You're a rock star.
Epstein:  Actually, I'm a muscular orc.
McNally:  Don't know what that means.

"Integrity Test" [6.08][edit]

McNally:  I just want to go home.  I want to get into PJ's and sit on the couch and be completely boring with you.
Swarek:  I got news for you.  You ain't never gonna be completely boring.

"Ninety Degrees" [6.09][edit]

Swarek:  I thought couples were supposed to, uh, fight when they plan weddings.
McNally:  Yeah, what's there to fight about?  I mean, Oliver's back.  Life is weird.  I remain grateful.

Shaw:  I mean, I don't want some old lady to get her purse snatched or anything like that.  Just a little jump-and-run.  That ought to be good today.  Get the kinks out.
Diaz:  Wouldn't want to risk it.  Might pull a hammy.
Shaw:  Oh, Diaz, you think that I got soft sitting behind that desk?  I will have you know my hammies are honed like tensile steel.  Here.  Touch it.
Diaz:  Not a chance, sir.

"Breaking Up the Band" [6.10][edit]

Price:  [sees two men stumble out of a trailer and start fighting]  Hey!  Dummies!  Usually when you're doing something illegal and you see the police, you stop and run or you act like you're innocent.  Basic rules of crime-ing.

Brent Stone:  We put our blood, sweat, and guts in that show! 
Price:  Oh, did you now?  That's gross.  Calm down.
Brent Stone:  It's a metaphor, honey.
Mike Stone:  Oh, I think it's an idiom.
Brent Stone:  Oh, you're an idiom!

"74 Epiphanies" [6.11][edit]

Swarek:  [flirtatiously]  A perfect match, McNally, you and me.  'Cause you are very high-maintenance, and I can fix anything.

Jay Swarek:  So, is this my lucky day or what?  Just in time for the bachelor party.  You guys got dancers?  Better hope so.
Epstein:  Sorry.  Who are you? 
Jay:  My name's Jay Swarek.  I'm the father of the groom.  But I guess you guys wouldn't recognize me.  I'm sure that my picture didn't end up in his wallet.
Diaz:  Seriously?  You're Sam's dad???

Swarek:  Andrea Grace McNally as my lawfully wedded wife to love and to cherish to embrace and to set free.  You took a broken man and you made him whole.  And each day, I will be grateful.  I am grateful for everything you've given to me.  So, now I take you my friend, my best friend, my partner, and the love of my life for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for now, forever, for always.
McNally:  [sniffles]  I had the greatest vows ever.  And I can't find them.  [audience chuckles]  So…here I am looking at you.  And this is what I know.  I have loved you since the moment I saw you.  Loved you and feared you.  Well, not you, but this.  [sniffles]  I have been so terrified to love this profoundly.  But not anymore.  For good and for bad for great and for hard for dreams And the truth behind the dreams I am here.  I am yours.  Sam Swarek, I choose you.  I promise to honor you and cherish you.  And while I will not obey you, per se [both chuckle]  I will always hear you.  And I will keep loving you one moment after another one epiphany at a time.



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