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Roseline Adebimpe Adewuyi is a Nigerian social educator, gender advocate and feminist. She is also a blogger and an advocate in helping the girl child develop her potential.


  • When men and women combine and form close bonds, we’re stronger and more effective, like a bundle of broomsticks connected together by a single cord.
    • [1] Roseline Adewuyi talking about the togetherness of both gender in Celebration of International Men's day.

  • I am not saying we should disregard sex differences, i am only advocating that boys and girls be given equal opportunities to develop themselves as standing up straight to pee doesn’t necessarily make anybody smarter, or dumber.
    • [2] Roseline Adewuyi talks about fact about intelligence in both genders.

  • I don’t think we would have been so hard on the woman if we stopped tying acts of service to gender.
    • [3] Roseline Adewuyi talks on the act of service in gender.

  • I love my femininity and would always embrace and enhance as best I can, but I believe that shouldn’t box me or constrain me to a set of rules.
    • [4] She talks about her hair been barbed.

  • I am all out for teaching young girls and inspiring women to break away from age-long societal norms, constructs, and stereotypes that have limited their progress by showing them that they can do anything and be whomever they choose to be regardless of society’s dictates.
    • [5] Adewuyi talks about showing young girl ways to breakforth societal pressures

  • Being a gender advocate is definitely not for the faint hearted.
    • [6] Adewuyi talks about being a gender advocate.

  • The educational institution, as a citadel of learning, should not be a place where societal constructs are amplified or embraced.
    • [7] Adewuyi talking about gender roles in an interview

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