Roy Chapman Andrews

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Roy Chapman Andrews
For the former professional American football coach see LeRoy Andrews

Roy Chapman Andrews (January 26, 1884March 11, 1960) was an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist who became the director of the American Museum of Natural History, primarily known for leading a series of expeditions through the fragmented China of the early 20th century into the Gobi Desert and Mongolia. The expeditions made important discoveries and brought the first-known fossil dinosaur eggs in the world to the museum.


  • I was born to be an explorer. There never was any decision to make. I coudn't be anything else and be happy,the desire to see new places, to discover new facts- the curiosity of life always has been a resistless driving force to me.
    • 'This Business of Exploring' pub, 1935
  • I wanted to go everywhere. I would have started on a day’s notice for the North Pole or the South, to the jungle or the desert. It made not the slightest difference to me.
    • From 'Under a Lucky Star' published 1943[1]

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